Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Who am I? 

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Shi You didn’t know where the strength came from to ruthlessly push away the man in front of her. 

But even with that, the man still couldn’t avoid it. He was hurt by the power of the explosion, his body dropped a few meters away, and his bones seemed to be broken. At this time, a ring fell beside him. 

Bearing the severe pain, Xi Xiurong got up and looked back at the originally expensive commercial car, but his eyes were stunned. 

The woman in the car was already bleeding all over her face, and her eyes were weak but still she had a clear smile on her mouth. 

Before she died, Shi You found that half of the man’s face that was not stained with blood was beyond ordinary and was clean. Even if there was a ferocious scar on the other half of his face, he was not inferior to any man she had seen, but it was obvious that he was not Xi Xiukai. 

Her lips opened slightly, and only she could hear the weak voice: “I, Shi You, won’t die like this.” 

Finally, she couldn’t hold on. She knew that her eternal night had really come. 

* * 

“Elder Xi, we really didn’t mean to hurt the eldest young master. We all know that the young master’s legs and feet are problematic. How could we deliberately push him down the ramp? Isn’t that fatal?” 

“Really? What do you have to say, Xiukai?”

“I didn’t do it or instigate it.” 

Two cold and frightening voices woke up the unconscious Shi You. 

Who? Who’s talking? 

Shi You slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a very comfortable ward. She could even smell a faint fragrance. 

“Xi Xin, Xiurong and Xiukai are both your sons. Something happened to Xiurong on the day you withdrew his heir status. I want to know what you want to say.” 

This conversation was going on outside the ward. It was an elderly voice. It seemed that the situation was very serious and the content was very exciting, and there was a name she seemed to have heard before. 

When Shi You wanted to prop up her body so that she could hear more clearly, she discovered that she couldn’t move her body. 

“Dad, I don’t think Xiukai and the directors did it on purpose. I also feel sorry seeing how Xiurong is now. How about this, when Xiurong wakes up, I’ll ask them to apologize in front of his bed and ask them not to appear in front of him for the time being, okay?” 

“Apologize? Apologize in exchange for your son’s life?! Xi Xin, how could you even say that! You took away the heir status of Xiurong while I was away, now you’re going to let me watch Xiurong be killed before I die!” 

As the noise outside the ward grew louder, the whole corridor seemed to be quiet, and even the sound of breathing seemed to be audible. 

Shi You didn’t understand what they were arguing about. She pouted her mouth and was about to turn over and get out of bed when there was further movement outside. 

“After the car accident, Xiurong was crippled in both legs by the woman named Shi You, and it’s only been three months since the accident. Then, you as a father changed the heir position to Xiukai, you… You…” 

“Dad! Calm down, it’s not like this! Dad! Shi You died in the car accident at that time, and there’s no proof. Even if Xiurong believes that she’s still alive, he can’t let the whole company fall with him and that case.” 

“But that Shi You’s body has not been found yet!” 

Just as the noise outside the door was in full swing, a dull crash came from the ward, followed by a man’s voice: “What? When did I die? How could I not know!” 

The people outside the door heard the movement in the ward and rushed in. 

“Xiurong, how are you?” 

As soon as the door opened, they saw a man with a scar on his face, sitting on the ground in confusion, staring at them with doubts on his face.

 ------A digression ------

In addition to soul exchange, this story also brings something else ~ can you see it, baby~ 

If you don’t understand, just keep reading ~ hahaha! 

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