Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Died just like that?

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“It hurts, It hurts so much..”

The earth shaking dizziness almost made Shi You vomit, but the cracked skin and almost suffocating air tortured every nerve of Shi You. The intense pain caused her to curl up her body.

“Wake up!”

With her eyes closed, Shi You seems to hear an urgent but calm roar in her ears. Her nerves that were about to burst from the pain, inexplicably found some reason again.

Slowly she opened her eyes and found that the world had been turned upside down. The seat belt in the empty passenger’s seat next to her hung upside down, the broken window was above the horizon, and limestone kept falling into her eyes, mouth and nose.

“Bang! Bang!”

Suddenly there was a deafening sound of metal impact. Shi You wanted to turn her body, but gritted her teeth in pain. Finally, with all her strength, she slightly tilted her head. Only then did she find that it was the “Daren” (title of respect toward superiors) she had gone to meet that was kicking the car door steadily.

Half of his body was bleeding. His original snow-white shirt was now stained with blood. His long straight legs were covered with blood. His leg kicking the door didn’t look promising. However, the man still clenched his teeth and kept trying.

The man sat behind her and was wearing sunglasses when she picked him up. Until now, Shi You couldn’t see his whole face, but blood can be seen slowly flowing down from his forehead and covering his whole right cheek.

The air was getting thinner and thinner, and the pain in her abdomen was severely torturing Shi You. She felt that her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier.

“Hold on! We’ll be out soon!”

The man’s shout seemed to pull her back from the edge of death.

“Help me…”


The hard and deformed door was actually kicked out by the man. Shi You finally saw a glimmer of light.

Just then, her fragile senses smelled a dangerous smell.

“Not good.”

The man whispered.

Her upside down body was very uncomfortable. Shi You coughed twice and looked at her only life saving straw.

The man looked back at her. Shi You, who was squinting, couldn’t see anything clearly. Only the man’s firm eyes, like a dose of cardiotonic, broke into her heart and made her burst into tears.

“Hold on, I’ll get you out first.”

The steady and powerful voice approached her ear and put his hand to the seat belt that tied her, but the seat belt seemed to be nailed down.

The smell of gasoline around her body had become stronger and stronger. Shi You held the man’s palm, and the silver ring on her index finger flashed a faint light.

“I can’t get out. Quickly go.”

Shi You painfully closes her eyes.

Just now when she looked down, she found that a huge wound had been cut on her abdomen by glass, and she would die even if she went out.

The man didn’t listen to her. He was still pulling her seat belt. A lot of fresh blood gushed into his bloody palm.

Maybe it’s the man’s natural power, or maybe God doesn’t want her at such a young age, but the seat belt was really pulled off the buckle by the man in an instant.

The man also caught her from behind and dragged her broken body slowly away from the dangerous position.

The man staggered away from the overturned car. When he was about to turn around and pull Shi You away, a spark fell quietly into the gasoline on the asphalt road.

Suddenly, Shi You pushed away the man’s strong arm.


The huge roar accompanied by the thin flames everywhere instantly drowned Shi You, and a silver ring flew out of the car.

------A digression ------

I forgot to say in the first part. This story will also involve some powers.

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