Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Shi You is my girlfriend

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By the window of the cafe, a few strands of the gray hair on the man were scattered casually. The lower jaw under his sunglasses was soft and warm. Under the tall, straight and exquisite bridge of his nose, there were thin lips slightly raised, while slender bony fingers were holding a coffee cup. 

If one got close, one could see that there was a silver bracelet on his thin white wrist, which shone a little under the reflection of the sun. 

He put the paper cup to his mouth and sipped it gently. He seemed to feel the mellow aroma of coffee and groaned with satisfaction. 

“Do you need anything else, sir?” The young waitress approached him and asked shyly. 

She had seen many handsome men and beautiful women in Yingshi City, such as the modest and polite Lu Size and Xi Xiukai who arrived this morning. However, in terms of mystery, no one could compare with the man in front of her. 

“No, thanks a lot. Here’s the coffee money. No need for change.” 

The man’s fingers gently threw the paper cup into the trash can, opened the door with his long legs and left silently. 

He just stood quietly at the gate of the Yingshi city. Soon, a pure black limousine drove in front of him. The man didn’t speak. He got into the car with a smile and left. 

He came and went like a gust of wind, as if he had never appeared. 

The waiter was a little disappointed and asked the store manager, a little depressed, “Store manager, have you seen him before?” 

The busy store manager didn’t miss a beat and said casually, “How can I remember when there are so many people coming and going? There are still a lot of things to do. Get to work quickly!”

 * * 

Downstairs of Xi company, Linjiang city. 

Before Shi You could move her long legs, the reporter who blocked the building downstairs automatically put away his camera and made a beeline for her. 

“President Xi.” 

Suddenly, like the day of the car accident, Qi Pei passed a pair of sunglasses across to her. 

It seems that Xi Xiurong didn’t want to be seen by people before, so he always masked his face with sunglasses. 

Shi You picked it up. As she wanted to put it on, she hesitated briefly. After thinking for a moment, she put away the sunglasses. 

“President Xi?” 

“What is there to be afraid of? Everyone knows and if something happens or there is a misunderstanding because they don’t recognize our appearance, then that would be bad.” 

Just as she was about to step out of the car with her long legs, Xi Qingqing stopped her. 

“This is his reputation. You are not afraid that your decision may anger him?” Because Qi Pei was present, Xi Qingqing could not clearly say that “he” was Xi Xiurong. 

Shi You fixed her eyes on Xi Qingqing: “He and I have died once. At that time, we were hurt because we didn’t fully recognize our identity. He also hurt himself. Besides… Didn’t he specifically ask me to utilise him? ” 

Then she opened the door and walked out. 

Under the scorching sun, the people saw the ferocious scars on Xi Xiurong’s face for the first time. The ugly dark brown scar covered the man’s right eyebrow bone to the right cheek, and his thin phoenix eyes and dark pupils were even more frightening. But this highly topical face and identity made everyone’s palms itch. They were eager to take out the camera and press the shutter immediately, capturing this rare honor. 

No one in this city knew that Xi Xiurong never showed his true face due to the scars on his face. When he usually appeared, he either wore sunglasses on his face or directly rejected the media. Today, he was so open-minded to allow people to look at him. 

Suddenly, from nowhere there was a click. It was like an invitation from a snake, luring all the people’s desires from the bottom of their hearts. For a moment, a circle of reporters took their cameras and pressed the shutters one after another at the scar-faced man. 

“President Xi!” 

Qi Pei rushed out and wanted to block Xi Xiurong, but he was dissuaded by the man. 

“It’s all right. These are unnecessary troubles. Hurry up.” 

Xi Xiurong said that these reporters were not important. 

“President Xi, I heard that your sudden return to China recentlym was due to the Xi’s intention to replace the successor, is it true?” 

“Director Xi Hua is waiting for you in the company today. Has he decided on another successor? Is the new successor your half brother, Mr. Xi Xiukai?” 

“Mr. Xi, it’s said that you joined the company so late today for the sake of “Lost Flower”’s Miss Shi You, the special stunt-double of Miss Wu Mianen. Today is also Mr. Xi Xiukai’s first time with the crew. If so, is Miss You your lover or Mr. Xi Xiukai’s? Do you know that Shi You once had an affair with Lu Size, Lu’s only son, and his girlfriend Wu Mianen? ” 

Suddenly, the man stopped with his hand in his trouser pocket and turned half way to face all the reporters: “Shi You is my lover. We will send special personnel to investigate all the rumors and to confirm Miss Shi You’s innocence. As for Mr. Lu and Miss Wu, those who are clean are clean and those who are impure are impure.” 

With that, the man entered the company without looking back, leaving the reporter who was shocked by the news almost bump into the glass outside the door. 

Shi You knew that when she saw Xi Xiurong tonight, she will be nailed to death by his dead eyes. 

When the three entered the elevator, Shi You stealthily glanced at Xi Qingqing, but didn’t respond to what she said.

It’s strange. Just now, she didn’t allow herself to put on the pair of sunglasses. Then she slandered Xi Xiurong by saying he’s my boyfriend and she didn’t see her defending her big brother.

“Mr. Xi, here we are. I’ll arrange everything.”

Qi Pei took Shi You and Xi Qingqing into Xi Xiurong’s spacious and bright office. Half of the walls in the office were occupied by transparent French windows.

The whole floor was dedicated to Xi Xiurong. The decoration style of the whole floor, including the office, was very similar to the Xi’s building and his room.

Gray, white and black, minimalism, makeing a person cold.

Qi Pei soon left. Shi You and Xi Qingqing were left in the office. Just as Shi You was about to speak, she saw Xi Qingqing lying directly on the pure black sofa, beginning to press her mobile phone.

“Don’t make me go to the meeting room with you. I don’t want to see those antiques. You can ask me about my family, but I don’t know about the company. I’m sorry I can’t help you.”

“Oh, it’s fine. Did you mind what I said downstairs just now?”

“Since the other doesn’t mind, why would I mind?” Xi Qingqing was looking at her mobile phone, very excited.


“Oh, nothing. Whatever you want to do, just do it. Don’t worry about me. As long as you don’t endanger my brother’s life, I don’t care.”

Her elder brother had explained to her about all the things, and at the same time, he also asked her to help Shi You. No matter what Shi You does, she didn’t mind and just needed to help her all the way.

Now she was suspecting if her Sago palm elder brother was really going to blossom.

Shi You groped around Xi Xiurong’s office wanting to see if there was anything that could help her in the conference room later, but unfortunately, she didn’t find anything.

Shi You pulled the tie at her neckline twice, walked to the huge French window and looked dejectedly out the window.

Xi Qingqing suddenly moved her eyebrows and eyes. She secretly pointed her mobile phone at the man’s back. The sun shone on her and combined with the cold color of the office, she appeared very lonely.

Secretly she pressed the camera, opened her own Weibo, and sent the secretly taken photo with the text: When the Qingtuan (green rice dumplings) misses their lovers, are they this lonely?

With a gu lu, the Weibo was immediately sent out.

Qingtuan was Xi Qingqing’s fan club nickname. The woman smiled at her mobile phone and immediately people began to leave messages.

A digression

Who is the mysterious man? ~! We’ll see soon~

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