Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Xi Xiukai is not the only one in danger

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Director Xi Hua? Oh, it seems that Xi Xin said something about such a person this morning. It seems that he was the uncle of Xi Xiurong and his sister.

Shi You told Xi Xiurong exactly what Qi Pei said, only to hear him sneer contemptuously.

In view of Xi Xiurong’s strange reaction, Shi You covered the phone with her palm, lowered her voice and said, “Why don’t I hang them out to dry first?”

“Yes, but you have to go to the company.”

“The man” tilted her mouth and picked up her cell phone, “Ok, I see. When I finish handling things here, I’ll go back to the company immediately.”

Seeing Shi You put away the mobile phone, Xi Xiurong said slowly: “In the Xi family, except for Xi Xiukai my uncle, Xi Hua is the one you should be most careful of. He has only one daughter Xi Ailin and no son. Xi Hua is difficult to deal with, and Xi Ailin is different.”

“Who said that!” Xi Qingqing cried strangely, “Shi You, let me tell you, if you see her, don’t be soft hearted. You can deal with her as you should. This woman is unreasonable and unforgiving. It’s a pity that her acting skills can’t match that of Wu Mianen.”

“Miss Xi, I found out before. You seem to know Wu Mianen very well.”

“Oh, how can I not understand? She won’t let go of anyone who is useful to her. She won’t be satisfied if she doesn’t squeeze out the value of that person.”

Yo, this Miss Xi can see it clearly, but it seems that she hates Wu Mianen no less than herself.

Shi You looked at Xi Qingqing thoughtfully, remembering her days with Wu Mianen from high school. She didn’t hear her say anything about Xi Qingqing to her. At most, she may have taken her away from Xi Qingqing when attending various dinners.

It seems that there are many secrets of Wu Mianen’s. Will Wu Mianen be among the people who caused her car accident?

When one is not sure, everything was like a fog, one can’t see anything clearly.

“Shi You.”

“Huh?” Xi Xiurong’s call seemed to be accompanied with some warmth, which frightened Xi Qingqing, “The reporters downstairs are not important. As for the directors brought by Xi Hua, no matter how difficult they are to you, don’t be afraid. The company won’t die without them. I’ve never informed them of my previous decisions. The main purpose of your return is to tell them that Xi Xiurong is still alive and will live well, so that those with ulterior motives can learn how to live in peace.”

Suddenly, the woman leaned closer to her till they almost hugged each other.

Xi Xiurong raised his eyebrows and eyes slightly, with provocation in his gray pupils: “Didn’t you say you wanted to use my body? To what extent do you think you can use it?”

“Are you counting this as an incentive or a threat?” Shi You took a step back and suddenly felt a suction surrounding her body, but the other party didn’t reply.

Shi You didn’t understand the man’s brain circuit, so she decided to give up arguing with him about the matter, touched her chin and said in a deep voice: “Since young master Xi is so generous with his body, of course I won’t disappoint you! But since you said that the person behind it is not necessarily Xi Xiukai, could it be other people in your family, such as Xi Hua?”

“That I don’t know. But it’s hard to understand why they should point you out.”

“Maybe it’s because I used to know Xi Xiukai.” Shi You said indifferently spreading out her palms.

“Do you know Xi Xiukai?” Even Xi Qingqing was surprised.

“I don’t know much, but we’ve lived together in an orphanage before. He hardly talked to anyone and he only spoke to me a few times.”

Xi Xiurong squinted at the person in front of him: “After I finish here tonight, come and pick me up back to the hotel. As for whether to go back home, we should discuss it at the hotel room.”

Just then, someone outside the door urged Xi Xiurong to come and continue filming.

“You’re a busy stunt-double.” Xi Xiurong was not used to this kind of scene where he had to do some crooked things with people on set! In particular, he would likely do some strange actions with his second brother.

“Normal. Maybe you’ll have sex in the future.”


Shi You didn’t dare to continue to explain for fear that the big man may be unwilling to continue filming for her, so she took Xi Qingqing and hurried out.

After leaving the crew, Qi Pei had been waiting at the gate of Yingshi city, then they rushed to the company without stopping.

In a cafe not far away, a man wearing a brown coat, dark blue shirt, black casual pants and sunglasses silently watched them leave.

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