Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Different face, same situation

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At this time, Xi Xiurong found that the woman was wearing the same cheongsam as the one the woman named Ruxuan was holding up, including the high-heeled shoes.

Xi Xiurong frowned and looked at the high-heeled shoes in the woman’s hand. He was silent for a while and whispered, “Please take it away. I won’t wear such a thing.”

With that, Xi Xiurong turned and left the crowd. Now he had a more important thing to do.

Suddenly, he stopped again, leaned over and said to the two people behind him, “Whether someone hit someone or not is a big matter?  It’s not up to you to either agree or disagree, and secondly…” Xi Xiurong said halfway through and his cold eyes locked on Wu Mian En. “It’s not good practice to directly block other people’s mouths. No one is mute or stupid.”

With that, Xi Xiurong left without looking back.

“Who is she pulling a long face for? Director, our crew has more than one stunt-double. Mian En, let’s change her. We might as well let her drink the Northwest wind!” (make her having nothing to eat because of poverty)

Wu Mian En didn’t speak, but her dark apricot eyes stared at the distant woman with a cold smile on her mouth.

She felt that the sudden change in style of  “Shi You” was very wrong, even more difficult to deal with than before!


After Xi Xiurong left, he quickly walked to the bathroom. After seeing the sign of the men’s bathroom on the door, he pushed the door in without saying a word.


The door of the bathroom was pushed open, and there was a loud cry from both inside and outside.

“This woman is crazy!”

“Hello! This is the men’s room!”

“I know.” Xi Xiurong felt that his bad hunch seemed to be more and more real, “but I’m sorry, please go out first.”

Everyone looked at each other. Although they swore in a low voice, they still felt it was safer to stay away from the crazy woman.

After Xi Xiurong locked the door, he walked quickly to the mirror.

Although he was mentally prepared, he was still frightened and took a deep breath.

“How did this happen…”

In the mirror, a delicate and slightly haggard woman’s face appeared. The thin and upward eyebrows and eyes were clearly charming, but the gray pupils didn’t allow strangers to come close. Under the very upturned and elegant nose, there was a small red mouth, with a slightly beaked curvature that was just right.

Holding out his hand, Xi Xiurong stroked this familiar and strange delicate face. It was different from his previous face, and there were no ugly scars. However, it was a pity that even if their looks were very different, the original situation was the same. But perhaps Shi You was luckier than himself in that, she’s never experienced the feeling of being disabled.

“It turned out to be you. So, it turned out to be you.”

Although he couldn’t believe that he really became Shi You, from the situation just now, he was afraid that from the accident with Shi You at that time, he had also crossed over.

Suddenly, there was a little starlight shining on the index finger of his right hand. Xi Xiurong brought up his hand in front of him in doubt.

It was the ring that fell at the scene of the accident.

Xi Xiurong lowered his eyes slightly and wondered whether to go home first to explain the situation to his father and grandpa or not.

Just as Xi Xiurong wanted to continue thinking, suddenly there was a knock outside the door.

“Hello, is anyone there?”

A gentle male voice sounded. Xi Xiurong put away his thoughts, walked to the door and opened it.

Accompanied by sunshine, a sunny and handsome face appeared in front of him. He was slightly stunned as he looked at him. Suddenly, his humble eyes changed, and there was even coldness in his pupils.

Xi Xiurong didn’t have time to understand this change. He said faintly, “I’ve occupied your bathroom for a while. Please forgive me. Now you can go in.”

With that, he walked away without looking back, but this strange attitude puzzled the man behind him. His distant eyes kept looking at the familiar and strange figure until it completely disappeared.


“Did you find Shi You?”

“Director, we all looked in the ladies’ bathroom, but we still didn’t see Shi You.”

“Is this woman trying to pick a fight?”

While the director was in a hurry to spit fire in the warehouse, “Shi You” came late.

“What are you doing!” When the director saw “Shi You”, he immediately waved to Tang Ruxuan, who still had an unpleasant face.

“Listen, this show has been dragged down by you for a long time. If you dare to do anything wrong again, you won’t be able to step into this circle again!” The director warned “Shi You”.

The woman named Tang Ruxuan’s action towards Xi Xiurong was a little restrained this time. Although she still didn’t look good, Xi Xiurong’s attention was completely removed from her. He kept looking around and observing Shi You’s living conditions before the car accident.

After coming out of the bathroom, Xi Xiurong decided to pretend to be “Shi You”. After all, no one will believe that Shi You has Xi Xiurong’s soul in her body, even himself, three months after the car accident.

Suddenly, Xi Xiurong saw the man he just ran into in the bathroom. He turned his back to him and stood next to a woman wearing the same clothes as himself.

“Put your shoes on quickly!” Tang Ruxuan urged him. 

The people were all ready and officially started shooting. Xi Xiurong knew at this time that the male lead was Lu Si Ze and the woman was Wu Mian En. It seemed that they were very famous, but Xi Xiurong thought their performance was too bad.

“Cut! Substitute!”

Soon, the male stunt-double was in place, except for the girl stunt-double. Xi Xiurong was very upset because of the pain in the soles of his feet when he wore high heels for the first time. He walked not only slowly, but also strangely.

“Shi You! What are you doing! Don’t want to do it, do you?”

Before the director could finish speaking, he heard a “click”, the woman in high heels fell to the ground and the heels of those black high heels were broken.

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