Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Follow the trend

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“What’s going on?” The director behind the monitor was so angry he threw his hat on the table and walked to Xi Xiurong angrily.

“Just say it, if you can act or not! Don’t think that because you’re Mian En’s stunt-double, that you are the only one who can act! We’re selling Miss Wu’s face!”

Xi Xiurong took off his high heels because his ankles hurt badly. 

At this time, he found that the heel bonding part of the high-heeled shoes had been tampered with. Although it was not obvious, it could not escape his eyes. 

“Director, I remember this as the blasting scene. Are you sure you would not be held responsible if something really happens?” 

Then he took his shoes to the director. 

The director took the high-heeled shoes and looked carefully. His pupils dilated and he looked at Tang Ruxuan in surprise.

 “Director, don’t listen to Shi You’s nonsense! I won’t make use this to make a joke! Shi You, you just want to piss me off just because I exposed you and Lu Si Ze! Just from the way you walk, you have no good intentions!” 


 The woman suddenly chuckled. 

Xi Xiurong felt that the woman named Shi You seemed to have led a miserable life before the accident. Being a stunt-double in such a set, even speaking a rebuttal would have her wrongly accused. It seems that her life was not better than his own. 

“What are you laughing at?” Tang Ruxuan looked at her suspiciously. 

Xi Xiurong didn’t answer. He just patted the dust on his body and raised his chin towards the director. “Director, this play is just an explosion scene. Besides, there is a male stunt-double. I think you have to make a decision on what to do now. Didn’t you say it has been delayed for a long time because of me?” 

The director felt that the Shi You in front of him was very different from the past one. In the past, Shi You was bullied on the set not once or twice, but she won’t answer back or even fight back. Today, she didn’t lose any face to anyone. 

Remembering that he was the director of the show, the man straightened his face and couldn’t let this over-the-top woman oppress him. Even if she was once so brilliant, she was only a third rate stunt-double now! 

All right Shi You, isn’t it already okay. Tang Ruxuan go and find another pair of identical shoes, hurry up.”

“But there are only these two pairs, now that this pair is broken, that only leaves the pair on Wu Mian En’s feet.”

“Then go buy another pair! Do you need me to teach you how to do this! Don’t you want to call it a night!”

Just as Tang Ruxuan stomped her feet in anger and was about to leave, Xi Xiurong slowly spoke, “Why bother? Just take off the pair on her feet and lend them to me for a while, and I’ll return them to her in no time.”

The people’s eyes passed over, and they saw that although Wu Mian En was still smiling, her face was not good. 

The director scratched his messy hair and said irritably, “Miss Wu, sorry, it’s too late now. I’m afraid I don’t know how long it will be for Tang Ruxuan to come back if she goes. You can lend her yours to wear for a while.” 

The crowd quietly looked at Wu Mian En and saw her chest fluctuate slightly, as if she was suppressing her temper. She looked at Shi You with a dull face. 

“It’s all right, director. It’s a small matter, as long as it doesn’t delay everyone. Lu Size, help me.” Xi Xiurong heard the thorn in her words and the corners of his mouth was raised a bit. 

Wu Mian En took the hand of the man beside her and squatted down slowly. However, due to her close fitting cheongsam, her movement was very slow. It seemed that taking off her shoes had become a very laborious thing.

 “Don’t move. I’ll help you sit down.” With that, the man grabbed Wu Mian En horizontally, glanced obliquely at the barefooted Xi Xiurong and walked aside silently. 

Except for Xi Xiurong, everyone understood what Lu Size meant just now. It was a warning, but it was meaningless for Xi Xiurong, who was “a newcomer”. 

Before Lu Size could hand it over to Tang Ruxuan, Xi Xiurong took it. He looked at the pair of high heels, took a deep breath several times, and made up his mind to put it on.

 “Thank you. It’s very suitable.” 

People were surprised again. 

“All right! Let’s start!” 

With the command given, the machine made the sound of operation, and the stunt-doubles ran out of the warehouse smoothly. After five seconds, there was a “bang” sound in the warehouse.

Xi Xiurong dusted the dust off his body, kicked off his high-heeled shoes and threw them back to Tang Ruxuan.

“I will have to trouble you.” 


 Before Tang Ruxuan could have a fit, the red cheongsam could no longer be seen in the gray smoke. 

At this time, Wu Mian En suddenly appeared behind Tang Ruxuan: “Wu Mian En?”

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