Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Prologue


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“Shi You, you still have time to sit here and rest! The next scene will begin soon. Are you going to let Miss Wu and Mr. Lu wait for you! ” 

Shi You, who had just finished a high-altitude jump scene, finally returned to one side to drink some water.

Her sore muscles had barely recovered, and she was urged by the film director to start another dangerous explosion scene.

 “Coming, coming.” 

After Shi You hurriedly packed up, a rose red cheongsam and a wig were thrown at her. 

“Hurry to the warehouse. Everyone is waiting there. Hurry up!” 

The makeup artist wearing a yellow cap said in a ferocious tone. The movements of his hands were rude and strong. He tried pulling Shi You to stand several times. 

Finally, she changed into her clothes and was almost dragged to the warehouse. Her messy hair became more like a chicken feather duster. 

When the director saw Shi You, he stared at her and tutted with disgust, turned to all the staff behind him and said, “Alright! Everyone is here and ready to start shooting!” 

As the male and female protagonists, Lu Size and Wu Mianen were talking in front of the camera. They seemed to be unable to bear the painful separation, but the people around them were indifferent to the performance of the two depicting their separation, and some even yawned.

As the male protagonist Lu Size grabbed Wu Mianen’s small hand and was about to run out, the director shouted, “Cut! Substitute!” 

Shi You straightened her clothes. Her small face without powder was more attractive against the rose cheongsam, and her close fitting clothes outlined her graceful curves. 

Shi You, with a cold face, passed the man and woman, and the woman’s eyes stayed on Shi You from time to time.

At this time, the director of the show was making a final confirmation with the props team. 

“Everything must run smoothly. No accidents are allowed unless you want to throw your lives away. Things won’t bode well if you make any mistakes!” 

“I understand, I understand. The gunpowder time has been confirmed, just five seconds after Shi You runs out from the warehouse. It has been tested many times and there will be no problems. Don’t worry, director!” 

The director nodded listlessly and continued to look at the monitor in front of him. 

“Ready! 3, 2, 1, action!” 

When the male stunt-double grabbed Shi You’s hand, and was about to run out, just at this time, there was a “click” and the heel of the black high-heeled shoes suddenly broke. Shi You couldn’t control her ankle and fell violently. 

Everyone on the set covered their lips and exclaimed, and the director couldn’t help looking at the two people, but no one dared to approach because it was too close to the explosion point. 

The male stunt-double was so frightened that he was about to leave Shi You and run away. Shi You took off her high heels and grabbed the male stunt-double and rushed out. 

Just as the two fled outside the warehouse, they heard a “bang” in the warehouse. Shi You felt that there was heat behind her pushing her outward. 

The explosion was not very big, and it was just to make it more eye-catching, but it still brought out a lot of smoke and ash. Shi You choked several times and didn’t feel anything. 

The male stunt-double got up cursing and avoided Shi You. 

“This woman is really a person of bad luck! Nothing good can come from partnering with her!” 

Shi You didn’t care about what he said, got up with a cold face, patted the dust on her clothes, and walked aside barefoot. 

No one on the set asked her if she was injured. They quickly dealt with the aftermath amidst the director’s scolding. Shi You also continued to walk silently towards the lounge. 

She sat down and squinted her eyes for a while, then suddenly a staff member handed her a phone. 

“Who is it?” Shi You took the phone warily. 


Shi You answered the phone suspiciously and asked, “Director, what’s up?” 

“Shi You, I’m really sorry about what happened just now. Are you hurt? It’s this, I need you to go to the airport tomorrow. Xi Xiukai, the second male lead of the show, is coming back. He indicated that he wants you to pick him up at the airport .” 

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