Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Will 

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Yanhui Peak, the bamboo house. 

The stretch of flowers were gorgeous and fragrant, shining under the sun. A winding path cut through the sea of ​​flowers to the front of the bamboo building. 

Someone was walking on it.

It should be a human being, but perhaps not.

The thing looked like a cluster of shadows, barely corporeal, and the shape seemed very unstable. When the wind blew, fluttering shadows would float behind it. Two blood-red lights dotted what might be called a “face.” The color was slightly chilling, resembling two red lanterns hanging in front of the gate of H*ll. 

It came to the door. 

It wavered and didn’t knock on the door for a long time. 

The pitch-black hand with sharp nails covered his face. The shadow shook violently, then growled lowly in its throat. 

Suddenly, the wind was blowing again. 

The wind chime on the door made a crisp jingle. 

The shadow gradually stopped trembling, but it condensed into the appearance of a clear youth. 

The young man wore a black outfit, supporting a handsome face, and a ponytail was tied high behind his head. He seemed identical to when he departed half a month ago. 

He slowly raised his hand and knocked on the door of the bamboo building. 

“Master, I’m back.” 

His voice was awkwardly rough. It was obviously in a joyful tone, but it was low and hoarse and a bit penetrating. He bent the corners of his mouth again, wanting to raise a smile, but he seemed to forget how an ordinary person would smile. So, the smile seemed a little stiff. 

It was unresponsive inside the bamboo building.

He stood alone in front of the bamboo building and waited for a while until his patience was finally consumed. He reached out and pushed open the door of the bamboo building. 

The inside was desolate.

Sunlight shot into the house from outside the window sills, and dust was gliding in the air. The room was hushed, and he couldn’t discern the slightest trace of anyone. 

His face was a bit stiff. His smile faded, and his face became expressionless and ghostly. 

When he stepped into the house, all the furnishings in it were still unchanged. 

It’s just that, no one was in the study. 

No one in the bedroom. 

No one in the bamboo forest. 

No one in the sea of ​​flowers. 

The well-preserved dishes and pastries were neatly placed on the wooden shelves in the backyard kitchen. 

Except for the left-most plate. Its position was vacant. The rest were pretty much the same; the positions were unaltered. 

He walked back to the study. 

Then, he saw a letter pressed by an inkstone. 

He opened the letter. 

He saw Ye Yunlan’s clear and cold font. 

Shen Shu, read the words as if we are face-to-face. 

When you read this letter, your Master will have gone to the yellow river. 

I hope you will not miss me and think about the promise that I have made with you. It is Master’s missed appointment. This matter is Master’s fault. 

Counting it up, you and I have been Master and Disciple for six years. When I first saw you in He Lanze’s courtyard, you couldn’t reach Master’s shoulders. But now, you’ve sprouted into an adult. You’ve thrived in cultivation, and you’ve also grown a lot in attitude. I’m very pleased to be your Master. 

You have an excellent aptitude, and your talent in swordsmanship is something your Master has not seen in many years. You’ve only practiced swordsmanship for six years and you’ve already reached Inferior Immortalization. In the future, you could definitely peek into the extreme boundary of the sword. It’s just in the cultivation of the great dao, the most precious thing is “persistence.” When Master was your age, I would swing the sword ten thousand times a day without feeling tired. I hope that in the future, when Master is gone, you could diligently practice yourself and practice hard. Talent and self-sufficiency, don’t slack off because of laziness. In this way, persist for a hundred years, and your dao road will certainly be hopeful.

Cultivators need to enter the world to be born and realize the various states of the world before they can reach the perfect state of mind. They should not be confined to one corner. The puppet seal on your body has been removed, and the world is vast, so go and take a look. There are Penglai Immortal Mountains and various Immortal Islands in the Eastern Continent, Guangming plains and Riyue Lake in the Western Continent, Qianzhang Feiyun Mountain Pass and Wanzhang Ziliu Waterfall in the South, and the Holy Snow Mountain and Taigu Icefield in the North. At the intersection of the five continents, the Central Continent has many strange things that originate from this place. Five continents and four seas, there are varying sceneries and different experiences to be gained. They’re not disadvantages for your insights. 

If you are tired, you can return to the sect. The bamboo building will be here. After Master is gone, it will belong to you alone. There are twelve handbooks on the bookshelf, which contains Master’s experience in sword dao for several years. Several jars of aged wine are buried under the peach tree in front of the courtyard, which was brewed by Master six years ago. I wanted to wait until your coming of age when you turn 20 to take it out. However, now that Master is gone, you can drink at will. I used morning nectar and brewed it from spring peach blossoms, so it should be sweet and mellow to the taste. 

Master knows that you have special powers, but remember that you can’t rely on those powers. You should never use them unless they are the last resort. Two hundred years later, there should be some catastrophes in this world. If you are involved and it’s impossible to avoid, you can go to the end of the Eastern Sea and find the Fukong Temple. There is a letter left by Master on the bookshelf. You can entrust this letter to a master in the monastery, so you can temporarily avoid disaster. 

Yesterday was Master’s birthday. You made a bowl of longevity noodles for Master. Master liked it very much. Your cooking skills have improved again. If you want to take care of yourself in the future, don’t be like a child, crying like a baby at will. 

At this point in writing the letter, the desire to put down the pen and look out the window has emerged.

Outside the window, it is exactly noon and the flowers are blooming. 

It’s a spring day. 

I hope you will cultivate smoothly in the future, be free from illness and worry, and reach the immortal path. Your prospect is bright. 

Ye Yunlan’s final words.

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