Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 108

Chapter 108 All One’s Life 

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The Seven Emotion Needles escaped from his soul. 

Ye Yunlan’s body trembled. 

That kind of terrifying agony impaling the depths of his soul disappeared the moment it departed his body. Simultaneously, something that had been stifled for an extensive time overflowed from the frosty heart lakebed, setting off a colossal wave and overwhelming him. 

He heard his heart pumping wildly. 

The hand holding the Queying Sword quivered. 

Sweat moistened his back little by little.

Everything in the world had changed from pale and bland to fresh and beautiful, with splendid colours. 

That kind of turbulent, unstoppable desire almost conquered all his thinking ability. 

Chen Weiyuan strolled over, calling him: “Wife.” 

And he stretched out his hand to him. 

“Come to Husband.” 

His temples were pulsing. He gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t even think about it.” 

Chen Weiyuan sighed: “Yunlan, you are always so stubborn. That was the case in the Demon Palace back then, but now, it is also the same.” 

“Time City has been activated, and we have escaped into the void. Everything wordly has nothing to do with us. Here, only you and I can accompany each other. In front of me, even if you can resist your heart, how long can you endure?” 

He raised his hand and covered the back of Ye Yunlan’s trembling hand. 

“Look, now you can’t even swing your sword at me.” 

“You refused to assassinate the Demon Lord for me in the Demon Palace. Later, under my eyes, you moved the Demon Bone in the Primordial Demon Refining Array. It did surprise me,” he said, “But in any case, you can never kill me.” 

He extended his hand to shadow the bronze mask on Ye Yunlan’s face and took it off. 

Ye Yunlan’s face was exposed to the air. 

His appearance was pale, and he was dripping with cold sweat. 

But he was also breathtakingly beautiful. 

Chen Weiyuan sighed: “Back then, it was Husband’s fault. I failed to protect you so you can have a peace of mind. That’s why you had to seek protection from others.” 

“But not anymore.” He said softly.

“Your husband will love you well and be someone reliable so you can live as you wish. The reality of our husband and wife relationship that we never completed back then can now be gradually completed. We will become each other’s true loves.” Chen Weiyuan said, smiling, “Think about it carefully, I should be the only one in your life. All the things that you have missed before, it’s still not too late.” 

Chen Weiyuan wanted to raise his hand to stroke Ye Yunlan’s cheek. 

Ye Yunlan turned his head to avoid it. 

He bit the tip of his tongue. The bloody smell spread in his mouth so he could barely stay awake. 

“Why resist,” Chen Weiyuan wondered, “Yunlan, in this world, nobody knows you better than me. You fear loneliness and always need someone to accompany you. This was the case before, and it is still the case now. When you were in the Sect, you pleased Rong Ran, tried to please me after, then you pleased the Demon Lord. Everything was actually the same. No matter who it is, as long as there is someone willing to accompany you, you can treat that person thoroughly and hand yourself over. Isn’t that right?” 

“You have been walking alone in the wind and rain for so many years, and you must have been very tired. It’s better to take a rest. Come to my arms.” 

Chen Weiyuan stretched out his hand to him. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t move. 

His stiff body was like a statue. 

The hand holding the sword was as heavy as hundreds of millions of catties of iron stone. 

He avoided being thrown into the deep sea of ​​lust. Every time he uttered a word, the stuffy air in his chest reduced by one point, but he was also one point closer to collapse. 

However, he still spoke. 

“…Don’t think about it.” 

Chen Weiyuan sighed, “Really stubborn.” 

“I didn’t want to use this method.” He seemed helpless. “But to make you behave, maybe it can only be so.” He took out a white porcelain bottle, opened the cap, and rolled out a vermilion pill.

“Forget Worries Pill,” he said, “It’s not a medicinal pill, but it can make you forget all the troubles and pains in the past and start again. Even though your sword cultivation will be wasted like this…” 

He smiled. “But with your husband by your side, no one can hurt you in the future.” 

Chen Weiyuan’s Transcendence qi suddenly overflowed like a large net covering Ye Yunlan securely. It prevented him from moving. With Chen Weiyuan’s movements, the starlight scattered across the sky and hung in the air. Two of his fingers clamped the pill, and he delivered it to Ye Yunlan’s lips. 

Ye Yunlan wanted to retreat, but a mortal’s body couldn’t resist the suppression of the Transcendance stage’s cultivation level. 

The constant buzzing and the entanglement of love and desire from the effects of the Change Sentiment Curse made him feel like he was stuck in mud, unable to budge. 

Blood spilled from those lips. 

The sting of his bitten tongue kept him awake. 

Can’t make my sword move. 

Why can’t I move my sword? 


Why not? 

I love him. 

Why do you love him?

I love him. 



I love him. 


The one I love is clearly…

The opposing thoughts collided in his divine consciousness, and the sinuous and protruding blue veins split the back of his hand like flawless white jade cracking out in the gap. Ye Yunlan’s face was terribly blue and white. 

It seemed like just a moment, but many pictures passed by.

From the cage-like palace walls when he was a child, to the thunderstorms in the peach blossom forest, to solitary practice in Sky Sect, Chen Clan’s false affection, until the time he was delivered to the Demon Palace. When the box was opened, in the darkness and confusion, he looked into those blood-red eyes. 

In the Demon Palace, the red candle was warm. The man’s hand intertwined with his five fingers and squeezed tightly. He whispered to him: “Senior Immortal, unless one steps on my corpse, no one in the world can hurt you anymore.” 

At the Buddha Pagoda, the bottom of the winding steps, with thousands of statues of gods and Buddhas watching, the man picked him up on his back and walked up step by step until he saw the sky. Just for him, one man and one sword, becoming an enemy against the whole world. 

In the Central Continent’s courtyard, under the apricot blossom tree, the man leaned over and kissed the end of his eye. The years were calm and peaceful. Life seemed to pass like this. 

The picture suddenly changed. 

Amidst thousands of thunder and lightning, the person stood before him, and his soul was destroyed in the Tribulation. 

Only a mask and a sword was left. 

He put on the mask, held up the long sword, and walked into the world alone. 

In a hundred years, five continents and four seas had been traveled. 

He went back to the apricot blossom tree to bid farewell to it. 

Apricot blossoms covered his robe everywhere.

In a daze, he seemed to see the silhouette of the man again, leaning under the tree and looking at him. 

He looked into those blood-red eyes. 

In his life, all kinds of light and shadows passed in front of his eyes. 

He clenched the long sword in his hand. 

The turbulent lust had flooded him like a tide and had built a high wall to demolish his thoughts. 

But for more than two hundred years of his life, between him and that person, there was more than just the simple word “love.”

Sword light suddenly arose. 

Chen Weiyuan’s expression immediately changed. 

He stepped back sharply and sacrificed the Ancient Gathering Astrolabe in his hand. Countless stars staggered in front of him, comprising a sturdy shield, and seeked to block Ye Yunlan’s attack. 

But Ye Yunlan’s sword was swifter than him. 

Burning all his spirit, condensing his lifelong sword cultivation in a sword move——this was the forbidden technique, “Jiang Ping Sheng”!*

* it means seeing all one’s life (part of title)

The Queying Sword pierced forward. 

Ye Yunlan’s lips were still bleeding, and the hand holding the sword was wan and delicate. 

A fire light ignited in his eyes, revealing the fierce determination that cut through everything. 

A loud noise blared. 

The incomparable light flooded the entire underground palace. The sword light illuminated the dark space like daylight, and all the land covered by shadows was gone. This was the only sword between heaven and earth. 

There was no shadow in the world. 

One sword seeing all one’s life.

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