Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Clamor 

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The Demon Lord chuckled in his ears and asked, “What does Tonggui mean?” 

He got too close. Ye Yunlan’s ears numbed, and a slight blush etched his face. He was silent momentarily, then replied in a low voice: “The great dao, three thousand years, different paths lead to the same goal. Regardless of the righteous dao and the demon dao, I hope you can travel smoothly and peacefully, and one day, you will see the ultimate dao.” 

The Demon Lord: “Oh? I thought Master meant he wanted to return together, hand in hand.” 

Ye Yunlan’s face reddened even more. He was born white, so the bit of color on his cheeks was particularly conspicuous, resembling a peach blossom falling on his face and analogous to ripe pink peach, making people want to take a bite. 

For a long while, he did not argue. 

The Demon Lord held his hand, intertwined their fingers, and pressed him against the stone pillar. He kissed and bit him as if he verily regarded himself as a newly crowned adult youth, and the excitement still hadn’t passed.

The two of them played and lay on the grass. Grass and petals stained their shirts, and the drizzle wetted their cheeks and hair. 

The Demon Lord embraced him and smiled like an innocent child. 

“Master, I’m so happy today.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at his face with a living aura, and the hostility entangling his eyebrows under the sun seemed to have dissipated a lot. A smidge of bright light touched his bloody eyes. 

A slight hazy mist seemed to engulf Ye Yunlan’s golden eyes, and he sounded a soft “en.”

The Demon Lord’s eyes curved, and he carried him up.

“Let’s go to the woods to hide from the rain,” he said. 

Ye Yunlan frowned slightly, a little wary. 

They only needed to return to the palace for rain shelter, but the Demon Lord was insistent on going to the woods to do so. 

He thought of last night. The Demon Lord had asked him to go to the high building, also stating he wished to behold the stars. 

“Even if the exercises are beneficial to your cultivation base, you can’t practice too much and advance rashly,” he said. 

The Demon Lord kissed his cheek and said:

“We won’t practice today. Just relax. Treat it as Master’s reward for me being finally crowned as an adult, okay?” 

Ye Yunlan said blankly: “You are nearly half a hundred years old.” Time passed differently in the Immortal Boat compared to the outside world. The Demon Lord would be already older than his physical body’s age today if it was only according to his corporeal body’s age. 

The Demon Lord said earnestly: “I just became an adult. Just now.” 

So the man who had just grown up hurriedly carried him into the woods to hide from the rain. 

The air in the woods was remarkably humid. His back was against a tree, and the bark was somewhat rough. It was moderately painful when it rubbed against his back. 

But it was not intolerable. 

He breathed out softly. 

His body couldn’t touch the ground, and he kept sliding down. 

There was a sense of weightlessness and falling in the clouds. 

Then, he was thrown high in the sky by a huge wave.

He heard the rain patter encompassing him, gentle wind, and light birdsong in the waves. 

The viscous drops fell on a white anemone beside the tree trunk.

 The sweet aroma of flowers expanded.

They seemed to fly over a mountain and cross the ocean together, then stopped at a place where flowers bloomed all over the wild. 

The Demon Lord asked him: “Senior Immortal, are you happy?” 

He closed his eyes, mute. 

The Demon Lord: “Senior Immortal, come stand on the clouds with me.” 

He still didn’t speak, only clutching the other’s shoulders. 

Worldly affairs were like a net. 

He was already deeply involved. 

The Demon Lord exhaled deeply.

Then he buried his head near his neck. 

“This world is so filthy. Fortunately, Senior Immortal is with me.” 

He took Ye Yunlan back to the Demon Palace, changed into clean clothes, and helped Ye Yunlan wipe his damp hair. 

Ye Yunlan held a teacup with hot water in both hands and drank little by little. 

Suddenly, the sky thundered. 

A downpour plummeted. 

The thunder roared. 

Ye Yunlan’s body quivered for a while. 

The Demon Lord was aware and asked: “Master is afraid of thunder?” 

Ye Yunlan’s originally ruddy complexion had become a little pale. He was silent for a while, then said: “Close the window.” 

The Demon Lord walked to shut the window. 

When he returned, he found his Master sitting on the head of the bed, looking down at the teacup in his hand. He did not know what he was thinking. 

The Demon Lord sat on the side of the bed and leaned over to kiss his forehead. 

“I’m with Master. It’s just a little thunderstorm, nothing terrible.” 

Ye Yunlan produced a soft “en.”

Just as he returned, it was raining a little, and his lips were slightly pale. 

The Demon Lord lowered his head and kissed him tenderly. 

He didn’t let go until bright red manifested on his lips.

But suddenly, he heard a rush of footsteps outside. 

Elder Xue’s voice sounded: “Master, it’s not good. The Daoist Sects gathered many soldiers and horses and already attacked the Demon Realm. Come!” 

The Demon Lord’s expression did not change. He stretched out his hand to arrange Ye Yunlan’s clothes. 

Ye Yunlan’s eyebrows were already furrowed. 

“What’s the matter?” he inquired.

The Demon Lord curled his lips, his eyes overflowing with a slight blood-red. 

He whispered: “It’s not a big deal. I’ll be able to solve it soon.”

Ye Yunlan was not easily fooled by him. 

“What happened? Why are the Daoist Sects coming to the Demon Realm to encircle you?” 

The Demon Lord was silent momentarily, then chuckled: “It seems Master really doesn’t know anything about his charm.” 

“Besides wanting to eliminate demons, 9 out of 10 are actually coming for you.” 

Ye Yunlan was puzzled, “For me?” 

The Demon Lord raised his hand and stroked his face, “For the past thirty years, I have been looking for you. But, I am not the only one.” His bloody eyes showed a little contempt like he was thinking of something, “It’s just I was the only one who found you in the end.” 

The Demon Lord stared at him, “Master, you are mine. Yes, from now on, it will be the same.” 

The paranoid madness was revealed in his words. But now, Ye Yunlan had gradually become accustomed to him. He allowed the Demon Lord to stroke his cheek. He gently touched his butterfly-like eyelashes and asked, “Who came?” 

“A lot,” The Demon Lord said casually, “But they’re all mobs.” 

The dark shadows were moving in the room. 

The Demon Lord said: “If they can’t get you, they will find ways to smear and insult you just like how they can’t get rid of the Demon Lord. Hence, they call me the world’s evilest monster as if all the world’s sins are born and caused because of me.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at his indifferent expression, suddenly wondering how many scolding and curses he had endured over the years. At that time, he went to the Immortal Boat alone and disappeared. Afterward, Shen Shu became a demon, so how did the world treat him?

Elder Xue’s anxious shouts continued to ring outside the door. 

The thunderstorm was noisy outside the window. 

The Demon Lord stood up and said to him:

“Master, take a good rest here. I will be back soon.” 

He picked up the Shura Sword at the table.

The dark red blade was seemingly flowing with blood, depositing countless grievances. 

Ye Yunlan suddenly felt a touch uneasy in his heart. 

However, the door opened, and the wind howled. 

The Demon Lord had vanished. 


Liuming Mountain. 

“You’re finally here.” Chen Weiyuan smiled and looked at the person in front of him. The other person’s golden eyes made it somewhat difficult for him to focus. 

Ye Yunlan, who had achieved the Nirvana of the Phoenix Bone, should look like this.

He was perhaps more powerful and perfect than him. 

Ye Xuanguang was holding the Demon Emperor Sword, standing on the edge of the mountain cliff. He was still wearing the crown prince’s clothes, and it was evident he had arrived hurriedly. The sharp golden eyes looked at the distant Demon Palace, and the blood flow of his matching origin made him surge. 

Since Ye Yunlan was blood-drained, he had never felt this kind of qi in his own brother again. 

The Demon Emperor Sword also let out a few low whispers as if it sensed a kindred aura. 

Ye Xuanguang said: “My broth… How is Daoist Ye now?” 

He was critically wounded in the Western Unification War ten years prior. He was still unhealed when he was in retreat, but later, he received Chen Weiyuan’s message. According to the news, his younger brother, who disappeared more than 30 years ago, wasn’t deceased but hidden in the Demon Palace by the Demon Lord, married to him as a dao companion. 

So he hurried out of closed-door training to come. 

Emperor Ye was furious about this. 

The Yaori Palace Formation was opened to him, but he was no longer the one forcibly promoted and shed his foundations in the past.

Because of this, he and Emperor Ye completely tore their faces and were estranged. 

Chen Weiyuan: “What is going on in the Demon Palace? Hasn’t it been bubbling up in the world this entire time? Do I need to say more?” 

A faint green emerged on Ye Xuanguan’s face. 

Chen Weiyuan sighed. 

“We’re all late.” 

Ye Xuanguang: “I’m not here to listen to your nonsense. I want to save him.” 

“The Demon Palace has nine major formations protecting it, and the Demon Lord is immortal. How will you rescue him alone?” Chen Weiyuan smiled faintly. 

Ye Xuanguang: “Just put what you need me to do straight.” 

Chen Weiyuan, “I need to lay down the Primordial Demon Bone Formation, but serious evil is on the Demon Bone. You’ll be infested and go mad if you have no strong blood for protection. I was able to take on this task before, but now, I can’t.” 

Ye Xuanguang looked at his mutilated body and frowned slightly, “You want me to be the main controller of the formation?” 

Chen Weiyuan took out a black box. 

“Now, only you can take on this responsibility.” 

Ye Xuanguang: “Who will break the Demon Palace’s array?” 

Chen Weiyuan’s eyes traveled past and looked east. 

“People have come.” 

Several enormous flying boats flew out of the Demon Realm’s dismal sky. 

There was a white-clad figure speedier than the flying boats.

A sharp sword light slashed across the Demon Palace’s array. 


The deafening sound flooded the fields, and the terrible power spread out, causing the sleeves of the two to flutter. 

“Sky Sect Sect Master?” Ye Xuanguang asked. 

Chen Weiyuan supported his chin with his hands and nodded with a faint smile, his eyelids half-closed.

This expression was quite pleasing to the eye when it was on his handsome face before, but now his face was yellow and thin, and it only made people feel that he was wicked and wretched. 

Those flying boats were intercepted by the flying boats arriving from the Demon Sect disciples tens of miles away from the Demon Palace. 

From Liuming Mountain’s field of vision, one could see countless daoists swarming out from the flying boat and colliding with the oncoming Demon Sect disciples.

The sound of shouting and killing vibrated abruptly, and diverse magic weapons and auras flickered. 

The battle between daoists and demons started. 

Blood spread across the sky. 

But the sword intent hacking the Demon Palace’s large array continued. A violent sound swept across, and rubble was strewn everywhere. 

The Demon Realm disciples were charging hurriedly, trying to organize themselves. With no leader presiding over them, it was a mess of scattered sand, and they were forced to retreat by the gathered Daoist Sects’ disciples. 

The Daoist Sects’ disciples chased after victory, approaching the Demon Palace ten miles away. 

Someone, hidden in the crowd, roared. 

“What Lord of the Demon Realm? Isn’t he just a turtle who won’t show his head? He only knows how to hide in his formation! First, he was ungrateful and betrayed his sect, then he forcibly married and persecuted his own master. How can the world tolerate a beast like you?!” 

The Demon Realm disciples listening to such words were perspiring. Most of the Demon Lord rumors circulated in other places in the world were false, but only those in the Demon Realm had truly felt the horror of that figure. 

Give them a hundred people’s courage, and they still won’t dare to offend the Demon Lord. 

Suddenly, the cultivator who shouted within the crowd disappeared like a string that stopped abruptly. 

Everyone looked at him in horror and discovered the cultivator’s own shadow holding his neck. A neighboring cultivator attempted to save him, but he didn’t expect that even his shadow would change, entangling his neck.

After witnessing this, nobody dared to budge. 

After seeing the cultivator’s face turn blue, he was strangled to death in front of everyone in just a second.

After his death, his shadow didn’t vanish. Instead, it wrapped his corpse, squirmed, chewed his flesh and blood, and then swallowed it up inch by inch. 

This scene was truly horrible. Many young cultivators who had just seen such an appalling scene for the first time felt their stomachs surge and their legs quake.

Suddenly, a deep and strange chill came from the wind.

The flying sand stilled.

The initially closed door of the Demon Palace had been inaudibly opened. 

Someone came out with a demon sword. 

The man was donning a black robe, his eyes were red as blood, and he looked like he was in purgatory. 

When he stood there, all the surrounding darkness concentrated on him. He shook everyone’s core with a sword in hand. 

“It’s too noisy,” he opened his mouth to say.

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