Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Blood Sacrifice 

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When the Demon Lord made a sound, countless shadows extended from the shadows of the distant people’s silhouettes, coiled around their necks, and muffled their voices. 

The sound of fighting was quelled.

The Demon Lord’s blood-red eyes were faintly lazy. The world he saw and heard was reinstated to a sea of ​​blood with humans and wronged souls floating therein after splitting from Ye Yunlan, and no one was nobler or more humble than another. 

There were only the same noises. 

He raised his hand and met the people’s aghast gazes. His hand was on the verge of pressing down, but suddenly, he recalled the eyes of Ye Yunlan that stared at him that day. 

    ——What about me? Can I stop you? 

His family’s Master had said this softly, and his soft kiss was like a soft goose’s footprints treading on snow. 

The trace remained in his heart. 

His hand stopped mid-air, feeling like the blood sea wasn’t so rowdy anymore. 

Suddenly, a cold sword light pierced the blood-colored sky and struck him! 

His left hand was pierced by the sword light, melted into black qi, and surged again to re-form. 

The Demon Lord didn’t appear to discern any pain and turned his head partially, looking toward a figure in the air.

“Ji Suyue?” He spoke lazily, “Long time no see. Your body received my sword the year we fought. Has the injury healed? Is that why you came so quickly to me to find trouble?” 

Qiyun Jun stared at the monster in front of him icily. 

When Ye Yunlan disappeared, he had forcibly broken through his closed-door training to find Ye Yunlan, once fighting. 

At that time, the Demon Lord had just shed the mortal world for a few years and was no match for his sword skills. Nevertheless, the Demon Lord collapsed and condensed several times under his sword because of the Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body. Furthermore, the Demon Lord’s swordsmanship briskly progressed while he regressed because of the Ruthless Dao’s backlash, so the Shura Sword unexpectedly struck him after battling dozens of rounds. 

This sword aggravated his wounds, and he had to return to Sky Sect to heal his injuries, perhaps missing the best time to find Ye Yunlan. He didn’t know when the Demon Lord found Ye Yunlan, brought him back, hid him in the Demon Palace, and had him suffer for several years. 

He had vowed to protect the other party his entire life. 

His Extreme Affection Dao was born from this. 

Even though…he had hurt him so much in the Buddha Pagoda for the past century. He only had hoped to have a chance to make up for his mistake now. 

Thus, he lifted his sword. 

His sword pointed at the Demon Lord. 

“Shen Shu, you betrayed your master’s sect and fell into the demonic way. I’ll perform a Sect Master’s duty to clean up the sect today.” Qiyun Jun was expressionless. 

The Demon Lord drew a mocking smile. 

“Betraying Master? If I say Master is willing to be with me and there is no discord between us master and disciple, then what will Sect Master do?” 

Qiyun Jun’s expression changed marginally. 

Blue veins popped out from the hand holding the sword. 

“Impossible,” he said coldly. 

However, he remembered why Ye Yunlan was locked into the Pagoda in the past. 

It was for colluding with the Demon Lord and helping evil. 

At that time, everyone said that Ye Yunlan was a pet on the Demon Lord’s bed, a running dog.

In those days, the Righteous Sects spent countless manpower and material resources constructing the Primordial Demon Refining Array, then aggressively invaded the Demon Palace to exterminate this monster. At that time, the man controlling the formation was Chen Weiyuan. Chen Weiyuan had missed Ye Yunlan, his former dao companion, and tried his best to rescue him from the Demon Palace. Ye Yunlan was obedient on the surface but moved the Demon Bone at the critical moment, making the array fall short. 

After the Demon Lord escaped, he also took away Ye Yunlan.

The Demon Lord was critically injured while escaping. The Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body was broken, and he was also carrying a person. It was inconvenient to move, and his hiding place was exposed several times. Finally, everyone broke into one of the hideouts and captured the dying Ye Yunlan one particular time, yet the Demon Lord was missing. 

Qiyun Jun still remembered the other party’s appearance then. 

It was not easy for him to be taken by the Demon Lord. 

Because he had stabbed the Demon Lord with a poisoned short knife, Ye Yunlan encountered the Demon Lord, who lost control after being seriously injured. 

The dark cave was dim, and the person was chained to the deepest point by the Demon Lord. 

His limbs were stretched out like dry white jade branches. He was almost unclothed, and red marks of desire outfitted his naked skin. The mask on his face fell during custody, and the black scars on his bare facial features were ghastly. 

At that time, he only felt that the scene was absurd and filthy. 

But for some reason, he remembered that scene crystal clear, not forgetting it even now.

At that time, everyone wished for Ye Yunlan’s demise. 

He was unbearable filth and helped a tyrant. The crime was abysmal. 

However, Chen Weiyuan came forward and said that this person was one of the dual stars, and the demon star could only be dimmed if he survived. Ye Yunlan couldn’t die. 

If he couldn’t die, could they suppress the seal? 

The seal’s location was chosen to be in the Western Continent’s Futu Pagoda. He was the one who suppressed him. 

Ye Yunlan’s actual strength was not at Transcendence then, so they didn’t need to muster large forces.

But, his existence was bait. The Demon Lord might come back to rescue him whenever, and that period would be the optimal time to destroy the Demon Lord.

What’s more, as a dual star, the Righteous Dao required Ye Yunlan to eliminate his demonic thoughts to return to the righteous. 

So he shot this man down from the top of the tower repeatedly. 

He watched him struggle up from the bottom of the tower continually. 

The demonic thoughts did not disappear. 

He told the other every time. 

He needed the other person to reflect at the bottom of the tower. 

However, Ye Yunlan was very persistent and would only keep climbing up. 

The other party clashed with his sword, scolded him, and wept bitterly at him. 

Finally, he collapsed and knelt at the top of the tower, begging him for release. 

He didn’t know how he could be indifferent back then. 

The other party’s hope was annihilated time and time again, and the other party suffered the agony of broken bones time and time again. No one knew how painful he felt in his heart when he had gone through the mortal catastrophe of extreme affection recalling this memory, knowing how that person was the most precious in his heart, his most cherished.

He recognized the wrong person, calculated the incorrect karma, and met the other person at the wrong time. 

Now that they have regressed, he won’t make any more mistakes. 

Ye Yunlan might have affection for the Demon Lord, but the Demon Lord later treated him like that. Qiyun Jun didn’t think that there was still much affection between them. 

The sword pointed to Shen Shu, and he said coldly. 

“Make your move.” 

The Demon Lord constricted his face with a casual smile, and his bloody eyes were dark and glacial. 

The evil spirits were exposed on the Shura Sword. 

A gust of wind blew and rolled up the yellow sand in the Demon Realm. In a flash, the two had already moved against each other! 

The battlefield seemed divided into two sides.

On one side, countless cultivators of the Dao and Demon were fighting. 

Only two people were on the other side, but every time they collided, they shook the four fields, and smoke and dust billowed all around. They held the sole key to this victory. 

Liuming Mountain.

Ye Xuanguang opened the black box, and a dark, dull bone was inside. 

That bone could seemingly absorb all the light in the world, and just looking at it made people dizzy. 

His cultivation level had reached Transcendence, and he still felt like this. If an ordinary cultivator had seen it, he was afraid they would’ve lost control, qi deviating on the spot. 

He took out the Demon Bone and sensed a biting cold penetrate his blood, and then the Divine Phoenix’s blood dissipated it. 

After he put it into the formation core, a burst of black mist enveloped Liuming Mountain. Ye Xuanguang felt as if he could manipulate all the forces of the entire formation in his mind, trapping the creatures in the formation. That kind of power far surpassed the Transcendence Realm, which scared him a little. 

But at the same time, the coldness he had just felt didn’t dematerialize and slowly gathered in his blood instead. 

He couldn’t control it for too long. 

Ye Xuanguang’s heart was vigilant, manipulating the formation to separate the black mist and go to Chen Weiyuan. 

“Only the top of Liuming Mountain is covered now that the formation is completed. How will you attract the Demon Lord into the formation?” 

Chen Weiyuan: “If you want to attract the Demon Lord into the formation, clearly, you must put his precious things there.” 

Ye Xuanguang: “Precious thing? What precious thing do you have?” 

Chen Weiyuan said: “The most precious thing of the Demon Lord is naturally his dao companion.” 

Ye Xuanguang frowned and said: “Yunlan is trapped in the Demon Palace. I am trying to save him, but you’re saying you want to use him to attract the Demon Lord. Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?” 

Chen Weiyuan shook his head, “No.”

Ye Xuanguang’s face was already frigid, “Chen Weiyuan, I am not interested in playing a riddle-guessing game with you.” 

Chen Weiyuan chuckled lightly and said, “Your Royal Highness, stay calm. Soon, someone will bring Yunlan over. By then, this formation will rely on you.” 

The sky thundered.

Chen Weiyuan was sitting in a wheelchair, looking up at the sky soaked in blood. Peculiar darkness appeared in his eyes. 

There was a deep cave a few miles away from Liuming Mountain. 

Someone staggered slowly into the cave, and the blood of the sky outside elongated his shadow. 

There was a deep pit deep in the cave. 

It was unclear how chasmic the pit was, and a thick bloody aura radiated from it. 

The man stood still before the pit. His shadows flickered, and his beautiful face looked distorted and hideous. 

He opened his mouth to the darkness. 

“You said that as long as I offer sacrifice in the way you directed me, all my desires can be fulfilled.” 

A group of twisted darkness stood up from his shadow. 

There was an androgynous voice, and thousands of sentient beings were seemingly crying. 

“Human, This King didn’t lie to you.” The darkness stretched out a deformed lanky arm and touched Rong Ran’s cheek. “Isn’t your face and your current strength the best proof?” 

There was a horrible feeling behind him. His eyes frantically looked at the pit exuding thick blood, “You said that sacrifices needed to be made with the flesh and blood of ten thousand virgins and ten thousand babies. I’ve done everything now, so what else do you need?” 

“This King still needs a person who sincerely yearns for the king to come to this world. They need to call me to communicate the distance between This King and this world during the blood sacrifice.” 

Rong Ran: “How do you want me to do it?” 

“Open the formation, close your eyes, and call out the king’s name devoutly,” the voice said. 

Rong Ran nodded and raised his hand. Unwashed bloodstains currently permeated his hands, and flesh and blood residues were embedded in his fingers. He slit his wrist, and blood flowed into the pit. 

A terrible howl suddenly sounded from the originally silent cave. The blood was shining in the pit, and the turbulent blood spread up. The twisted female ghosts and hollow eyes of the infant spirits were visible in the surging waves. 

Rong Ran had done everything step by step in the ceremony. Then, he placed his fingers on his chest, closed his eyes, and called. 

“Please, foreign Demon King Serpent, come to this world. Please, foreign Demon King Serpent, come to this world.  Please, foreign Demon King…”

The whistling sound in the pit of the blood sea became harsher and harsher, and the turbulent blood flashed crazily in Rong Ran’s field of vision. 

Rong Ran thought of the humiliation he had suffered in the Demon Realm for thirty-plus years. He finally had a chance to get revenge and could take the one he loved back in his arms now. Endless madness and pleasure bred in his heart. 

He murmured and stirred his desire. The faster he thought in his heart, the more maddened he became. His whole person had fallen into a state of incomparable enthusiasm. He couldn’t see the movements of the world outside, but he suddenly felt his body lighten.

The Demon King’s voice slowly sounded. 

“Yes, This King forgot to tell you…” 

The body fell into the pit swiftly, and the resentful spirits’ gruesome and piercing voices got closer and closer. 

The Heavenly Demon King: “For the sacrificial technique to be successful, we still need a dark soul who is devoted and loyal to This King and a body corroded by the power of This King.” 

Rong Ran was drowned in a sea of ​​blood. 

The evil spirits he killed rushed toward him frantically, invading his spirit and biting and pulling. He screamed in extreme pain, and the agony finally made him return from that state of enthusiasm. 

But it was too late. 

“Serpent King, you lied to me. You lied to me–!” 

His face was already extremely distorted and panicked, washed away by a sea of ​​blood. He desperately tried to escape the pit, but the grieving spirit entangled and bit him, making it difficult for him to move. They twisted together in his hands and feet, tearing at his neck and face. He felt that his soul was chewed up and swallowed, becoming the nourishment for the entire blood sea. His body was being dragged into the depths of the blood sea unstoppably. 

“When has This King lied to you?” 

The Demon King’s androgynous chilling voice sounded in his heart. “As long as This King occupies your body and descends into the world, everything you want will be realized. You will mix with these souls and become a part of This King. Isn’t everything This King own, also yours?” 

The other party’s voice was getting softer and lighter. 


It was his own consciousness getting blurred. 

Distorted screams of terrible pain surrounded him, informing him of the sins he personally committed. 

They tore him to pieces and swallowed him. 

Rong Ran’s eyes widened. 

He finally realized that he was going to die. 

In this way, he died in a sorry state in this gloomy cave without any sympathy. 

In his drifting consciousness, he suddenly seemed to see a nightingale flying by in the dark night. Its hair was soft and beautiful, singing a beautiful song that sent him into a dream.

He reached out to grab it. 

He couldn’t catch it. 

The nightingale flew away from his world forever.

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