Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 17 Part 2

Chapter 17 Love Gu

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————Early in the morning, Ye Yunlan was sorting out the books on the shelves. 

He had already read most of them, so he called Shen Shu and said, “Go to the Sect library for your Master to return these books, then borrow a few more.” 

He told him which ones he needed to borrow. After hearing the names of the books, Shen Shu nodded and went out. 

When he came back, he was empty-handed. 


Shen Shu pursed his lips: “The library disciple said it’s okay to return books for someone…but I don’t have an inner disciple token, I am not qualified to borrow books from the Sect Library.” 

Ye Yunlan furrowed his eyebrows. He had left Sky Sect too long and didn’t remember. Even if he accepted Shen Shu as a disciple, the other party was not considered an inner disciple. He still needed to take Shen Shu to the Sect Internal Affairs Hall to register. This would allow Shen Shu to receive an inner disciple token, so he can move freely in the sect. 

“I was negligent.” He said, “Shen Shu, come with me.” 

The Internal Affairs Hall was on Qingya Peak. 

The rain was still falling outside and the mountain road was foggy. 

Ye Yunlan took a bamboo umbrella and opened it, then called Shen Shu. Shen Shu held his sleeves and leaned against him. 

The two, master and disciple, walked together on the mountain road. The two figures, one tall, one short, seemed very harmonious. 

There was a cold fragrance floating in the air. Shen Shu thought, if this road can go on forever, then he can walk with his Master for a long time, moving forward side by side. 

It’s just that this harmony was interrupted by a voice.

“Ah Lan, why don’t you introduce the boy next to you to your Senior Brother?” 

Rong Ran was standing in the rain on Qingya peak mountain road. He was holding an umbrella in his hand. 

Standing in the midst of the rain and fog, his appearance was extremely beautiful, as if he was a landscape painting. When his beautiful eyes looked at Ye Yunlan, it had a hint of ambiguity. 

Shen Shu tightened his grip on Ye Yunlan’s sleeves. 

He had a natural perception of “evil” in the world, and the person in front of him… clearly had a strong desire for his Master. 

“I’m Master’s disciple,” Shen Shu yelled before Ye Yunlan spoke. He tilted his head, “Who…who are you?” 

“Are you Ah Lan’s disciple?” Rong Ran’s expression changed slightly. He smiled and looked at Ye Yunlan again, “Ah Lan, you have accepted a disciple? Why didn’t you tell your Senior Brother so that Senior Brother can prepare a gift for your disciple.” 

He said casually, “Ah Lan was in a hurry last time. Was it to find him?” 

He spoke while looking at Shen Shu. He found that this young man was thin. Apart from his attractive appearance, there was nothing outstanding about him. His cultivation level was even more humble. 

For this trash, Ye Yunlan did not listen to his apology and left? 

Rong Ran smiled without revealing any flaws, and said to Shen Shu: “I am Ah Lan’s Senior Brother. Ah Lan met me as soon as he entered the sect and was my lifesaver. Thinking about it, I have known Ah Lan for seven, eight years. You should call me Martial Uncle.”

He took out a high-grade spirit sword from his storage ring and handed it to Shen Shu, “Martial Nephew, this is a meeting gift for you.” 

Shen Shu did not take it immediately, but looked up at Ye Yunlan. 

“You don’t have to take it.” Ye Yunlan turned to Shen Shu, then turned back to look at Rong Ran, with a very cold expression, “Senior Brother Rong, I said you don’t owe me anything, you don’t need to give my disciple such an expensive meeting gift.” 

Rong Ran: “Accepting a disciple is a major event, it involves a cultivator’s karma. If possible, Senior Brother also wants to help Ah Lan analyze him.” 

“There is no need to bother Senior Brother.” Ye Yunlan said, “I am clear about how my disciple is.” 

Rong Ran smiled, “Ah Lan has never accepted a disciple, so he might not know some things, so I still need to ask clearly. After all, not everyone was saved by Ah Lan like me and would wholeheartedly think for Ah Lan. Also, not everyone is like me and has been close to Ah Lan for so many years.” 

Shen Shu suddenly spoke seriously next to him: “My life was also saved by Master. Master also has the grace of saving my life. Moreover, every day I with my Master…sleep together, and are…very close to each other.”

Sleep together?

Rong Ran’s face was distorted for a moment. 

“How can a master sleep with his disciple…” He didn’t believe it. 

But Ye Yunlan spoke indifferently: “My disciple was seriously injured before. For the convenience of taking care of him, I sleep with him at night. It is normal.”

“Master treats me very well.” Shen Shu continued, “In the future. …I will also think about Master wholeheartedly, and live up to… Master’s kindness to me.” 

The two seemed to echo one another, making Rong Ran almost unable to maintain a smile on his face. 

Seeing the indulgence and softness that Ye Yunlan’s expression showed towards Shen Shu, it was even more eye piercing. 

Was the friendship between him and this person for so many years not as good as the ten to fifteen days that this kid had been with him? 

Ye Yunlan: “I still have things to do with my disciple. If Senior Brother Rong has nothing to say, please get out of the way.” 

“Every time I see you recently, you always say that you have something to do.” Rong Ran sighed, “Junior Brother has grown and wants to leave Senior Brother and live his own life. Senior Brother is actually very pleased. It’s just… Senior Brother is just a little unwilling.” 

“Ah Lan, will you be free in the future?” He pleaded softly, “Can you meet Senior Brother at the Tingfeng Pavilion? I’ll bring a pot of Qianhua wine and we can drink together again. After that, the past can be wiped, and Senior Brother will never pester you anymore.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while: “Is what Senior Brother said true?” 

Rong Ran: “Yes, do you not believe in Senior Brother?” 

Ye Yunlan long wanted to rid himself of being entangled with Rong Ran. If Rong Ran really does as he says, then this could be regarded as an opportunity.

He thought for a while then said calmly. 

“Then the day after tomorrow, I will see you at the Tingfeng pavilion.” 

When Rong Ran left, Shen Shu pulled Ye Yunlan’s sleeves and whispered: “The day after tomorrow…can Master not go?” 


Shen She couldn’t tell Ye Yunlan about his perception of Rong Ran just now. He said: “I don’t like that Senior Brother just now.” 

“Master also doesn’t like him.” Ye Yunlan said, “But I’m going there just to settle things of the past to save future troubles.” 

“But…” Shen Shu’s eyes darkened, and finally he didn’t say anything. 

The two came to the Internal Affairs Hall on the top of Qingya Peak. 

After registering his identity, Shen Shu received a Qingyun Mountain Inner Sect disciple token. The token was in the color of green and white jade, with Shen Shu carved on it. 

Shen Shu stroked it, then said: “It’s not as good as the one master engraved on the sword for me.” 

“You…” Ye Yunlan laughed. 

Since accepting a disciple, his mood always seems to be easily affected by Shen Shu. 

He stretched out his hand and stroked Shen Shu’s head, “From now on, you will be a disciple of your Master in Sky Sect. All the things of the past of the medicine house are no longer related to you. No one can bully you with Master here anymore.”

“En.” Shen Shu obediently replied, holding the token in his hand tightly. 

—— Xuanhu peak. 

A group of people surrounded the main palace of the peak, and on the main seat sat a handsome middle-aged man. 

“Where did he put the life-returning pill?” The man said solemnly, “It has been seven days, did the interrogation find out nothing?” 

“Please pardon us, Peak Master! The main reason is that Liu Qing has been corrupted. He has gone crazy and is talking nonsense, we can’t interrogate anything out of him.” An elder wiped the sweat from his head. 

“A bunch of useless people!” The man hit the armrest next to him, “Continue to investigate! The medicine house will be searched thoroughly, do not let go of any clues.” 

When the crowd was swept away, a figure in white walked out. 

“Father, calm down.” Rong Ran said softly. 

Everyone in Sky Sect knew that he was a direct disciple of Qiyun Jun, but few knew that the peak master of Xuanhu Peak was his father. 

When Peak Master Rong looked at his son, his anger was slightly subdued, but he still did not stop cursing, “Heh, since Liu Qing’s accident before, I took a lot of means to keep him at the outer gate of Sky Sect. Who knew that in a few years, such a big thing would happen again, worthless.”

“It’s me who is useless. I haven’t been able to find the Returning God Pill, so my father has to find the returning life pill to prolong his life. Rong Ran handed the storage pouch in his hand to Peak Master Rong, “I still have some elixir here, they will all be given to Father for use.”

“You still have some heart,” Peak Master Rong said. 

Rong Ran gently responded: “Can I meet my mother?” 

Even though he asked, he knew his father would definitely refuse. 

After all, he had only seen his mother a few times since he was born. Several times, it was when she was still sleeping and unconscious. 

Everyone said that Madam Rong was sick and that Peak Master Rong loved his wife eagerly, so only Peak Master Rong could enter Madam Rong’s room. 

But he still remembered an occasional glimpse he had taken when he was a child. He saw that in the room where the fragrance of medicine wafted all year round, there were actually secrets that could not be told to outsiders. 

“There are some birds in this world who are born eye-catching and unfaithful. If you want to love it and cherish it, you’ll have to build a nest for it personally, so that it can’t do without you. This way, it won’t suffer from the danger from the outside world and will leave their body and mind to you.” 

His father once said this when he stroked his head when he was young. 

And now.

Peak Master Rong said as expected: “Your mother is weak, I am afraid that her illness will spread to you. It’s not appropriate.” 

Rong Ran smiled and stopped mentioning the matter, but said: “Father, I am actually here for something.” 

“Speak.” To his son, Peak Master Rong has always been very indulgent. 

“I want the Hehuan Love Gu.” 

“What do you want that thing for?” Peak Master Rong asked, “The Hehuan Love Gu will make the person who is poisoned by this Gu to love the person who bestowed it. They would be willing to make love and do all sorts of things. This type of gu is extremely precious. I only have one, I can’t give it to you. However, I can give you another thing.” 

Peak Master Rong took out a porcelain bottle. He flicked his fingertips on the porcelain bottle. 

“This Gu is called Illusion Gu. People inflicted with this Gu will fantasize the person in front of them as the one they love. It would blur reality with illusion, to create desires for those who are under this Gu.” 

Rong Ran’s beautiful eyes turned slightly, “It’s still father who understands me best.” 

He took the small porcelain bottle. He wanted Ye Yunlan to snuggle in his arms, admiring him. He slowly showed a smile on his face. 

“Ah Lan…” He whispered the name that had been lingering on the apex of his heart for a long time. 

——When Ye Yunlan arrived, he saw Rong Ran cooking wine in the Tingfeng Pavilion. 

“Ah Lan, you are here.” Rong Ran smiled at him, “Come, sit.” 

When he sat down, Rong Ran said, “The scenery is very nice today.” 

He looked up and saw a hazy mist covering the distant mountains. The blue sky was vast and clear: “Indeed.” 

“After coming out of the secret realm, you are finally willing to calm down and chat with me again.” Rong Ran sighed softly. 

Ye Yunlan looked at Rong Ran quietly. 

“Senior Brother Rong, if you have anything to say, just take advantage of this opportunity to say it all.” He said, “I have to go back to teach my disciple, and I don’t have much time to spend here.” 

Hearing the word “disciple”, Rong Ran’s complexion froze for a moment, then he soon returned to normal. He smiled: “Ah Lan really cares about his disciple.” 

“He is my only disciple.” Ye Yunlan replied. 

Rong Ran looked fixedly at Ye Yunlan. 

Once upon a time, he was his only Senior Brother. 

He remembered what his father had said. 

There are many beautiful birds in this world who are eye-catching by birth. They are indeed fickle in love. He had been obviously guarding this person patiently, keeping watch every day, but he still let a beast who came from nowhere stealing his fish. 

He thought of the young man who was nestling beside Ye Yunlan and his eyes became dark. He could hardly suppress the fire of jealousy in his heart. 

The cooking action also sped up a bit. 

The white mist rose, blurring the sight of the two of them.

The rich aroma of wine slowly flooded the area. 

“Ah Lan, do you still remember these Qianhua wines were brewed and buried when you first joined the Sect? There are nine jars in total. We had made a previous arrangement to open one at the time of the full moon every year, and I will listen to you playing the qin. Let’s drink together.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I have forgotten.” 

“But I still remember it very clearly. Ah Lan, there is still a jar of Qianhua wine in my place. When the fifteenth full moon comes in the coming year, can I invite you again…” 

Rong Ran’s tone had infinite tenderness. Up until now, he still hoped that Ye Yunlan would change his mind. 

“Senior Brother, don’t call me Ah Lan again.” Ye Yunlan said indifferently, “I promised to come and meet with Senior Brother, so after this, Senior Brother and I will have nothing to do with each other anymore.” 

Rong Ran’s eyes finally darkened completely, “Okay…. Senior Brother will comply.” 

He poured a glass of wine and pushed it to Ye Yunlan, “As Junior Brother wishes, after drinking this glass of wine, we will be done with each other.” 

“Come, Junior Brother, please.” 

Ye Yunlan faintly glanced at the wine glass in his hand. The pale pink liquor shook in the glass. 

He was not a person who was incapable of drinking. In the past he often drank against the Demon Lord and he had never fallen behind. 

When that person was aroused, he liked to feed him a mouthful at a time. The liquor would then slip down the corners of his lips. He had no idea whether he drank more or wasted more.

He held up the wine glass and took a sip. 

There was a sweet and greasy taste. The floral fragrance wrapped around the tip of his tongue. 

It’s just that his memory was so clear that even a picture in a book that he read three hundred years ago, he would still remember clearly. 

He remembered the taste of the Qianhua wine, it shouldn’t be so sweet. 

He frowned, “What did you put in it?” 

Tingfeng Pavilion was located on Wendao Slope, so there were many disciples coming and going. Before he came, he wasn’t worried that the other party would do anything like this. 

But he didn’t expect Rong Ran to be so courageous and add drugs here. 

“When did I add things in? Junior Brother must have misunderstood.” Rong Ran said innocently. “It’s just a small, fun-enhancing play thing that can make Junior Brother happy.” 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes forcibly, feeling the scenery within his eyes seem to slowly blur and become shaky. A wave of restlessness rose from inside of his body. 

Rong Ran’s voice spread over: “Don’t worry. I have already set up an array around Tingfeng Pavilion, no one can see what the people inside are doing.” 

“Junior Brother will just rest here for a while because he doesn’t have much alcohol tolerance.” 

Rong Ran spoke with a gentle smile. 

“It doesn’t matter.”

——When Ye Yunlan went out, Shen Shu secretly followed behind this person. 

He remembered the evil thoughts that were revealed on Rong Ran’s body, so he was not relieved. 

He had long discovered that his master, although he was not as frail as he usually displayed, he didn’t care about many things. 

Especially his own life. 

He watched the man walk into Tingfeng Pavilion, then the scene inside was no longer clear. Obviously, there were arrays around the Tingfeng Pavilion. 

Although his eyes could clearly see the formation of the technique, it would take time to decipher it. 

Shen Shu’s eyes were dark. If he can, he wanted to directly crack it open with brute force, but that would expose the power he concealed. 

But if things are urgent, he can only do that. 

He had made all the preparations, but then he saw the enchantment dissipate. Ye Yunlan walked out holding his queying sword. 

His face was flushed, but his expression was cold and terrifying. 

In the Tingfeng Pavilion, the wine glass and cup shattered to the ground. Rong Ran was holding his stabbed arm with a pale expression on his face.

When he wanted to reach out and touch the other party, his arm was caught off guard by a sword slash by the other party. Blood flowed. 

He couldn’t figure it out. Was the illusion Gu useless to Ye Yunlan? 

How could it be useless? 

Even if Ye Yunlan really doesn’t have a loved one in his heart, the desire for love is unavoidable. It is impossible for Ye Yunlan to not react. 

Ye Yunlan walked out of the Tingfeng Pavilion. 

Listening to the noise from Tingfeng pavilion, it attracted many surprised and puzzled eyes from Wendao Slope. 

Shen Shu didn’t think much. He ran up quickly, “Master.” 

He gripped the other party’s hand. The cold and slippery hands of the other party were actually hot at this moment. 

Ye Yunlan took a deep breath, barely stopping himself from falling down. 

His voice was hoarse, “Help me go back.” 

Shen Shu was obedient. He found that not only did Ye Yunlan’s palms felt hot, but every part of his body was hot. 

He didn’t know what happened, but after seeing Ye Yunlan’s complexion, he also knew that this was definitely not the time to question it.

After returning to the bamboo building, Ye Yunlan immediately shut himself into his room. 

Shen Shu wanted to follow in to take care of him, but was rejected by Ye Yunlan. 

His eyes were profound and his thoughts turned sharply. He walked outside the bamboo building, and went to the man’s bedroom window. 

The window sill still had not been repaired, it was just concealed. 

He leaned against the window, vaguely smelling a scent. 

It wasn’t the cold and gentle fragrance that was on that person’s body usually. 

It was the fragrance of a flower that was almost rotting after blooming to the extreme. 

It carried a little bit of fishiness. 

A little bit sweet.

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