Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 28 Part 2

Chapter 28 Curse Seal 

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The boy, “My name is Ye Xun.” 

His last name is Ye? 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while, and continued: “What is your brother’s name?” 

The youth: “My brother is… Ye Xuanguang .” 

Even though he had only expected it, Ye Yunlan was still startled. 

The young man didn’t realize anything strange, he just opened his big black eyes and asked: “Have you… have you seen my brother?” 

Ye Yunlan’s expression became a little cold. 

“Since your brother has left you behind, why are you looking for him?” 

The boy shook his head, “My brother…My brother didn’t leave me behind. Someone attacked us, and my brother… disappeared in order to save me. I must find my brother.” 

Perhaps because he was a little anxious, the boy spoke incoherently, but his face was still expressionless, looking a little dazed. 

Ye Yunlan listened and looked down at the teenager’s face slowly. After a while, he said lightly, “I see.” 

Older Brother. 

If it was based on bloodline, the young man in front of him should probably call him elder brother. 

He closed his eyes and turned his head to Shen Shu, “It’s not early. Shen Shu, let’s go to the Communication Stream.”

Shen Shu: “Okay, Master.” 

Before leaving, Ye Yunlan was silent for a while. After, he told the young man: “Don’t take out the blood jade in your hand for others to see. In addition, when you meet strangers in the future, don’t tell them your whole story.” 

“Don’t just trust others even if that person once saved you.” 

After a pause, “I wish you success…in finding your brother.” 

He turned around. 

The boy blinked, not understanding why he was leaving. Then, he said seriously: “I don’t say this much to anyone.” 

“I just think that you are…very close and are trustworthy.” 

Ye Yunlan stopped, but he didn’t look back. 

——The communication stream was in the depths of Tianchi Mountain. 

The two, master and disciple, passed through the bustling town, and the tall and majestic silhouette of Tianchi Mountain appeared in front of them. 

Tianchi Mountain was the highest mountain in the Central Continent. It is said that the top of the mountain is connected to the heavens. 

The communication stream was a secluded stream from top to bottom in Tianchi Mountain. It looked like a faint blue silk satin from a distance. Stepping into it, one would realize that there is something else in it. 

The communication stream is somewhat similar to many secret realms, it would only be opened during the Dao Conference. It was an extra worldly space specially set up by ancient powers for this purpose.

Those who came from all over the world to participate in the Tianchi Mountain dao conference were all in the communication stream. 

Stepping into the communication stream. 

The entrance was a small path with fluorescent light covering the sky. Trees were on both sides and the fruit on the top of the tree were shining, while the silver grass on the ground was swaying. 

There was only night time in the world of the communication stream. 

“Let’s go.” 

Ye Yunlan said, stepping onto the path, followed by Shen Shu. 

The surroundings gradually changed from quiet to noisy. In a flash, the path came to the end, and the voices of people in front of him sounded out. 

Hundreds of sky lanterns were floating in the air and a bustling market was in front of them. A disciple dressed in a black and white Daoist robes with a Tai Chi pattern on his sleeves came over. He was holding a thick scroll in his hand with a brush. He lowered his head: “Two Daoists, may I ask which Sect you are from?” 

Black and white Daoist robe, Tai Chi pattern. 

He was a disciple of Ink Sect. 

The Tianchi Mountain dao conference was held once every ten years and is presided over by the six daoist schools in turn. 

“The two of us are Sky Sect disciples.” Ye Yunlan replied.

“Sky Sect …” The Ink Sect disciple nodded. He wrote down a few words, “May I ask for your names?” 

“Ye Yunlan. Next to me is my disciple, Shen Shu.” 

The master and disciple came to the conference together. The disciple from Ink Sect nodded again. He took out a night pearl and handed it over, “The disciples of Sky Sect live in the East Moon Shadow Wall of the communication stream. If you take this pearl to the gate, you will be able to occupy one of the caves. This will be your temporary lodging during the conference.” 

Ye Yunlan reached out and took it.

The Ink Sect disciple had been keeping his head down to record things. As an Ink Sect disciple, he was very busy. Now that he needed to also meet and greet others, he was very, very tired.

But seeing a slender and beautiful hand taking the night pearl, he was taken aback. When he looked up, he saw a face as clear as snow under the stars of the night. 

There was a sudden blush on his face, “Dao… Fellow Daoist, do you need me to lead the way?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Thank you, please point me in the right direction.” 

He raised his hand, and Ye Yunlan nodded slightly, then brought Shen Shu to head over there. 

The Ink Sect disciple stopped at the same place. He suddenly felt that being assigned this tiring task by the sect was not so tiring anymore. 

——The Moon Shadow Wall, east of the communication stream. 

In the upper left corner, a full moon was shining. Looking carefully, that moon was not a real moon, but a luminous fluorite. 

The shadow of the tree swayed on the moon shadow wall due to the moonlight. Many cave houses were open on it. There were stone plaques in front of the cave houses with the name of the cave houses inscribed on them. 

There were grooves under the stone plaque. Some of the grooves have been embedded with night pearls, proving that they have been occupied, while some have not yet been. 

Ye Yunlan randomly chose a cave and walked in. The two ancient characters “Ziyun” were engraved on the plaque outside the cave. 

Inserting the night pearl into the groove, the cave shone brightly. 

This cave was very quiet and secluded, not as cramped as expected after entering. It was rather vast with fluorite lamps shining on the stone walls.

What was particularly peculiar was that in the center of this cave mansion stood a huge purple cloud tree. 

There was a stone table under the purple cloud tree, and several stone piers around it as benches. 

The tree was full of purple-blue flowers. There was no wind in the cave, but petals fell slowly, scattering on the stone table and ground. 

It was beautiful. 

“The person who built this cave mansion back then should be a gentleman.” Ye Yunlan said softly. 

The pain caused by the curse mark in the soul has been relieved a lot, but he inevitably felt tired. He sat down on the stone bench and rubbed his temples. 

Shen Shu looked around, then finally saw a stone bed in the corner, but he was a little dissatisfied, “I knew it was a cave, but it’s so empty, there isn’t even a pillow.” 

“The cave was originally used by cultivators. The more deserted and lonely it is, the better it can teach people to calm down. It is naturally different from my bamboo house.” Ye Yunlan explained calmly. He then saw Shen Shu taking out a soft pillow and quilt from his storage ring and laying it on the stone bed neatly with his hands. He took out another black copper heater and walked over and set it by the table. 

He couldn’t help but laugh a little. 

“Why did you bring these things…” 

Shen Shu: “Master is willing to accompany me to participate in the Tianchi Mountain dao conference, I naturally have to prepare for Master.” 

“You…” With such enthusiasm, Ye Yunlan’s eyebrows eased slightly. 

He closed his eyes and rested for a while, then spoke again: “After three days, the Dao conference will begin. When the communication stream reaches the heavens, it will be the battlefield for the disciples of all factions. Only the ten people who have reached the top first will be qualified to participate in the final test on the Floating Cloud Summit.”

From the outside, the communication stream was a secluded stream from the top to the bottom of Tianchi Mountain. They were now at the bottom of the communication stream. 

Only by ascending the ascension steps can you go upstream and continue to climb. Then when they leave the communication stream, to the top of Tianchi Mountain, they would arrive at the floating clouds summit. 

On the way, there would be tests set by predecessors. What could be more cruel is if two sides clash. Only the victor would be able to move forward. 

Three days later, as soon as the ascension steps were opened, tens of thousands of young disciples from all over the world would begin to climb up at the same time. 

Although Ye Yunlan has never participated in the Tianchi Mountain dao conference, he could only imagine from the words in books how vast the scene should be at that time. 

Shen Shu said earnestly: “I won’t humiliate Master.” 

Ye Yunlan opened his eyes when he heard that. He was already very tired, but his eyes focused on Shen Shu with a stern tone in his voice. 

“Shen Shu, remember. You are here to broaden your horizons and increase your knowledge. What you want to do is surpass only yourself. You don’t need to act stubbornly, let alone be eager and obsessed. Master…doesn’t need you to earn face for Master.” 

“Your physique is different from that of others. If you develop a heart demon, it is extremely difficult to resolve. I don’t want you to embark on the dao path, put in so much hard work and having walked so far, but in the end, fall short.”

Shen Shu knew that he was aroused by Nangong Qing just now and was not able to suppress it in time. This was noticed by his Master. It had left a knot in the heart of the other party. 

However, how did the other party know that he occasionally leaked traces of hostility.

The shadow on the ground twisted slightly for a moment. 

“I remember, Master.”

Shen Shu walked to Ye Yunlan, half-kneeled, and put his face on Ye Yunlan’s knee like a young boy acting like a baby to his elders. He whispered: “Master, don’t worry about me. ” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while. He stretched out his hand to touch the puppet mark on Shen Shu’s neck. He stroked it again and again, without speaking. 

Shen Shu knew that he was angry, so he cleverly let him touch it until the other party’s movements became slower and slower, then finally stopped. 

Shen Shu looked up and found that the other party was already asleep. 

He stood up slowly and looked at the sleeping person under the purple cloud tree. 

The man was lying on the stone table, his black hair snaking out, revealing his profile. 

The purple-blue petals fell between his hair. His long eyelashes were drooping down, giving him an illusion of weakness. 

It makes people want to embrace him and protect him forever. 

He remembered that in the past, Master said that if he went to bed too late, he might not grow tall in the future. He had acted like a baby to his Master, saying that if he was too tall, he could no longer lay in his Master’s arms. 

At that time, his master knocked on his head and said: “If you encounter someone you like in the future, were you planning to nestle in the arms of that girl? Would you want her to treasure you, indulge you, instead of you holding her and protecting her?” 

At that time, he really didn’t understand. He thought if he didn’t grow tall, then he wouldn’t grow tall. As long as he could stay with his master, it didn’t matter. 

But now he understood. 

If you like someone, you won’t be willing to hide in that person’s arms. 

He wanted to hold him and protect him. 

He wanted to give him the best things in the world. 

He wanted to stand upright.

——Ye Yunlan was in a dream. 

The moonlight was bleak in the demonic palace. 

This was the first day after the night of the full moon.

The man disappeared as per usual. 

He wore chains on his wrists and ankles, and there were still traces of ambiguous blue and purple marks on his neck. 

His body seemed to fall apart. He was so tired he didn’t even want to move a finger. 

He lay soft on the bed and looked at the distant moon on the edge of the window, silent for a long time. 

…He hasn’t seen the moon for a long time. 

Suddenly a familiar voice sounded. 


“I heard the Demon Lord wants to marry you as his wife,” the man gently said, voice gentle, “Your husband was passing by the Demonic region and came to see you.” 

The moonlight gradually condensed a figure wearing a moon white robe. 

Chen Weiyuan walked over, squeezed his wrist that had been strangled with red marks by the chain, and said with pity: “How did you turn into this?” 

He said hoarsely, “Don’t touch me.” 

Chen Weiyuan sighed lightly, “I know wife blames me.” The other party gently stroked his wrist, “But wife doesn’t know, I sent you into the demonic palace because I had no choice.” 

He turned his face. He didn’t want to hear this man’s mouth full of sweet lies, he only said: “Get lost.” 

“Don’t throw a little kid’s tantrum, ok?” Chen Weiyuan said softly, “Yunlan, as long as you promise to do something for me, there will be no more obstacles between you and I. We will be able to be together for a long time, forever—” A knife was placed in his palm. 

“There is a killing curse on this knife. As long as the tip of the knife can pierce the Demon Lord to cut his flesh, it can seriously injure him.”

“The position of my Chen Family’s official wife will be reserved for you. As long as you kill the Demon Lord, we will be able to be one in heart and soul forever, life and death inseparable…” 

He felt absurd.

But his heart was beating uncontrollably and sharply. The other party’s voice seemed to ooze a deadly drug, revealing his endless bewitching. 

“Yunlan, I know you still love me.” 

Chen Weiyuan said. 

There seemed to be something ringing in his ears. In the cramped prison cell, the Demon Lord held him deeply, as if to crush him into his abdomen. He repeatedly asked him the same question. 

“Senior Immortal, have you ever loved me in these many years?” 

The ringing sound became heavier. Chen Weiyuan’s voice filled his heart like a ghost.

He bit the tip of his tongue, barely remaining awake. He said hoarsely: “Chen Weiyuan…I said, I told you to get lost.” 

“Yunlan, you forgot again, I told you to call me husband.” Chen Weiyuan leaned close to him, sniffing him. The gentle warmth of his breath sprayed on his neck, “Tell your husband, do you still love him.” 

“No, I don’t love you anymore, who I love is —” he paused one word at a time. 

The words seem to cry blood. 

The gentle breath around him seemed gloomy for a moment. 

“My wife always loves to lie,” Chen Weiyuan said, confidently: “Why would you fall in love with that demon? We clearly formed a bond contract on that day. We promised that in this life, your heart will only beat for me.” 

Chen Weiyuan touched his left chest with his hand, and said with a smile: “Look, it’s beating.” 

“Yunlan, kill the demon for your husband, okay?” 

His temples throbbed, as if about to burst. 

He tried his best to throw the knife in his hand to the ground.

“Get lost—— no matter what, I will never hurt him. Leave me alone!” 

Chen Weiyuan finally changed color. 

“Yunlan, you were always so stubborn.” The gentle smile on his face faded, “Is it so difficult to listen to me?” 

His hands trembled, and his nails dug into flesh to retrain the surging uncontrollable pain.

“Then there is no other way.” 

Chen Weiyuan said taking out a jade. 

That was the jade in which both parties had dripped their blood essence on when they concluded the bond contract, which meant that they were in the same boat and will live and die together. 

Under the moonlight, the jade exuded a desolate light. 

“Yunlan.” Chen Weiyuan said. He picked up the knife on the ground and put it in his palm. “Take this knife and find a chance to pierce the body of the Demon Lord.” 

Chen Weiyuan clenched the jade tightly. 

His soul seemed to be held tightly by the other party. 

All persistence was defeated in the face of this power. 

He could no longer control his body. He took the knife like a puppet, and obediently said: “Yes.” 

Chen Weiyuan left. 

He was still lying on the bed, looking at the moon outside the window. He folded his arms, holding the knife in his hand. 

The hollow eyes slowly widened. 

A drop of water fell on the handle of the knife. 

No one saw it. 

The screen turned suddenly. 

In the dark cave, he was placed in the deepest darkness. 

The clothes on his body have been washed away and his hands and feet were entangled with slippery things. He knelt on the cold ground with his hands suspended in the air. His body was extremely hot, but his heart was extremely cold.

Someone slowly came over. 

Accompanied by a drip, drip sound. 

——It was the blood dripping from the wound on the other party’s abdomen, wounded by the killing curse. It didn’t heal. 

His jaw was pinched by the other party. 

The Demon Lord’s voice was low and hoarse: “Senior Immortal, this Lord did not get annihilated by those of the so-called Immortal sect as you wished. Are you very disappointed?” 

He wanted to shake his head, but his neck was trapped by something slippery, so he could only raise his head to make a low muffled grunt. 

“This Lord heard that there is a spell in this world that can erase all the memories of a person for another person, and transfer all his love for that person to the person who casted the spell.” 

“If it is possible, this Lord really wants to use this kind of curse on you.” 

The Demon Lord gritted his teeth, then leaned over to hug him. 

Tears slowly flowed from his face. 

What he could not say was that if there was such a spell in this world… 

He was willing. He was willing to have the other party cast it on him. 

The screen turned again. 

Buddha hall. 

He was holding the Shura sword, wearing a hideous ghost mask. He slowly knelt down in front of the Buddha. 

“Dare to ask this Great Master, is there a law in this world that can cut off the root of emotions, so that one will no longer be disturbed by another person in this life?” 

The great master: “Converting (to a religion) can cut off the root of emotion.” 

“I have a stubborn heart and cannot convert.” 

The great master: “Love is hard to have and is long, why should you break the root of love?” 

He said indifferently: “If I can’t love the person I want to love, in the midst of love and pain, what’s the use of having this love root?” 

The great master sighed lightly: “If you want to break the love root, you need to pierce the living soul with seven emotion needles, then engrave the broken love curse. After that, all love, all that pain, forever, will be eliminated. Have you thought it out clearly?” 

He leaned over and said, “I am willing.” 

The Seven Emotion Needle burned through the fire and pierced into his soul. 

His soul was swept by the pain of being torn. 

Ye Yunlan suddenly woke up from his dream. 

He realized that he was not on the stone table under the purple cloud tree, but lying on the stone bed covered with a soft brocade. 

His shoes, socks, and outerwear were carefully removed, and the heater was placed by the bed. 

He slowly supported his body, and saw Shen Shu sitting cross-legged on the ground, condensing his energy. 

“Master, you’re awake.” Shen Shu heard the movement and opened his eyes. 

Ye Yunlan nodded slightly and got up to dress. 

“How long did I sleep?” he said. 

“Only half a day.” Shen Shu replied. 

Perhaps because of his dream, his chest was stuffy. Ye Yunlan rubbed his eyes: “Don’t worry about practicing, today Master will take you to find all the materials for refining your natal sword.” 

“The communication stream Xiuzhen bazaar, opened only once in ten years, you might as well go and take a look.” 

Walking out of the Moon Shadow Wall, they arrived at the communication stream Xiuzhen bazaar. 

Even with the expectations of it, the surging crowd was still surprising. 

It was not the same as the towns outside Tianchi Mountain. Cultivators were almost the only ones able to enter the communication stream. It is rare to gather cultivators from all over the world here, thus the things one can sell can be described as weird and endless. 

The master and disciple walked into the hustle and bustle of the market. 

He had put on his veiled hat again. He stopped, moved, and selected suitable sword refining materials for Shen Shu. 

Shen Shu walked beside him, protecting his master from any collision.

Suddenly he heard someone whispering not far away: “Have you heard? The battle of the Western Continent Dynasty has begun again. The Dynasty launched a war three days ago and the army has crossed the Western Sea.” 

“The matter of the Dynasty, how can I, this small, small cultivator comment on it. It’s better to talk about this during the Tianchi Mountain dao conference when the genius Daoists have gathered.” 

“Speaking of geniuses, we really can’t not speak about the crown prince of Yaori Dynasty. He really is a genius that has never been seen in the past . He is not over thirty, but he is one step away from the Transcendence Realm. With his cultivation base, if he also came to this Tianchi Mountain dao conference, wouldn’t he be the most invincible of the younger generation?” 

“His Royal Highness, the dignified prince, wouldn’t participate in this kind of battle between the sects of the cultivation world. It’s just that if this prince had such a talent then why can’t he sit properly on his seat?”     

Someone interrupted: “Your news is a little late. Half a month ago, the crown heir of the Xingyue Dynasty had just been defeated by the crown prince. Her cultivation base has been abolished. The Xingyue Dynasty would never let the crown prince go. It just so happens that there has been no news for the crown prince this half a month, I presume…”     

A man suddenly yelled: “The prince of the Yaori Dynasty has come to Tianchi Mountain. Look—” 

“It is said that the prince will select talents from the Tianchi Mountain dao conference to go back to work for the Dynasty.”     


Ye Yunlan leaned over and was choosing spiritual materials, when his hand paused.

He straightened up and looked towards the dark night of the communication stream.     

In the distance, the dark communication stream ignited fire. 

The flames approached. It was the ceremonial guard team riding on Yanlin Beasts, with the Yaori dynasty flags fluttering in the sun. 

While riding on the Yanlin Beast, everyone on top wore a golden sacred mask, revealing only two holes for their eyes. 

The monstrous flames surrounded the center. It was a frame of a flying golden dragon, towed by two Yanlin Beast Kings. 

Someone was sitting in the carriage. 

He was silent. 

Only a pair of brilliant golden eyes that showed indifference and fierceness, watched the world.

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