Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Elder Brother

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Swarms of Yanlin beasts flew across the sky. The entire communication stream was illuminated by the flames burning on their bodies, their display and momentum couldn’t be bigger. 

“Even if the emperor of the dynasty was travelling, I am afraid it is nothing more than that.” Someone sighed. 

Looking at the mighty flames, Ye Yunlan remembered what Ye Xun said before that his brother had disappeared to save him. Ye Xun came to Tianchi Mountain to find his brother. It suddenly felt a little ironic. 

The elder brother Ye Xun was looking for, wasn’t he standing right there?

——Surrounded by countless followers, sitting on the flying carriage overlooking the world. 

The crown prince of Yaori Dynasty, Ye Xuanguang. 

Ye Yunlan said the name in a low voice in his heart, his expression indifferent. 

Shen Shu: “Master, the crown prince of Yaori Dynasty, is he really the same as they said? Is he about to break through the six realms of the mortal body when he is less than 30 years old?” 

The six realms of the mortal body was qi refining, foundation establishment, golden core, nascent soul, demi-god, and ascension. The further one cultivates, the longer it will take to reach the next realm. 

Shen Shu took three years of cultivation to reach the Golden Core Stage and this was already considered fast enough to shock the world, but even at this speed, it would take at least 30 years for him to cultivate to the ascension stage. 

Ye Xuanguang was even younger than 30 years old. 

Shen Shu’s talent was rare in the world.

But Ye Xuanguang was a peerless soldier that was cultivated by the entire ancient family’s  efforts.

The birth of the other party was predicted by the heavenly book. He had inherited the purest bloodline power of the entire Ye clan. 

…And the power of his blood. 

Ye Yunlan: “The rumors are not false.” 

Shen Shu was silent for a moment: “It seems that I am not working hard enough in my daily practice.” 

Ye Yunlan frowned slightly: “The Yaori Crown Prince has the power of his ancient bloodline to help him. When he was born, he was already at the nascent soul realm, you don’t need to compare with him.” 

Shen Shu: “Born… as a nascent soul?” 

Ye Yunlan let out a “En”. 

Shen Shu: “Is the power of one’s bloodline… really that powerful?” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t intend to lie to him. He calmly said: “Perhaps. It’s stronger than you think.” 

Shen Shu: “Isn’t this unfair for the rest of the world without the help of a bloodline….?” 

“Unfair?” Ye Yunlan spoke in a taunting manner, “Where is there true fairness in this world?” 

He looked at the flames burning in the sky and was silent for a moment, “It’s just, having a strong bloodline sometimes may not be a good thing. God gives people talents, but it also makes people bear heavy responsibilities.” 

That year, after he was rescued by Chen Weiyuan, he heard the news that the Yaori Crown Prince broke through the Transcendence Realm, ascended to the throne, and ruled the entire Yaori Dynasty. 

At that time, Ye Xuanguang was not even over fifty. When the news came out, the world was shocked. 

Later, the Demon Lord died, and he was besieged by the Dao and Demon Sects and fled to the Western Continent’s Guangming plains. 

At that time, the Yaori Dynasty had dominated the Western Continent and Ye Xuanguang was honored as “Emperor Changming” by the world. Within the territory of the Yaori Dynasty, the power of the dao and demonic sects were greatly restrained. He escaped the encirclement and suppression and cultivated incognito. When his sword dao reached immortalization, no one in the world could control what he did when he walked out again. 

Afterwards, he was called the “Sword Sovereign” by the world in respect and awe. He had then had a meeting with Emperor Changming at the summit of Chaomu.

Chaomu Peak was originally the boundary between the Yaori Dynasty and the Xingyue Dynasty in the Western Continent. After the unification of the Western Continent, Chaomu Peak became the residence of Emperor Changming. 

The top of the mountain was split day and night. 

The sun rose in the east, and the moon rose in the west, persisting forever. 

That day, it was him who personally carried the Shura sword to Chaomu Peak to look for Emperor Changming. 

Emperor Changming stood in the sun, dressed in a black robe and purple gold crown, standing with his hands behind him. 

The mountain wind rolled up his robes, and the emperor’s low voice broke through the wind. 

“Zhen has been in the world for more than two hundred years and bears the suffering of many people. The most regrettable thing in Zhen’s whole life is that although Zhen holds thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, Zhen’s familial bond is shallow.” 

He wore a hideous ghost mask, while holding the Shura sword in his hand. The sword faced the dark side of Chaomu Peak. 

Moonlight was flowing on the pale knuckles on his sword. 

He said indifferently: “The Emperor has his parents, relatives, and countless concubines around him, how can it be regarded as shallow?” 

Emperor Changming: “If your parents and relatives have only expectations but no tolerance for you, if thousands of your concubines are from responsibility but not love, while your closest relatives in the world have been separated from you because of you, you would know why Zhen said that Zhen’s familial bond is shallow.”

He said: “I have no relatives or purpose since birth. Being alone for the rest of my life now, what your Majesty just said, I don’t understand.”

Emperor Changming turned around, his golden eyes shone like the sun. He repeated it in a low voice, “Yes, you don’t understand.” 

He was silent for a while, “The reason I came here is to ask your Majesty for something.” 

Emperor Changming: “What is it?” 

He said: “I want the last soul-collecting flower in the world which is hidden in the imperial treasury.” 

The soul-collecting flower was an extremely precious spiritual object in the entire world. If ordinary people dared to speak directly like this to the emperor, they would have been sent flying. However, the Emperor of Changming only said: “What are you going to do with the soul-collecting flower?” 

He said: “Protect the person I want to protect.” 

Emperor Changming was startled for a long while, but he gave a low laugh. 

“It turns out that you already have someone you want to protect…” 

The emperor raised his hand that controlled the empire and wielded the power of the universe. A crack was torn out of the void, and a flower flowing with black and white light was taken out of the void. It laid on the palm of the emperor’s hand. 

Emperor Changming opened his palm to him. 

He took the soul-collecting flower, then carefully put it in his storage ring. He placed it with a broken soul lamp. 

“Dare to ask your Majesty, what price do I have to pay?” he asked. 

Emperor Changming folded his hands back and calmly said: “No cost.” 

After a while, he suddenly said: “If possible, I want to hear you call me elder brother.” 

This time, Emperor Changming did not use Zhen. 

He pursed his lips, he couldn’t say “elder brother”. 

“Your Majesty, please ask for another request.” 

Emperor Changming looked at him: “A Monarch would never go back on his words. Zhen has already said that there is no price to pay. This elder brother call, whether you say it or not doesn’t matter. Zhen is willing to help you.”

“But can you tell me who is this person you want to protect?” 

He was silent for a long time before he said. 

“He is a person I haven’t married yet… my dao companion.” 

At that time, he did not expect that the journey to Chaomu peak would be the last time he would meet with Emperor Changming in his previous life. 

Thirty years later, the world faced a calamity and the world was shattered. 

The crack appeared first in the Western Continent. Outside, the demons were wreaking havoc across the world. Emperor Changming went to the crack alone and using himself as sacrifice, he completely sealed the crack in the desolate. The world was peaceful for ten years. 

The Emperor was the first immortal powerhouse that died in the Great Calamity. 

When he heard the news, he was in the Central Continent. He stood in the courtyard where he lived with the Demon Lord, watching the apricot blossoms slowly drifting to the ground. 

The most unpredictable thing in the world was destiny.

The advent of the Great Calamity of Heaven and Earth, in fact, those who were skilled inTianji had long been aware of it many years ago.

The Ye clan had a divine heavenly book that had the power of deduction only slightly inferior to that of the Chen clan. 

Emperor Changming was born in response to the destiny of heaven. He was the key to the Ye family escaping this calamity. 

It was just, the prophecy of the Man of Destiny in the heavenly book to save the world, the one who Ye family devoted all their blood in his cultivation, was only able to exchange ten years of survival in the world. 


Ye Yunlan did not stare at the dazzling flame in the dark night for too long. 

He turned his head to Shen Shu, “Let’s go.” 

Shen Shu nodded. 

The two walked through the bustling market for cultivators. 

Although Ye Yunlan had no cultivation base, his eyesight was still there. He had selected several suitable spiritual materials for Shen Shu, so his trip was considered complete. 

He did not intend to return to the Moon Shadow Wall Cave immediately, but wandered around the communication stream at will. 

The scenery in the communication stream was strange and beautiful, many of which were hard to see in the world. 

Walking along, they arrived at a quiet lakeside with fluorescent dancing lights. The breeze made him lean to the side. A silver luminous weeping willow swayed gently on the lake shore. 

It was tranquil. 

A good place to play the qin. 

Because Shen Shu had recently demonstrated a hostile temperament, this could help him recover his concentration and focus. 

He said to Shen Shu: “Take out Master’s qin.”

Shen Shu took out the guqin from the storage ring. 

Ye Yunlan took the guqin, took off the veiled hat and put it to his side. He put his hands on the strings, tried a few notes, then started to play with his eyes closed. 

The sound of the qin drifted far and wide by the lake.

In the past few years, Shen Shu often listened to his Master playing the qin. 

He had never gotten tired of it, but instead, liked it more and more. As long as he listened to the sound of the qin, the hostility that overflowed in his heart would be temporarily calmed down. 

Fluorescence light was flying in the surrounding areas of the lake, and the shadows of the whirling trees swayed slowly. 

In the dark place, a few shadows were twisting joyfully. From time to time they quietly stretched out, trying to hook a little flying fluorescence light. 

Suddenly there was a sound of a heavy object falling on the side. 

The sound of the qin stopped abruptly. 

Shen Shu frowned. 

Ye Yunlan raised his eyes to look at the source of the sound and found a person lying beside the weeping willow. 

A seriously injured person. 

The other party was dressed in a mysterious outfit, with blood spreading around him. 

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the blood was glowing with a faint golden light. 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He got up and walked over to see this person’s face. 

Ordinary. It would be unrecognizable if thrown into a crowd. 

There was a wound through his chest, which was very serious. 

“Master, this person…” Shen Shu hesitated. 

Ye Yunlan looked down for a moment, paused on the jade plate on the other party’s waist, and said, “Take him back.” –


This was his first feeling when he was half awake. 

Memories of confusion lingered in his mind. 

Chaomu summit, the wind howled.

He held the sword, swallowing the sweet blood in his throat. He curled his lips and sneered, “Xu Xinghuang, if you lose, then you lose, but to fall to these means.” 

Xu Xinghuang stood there, staring at him fiercely, “You dare to cripple my cultivation base and ruin my blood? You should know that my clan will not let you go…” 

The Nightmare Beast King coated in black flames sprang out of the void. Sitting on it with a star and moon mask was a warrior wearing black armor and holding a powerful spear. His imposing manner showed that he had already surpassed the ascension realm.

He wiped the blood from his lips blankly, then drew the long sword on the ground. He pulled the primordial chalcedony on his neck, and threw it to the young man standing aside. 

“Xiao Xun, run!” 

The spear penetrated the chest cavity. 

Blood splattered. 


“You are awake.” 

Suddenly, he heard a cold voice. 

He awakened from the dream. He felt his body was broken. Finally, he slowly opened his eyes. 

Someone was sitting by the bed, looking at him. 

The face was very pale, but there was a vermilion embellishment at the end of his eyes. 

A beautiful appearance, it flourished like a mass of luxuriant flowers in the world. 

And… so familiar. 

He subconsciously murmured: “Mother…” 

Ye Yunlan frowned. Could this person be so injured that he would actually treat him as his mother?

“I’m not your mother.” He responded lightly, “I accidentally bumped into you on the side of the road, then rescued you.” 

He looked at the cold eyes of the person in front of him and slowly returned to his senses. 


His mother was gentle and obedient. She would smile in accordance to his Father and would not show such an indifferent expression. 

This person… 

Suddenly an incredible thought came into his mind. 

Reluctantly, he straightened up and found that his chest injury had been bandaged, but because of the serious injury, his cultivation could not be used for the time being.

This was the weakest he had been in all these years. 

“What’s your name?” The person in front asked. 

He hesitated for a moment. Looking deeply at the face that looked like his mother, he finally spoke out. 

“My name is… Gu Xuan.” 

The author has something to say: Master: Calling me mother at first sight, you’re really something!

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