Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Blood fate 

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Ye Yunlan lowered his eyes and looked at the person in front of him. 

The other party was sitting on the stone bed with his black hair hanging down. His upper body clothing had been removed and his chest wounds were bandaged layer by layer. His body lines were smooth and healthy. 

It’s just that the face was ordinary, something that would be difficult to identify when placed in a pile of people. However, his eyes were narrow and long, showing a fierceness that was difficult to hide. 

He didn’t comment on this person’s claim of being, “Gu Xuan”. He only responded: “You are badly hurt, you should not be up and walking around. You still need to recuperate for two days. After two days, with your body, you will be able to move freely.” 

A wounded cultivator would usually have to recuperate for at least ten to fifteen days, but the other party firmly said that he would be able to move freely in two days. Gu Xuan didn’t know if this person had already seen through his origin, but he was silent for a while. “Thank you for saving me. ….can I know your name?” 

“Ye Yunlan.” 

Gu Xuan was slightly startled.

“Yunlan…” He murmured the name, with complex emotions passing quickly in his eyes. He wanted to speak, but heard Ye Yunlan say: “We are strangers who just came together by chance, just call me Daoist Ye.” 

“…Daoist Ye.” Gu Xuan pursed his lips. He was a little dissatisfied with the distant name, but with his current situation, he really didn’t have the right to say anything more.

Ye Yunlan took out a red jade from his sleeve. He leaned slightly, and handed it to Gu Xuan, “This jade order fell from you when I saved you. Here.” 

Following his movements, the two of them closed the distance. 

A few strands of long black hair slipped from his shoulders. His long eyelashes drooped like wings. His face was indifferent like an iceberg, but there was still a splash of beauty. 

Gu Xuan stopped his breathing. He didn’t even have time to pay attention to what Ye Yunlan handed over. He was just thinking that it was too similar. 

He was seventy percent like his mother. 

It’s just that the lips of the person in front was a bit thinner, the bridge of his nose was a bit firmer, his eyes were a bit narrower and longer and his complexion was paler. So pale that it even showed some…sickness. 

These years…has he not been doing well? 

Gu Xuan couldn’t help thinking. 

Ye Yunlan frowned slightly when he saw that he hadn’t answered for a long time. “Daoist?” 

Gu Xuan recovered and took the Crimson Jade Order from the other party’s hand. This token was the identity token of the Yaori imperial family and was created with Primordial Chalcedony. However, there was a deceptive array on the token, so he was not worried about Ye Yunlan being able to guess his identity with it.

Only when he received the token and touched the ice-like temperature of the other party’s fingertips, he couldn’t help but ask: “What Daoist Ye cultivates is ice elemental techniques?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Why ask that?” 

Gu Xuan also knew that the question was very abrupt. However, he was accustomed to the fact that once he said something, he couldn’t take it back: “The body temperature of cultivators of the ice elemental is colder than that of ordinary people. I just touched Daoist Ye’s hand and couldn’t help but have this question.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I haven’t cultivated that. Also, I do not cultivate the body. Thus during winter, my body is naturally colder.” 

How could this person not cultivate his body? 

In the first place, the secret method used was only to extract the ancient bloodline of this person, it did not abolish his spiritual roots or his meridians. With their family’s talents, even without the power of his bloodline, it would be easy to embark on the cultivation path. 

Gu Xuan wanted to ask, but suddenly heard Ye Yunlan coughing. 

Then, he saw a young man in black walking over to him. 

The young man looked very young and handsome. With a piece of pure white fox fur hanging on his arm, he said in a deep voice, “Master, although I am handling the heater, your body is still sensitive to the cold. You should put on the fox fur.” 

Gu Xuan’s eyebrows were lifted up slightly.

Although he was severely injured, with his superior perceptions that were above others, he didn’t even notice the existence of this young man in the cave.

Ye Yunlan only gave a faint “En”, but did not immediately pick up the fox fur. 

Upon seeing this, the young man shouted “Master”. While saying this, he unfolded the fox fur, wanting to put it on him. 

Ye Yunlan showed a little indulgence between his eyebrows. He stood upright and allowed the young man to wait on him and help him wear the fox fur. He looped it over his shoulders, then took the cotton string at the collar, and tied a knot for him. 

Gu Xuan watched the young man standing behind Ye Yunlan. He tilted his head slightly, carefully tying the knot. His brows frowned. 

Although this young man just called Ye Yunlan “Master”, his actions were very intimate… too intimate. 

Moreover, between the two people, there was an atmosphere that seemed to have no room for a third person to intervene… Gu Xuan’s eyelids twitched. 

He couldn’t help but interrupt: “This person, is Daoist Ye’s disciple?” 

Ye Yunlan raised his head slightly, allowing Shen Shu to tie the knot for him. He lowered his eyes and glanced at Gu Xuan beside him, “Yes. He is my only personal disciple, Shen Shu.” 

“Daoist Ye seems to have a good relationship with your disciple.” Gu Xuan said. 

Ye Yunlan hasn’t answered yet, when Shen Shu responded: “I have a very good relationship with Master. In the past few years, I have practiced sword training with Master, and lived in seclusion with Master in the mountains. There is no third person.”

Gu Xuan’s eyelids twitched again. He felt that the “third person” in the other party’s mouth was hinting at something. Ye Yunlan didn’t seem to have anything to retort, so he coughed, “…I see.”     

Ye Yunlan: “En”. His eyes stopped on the red jade order in Gu Xuan’s palm, then he heard Gu Xuan ask hoarsely: “Daoist Ye saved me, but you aren’t asking…about my identity?” 

Ye Yunlan calmly replied: “If I ask, would you say it?”     

Gu Xuan choked.     

His true identity cannot be revealed now. The plan his family had been preparing to unify the Western Continent for several years has been launched, thus his safety is related to the interests of all parties. For this reason, his family has already cultivated multiple substitutes for him, so his current whereabouts will not be exposed. 

He has always been immersed in calculations, thus accustomed to feigning civility. Originally, he just wanted to give out a false identity that had already been arranged and belonged to “Gu Xuan”. However, now facing Ye Yunlan’s icy cold stare that seemed to see through everything clearly, he couldn’t say anything. 

Many years ago, he had deceived the other party once.

At that time, that person’s bloodline was completely exhausted. While he lay in his arms extremely weak, he had grabbed his clothes and called him “elder brother.” 

They were very close by blood, but they have been forced to separate since they were born. 

This was the first time the other party called him elder brother. 

But he said, 

“Don’t call me brother.” 

Gu Xuan was silent for a while: “I really can’t tell you my identity at the moment. I didn’t deliberately conceal it, but there are some things that will be less troublesome if you do not know about them.” 

Shen Shu: ” You are already being troublesome now. In order to save you, Master used most of the elixirs he brought from the sect to Tianchi Mountain dao conference. You also took up the stone bed Master used for these few days of rest…” 

“Shen Shu.” Ye Yunlan interrupted calmly. 

Shen Shu stopped talking. 

“…… I have disturbed Daoist Ye.” Gu Xuan said, “I have a lot of healing elixirs from my clan, there are even a lot of spirit stone chalcedony. Once I’m healed, I will definitely repay Daoist ten times more.” 

“No need. “Ye Yunlan said, “I have always saved people casually, without the need for others to repay me.” 

“How can this be?” Gu Xuan frowned. He looked at the thin body and pale complexion of the person in front of him, thinking of how he had said that he didn’t cultivate his body. However, he had accepted a disciple like Shen Shu who was not low in cultivation. With his deep thoughts, he quickly guessed the general situation of the other party.

It is not that Ye Yunlan did not enter the dao path, but after entering the dao, he lost his cultivation for some reason. 

Maybe something went wrong in his cultivation, or maybe he was badly injured and it was difficult to recover.

Either way, it made him feel distressed. 

“You came to Tianchi Mountain dao conference this time and used a lot of healing elixir that was of great use to me. You have given me a life-saving grace, how can I make it difficult for you?” 

Gu Xuan pondered for a while and continued. “I have some relations with the Yaori royal family, and the royal family has also reached Tianchi Mountain. If there is any difficulty, you can tell them my name, they will definitely help you.” 

Ye Yunlan only said indifferently: “You said that you have a relationship with the Yaori royal family, but you may not know this, but I have a private grievance with them.”

Gu Xuan did not expect that he would answer this way. He was silent for a while. He asked: “…what private grievances?” 

——The communication stream, outside the moon shadow wall. 

Two slender figures walked over. 

“Brother Chen, thank you for staying with me till now.” Xu Qingyue carried a long sword on his back and carried a green wood pill box with one hand. With a smile on his bright and beautiful face, he turned a little anxious and said in distress, “Waiting for this person here, when he sees us, I wonder if he will feel offended?” 

Chen Weiyuan: “You are both sword cultivators. Admiring the other party’s sword and wanting to get to know him is normal. He will understand.”

Saying this, he lowered his eyes and glanced at the pill box in Xu Qingyue’s hand. The aura of the pill was condensed very well, but this pill box alone was made of ancient green maple wood. It has the effect of refreshing one’s concentration and eliminating heart demons. The value was immeasurable. Not to mention the pill, even with a thousand spirit stones, one may not be able to buy one.

Seeing that Xu Qingyue was still worried, he held back his worry in his heart and said warmly: “You brought the elixir to heal his wounds. Seeing that you want to heal him, he will understand your sincerity. He will not refuse your wish.” 

He walked over. Holding Xu Qingyue’s hand, he squeezed it in his palm. 

“What’s more, Senior Brother is here with you.” 

Xu Qingyue’s ears were slightly red, he showed a clear smile, “Since Senior Brother Chen has said this, I am relieved.” 

He raised his head and looked at the vast moon shadow wall. There were thousands of caves, so countless night pearls shone in the night, like a milky way flowing on a mural. 

“That Ink Sect disciple only said that the disciples of the Sky Sect lived in the Moon Shadow Wall, but did not say which cave mansion was…” 

Chen Weiyuan only smiled faintly: “If you want to know, how difficult could it be.” 

His fingertips gathered spiritual energy. In the void, after flicking a few strokes in the middle, starlight hung down from the sky, connecting with a night pearl on the moon shadow wall. 

Looking from a distance, two characters were engraved on the plaque of the cave mansion. 


Chen Weiyuan held Xu Qingyue’s hand and looked sideways at Xu Qingyue, with a gentle smile on his face. 

“Qingyue, let’s go.”

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