Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Longevity 

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The pain of the tattoo was long and did not subside in a short duration. 

His eyelashes were wet and heavy with sweat. 

He frowned and looked in the bronze mirror. The faint blue flowers were blooming along the tail of his vertebrae. On the side were two back dimples, like honey fruits falling between the flowers. 

The Demon Lord’s hand held his waist, making him look back and his warm breath sprayed on his shoulders and neck. 

“Senior Immortal, do you like the flower I left for you?” 

He was so tired that he didn’t even want to move a finger. He rested on the Demon Lord’s chest, and muttered: “What kind of flower is this?” 

“Longevity flower.” 

He said: “I’ve never seen this kind of flower before…” 

The Demon Lord laughed slowly: “Of course you have never seen it. This is the most beautiful flower I found from those ‘memories’.” 

He was startled. 

After spending many years with the Demon Lord, he knew what the other party meant by “memories”. 

The origin of the Demon Lord has always been a mystery. 

He seemed to be born out of nowhere, and as soon as he was born, he had unrivalled control of the demonic sect and cultivated the nine-turn celestial demon body that had not been successfully cultivated for hundreds of years. 

The world was both fearful and awe-inspired by the Demon Lord, so no one dared to ask about him. 

Only he knows.

The Demon Lord came from the Demon Abyss. 

This is what the Demon Lord personally told him. 

The Demon Lord said that he was born in the Demon Abyss, a monster that crawled out from there. 

Within the Demon Abyss, there was countless darkness and filth deposited from the human world, as well as the evil thoughts of resentful souls and countless evil things. They swallowed each other and fought for the right to “live”. 

In order to “live”, the Demon Lord absorbed countless souls and evil things. At the same time, he absorbed the memories remaining in these evil things. 

The Demon Lord once told him jokingly that he was born as a demon, a natural monster, and asked him if he was afraid. 

But he only felt that it was a miracle that the other party was able to retain his self-consciousness with so many evil thoughts and memories, instead of becoming an irrational monster. 

Although the Demon Lord did not say it clearly, he assumed that the memories of those resentful souls and evil things should be filled with chaos and killing, which would make a normal soul go crazy. 

Every month of the full moon, the Demon Lord’s loss of control also demonstrated this. 

But now the Demon Lord said that he found the most beautiful flower for him in those bloody and chaotic memories. 

He felt the tips of his ears become a little hot. He turned his head, no longer looking at the amazingly gorgeous flower.

The Demon Lord reluctantly said: “I am the only one in this world who can give you flowers like this. Senior Immortal, you haven’t told me whether you like it or not.” 

He was teased so hard that he pursed his lips. Without answering the Demon Lord’s question, he whispered: “How do you know that there would be no second person in the world to give me such a flower?” 

“Because this flower is what I saw in the memory of an ancient ghost from a long time ago. It is extinct and no one in this world can pick it off and give it to you like me….” The Demon Lord’s fingertips scratched his waist, “Who else in this world can get close to you like me? If so…” 

His low voice suddenly revealed a bit of hostility, “If anyone dares to touch you, this Lord will make him unable to reincarnate forever.” 

The Demon Lord’s words seemed to mean something. 

His body had been soaked in the medicated bath for many years, so his perception was sharp. His waist being scratched, while the Demon Lord’s voice floated into his ears with a hostile voice made him can’t help but tremble slightly. 

The Demon Lord seem to sense something and pacified his voice: “Well, I will not speak of these. Senior Immortal, tell me, does the flower look good?” 

He was silent for a moment, then softly replied: “Good” 

After a moment, his voice became lower, “It’s just that you said this flower is for me to remember you forever, but why did you place it in this place…I usually can’t see that area.” 

A tattoo branded on the back can only be seen by removing the clothes and turning around to look in the bronze mirror. 

Since he wanted him to remember him forever, why not engrave it in a more conspicuous place. 

… so that he can see it all the time. 

The Demon Lord understood what he meant, and stretched out his hand to hug him tightly. He laughed, his chest rising and falling. 

But he didn’t understand why the Demon Lord was so happy all of a sudden.

After a long time, the Demon Lord’s laughter gradually subsided, but the intensity of his hugging did not reduce. His voice was hoarse in his ears: “Senior Immortal, are you complaining to me?” 

He turned his head uncomfortably after hearing this. 

The tips of his ears were getting hotter. 

The Demon Lord: “In fact, at the beginning, I also wanted to place the flower thorns in more conspicuous places. For example, the neck, or the collarbone… or the heart.” His hot big hand touched those places inch by inch causing him to shudder. He said, “But I can’t bear it.” 

“I want Senior Immortal to remember me forever, but when I remember that you will think of me when you see these flowers in the future, then feel distressed, I couldn’t bear it. After thinking about it, I decided to imprint the tattoo on a place that only I can see. And you, when you want to see it in the future, you will be able to see…” 

The Demon Lord stroked the petal of the flower with his fingertips, paused, then said: “…and if you don’t want to see it, then you don’t have to see it.” 

After listening, his fingertips trembled, and he suddenly said. “I don’t want to see flowers, I just want to see you.” 

This time it was the Demon Lord’s turn to be silent. 

“Senior Immortal,” After a long time, the Demon Lord spoke with a hoarse voice, “Everyone in this world will have to leave in the end. It’s just a matter of sooner or later.” 

He stopped speaking.

The Demon Lord hugged him tightly and changed the subject, “Speaking of which, the material that I used to tattoo you just now was the Primordial Cloud Marrow. I found this thing after searching for a long time. As long as it is coloured in, it will never fade. I heard that the faster blood flows, the brighter the color on it…I don’t know if it’s true or not.” 

The Demon Lord smiled and said in his ear: “I didn’t look carefully just now, so Senior Immortal, why don’t we try it again?” 

He was very tired. If it was as per usual, he would definitely refuse. But today, he was silent for a long time, then he just leaned on the other’s shoulder and said in a low voice. 


Black hair spread like a cloud and he was soft on the soft bedding, like snow on the top of a mountain. 

In the bronze mirror. 

The man shrouded in darkness slowly lowered his head and reverently kissed the gorgeous flower at the tail of his vertebrae. 

——”Older Brother is picking flowers, do you want to give them to the one you like?” 

Walking in the valley of flowers, all kinds of flowers were blooming around. It was dazzling. 

The mountain breeze was still gently wrapped around him, while Nian Er’s voice was lively. 

He was startled, “Why do you say that?” 

Nian Er said naturally, “Because everyone used to do this.” 

Before… what Nian Er meant was about ten thousand years ago. 

In the ancient times, customs must be different from today.

He was about to explain, but heard Nian Er continue with great interest: “My emperor once taught Nian Er different flowers have different meanings. Nian Er still remembers.” 

She stretched out her little hand and pointed to the different flowers in the valley. 

“This is Xiwei Flower, which represents passionate, sincere pursuit and yearning. This is the purple iris flower, which represents secret love and admiration. This is the water lotus, which represents the long flow of water and mutual acquaintance. While what Gege just picked was the longevity flower. What it represents is… is… well, let Nian Er think about it…” 

Nian Er tilted her head to think. 

After a long while, she clapped her hands together and said happily. 

“The longevity flower represents love that will never wither and will endure to death.”

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  1. I cried reading what the Demon Lord said to him. It’s so overwhelming.
    Here we can see how the Demon Lord differs from Chen Weiyuan.
    Chen Weiyuan wants MC to not forget him forever even if it’s just through hate ang pain.
    Demon Lord tho wants to be always remembered by MC is reluctant because he knows that MC remebering him will cause him pain.
    Demon Lord is such a caring person (only for him tho)
    And MC’s line, “I don’t want to see flowers, I just want to see you.” is sooo pure.
    Lastly, reading snippets from their past is painfully sweet.
    Thank you for translating!

  2. Damn it’s beautiful that it makes me cry.How ironic for those who chase him bcos they saw his beautiful appearance.Before they stayed away and treated him like plague.Like Yunlan said a face is just a bag of skin,I kinda understand.The world is unfair


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