Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Injured 

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Nian Er’s voice rang in his ears. 

He held the faint blue flower branch in his hand and trembled slightly. His footsteps stopped, and looked back.

This flower valley hidden in Tianchi Mountain was exceedingly vast and grand, with countless flowers swaying in the wind. Surrounded by tall mountains, if one would look around, there was no thoroughfare. No cultivator could enter Tianchi Mountain without the help of a mountain spirit to lead the way because of the air travel ban.

For this reason, countless ancient flowers and plants were preserved here. Whether it was the Xiwei flower, the purple iris flower, or the water lotus that Nian Er just mentioned, they were no longer found in this world. 

His eyes fell in the middle of the valley of flowers. 

In the center of the Flower Valley was a vast lake. The icy blue lake reflected the sky. There was an island in the middle of the lake and a tree that stood on the island. 

The beautiful blue flowers swayed in the treetops, and the petals swirled slowly in the wind. Then, it fell on the icy blue lake. 

This was the last longevity tree left in the world. 

He remembered the phantom image of the ancient tree that appeared when the communication stream ascension steps opened. At that time, he thought that the phantom image was just a phantom image. He didn’t think that there really was such a longevity tree in reality.

He looked at the tree quietly for a long time. 

“Older Brother?” Nian Er asked suspiciously. 

“Did everyone ten thousand years ago know the custom of sending flowers like you said?” He suddenly asked softly. 

Nian Er: “Yes. At that time, it was normal for people to send flowers to those they admired. Nian Er remembers to this day that every time my emperor travels, the sky would be filled with little demons who admired my emperor. The rain of flowers he received was enough to cover the entire Feiluan Road. Once, the on-duty officer forgot to clean the Feiluan Road, so the Feiluan Road was blocked by too many flowers. This resulted in carriages that could not move. My emperor had no choice but to spread his wings, fly into the sky, and make the rain of flowers sweep across the entire Demon Imperial City…” 

“However, although my emperor likes flowers, Nian Er has never seen him receive any flowers from any little demon. My emperor seemed to only like to plant flowers alone. This longevity tree was planted by my emperor himself…” 

The cheerful voice of the girl resounded like a bird chirping in his ears. 

He got his answer, so he did not listen carefully to the following words. He was just thinking of what the Demon Lord had said about how this was a flower that the other party found in the memory of a ghost a thousand years ago. He had stubbornly asked him whether he liked it or not. 

His stubbornness was not unlike a troublemaker’s.

Suddenly he lifted the corners of his lips and smiled faintly. 

——Ye Yunlan looked down at the flower branch in his hand and lifted the corner of his lips. 

He was currently on the viewing platform. 

The observatory was a strange space. It was as if one were in the Milky Way. There were many tables, chairs, and stone benches in the starry sky. Different stars were hanging above, shedding a hazy veil-like light, separating one place from another. 

Everything in the ascension steps was spread out in front of everyone like a scroll. It was as if looking at a continuous river. 

There seems to be a magical formation in the observatory. As long as you concentrate on watching something, everything on the ascension steps would be drawn closer. 

The veiled hat on Ye Yunlan’s head had been taken off and placed on the table. 

He Lanze was watching the ascension steps battle. When he turned his head to the side, he was startled when he saw the curve of his lips.

Ye Yunlan seldomly smiled. With this smile, that pale snow face had a gentle and bright touch. 

He was born extremely beautiful, so once his expression came alive, he was even more enchanting. 

He Lanze almost instinctively wanted to reach out and touch his smiling expression. Reaching halfway, he was afraid of disturbing his mood, so he stopped. He only looked at Ye Yunlan’s face greedily, watching his long drooping eyelashes like butterfly wings. Seeing his slender white hands holding the flower branch, it was like snow lotus petals softly stretched out… 

In recent years, he often tried to find reasons to visit this person in the bamboo building. The other party’s face had been traced over by him thousands of times. 

But still, it was not enough. 

Not only did he not see enough, but he was sinking deeper and deeper. Even the scent in his cold sleep was the fragrance of this person’s body. Whenever he touched a jade item, what he thought of was his hand that was just as soft and smooth. 

He has been arrogant and conceited all his life, but he never thought that he would have a day when he would be crazy about one person. 

Yet, he would endure this hardship gladly. 

Ye Yunlan was aware of this over-focused gaze and recovered from his thoughts. He raised his eyes and saw He Lanze staring at him with piercing eyes. 

He took back the smile on his lips and raised his eyebrows: “Senior Brother?” 

Noticing that he was paying attention, an unnatural look passed by in He Lanze’s eyes. It quickly receded: “Junior Brother seemed so happy just now. Did Martial Nephew win?” 

He Lanze looked at the image of the ascension step, “Although Nan Gonglie has cultivated to the nascent soul, he was unable to receive ten moves under my hand in the past. Even now, he still can’t. While Martial Nephew Shen is able to take hundreds of strokes with me when I suppress my cultivation base, with no victory or defeat. How could Nan Gonglie be his opponent? This time at the dao conference, he will definitely amaze the world with his talent. Then as the master of Martial Nephew Shen, Junior Brother, after this dao conference, you will also share the glory.”

He Lanze spoke calmly. 

But the bottom of his heart was not calm. 

He had just accepted Ye Yunlan’s request back then and didn’t think much of the other disciple who had been accepted from the outside. 

But as time passed, he became more and more afraid. 

Shen Shu’s talent was amazing. 

He Lanze has lived to this day, living for more than sixty years. Only by practicing his sword almost every day did he achieve his current achievements. But Shen Shu only had three years of practicing the sword. 

It was almost shocking to be able to reach the Great Success Realm in the sword within three years, but Shen Shu did it. He Lanze was no less surprised at this than when he learned that Chen Weiyuan’s cultivation base had exceeded ascension. 

The stars of the dao conference were shining. Countless people talked about the outcome, but He Lanze knew that Shen Shu would definitely be the brightest star among them. 

Ye Yunlan heard what he said but only replied: “I don’t need him to fight for my name. I just hope that he has seen the magnificence of the world and can make more friends, reduce his childish temperament, and find new goals to pursue. He should stop staying by my side.” 

Lanze smiled: “The words of Junior Brother do not seem like a Master’s expectations of a disciple, but like a parent worrying about their own child’s future.” 

He spoke casually, but after Ye Yunlan thought about it, he said solemnly: “The books say that one day as a teacher, means a lifelong father. Whether it is teacher and disciple or father and son, there is not much of a difference.”

“Senior Brother, I will never marry in my entire life or form a dao companion.” Ye Yunlan paused as he said something, making He Lanze frown.

He Lanze concentrated on Ye Yunlan’s expression but saw that the person’s eyes were calm. Ye Yunlan raised his head to look at the image of the ascension steps in the starry sky, then continued. 

“Shen Shu is my only personal disciple who will inherit what I have in the future. He is like me, without a father or mother.This is why being his master means I need to teach not only how to cultivate, but also how to deal with others, and the knowledge of this world.” 

“Senior Brother, you are right. Although Shen Shu is my disciple,” he tapped the flower branch in his hand with his fingertips, and added calmly, “…but it is like a parent and a child.” 

——Ascension step. 

Shen Shu picked the long sword out of Nan Gonglie’s hand.

Nan Gonglie stayed in place. He did not pick up the long sword on the ground, just muttered to himself: “How is it possible? I lost? I lost to a little boy who was only in the golden core realm…” 

Nan Gongqing stood beside his brother. His smile had already frozen on his face. His face was pale, and his back was full of sweat. 

When the ascension steps opened, he deliberately called his elder brother and chose to enter at a time close to Shen Shu. Just so he would be able to teach this person a lesson and restore his face. 

Unexpectedly, even his brother lost. 

Nangong Lie was now a senior disciple in the Daoyi Sect! Nangong Qing had already thought about how those people in the sect would arrange things for them after stepping out of the ascension steps. 

This man is really a monster! 

Nangong Qing thought desperately. 

But more important than this, is how to escape from this evildoer. He took a step back and gave the two daoyi sect disciples around him a look. 

The black-clothed young man pointed his sword at him, “What? The lesson last time was not enough, so you want to continue to challenge me?” 

There was still blood on the tip of the sword, and it belonged to his brother. 

Nangong Qing suddenly shouted to the two surrounding disciples: “Run!”

Shen Shu squinted his eyes, “You guys want to leave?” He has not forgotten how Nangong Qing insulted and slandered his master in the small town outside Tianchi Mountain. 

He wanted to take out his sword but thought that his Master might be looking at him at the moment, then retracted his sword. 

It’s just that, when no one could see, a few wisps of black qi infiltrated the shadow of Nangong Qing. 

Nangong Lie stood still in despair. 

Shen Shu was not interested in Nangong’s Lie mood. The Ascension steps take a long time. He had to rush to the Floating Cloud Summit to see his Master. 

Master had agreed to pick a flower for him. 

What flower would it be? 

Shen Shu was full of expectations. 

Suddenly, he heard Nangong Lie say: “Daoist, if you have such a realm in sword dao, why have I never heard of you before…Dare I ask Daoist which Sect’s disciple are you and what is your name?” 

Shen Shu paused his steps and turned around. 

He was handsome and sharp as he responded. 

“Sky Sect, Shen Shu.” 

“Sky Sect, Shen Shu…” Nangong Lie whispered again, “Daoist Shen, I lost this battle. I apologize for the offense caused by my brother. When I make progress in my sword dao in the future, I will definitely challenge you again in the future.” 

Shen Shu took his sword back and said with a blank expression: “It’s up to you. But the gap will always remain a gap. If you lose now, you will only lose more in the future. Moreover, there is no need to apologize for others. The one he offended was not only me but also my master.” 

Nangong Lie’s face was even paler. To be qualified to teach a figure like Shen Shu, what kind of a Master could he be? 

He scolded Nangong Qing thousands of times from the bottom of his heart. He bowed his head in sweat, “May I ask who this Master is?”

Seeing Shen Shu’s squinting eyes, Nangong Lie said, “I’m only curious. If this fellow daoist is unwilling, there is no need to tell me. But I think that someone who can teach such an outstanding disciple, as a fellow Daoist must also be an extremely outstanding Elder in this world. I just admire them, like looking at a mountain and a bright moon.” 

Shen Shu listened, then raised his eyebrows and smiled. 

“Only on this point, are you right.” 

“My master is naturally the best person in the world.” 

“He is the mountain in front of me and the bright moon in front of my window.” 

——Ye Yunlan looked up at the picture of Shen Shu climbing on the ascension steps. 

The observatory can only see the phantom image of the ascension steps, but cannot hear what is happening.

However, the youth’s high spirits made him feel a little relieved. 

Telling He Lanze that he treated Shen Shu like a parent to a child was not a false statement. 

When he was in the secret realm saving Shen Shu despite the loose divine fire, it was as if he was traveling back in time and saving himself. 

… If he didn’t encounter everything in the past, maybe he would be like Shen Shu now, full of spirit and would only need to go forward with one heart and one mind. 

To live a new life, with his regrets not happening yet. What he has missed, Shen Shu will make it up for him.

How nice. 

Ye Yunlan looked down at the longevity flower in his hand. 

The faint blue flower was amazingly beautiful.

When he picked this flower, the person he subconsciously wanted to give it to was actually the person who branded the flower for him in his memory. 

… But they were destined to never see each other again in this life. 

Unable to meet. 

What’s the point of sending flowers?

…It will only give birth to delusions. 

So, he decided to give the flowers to Shen Shu. 

Shen Shu was saved by him, alive because of him, and inherited the only hope he had left in this world. 

He gave it to Shen Shu as if he was giving it to the “self” he had hoped to be in his previous life. 

Ye Yunlan thought, Shen Shu should like this flower. 

Just like himself back then. 

He gently tapped the petals with his fingertips. 

Suddenly, there was a shock in the viewing platform. 

The vibration was obvious. 

“What happened?” He Lanze asked strangely. 

At the same time, the phantom image of the ascension steps became blurred. Countless people watching the battles began to whisper. 

Ye Yunlan frowned. He felt familiar stuffiness. 

There was a heavy noise outside the viewing platform. 

It was like the sound of the earth veins shaking slowly. 

At the same time in his heart, the fire phoenix spirit formed by the divine fire seemed to be triggered by something. It tore away from the spiritual suppression of Qiyun Jun and let out a loud cry. 

The voice was extremely harsh.

Hearing it caused his brain to hurt. 

The more painful thing was the aftermath of the divine fire that swept through his limbs and entire body. 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand and coughed violently. 

Blood ran down his fingers, drop by drop, dyeing the blue petals in his hand red. 

“Junior Brother!” He Lanze panicked. He got up and walked over quickly. 

Earth veins continued to vibrate. 

And Ye Yunlan lost his consciousness. ——On the flying boat of the Yaori Royal Family. 

“The spirit fruit on the Nine Turns Lotus Heart Branch has been consumed by him, although it barely stopped his injury, but…” 

He Lanze frowned. 

Ye Xuanguang stood beside the bed in his profound robe, looking down at the pale and bloodless face of the person on the bed.

After Tianchi Mountain changed, worried about Ye Yunlan, he sent someone to investigate the situation on the Sky Sect’s side. This is how he learned that his brother was seriously injured and unconscious. 

Ye Xuanguang said solemnly: “Tell me what kind of injury he suffered. How can it be resolved?” 

He Lanze said gravely: “His body was injured by the divine fire in the secret realm. His meridians and dantian were broken. Although he was barely rescued, the spirit of the divine fire within his body had not been eradicated. Over the years, it was the Sect Master who suppressed his injuries with his spiritual power. However, even if it was suppressed, he cannot use his spiritual power to prevent backlash. 

“It’s just that when the Tianchi Mountain veins vibrated, I don’t know why it triggered the divine fire in his body. Now the spiritual power of the Sect Master has no effect. Although the power of the elixir protected his meridians, it was consumed extremely quickly. I don’t know when it will be used up…” 

“Elixirs are not a problem.” Ye Xuanguang interrupted, “but I need a thorough solution.” 

He Lanze pursed his lips and did not answer the question. Turning his head, he said: “I have no way to contact the Sect Master and ask the Sect Master to come over and suppress his injuries.” 

“The Central Continent and the Eastern Continent are millions of miles away. Even if the Sky Sect Sect Master is already in the Transcendence Realm, it will take him three days to come. Are you sure that even with the spirit elixirs that his injury can be delayed?” 

Ye Xuanguang’ s voice turned cold. He knew that his attitude was different from usual. But he just reunited with his own brother, yet the other party is hanging on the edge of life and death? How could he remain calm? 

He Lanze clenched his fists. 

Elixirs that can sustain Ye Yunlan’s life must be especially precious. Ye Xuanguang rushing to take action, although a bit strange, actually solved his urgent need.

But that life-saving method was still difficult for He Lanze to say. 

“Your Royal Highness, don’t worry. Since Daoist Helan doesn’t want to say it, then I will speak for him.” Next to him, Chen Weiyuan wore a moon-white robe and suddenly spoke. 

The gentle smile that Chen Weiyuan often wore on his face had disappeared. 

There was blood on his fingertips. 

It was the price paid just now for forcibly calculating the stars. 

“The divine fire essence in his body, even if there is an expert from the Transcendence Realm, it can only be suppressed, but cannot be eradicated.” 

“And if the Sky Sect Sect Master doesn’t come in time to suppress his injuries, the only way left is to dual cultivate.” 

“—— Let a person who can make the divine fire spirit recognize them as a master to dual cultivate with him. This would extradite the divine fire spirit.” 

Chen Weiyuan raised his eyes and looked at He Lanze. 

“Daoist He Lanze, am I right?”

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