Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Regaining Consciousness 

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The burning pain lingered in his meridians, and the sharp cry of the Fire Phoenix refused to go away. 

Ye Yunlan’s eyelids moved. Only when putting his full efforts in did he slowly open his eyes. 

He found himself standing on a scorched fire ground. 

When he looked up, his eyes could only see barren land. Except for the sound of burning fire, the whole world had no vitality. 

Where was he? 

He began to walk on the charred ground. 

Surrounding him were black trees that had been burnt down. Black flowers and other remains piled up on the ground. 

Flying sparks passed in front of him. The fire phoenix transformed by the divine fire essence was frantically shrieking. 

As he walked, he saw a large shadow in the distance.

When he walked over, he realized that there was a deep valley in front of him, and there was a huge city made of huge rocks in the valley. 

He was standing on the mountain, so everything in the city could be seen by him. 

Here, his eyesight seemed to be exceptionally good. 

He could clearly see the contiguous stretches of ancient buildings in the city, even the mysterious and gorgeous totems carved on the walls of the buildings. 

Such a huge city represents an extremely prosperous ancient civilization. 

But at this moment, there was not a single person inside. 

Unspeakable barrenness enveloped him. 

He had never been here before, but he felt a deep-seated sadness. 

The ancient buildings built of huge stones converged in the center of the deep valley. In the centre, two pieces meandered to the east and west. It looked like a divine phoenix with its wings spread out. 

He suddenly had a splitting headache. 

The divine fire essence screamed in his body, ramming his heart and veins, as if crazily trying to break out. 

It had been silent in his body for several years, as if it was accumulating strength, just for this current opportunity. 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand to hold his clothes tightly to his chest. His temples throbbed, and sweat snaked down his cheeks. 

It was so uncomfortable, and there was a kind of unspeakable contempt and tiredness breeding in his heart. 

… It was just an insignificant touch of flame. 

Yet, it actually dared to wreak havoc in his body. 

He whispered: “Shut up.” 

The fire phoenix inside his body stopped screaming for a moment, but after it screamed even more crazily. 

“I told you to shut up.”

 He repeated it slowly. 

The scorched earth suddenly began to vibrate, and sparks flew all over the sky like rain. 

He looked up to the sky. 

The sun was dazzling. 

He reflected the bright sun (Yaori; same as the royal clan) in his eyes, and his dark eyes revealeda little bit of golden coloring 


“Fellow Daoist Helan, am I right?” 

Chen Weiyuan stared at him, his expression calm and unquestionable. 

As if what he said was an unchangeable fact. 

Sure enough, he was just as annoying as before. 

Besides, why would the fact that Junior Brother Ye needed to heal his injuries with dual cultivation have to be told by an outsider like Chen Weiyuan?

Who is Chen Weiyuan? 

He Lanze twisted his brows tightly together, and his voice turned extremely cold: “Daoist Chen. Without permission, using the technique of stargazing to spy on the secrets of others, are these the customs the Tianji Pavilion has followed for thousands of years?” 

“It’s just a matter of urgency.” Chen Weiyuan responded. 

He looked at He Lanze. His lips seemed to be mocking him, “What’s more, Daoist He Lanze is not the person in question, so how can you know if Yunlan is willing or not? It is a real sin if Daoist delays the healing of Yunlan’s injury because of Daoist’s own personal interests. That would be unforgivable.”

He kept mentioning it was for Yunlan. Not only was he unapologetic, but he accused him. He Lanze was very angry but was worried that Ye Yunlan’s injury might be triggered. He could only say: “You don’t know Junior Brother at all. Based on Junior Brother’s temperament, he would not agree to be spied on by you, let alone have his wounds healed in this way.” 

Chen Weiyuan: “There is no major event in this world besides life and death. As a senior, can you just watch his injury worsen and have him return to dust? Daoist He Lanze, I didn’t know that you are such a selfish person.” 

He Lanze clenched and loosened his fists. If he could, he really wanted to punch Chen Weiyuan’s indifferent and handsome face. 

But in the end, he just gritted his teeth and said: “Even if the dual cultivation method can transfer the spirit of the divine fire, only those who can make the divine fire recognize them as their master can perform this method. Not to mention, with the strong nature of the divine fire, if there are any accidents during the taming process, the spirit may scatter. This will cause a more frenzied backlash from the divine fire. Who would be willing to take up this kind of responsibility?” 

Chen Weiyuan: “If the news comes out, I am afraid that there will be many people who would be willing.” 

He Lanze’s eyes were instantly red, “Don’t you dare even think about it! ” 

“I was just joking, did Daoist think it was for real?” Chen Weiyuan’s dark eyes seemed to see through people’s minds. He had a faint smile: “But I think, if we have to use this method, I am afraid that the first person who would volunteer would be Daoist himself.” 

He Lanze: “Chen Weiyuan, you–!” 

“Enough.” Ye Xuanguang said with a calm face, “There is no need to mention the dual cultivation. There are too many variables in this method, it is not appropriate.” 

Chen Weiyuan revealed a startled look.

He and Ye Xuanguang have known each other for many years. The other party, like himself, shoulders many family responsibilities and everything was for the family’s interests. 

Primordial Families were hidden behind the scenes, high above others. Everything in the world was just a chess piece in their hands, so they would rarely treat others special.

Before, he and Ye Xuanguang were discussing Chiyuan at the observatory. But after the Tianchi Mountain pulse changed, the other party’s first concern was whether Ye Yunlan had an accident. 

After that, he stopped discussing everything and hurriedly took Ye Yunlan onto the flying boat to take care of his injuries. 

Ye Xuanguang’s attitude towards Ye Yunlan was very special. 

If it was said that Ye Xuanguang looked at him differently only because Ye Yunlan had saved an important person in the Yaori royal family, he would not believe it. 

Therefore, just now, he deliberately pointed out the dual cultivation method. The real goal was to test Ye Xuanguang’s attitude. 

But he did not expect Ye Xuanguang to have no desire for Ye Yunlan as he imagined. 

This was a bit strange. 

Ye Xuanguang looked down at Ye Yunlan on the bed. 

If it had been back then, he would have never taken the power of Ye Yunlan’s bloodline. As his very own younger brother, how could he have suffered such a great injury because of a touch from a  divine fire spirit?

He lifted his fingertips, opened a golden crack in the void, and took out a bottle of golden blood from it. 

A silent wave rippled in the void.

The attendant guarding the door almost cried out: “Your Royal Highness! This is the essence of the sacred tree, ahealing, sacred item of the clan. Only members of the royal family are qualified to take it. He is just a mortal…” 

Ye Xuanguang raised his hand and ordered them to be silent. 

The mouth of the bottle opened and a burst of fragrance filled the room. 

A drop of the glorious golden medicinal liquid floated into Ye Yunlan’s lips. 

Ye Yunlan’s pale complexion improved a little, something that could be seen by the naked eyes. 

Ye Xuanguang: “Relying on the power of the Ninth Rank Lotus Heart Branch and the medicinal power of this, his injury should persist for three days. That should be no problem.” 

After he finished speaking, footsteps hurriedly came. 

A man wearing a sacred mask and a robe stopped outside of the door.

His status should be higher than that of the attendant guarding the door. It could not be seen what he looked like. One could only see the silver hair on his head, and he seemed to be old. 

“Elder Xun?” Ye Xuanguang raised his brows, “What happened that you had to come here yourself?” 

Elder Xun bowed: “Your Royal Highness, Tianchi Mountain is abnormal. The Feiluan guards went to investigate, and it seems that a strange treasure was born.” 

“In addition, His Majesty summoned you to see him before the communication jade.” 

“I know.” He glanced at Ye Yunlan on the bed. He put aside his worry and said, “Let’s go.” 


Ye Xuanguang came to a piece of fiery red spirit jade that was as tall as a person. 

There was a figure on the mirror-like spirit stone. 

Emperor Ye sat on the throne. 

He wore a crown on his head, with bead curtains hanging down. His appearance was extremely handsome. The bridge of his nose was tall, but his lips were extremely thin. He looked very similar to Ye Xuanguang. 

Only the pupils of his eyes were not golden.

Standing next to him was an extremely beautiful woman. Her slender hands were supporting the throne, she was in a complex outfit with makeup that was delicate and glamorous. It must have taken a few hours to paint her makeup that carefully. 

She didn’t look at the spirit stone, but down at the man on the throne. Her eyes flowed with affection. 

……She was like a beautiful canary that was pampered and spoiled, all dressed up to please their owner. 

Ye Xuanguang leaned over and bowed his head. “Xuanguang has seen Royal Father and Royal Mother.” 

Ye Emperor: “What happened to your injuries?” 

Ye Xuanguang said: “It’s okay. Thank you for Royal Father’s concern.” 

Ye Emperor sneered, “Xingyue Clan. Their fate is almost exhausted, so they are not of concern. Daring to struggle to death before thinking it through, they are speeding up their own self-destruction.” 

Ye Xuanguang: “Royal Father is correct.” 

“The heavenly book prophesied that the Tianchi Mountain rare treasure will be born. With our clan so closely related to it, you must retrieve it.” 

Ye Xuanguang: “Yes.”

Emperor Ye observed his son’s downturned face, then said: “I heard Elder Xun mention you saved a seriously injured person and his looks are very similar to your Royal Mother’s?” 


After Ye Xuanguang left, apart from the guard at the door, only He Lanze and Chen Weiyuan were left in the room. 

He Lanze coldly glanced at Chen Weiyuan, “I need to contact the Sect Master again, but Daoist Chen, you and Junior Brother Ye are not relatives or anything, so why are you staying here?” 

Chen Weiyuan: “You are not him, so how would you know that we are not related in some way?” He whispered, “The relationship between Yunlan and I may be much closer than you think.” 

After all, Ye Yunlan may be his destined dao companion in the future. 

He Lanze didn’t intend to speak nonsense with him. He simply tore off his face, “Leave the room.” 

It was Chen Weiyuan’s response that made him speechless this time: “Daoist Helan doesn’t need to think too much. Although I have a close relationship with Yunlan, I’m not going to do anything. But for you, the Tianchi Mountain has changed, your fellow sect disciples are in a panic. As a Senior Brother in Sky Sect, is it really appropriate not to go back and preside over the whole situation?” 

After that, he stepped out of the room.

He Lanze watched him leave with a calm face, then walked out of the room quickly. 

He Lanze left, and after a while, another figure suddenly walked out of the corner of the room. 

Chen Weiyuan looked at the door with an indifferent smile on his lips. 

… He Lanze was too easy to trick. 

Chen Weiyuan walked to the bed, knelt on the edge of the bed on one knee, and stretched out his hand to caress the pale cheek of the person on the bed. 

These days, he had many dreams. 

These dreams were all little details of him getting along with Ye Yunlan. The other party called him “husband” again and again in his dream, being thoughtful and considerate. 

It’s as if…it was real. 

It’s just that at the end of the dream, he would be holding a branch of white plum blossoms, facing the empty study room, and his obsession would come down like a huge wave. 

He would then always wake up, sweating coldy. 

That unwillingness that overflowed from his heart made it hard for him to let go. 

He approached, smelling the cold, gentle fragrance. 

It was like white blossoms and falling snow, very similar to his dream. 

Involuntarily getting closer and closer, he wanted to know if the other party’s lips were as soft as he imagined. 

He leaned closer. 

He was so close he was almost touching him. He could see the other party’s fan-like eyelashes, curled up, very cute. It made him feel itchy. He wanted to tease him with his fingertips. 

But the wounded and sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes. 

In his eyes, there was a brilliant golden color like the scorching sun.

The brilliance stung his eyes. 

The author has something to say: 

Ye Yunlan: Why is there a housefly messing things up in front?

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