Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 42

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The shape of the eyes of the person on the bed was originally beautiful, narrow and gorgeous, with thick eyelashes spreading out. The dark eyes were like obsidian that has been polished and rounded. Whenever they looked at him in his dream, it was like a clear stream. 

There was gentleness and deepness in those eyes. 

It made him nostalgic. 

——But it was not the same as it is now. Golden and dazzling, there was a noble and awe-inspiring intent, which made people instinctively want to retreat and dare not offend. 

Chen Weiyuan leaned on the edge of the bed with one hand, stopping his movements. 

But he had already gotten too close. 

Caught off guard, not only was he stung by the brilliant gold color, but there was also a terrible sense of oppression that came from deep in his blood. 

The man looked at him indifferently with golden eyes.

Chen Weiyuan suddenly had a strange feeling. 

When this person looked at him, it was like a divine phoenix flying high in the sky, looking down at the ants on the ground. 

The other party only said one word. 


The voice was low and dull, showing their weakness after a serious injury. 

Chen Weiyuan’s heart jumped in fright all the way to the back. 

He took a step back almost embarrassedly. After a moment of reaction, there was a trace of disbelief in his eyes. 

How could this be? 

He actually felt the other party’s bloodline suppressing him.

An ancient bloodline can only be suppressed by another bloodline of the same pedigree. 

He has been the purest and most outstanding heir of the Chen Clan’s bloodline for hundreds of years. Even Ye Xuanguang couldn’t completely suppress him, so how could Ye Yunlan? 

He looked at Ye Yunlan’s golden eyes. 

…Very similar to the sign of someone from Ye Clan’s bloodline. 

Moreover, Ye Yunlan had the same surname. He thought back to Ye Xuanguang’s special attitude towards Ye Yunlan, then a guess was faintly formed in his mind.

But he still found it inconceivable. 

——The Ye Clan has passed on its bloodline for thousands of years, only Ye Xuanguang’s bloodline was pure enough to be able to return to ancestor. If there was another pure bloodline, could he be thrown out?

The man on the bed slowly straightened up, his long black hair draped on his snow-white shirt and thin shoulders. 

Outside the flying boat’s window was a sea of ​​clouds and the bright sun, but the man’s long and narrow golden pupils were more intense than that. The scarlet mole at the end of his eyes was like a flash of light on his pale face. 

Unlike the usual pale and weak Ye Yunlan, he now had a thick and oppressive magnificence, as well as unspeakable awe-inspiring dignity. 

Chen Weiyuan had a glimpse of surprise in his eyes, but he quickly gathered his mind. He forced his essence blood from his fingertips and quickly moved it into the void. 

——He needs to know whether Ye Yunlan was a member of the Ye Clan. “Just you and you dare to spy on my fate?” 

A man’s muffled voice sounded in his ears. 

The bloodline power that was peeking at fate in his hand broke. 

Chen Weiyuan spat out a mouthful of blood due to the spell backlash. He looked up in amazement and saw the person on the bed looking at him blankly. 

The pale and slender hand lifted towards him. It clearly looked soft, but it seemed to have the power to shake the world. 

Chen Weiyuan’s cultivation base had already stepped into ascension, he was only half a step away before he could transcend. However, at this time, there was an illusion that he would be pinched to death by the other party. 

There was a muffled sound of thunder outside the window. 

The man in bed coughed violently with his head down.

The blood slipped through his fingers and dyed his snow-white sleeves red. 

The golden light in his eyes slowly faded, as did the thick bloodline power on his body. Finally, he lifted his eyes and glanced at him without emotion. 

The muffled thunder subsided. 

The person on the bed closed his eyes again. 

The oppression in the room gradually disappeared and Chen Weiyuan let out a sigh of relief, his expression cloudy. 

He walked slowly over, looking at the person on the bed. He wanted to get closer to probe the other party, but thinking about the warning in the other’s eyes, in the end, he didn’t move. 

He quickly thought about what happened prior and what may have caused him to change. 

He thought of a possibility. 

It was the sacred tree essence that Ye Xuanguang had just given this person. 

As part of an ancient family, he knew many secrets of the ancients. 

When the Lord Divine Phoenix wanted to lead the whole clan to ascend, his essence blood was sprinkled all over the sycamore tree he once inhabited. That sycamore tree was left in the ancestral land of the Ye Clan and was the sacred tree of the Ye Clan. 

The essence of the sacred tree was a healing holy product, which contained the essence and blood of a divine phoenix. This can bring back the life of an ordinary person if it was consumed, but if the person taking it has the blood of the Ye Clan, it may trigger their bloodline.

Therefore, Ye Yunlan would temporarily return to ancestor, giving him such oppression. 

This is the most reasonable explanation that Chen Weiyuan could come up with. 

But the premise of everything was that Ye Yunlan himself was a member of the Ye Clan, and his bloodline had the potential to return to ancestor. 

This potential was extremely rare. 

With the potential to return to ancestor, as long as one can infuse enough blood, it is possible to return to ancestor. 

And if he returned to ancestor, Ye Yunlan would return to the Ye Clan and could even compete with Ye Xuanguang for the position of inheritance. 

Chen Weiyuan remembered the prophecy of the Divine Phoenix coming to the world in the Ye Clan’s heavenly book. 

Ye Xuanguang was the man of destiny recognized by the entire Ye clan. 

But Ye Yunlan…is it possible? 

“Yunlan…” He murmured, staring at the face of the person on the bed, “You really gave me such a big surprise.” 

He had been thinking since he calculated the different results of his future dao companion.

Xu Qingyue was beautiful and innocent, had no motives, and admired him very much. He also had the support of the Xu Family Patriarch. He was an excellent candidate for the Chen Family’s female master. Even though Ye Yunlan was superb in sword dao, he was just a mortal who had lost his cultivation. 

According to his usual way of doing things, there was no need to think about who to choose. 

But he still hesitated.

Perhaps it was because of the entangled dreams these days. Perhaps it was the love and unwillingness in his dreams. Perhaps it was because he was looking at this person in the small teahouse at the time and he was surprised by the other person’s face at first sight, or perhaps it was in front of the moon shadow wall where the other party had ignored him which aroused his interest. 

Chen Weiyuan always sneered at the phrase love at first sight. 

But at this moment, he had to admit that he was really tempted by Ye Yunlan. 

And if his guess was true… 

He may be able to have a phoenix as his wife. 

He remembered the scene in his dream. 

The man was dressed in a black robe, leaning in his arms like a baby bird. All his spikes were removed, soft and beautiful. 

The black pupils that looked at him were cold and gentle, nostalgic. 

But if that pupil could turn into a brilliant golden color and if he restrained his majestic aura and called him “husband” in a low voice. 

……Perhaps that would be an extremely wonderful thing.


On the east side of Tianchi Mountain, a crack was opened, revealing a deep hole. 

In the deep pit, a raging flame was burning. There was a crimson light that shot directly into the sky. 

“Such a big movement, there must be a rare treasure being born here!”

“This treasure is being born with such a magnificent form, will it be an extreme spirit treasure?!” 

“It’s more than extreme. Tianchi Mountain has tens of thousands of years of history. A treasure that can be buried in the mountain for thousands of years without losing its spirit, maybe it is the legendary immortal tool.” 

At this moment, the cultivators have already surrounded the deep pit. 

Many were whispering and talking. 

The disciple of Ink Sect who was responsible for maintaining the order of this dao conference was very busy, “Fellow daoists, you can’t go in.” The disciple of the Ink Sect stood in front of several people who wanted to break into the pit. 

“Why?” Someone asked, “Treasures are originally obtained by those who are predestined. Do you disciples of the Ink Sect want to use this chance to monopolize the treasure?” 

The audience members also expressed dissatisfaction. 

“I think the Ink Sect is plotting to do that. I am afraid that such treasures are rare even in the Six Dao Sects.” 

“Flaunting themselves as part of the Immortal Sect. I didn’t expect that there would be such cunning people.” 

“Yeah, yeah… ” 

“That’s not the case.” The Ink Sect disciple wiped the sweat from his head, “It’s really too dangerous inside. Fellow daoists can easily die when entering. The reason why I want to prevent everyone from entering is to protect everyone’s safety!” 

The person who walked in front sneered, “In the cultivation world if you want to get treasures, which kind does not need to be fought for? Which one is not dangerous?” 

“Little girl, if you are afraid of danger, go home and drink your milk for a few more years.” 

The Ink Sect disciple who stepped forward to persuade him was slightly red.

“Ah Yao, forget it.” An Ink Sect youth next to him pulled his Senior Sister’s robe. 

The female Ink Sect disciple stubbornly said: “I didn’t lie to you! It’s really dangerous inside!” 

“Stop talking nonsense, get out of the way!” The daoist in front directly pushed her aside. 

The female ink sect disciple staggered a few steps and fell to the ground. 

The cultivators looked at the scarlet ray of light in the center of the deep pit, their eyes were full of greed. They activated their body-protecting spirit treasures on them and flew into the deep pit. 

Crimson flames covered several of them. 

The female Ink Sect disciple sighed and closed her eyes. 

A few screams came from the deep pit, and the daoists who entered fled. However, their faces and bodies, as well as the magical weapons on hand, were burning. 

“Save us!” 

“The fire is burning… the fire is burning our souls!” 

However, before these people had completely escaped from the pit, they had turned into black ashes, floating into the void. 

The crowd of onlookers was silent. The boy from Ink Sect leaned forward and took his Senior Sister’s hand, and cursed in a low voice: “A group of idiots who refuse to listen.” 

But he saw someone walking by him again. 

From his perspective, only the black hem of the other party can be seen.

“Hey! Wait a minute, didn’t you see the fate of the few people just now?” The Ink Sect youth hurriedly called the other party, trying to chase and stop him. Then, his Senior Sister suddenly grabbed his hand. 

The boy turned his head and saw his Senior Sister shake her head at him. 

The man in the black robe stopped. 

The voice was low and not loud, but it spread for several miles. 

“This will be temporarily taken over by the Yaori imperial clan. Anyone not involved withdraw quickly.” 

The Ink Sect youth opened his eyes wide. 

He didn’t dare to announce in front of the cultivators from all over the world that he would take over the place where the treasure was born. Even as an Ink Sect member, one of the six daoist schools, and knowing the danger of the giant pit. This person, what right does he think he has?

“What right do you think you have?” 

Someone asked the question for him, “Everyone has an opportunity to get treasures from the world, even if it is the Yaori Royal Family, there is no exception!” 

“You asked what right…” 

The black-robed person repeated his words. 

Standing at the edge of the huge pit, with his back facing everyone, he glanced at the place where the few people had turned to ashes. 

Then he raised his hand and made a gesture. 

Suddenly a gale swept across. 

In the distance, there was a raging fire burning half of the sky. Looking closely, countless flame beasts came from the sky, surrounding the place. 

Every Yan Lin beast had considerable strength in the demi-god stage. 

The Yanlin Beast King was equivalent to ascension stage. 

Now in the sky, there were hundreds of Yanlin Beasts.

The black robe lifted up in the wind. 

He turned around. 

A pair of brilliant gold eyes was revealed, more scorching than the sun in the high sky. 

“This thing is originally related to my Yaori royal family,” the black-robed person said lightly, “Because I am the crown prince of the Yaori imperial family, I want this item and there is no reason to have it taken over by others.”

 — —

When Ye Yunlan was awake, he only felt a splitting headache. 

The scorched land and huge city in his dream gave him an extremely unreal illusion, but the desolate sadness he felt was so real. 

Ye Yunlan was a little confused between reality and his dreams. 

After a long delay, he recovered. 

Hismeridians felt pain after the burning, and his chest was also aching. But the screaming sound of the fire phoenix in his body had ceased. 

His sudden injury seemed to have stabilized slightly. 

He stood up, frowned slightly, and looked around. 

What entered his sight was an unfamiliar room. 

Incense was burning in the room, and every inch of decoration was extremely gorgeous, embroidered with dark gold flying phoenixes. 

He could see the sea of ​​clouds outside the window from his side. 

… How could he be on another person’s flying boat? 

Suddenly there was a creak, the door was pushed open, and someone walked in.

“Junior Brother is awake?” 

He Lanze walked quickly to the bed, his face full of worry. 

Ye Yunlan: “I… what happened?” 

He Lanze: “The Tianchi Mountain’s veins changed, inducing Junior Brother’s injury. The Yaori prince happened to be there and helped to stabilize the injury. I have managed to contact the Sect Master to come here to heal your wounds.” 

He Lanze didn’t see how Ye Yunlan furrowed his brow deeply when he mentioned “Yaori Prince.” 

He Lanze held the elixir that he had just brewed in his hand, which was mixed with countless precious spiritual materials. It was exuding a bitter medicinal smell. 

He picked up the spoon and blew lightly, “It’s just that before the arrival of the Sect Master, Junior Brother must drink the medicine. Your meridians are relying on the protection of the medicinal properties of the elixir.” In the corner of the room, a gentle voice sounded.

“The elixir is bitter. Yunlan, why don’t you try my hundred flower concentration dew pill. This pill is made from the nectar of a hundred kinds of spirit flowers. It is very easy to take in, and it will also help your injury.” 

Someone walked out from the dark. 

Chen Weiyuan walked to Ye Yunlan’s bed, his handsome face revealing gentle concern. 

A slender hand stretched out, and a pill with a sweet fragrance lay in the palm of his hand. 

He Lanze was taken aback: “Chen Weiyuan? Haven’t you already left?”

“After I left, I was concerned about Yunlan’s situation, so I came back.” Chen Weiyuan looked at He Lanze with a smile, “Isn’t it the same with Daoist He Lanze?” 

“Junior Brother, this person is unruly towards you, don’t take his pill.” He Lanze frowned, “Come, Junior Brother, your injury is important. Drink the medicine first.” 

The sweet-smelling pill and the medicine spoon containing the liquid medicine were pushed in front of him. 

Ye Yunlan did not accept it. 

He only looked down at the lines on his palm, then raised his eyes and asked faintly. 

“Where is my flower?” 

The author has something to say: 

Ye Yunlan: Get lost flies, where is my flower?

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