Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Freedom 

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He Lanze was stunned. 

He remembered the blue flower branch that Ye Yunlan held before. Because Ye Yunlan had been holding it in his hand and looking at it, he had indeed noticed it. The flower was very beautiful, but when Tianchi mountain was moving, he only cared about protecting Ye Yunlan. How could he have the time to take care of the flower in his hand?

Facing Ye Yunlan’s question at this moment, it was a bit embarrassing. 

He Lanze didn’t know how to answer, but he heard Chen Weiyuan’s gentle voice next to him: “Yunlan, what flower do you want? Tell me, I can pick it for you.” 

His call of “Yunlan” was really familiar. 

Ye Yunlan frowned. He really didn’t want to give this person any more thoughts in this life, but this person kept hanging in front of him. 

He said coldly: “Daoist Chen, I remember that you and I are not familiar enough to be able to call each other by name.” 

Being exposed by Ye Yunlan, Chen Weiyuan still didn’t change his face. He whispered: “But when I see you, I feel something familiar. Maybe, we have met in a previous life.” 

The more He Lanze listened, the more wrong it felt. 

This person just said that his relationship with Ye Yunlan was more intimate than he thought, but now he has changed his words and said that maybe the two have met in a previous life? 

It was the first time he saw such a brazen man. 

The term ‘past life’ touched Ye Yunlan’s nerves. 

“You feel that I am familiar, but when I see you, I feel disgusted.” Ye Yunlan said indifferently. He forcibly ignored the stings of the Qiqing Needles piercing his soul. “If we truly did have a past life together, we would have been immortal enemies.” 

When Chen Weiyuan heard those harsh words from Ye Yunlan his hand holding the pill tightened, and his gaze deepened. 

Just as he was about to speak, he heard Ye Yunlan say: “Get out.” 

His eyes were cold and fed up, a stark difference from the gentle and clear ones in his dream. 

——It was very similar to the “Leave” he said when his bloodline returned to ancestor.

Chen Weiyuan squinted his eyes for a while, smiled, and placed the pill back into his bag. He said warmly: “Fine, I’m leaving. Yunlan, don’t get angry. You are seriously injured and need a good rest.” 

He gazed deeply at Ye Yunlan. He then walked out of the room, his walk neither slow nor in a rush.

The future is long, he thought.

After Chen Weiyuan left, only Ye Yunlan and He Lanze were left in the room. 

He Lanze took the medicine bowl and sat down by the bed, “Junior Brother, if the flower is gone, Senior Brother can find one for you later. You still need to drink this medicine straight away. Don’t make Senior Brother worry.” 

Ye Yunlan fell silent for a while, then stretched out his hand to take the medicine. 

“I can drink it myself.” 

He Lanze felt relieved when he saw that he was finally willing to drink the medicine. 

After hesitating for a while, he said: “Junior Brother, when did you get to know that person?”

He hesitated when he saw Ye Yunlan stay indifferent. Then he said: “Although Tianji Pavilion is called neutral, Junior Brother, listen to Senior Brother. You should not interact with the Young Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I know.” 

He Lanze stared at him holding the medicine bowl, drinking the liquid medicine in small sips.

The medicine was so bitter, but he didn’t even frown. 

This person appeared very well-behaved in many things, but so stubborn in others.

Spiritual power cannot suppress the divine fire’s injuries forever. Even if Qiyun Jun was willing to take action, it was just drinking poison to quench his thirst. 

Ye Yunlan has to make a decision. 

If this person can think it through… 

He hoped that he would be the best candidate for this person by then. 

But hearing this person suddenly speak interrupted his thoughts. 

“Senior Brother, what happened to the ascension stage after the Tianchi Mountain earthquake?” 

He Lanze: “The source of the earthquake was on the east side of Tianchi Mountain. The Ascension Stage is located in the communication stream on the west side of Tianchi Mountain, so it hadn’t been affected.” 

“Really…” Ye Yunlan squeezed his empty palms, frowned, and said: “Whose flying boat is this?” 

“It’s the flying boat of the Yaori Crown Prince.” He Lanze said, “When you suddenly got hurt, it was His Royal Highness who used the holy medicine of his clan to heal your wounds. Junior Brother, when you are well recuperated and see His Royal Highness again, you will need to thank him for your good health.” 

After listening, Ye Yunlan was silent for a while.

“Ye Xuan… where is the Yaori Crown Prince now?” 

He Lanze replied, “Junior Brother wants to see him now? It’s a pity that His Royal Highness has just rushed to the birth location of the rare treasure on Tianchi Mountain. Junior Brother probably won’t see him for a while.” 

——Tianchi Mountain East Side. 

Birthplace of the rare treasure. 

Crimson flames were burning. 

Ye Xuanguang walked amongst them with the swaying flames reflected in his golden eyes. The flames were capable of burning souls and weapons but did not seem to affect him. 

With his excellent eyesight, he saw a sword in the center of the flames. 

The sword was stuck in the ground, with only its hilt exposed. 

The blade was slender, and the hilt was covered with something resembling a lin’s (female unicorn) feather. The blade was blood red, depicting ancient complex lines. 

Ye Xuanguang had seen this sword in the ancient books of the Ye clan. 

This is the saber used by the Demon Lord Divine Phoenix, the Demon Emperor Sword. 

Rumor has it that it has ascended to the heavens. He didn’t expect it to be buried here. 

Ye Xuanguang didn’t want to study what triggered this sword or why at this time. 

He just needed to get this sword. 

Not because of his Father’s request. 

But because… 

His own brother’s pale face while lying on the bed flashed across his mind. 

It was like Mother’s. 

However, this person would never show the soft smile that appeared on his Mother’s face.

It was always either indifference, impatience, or rejection. 

In the eyes of outsiders, his brother was somewhat difficult to deal with. 

But——he had the freedom he envied. 

Ye Xuanguang stepped forward. 

At this distance near the center of the flame, even if he had the power of his bloodline to protect him, he felt extremely hot. 

Sweat ran down Ye Xuanguang’s cheeks and evaporated in an instant. 

He slowly stretched out his hand and held the hilt of the Demon Emperor Sword. 

——Shen Shu swung his sword to cut off the chains that trapped him on his wrist, and the long sword pierced the chest of the person in front of him. 

Liu Qing’s hideous figure slowly dissipated before his eyes. 

The magic array had been solved. 

He took another step forward on the ascension step. 

“You’re amazing.” A childish voice came from a little girl next to him, “Nian Er has seen this road open so many times here, yet you are the one who went the fastest amongst everyone.” 

Shen Shu became suddenly wary. 

He didn’t even notice a person was beside him with his five senses and the contact with his shadows.

There seemed to be a gentle mountain breeze blowing. 

In front of him, a little girl in a red dress suddenly appeared. 

The little girl had big eyes and a pale face. She looked very cute. 

In her two small hands, she was holding a faintly blue, blood-stained flower.

“Little Brother, why are you walking so fast?” The girl tilted her head as if asking puzzledly, “The people behind you have a long way to go before they catch up to you.” 

Being called “Little Brother” by the little girl made the corner of Shen Shu’s mouth twitch.

His eyes fell on the faint blue flower in the little girl’s hand. 

The flower was beautiful. 

It’s just that there was blood on it. 

For some reason, it stung his eyes. 

He looked at the little girl for a long while, “I went fast because I have someone I want to meet and things I want to get. The top ten people in the ascension steps can receive rewards from the mountain spirit. I need to get the elixir from the mountain spirit treasury to heal his injuries.” 

“Do you need a spirit elixir to heal others?” 

Nian Er blinked, “Nian Er has planted many, many elixirs here, so you can tell Nian Er what kind of elixir you need. Nian Er can help you find it so that you don’t have to run for nothing.” 

The little girl’s identity was for certain now. 

Although he had predicted it, a strange expression flashed across Shen Shu’s face. 

Tianchi Mountain has existed for tens of thousands of years, but he did not expect that the mountain spirit was actually just a little girl. 

“The elixir I need is…” Shen Shu just wanted to answer Nian Er’s question, when he suddenly stopped talking. 

Although his Master has taken care of him well in the past few years, he has always been indifferent to his own injuries. 

He had given his Master spirit elixirs, and although the other party would take it, he always told him he didn’t need to focus too much on it. 

Regarding the cure of his injury, it was even more secretive.

There were also his words of “No matter the length of time, people will always return to the dust. Life and death are just words of a moment, so there is no need to cling on.” That person has not just said this once. 

Ye Yunlan was not persistent. 

But he became more and more persistent. 

He didn’t know why. Even though they lived together for three years, he still felt that it was not enough. 

Far from enough. 

The longer he got along with that person, the more he didn’t want to be separated from that person. 

Every moment of getting along with his Master seems to be hard-won. This taught him to cherish those moments.

Over the years, he has been looking for more and better elixirs for the other party and used various methods to give them to the other party. 

However, it was still not clear what the other party genuinely needed.

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