Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Fierce Wolf 

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“The Divine Fire invades the lungs. As time goes by, it will only become more and more difficult to suppress… dual cultivation is the last option.” 

The man’s chilly voice rang in his ears as if the words were a warning. 

It was late at night. 

Ye Yunlan sat on the bed, silent. He turned his head to look at the stars outside the window. 

The dim sea of ​​clouds floated outside the flying boat, while the starlight poured in from the window sill. Reflected on his face, it made him look increasingly pale and weak.

A tall man stood beside him. 

Having traveled thousands of miles from the Eastern Continent, the man still showed no signs of fatigue. 

The white hair was crowned high with a silver crown. He was wearing a cloud pattern feather robe and a large crane cloak. Just by standing silently, he exhibited a sense of neglect to the world of mortals. 

The lord of Sky Sect, Qiyun Jun. 

Qiyun Jun put his hand on Ye Yunlan’s wrist to check his pulse. He held it very tightly. 

“It has been three years since you were injured.” He said, “You don’t have many three years to waste.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I don’t need that much.” 

Qiyun Jun looked at Ye Yunlan expressionlessly. 

Three days ago, he received news from He Lanze that this man was injured. He was begged to take action and suppress it. 

He cultivated the ruthless Dao and lived in Yuntian Palace all year round. If unnecessary, he would never pay attention to the things in the world. 

But he still came. 

“Ye Yunlan,” he rarely called a person’s full name like this. “Become my apprentice. Cultivate the ruthless dao I taught you and curb all other distracting thoughts. With me supplementing my spiritual power, you could easily suppress the divine fire for a hundred years. After a hundred years, if I’m in the void tracing realm, I can save your life.” 

Three years ago, Qiyun Jun already expressed the desire to accept him as a disciple.

Ye Yunlan didn’t take his gaze back from the window. He said indifferently: “I don’t know why Immortal Venerable is so attached to the matter of my life and death.” 

This person always spoke like this.

He was noticeably cold as ice, like a hedgehog curled up. Ifa person stretched out their hand, he would use a spine to pierce them. 

Qiyun Jun: “What if I insist on saving you?” 

He didn’t say it in a moment of anger. 

He had a premonition. If he didn’t save this person and watched him return to dust, he would regret it. 

But regret for a sword cultivator who cultivates the ruthless dao is indeed something absurd. 

How can there be regrets if you have never been emotional? 

Qiyun Jun didn’t think that he was emotional. He thought it was just pity. 

Yes, it should be just pity.

——Unfortunately, the person who could have become his opponent would only sink back to the earth, unable to advance all the way to the horizon.

“How do you want to save me?” Ye Yunlan said, “In the world of cultivation, no daoist has stepped into the void tracing realm for hundreds of years. You say that you can reach the void tracing realm in a hundred years? I don’t believe it. Besides, I don’t want to cultivate any ruthless dao.” 

In his memory, Qiyun Jun did not reach the void tracing realm in a hundred years. 

…He calculated the days. At that time, the other party was sitting in the Western Continent’s Buddha Pagoda suppressing him. 

Thinking of those dark and anxious memories, Ye Yunlan’s expression on his face became colder and colder. His tone also brought out a little sneer. 

“Or if the Immortal Venerable does not cultivate successfully in a hundred years and you still want to save me, will you use the last method, as you said, sacrificing yourself?” 

For the ruthless dao, dual cultivation is an absolute violation. 

If there is the slightest flaw in one’s view, it would affect their dao and make it hard to progress within their cultivation. 

Qiyun Jun let go of his wrists and said coldly: “You should have a bottom line if you want to speak nonsense.” 

Ye Yunlan finally turned his head, his eyes stopped for a moment on the ink jade that Qiyun Jun placed on the hilt of his bedside sword: “I just want to persuade Immortal Venerable to not spend time and effort for the unworthy.”

When he spoke, his eyes showed an indescribable sense of melancholy and annoyance.

——This person didn’t care about his life or death, Qiyun Jun thought calmly. 

Moreover, the repeated rejections of a person to the only person who can help him suppress the injury of the divine fire can no longer be explained by him not caring. Perhaps, this person is seeking death. 


Qiyun Jun was silent for a moment, “I remember you had a disciple. You coming to Tianchi Mountain this time, was it also for him?” 

Ye Yunlan was startled, then made a faint “En” sound. 

“Your disciple has good talents, but he has an uncertain disposition and is biased towards evil ways. Someone needs to be around to take care of him. Otherwise, he will easily go astray.” Qiyun Jun said, “If you depart, Sky Sect may not tolerate him.” 

Ye Yunlan: “What does Sect Master mean?”  

Qiyun Jun looked at him with his cold and clear eyes but didn’t say anything about Shen Shu. He just said a few words. 

“Living well and being alive.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent. 

He didn’t know how Qiyun Jun could tell. 

…But he did not want to live long. 

Although the matter of the divine fire was an accident, it could be considered he wished for it. 

A mortal life? It was just a few decades. Is it enough?

It was enough for him to take another look at this still intact world and experience a peaceful life that he had never experienced before. 

How should one’s life be spent? 

Throughout the ages, no one has been able to give an accurate answer.

For him, in this life, what he wants is not revenge, success, fame, or climbing to the top of the immortal road to find immortality. 

The only thing he wanted was… 

Suddenly, a loud, clear phoenix cry interrupted his thoughts. 

Outside the window, the dark night was dyed with fire. 

It was in the direction of Tianchi Mountain. 


Shen Shu was still in the communication stream on the ascension steps.

The flying boat was above the clouds and didn’t allow him to see the ground. Ye Yunlan raised his head and looked at Qiyun Jun, “What happened?” 

Qiyun Jun closed his eyes and felt it. 

“Someone… is trying to step into the transcendence realm.”


On the east side of Tianchi mountain. 

In the deep pit, flames and sparks flew up. 

Ye Xuanguang’s robe was fluttering in the flames as he reached out to hold the hilt of the Demon Emperor’s Sword. 

The flames licked his palm, creating a burning sting. 

The hilt of the sword had a Lin feather. At this moment, it seemed to have been irritated, and the feather stabbed into his palm. Golden blood was flowing down, flowing onto the blood-red body of the Demon Emperor Sword. 

Ye Xuanguang was very focused. 

——The Demon Emperor Sword was resisting him. 

But Ye Xuanguang did not retreat. 

The Demon Emperor Sword was once the sword of the Demon Lord Divine Phoenix. The Ye Clan inherited the last bloodline of the Demon Lord Divine Phoenix. If anyone in this world can inherit this sword, it is none other than the Ye Clan. 

And he has a reason  to inherit it.

As if he hadn’t noticed the pain, Ye Xuanguang clenched his hand tighter and tighter. Reflected in the fire were his golden eyes, fierce and dazzling.

Aroused by the closeness of the bloodline, the Demon Emperor Sword hummed faintly. 

But it was still not enough. 

Ye Xuanguang closed his eyes.

Time passed. 

Soon, three days and nights have gone by. 

The blood that contained the rich bloodline power was constantly flowing. The feeling of blood loss made him feel dizzy and weak. 

The hair crown on Ye Xuanguang’s head had long dispersed in the strong wind. His long black hair was flying behind him. His thin lips pressed tightly, revealing his paleness. 

He remembered back when his own brother was locked on the blood altar, and he could only watch his blood flow, not knowing when it would be the end. At that time, did Ye Yunlan feel the same as he did now? 


Ye Yunlan was still so young at the time, so he must have been in more pain and despair than him. 

His body was merged with the other party’s blood. 

But he has forever lost the connection with the other party’s blood. 

The tremor of the Demon Emperor Sword grew stronger and stronger.

A burst of subtle thoughts flowed into his mind from the sword body. 

The Demon Emperor Sword refused to recognize the Lord, but he was willing to be born and used by him because of the power of his bloodline. The power of his bloodline was close to that of the Demon Lord.

But there is a prerequisite —— he needs to reach transcendence first. The Demon Emperor Sword was an immortal weapon. Its owner was infinitely close to being a real “immortal”. Even if he inherited the blood of the Demon Lord, the Demon Emperor Sword was unwilling to be used by cultivators in the six realms of the mortal body. 

Ye Xuanguang only hesitated for a moment. 

With his aptitude, he had already reached the extreme peak of the six realms of the mortal body six years ago, and he was only one step away from leaving his mortal life. 

But this step was like the earth versus the sky. 

How many people have been able to pass through the ascension tribulation and truly step into the transcendence realm? With so many cultivators in the world, there may not be more than a handful.

He was going to take a longer time to cross this boundary.

It’s just. 

He remembered what his Royal Father said three days ago, on the phantom image on the fire spirit stone. 

“Xuanguang, you must understand that the prophecies of the heavenly book must be followed. The hope of the whole family rests on you. Do you still remember? When you were literate, what was the first word I taught you?” 

He said, “…It’s ‘responsibility’.”

“That’s right.” Emperor Ye said, “Do you still remember what your responsibility is?” 

He said, “Lead my clan, control the Western Continent, survive the catastrophe, and allow the Ye Clan’s bloodline to last forever.” 

Ye Emperor: “Very good. Then you should know that some things must not go wrong. Some hidden dangers must be eradicated.” 

His eyelids twitched. 

“Xuanguang, this is your last chance to correct your mistakes. Both your mother and I are watching. If you can’t finish it, I will help you finish it.” Ye Emperor said. 

Next to him, his mother, Ye Tange, finally turned her head to look at him after hearing this. 

“Xuanguang,” Ye Tange’s face was as beautiful as a blooming rose. Her voice was as beautiful as a lark. She had a soft smile, “Listen to your father’s words. This is your responsibility.” 

Ye Xuanguang: “…Yes.” 

From childhood to adulthood the word “responsibility” was the one that popped up the most in his life.


He was responsible for his family, for his parents. Only for his brother did he never fulfill his responsibility as family.

It takes three days at the fastest to go to the Central Continent from the Western Continent. If his Royal Father wants to help him, the Yaori Hidden Guard who would be sent will arrive soon.

It was not a force that he could resist in his mortal realm body. 

He had no time. 

His whole body’s cultivation base was no longer suppressed. The change in qi provoked the tribulation. Dark clouds gathered, and the wind howled. 

The Demon Emperor Sword was pulled out inch by inch. A loud phoenix resounded across the sky. 

With long black hair dancing behind him, Ye Xuanguang picked up the Demon Emperor’s sword and looked at the sky with golden eyes. 

He needs to cross the ascension tribulation.


Location: Ascension Step. 

Facing the little girl’s question, Shen Shu thought for a while, then finally said: “I want the best healing elixir. If there is an elixir that can connect the meridians and increase lifespan, that would be the best.” 

Nian Er thought about it. She wrinkled her face: “You said that you want to be able to connect the meridians and increase the lifespan? There are many here with Nian Er… But if you want to have the best one, Nian Er didn’t put it in the treasure house. Because that is the elixir that our emperor left for Nian Er, there should be only one left in the world. Nian Er planted it in her own flower valley.” 

The mountain spirit was reluctant to put it in the treasure house…. Then that spirit elixir may be really effective for Master’s injury. 

Shen Shu’s dark eyes glowed slightly. 

“I desperately need this kind of elixir to heal a very important person. Nian Er, if you have any needs, as long as you can give the elixir to me, I will do it for you.” 

Shen Shu stared down at the mountain spirit and said solemnly. 

The little girl who transformed from a mountain spirit was pure and innocent. He didn’t intend to coax her with words but bluntly stated his needs. 

Nian Er blinked, blushing slightly under his serious gaze. She whispered: “You are the fastest climber on the ascension steps that Nian Er has seen in many years. If you want something special, it’s not impossible.” 

“But, after you go out, can you do Nian Er a favor?” 

Shen Shu: “Speak.” 

“Before, Nian Er accompanied an older brother to pick flowers in the Valley of Flowers. That older brother said that he wanted to give a flower to his important person.”

Nian Er held the flower in her hands, a little sadness appeared on her pretty face, “But later, that Gege accidentally dropped the flower on the mountain. Nian Er would like to ask you to help Nian Er return the flower to that Gege.” 

Shen Shu listened, his eyes locked tightly on the bloody blue flower branch in Nian Er’s hand, especially the dazzling bloodstain on the flower. 

He felt his blood freeze suddenly. His voice trembled slightly and he asked: “What does that Gege you mentioned look like? Why did he drop the flower on the mountain?” 

Nian Er didn’t notice his strangeness. She only said: “That Gege was born very tall and handsome, he looked identical to my emperor. Nian Er felt intimate with him at first sight…but his face was very pale, he seemed to be sick.” 

“The sword that my emperor left behind suddenly started to get angry again, causing the ground to shake. My Gege should have been injured. He suddenly vomited blood and fainted. He was carried away, but dropped the flower.” 

“Nian Er couldn’t catch up, so she had to pick up the flower. Nian Er remembered that when her Gege was picking the flower, he said he liked the flower very much. So even if Gege was injured and unconscious, Nian Er thinks that when Gege wakes up, he will be very sad if the flower is missing. So, after you go out, please help Nian Er return the flower to Gege.”

Nian Er said this and walked a few steps to hand the faint blue flower to Shen Shu’s hand. 

But she saw that the other party hadn’t taken the flower for a long time. 

She raised her head and saw the red eyes of the young man in front of her. 

It reminded her of a male wolf who went crazy after his partner was injured in the deep mountains and forests. 

It seemed that he was carrying an inexhaustible fierce and vicious aura as if he was about to shed blood and tears in the next second. 

Nian Er looked at his expression and said cautiously. 

“You…what’s wrong with you?”

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