Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 50 Part 2

Chapter 50 Dawn 

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When the strong light dissipated, only one figure remained in the center of the formation. 

The skinny figure laid quietly on their side in the large formation, with a face like a ghost. He seemed to have passed out, in a coma. 

But there was no trace of scars on his body. 

It was the Demon Lord who used his own demonic body to forcibly block this blow that neared the power of the void tracing realm.

Even if his cultivation base was sealed, the body of the Demon Lord was still in the transcendence stage. It would not be surprising for Fa Wu to see him withstand this blow. 

But could the Demon Lord really be so easily resolved by them? 

“Could it be the demonic disintegration technique?” Fa Wu suddenly asked, “The Demon Lord wants to escape, stop him–” The formation changed.

Countless stars turned into silk threads, sealing the void and searching for traces of demonic shadows. 

At the same time, the cultivators in the big formation also released the power of their souls to search so that his demonic mind had no chance to escape. 

“He didn’t escape.” Chen Weiyuan’s voice suddenly came from the formation, almost resolutely, “The bait is still here, so he won’t escape.” 

Fa Wu thought for a while. When he watched intently, he saw a few black demonic auras in the center of the formation. Qi drifted around the thin figure as if it was reluctant to leave. 

Fa Wu was surprised. 

They searched for the traces of the Demon Lord but ignored the center of the big formation. 

It seems that the Demon Lord really didn’t leave. 

Chen Weiyuan: “Continue.” 

Fa Wu: “But…” 

Isn’t that your Dao companion? Didn’t you just say that you want to intercede for him? 

“But what?” Chen Weiyuan answered from far away. 

At this moment, he was hidden in the big formation. Fa Wu was the person of the main formation, and Sky Sect Sect Master Ji Suyue was in the Tianshu formation. But it was Chen Weiyuan who controlled all the subtle changes in the formation. 

Few people knew that Zhou Tian Star Battle Formation was an ancient formation inherited by the Chen clan. 

However, at this moment, his hand holding the astrolabe was shaking unconsciously. 

He looked down at his hand as if he was slightly puzzled. He quickly put his other hand on the trembling hand to stop the tremor and calmly said: “The Demon Lord is here. His body is broken at this moment and is at its weakest. Why are you not making a move? What are you waiting for?”

Fa Wu: “Since Benefactor Chen says so, let’s do it.” 

The power of the big formation gathered again. Fa Wu frowned when he looked at the skinny person laying on the ground. Although he followed the path of killing to stop further killing, an alternative path of Buddhism, he still had compassion in his heart.

It was during this hesitation that a black shadow appeared in the center of the formation. 

It was the Demon Lord. 

But it didn’t seem to be the Demon Lord. 

It was more like something vicious, and evil was released. 

The demonic shadow leaned over and lifted the skinny person on the ground back onto his back again. The meandering demonic energy continued to gush out from the soles of his feet, wrapping the skinny person thoroughly and blended in with him. 

Fa Wu didn’t notice that something was wrong, but before he started his move, what took the first move was the thunder that descended from the sky! 

That calamity thunder was extremely strong and did not leave any time for empathy and preparation.

The demonic shadow looked up. 

Its whole body was hidden in the deep darkness, except for its scarlet eyes. 


Its voice was low and hoarse, but it had a disturbing, weird madness to it. 

Almost immediately, a fierce blood-red sword tore through the blockade and appeared in front of him. 

The sword was slender, with countless evil ghost shapes engraved on the hilt. It also had an endless murderous aura wrapped around it. 

The Demonic Shadow held it. 

Then, holding the Shura sword, he waved it against the calamity thunder. 

The collision couldn’t be seen clearly, but one could only hear the sound of countless ghosts howling.

Fa Wu’s pupils tightened when the dazzling thunder and lightning passed.

The Demonic Shadow stood in place, its expression hidden by the thick darkness. 

It was unharmed. 

However, mixed with the countless screams of ghosts was a hoarse and surly laugh, sounding amidst the thunder and lightning. 

“You said you wanted to suppress the real demon…” 

“Come on, this Lord is looking forward to it—” It laughed even more surly and arrogantly, “I look forward to using your death to complete this Lord’s demonic dao——” Between the heavens and the earth, there was suddenly endless darkness rushing into his body—those were the evil thoughts, hostility, ghosts that have been deposited in the heaven and earth for countless years…including every filthy thing that humankind could possibly think of. 

“Not enough…” It said hoarsely. Its scarlet eyes cast to the ground under its feet. 

The armies of the ancient tribes under the array tower suddenly went into chaos. 

Countless black demonic qi sprang from the shadows under their feet and climbed up their bodies like vines. 

The soldiers screamed in panic, and some failed to dodge. They would lose all their vitality if they got pierced by demonic qi in their heart

But even then, they couldn’t rest in peace. Instead, they would be manipulated like a puppet by demonic energy. Raising the weapon in their hands… they would cut off their companion’s head. 

The chaos bred more negative energy, and converged towards the upper part of the Buddha Tower, almost forming a black tornado. 

The Demon Lord stood at the top of the tornado. His body was like a bottomless container, absorbing all the filthy and evil thoughts.

The cultivators in the Zhoutian Star Battle Formation looked at the miserable conditions on the ground, and many people screamed in anger. 

“Stop him!” 

“Stop this demon!”

“You can’t let him kill anymore!” 

Cold sweat fell from Fa Wu’s forehead. These cultivators who were in the big formation have not really confronted the Demon Lord and did not know that the Demon Lord…… No, the feeling that this monster gave him was different from the previous confrontations between him and the Demon Lord. 

Even when the Demon Lord went crazy and slaughtered everyone in the Northern Territory, the fear he brought to him was not the same as it was today. He had never made him have his hair stand on end like this.

It seemed as if he was not facing a person but a demon who was born purely to massacre people and bring disaster to this world… 

And what was even more frightening to him was that in the midst of such a killing, the demon was… becoming stronger! 

Fa Wu’s fingers that held the bead were cold. Suddenly there was a cold voice in his ear, “Demons are good at confusing the mind. You shouldn’t open your eyes.” 

It was Sky Sect Sect Master Ji Suyue. 

Fa Wu was surprised to realize that at some time, he had opened his eyes. 

In the path of Buddhism he practiced, everything in the world was intoxicating, so it was necessary to eliminate one’s eyesight in order to keep his precepts. 

He hurriedly closed his eyes, chanted a Mantra to silently clear his heart, and finally calmed himself down. 

A sword’s sound reached his ears. 

Unlike the sword sound of the Shura Sword, which was like an evil ghost whispering, the sound of this sword became clearer and louder. It was like a cold light shattering evil spirits. It was Ji Suyue’s Tai Qing Du Er Sword.

It was rumored that the Taiqing Du Er Sword could kill all evil spirits. 

Fa Wu felt more at peace. 

Ji Suyue was different from him and Chen Weiyuan. The other party was the first person to reach the transcendence realm in this world for hundreds of years and has been famous for more than two hundred years. Until now, he has been occupying the heaven list’s top spot. 

Compared to Ji Suyue, he and Chen Weiyuan were just juniors.

He knew that even if he did not rely on the big formation, Ji Suyue’s strength was already infinitely close to the void tracing realm. He was only one step away. 

Ji Suyue had already drawn his sword, and the tip of his sword pointed at the demonic shadow. 

His white hair and crane cloak were flying in the wind, and under his feet was a scene resembling purgatory. However, his face was still unwavering. 

Fa Wu guessed right. His heartless dao was indeed close to immortalization, and his cultivation realm was infinitely close to void tracing.

It’s just one final push that has trapped him for more than a hundred years. 

And in this Zhoutian Star Battle Formation, it was not an exaggeration to say that he was basically in the void tracing realm. 

An azure blue sword light furiously pierced the sky! 

The demonic shadow standing in the black tornado raised his eyes, and a dark red sword glow appeared on the Shura sword. Mixed with countless resentful spirits, it greeted the sword light. 

With a loud bang, the two sword lights collided, then dissipated at the same time. 

There was blood on Ji Suyue’s lips. 

The Demonic Shadow’s increasingly distorted figure in the black air became a little illusory. 

Ji Suyue expressionlessly raised his hand to wipe the blood off his lips, then suddenly said: “How can you know my Sky Sect’s sword technique? Did he teach you?” 

The Demon Lord did not answer but raised the blood-red Shura sword. He pointed it to Ji Suyue. 

The sword light moved, unhindered. 

Countless void cracks spread. 

Fa Wu realized that he had no room to intervene. He was afraid to interfere with Ji Suyue’s sword intent, and he was also afraid that he would be infected with the blood qi of the Demon Lord’s Shura sword, causing the Zhoutian Star Battle Formation to be affected. 

The formation of the Zhoutian Star Battle Formation required at least the support of three Transcendence realms, Thirty ascension realms, Three Thousand demi-gods, and 30,000 nascent soul realm cultivators. 

Without the protection of the big formation, the people on the ground who were being killed by the devilish energy would be the end result of the cultivators in the sky.

He remembered the words of the Demon Lord before—— he was very much looking forward to using their deaths to achieve his demonic dao. He shuddered.

In the eyes of the other party, the countless cultivators who came to encircle and suppress him were just food for the other party! 

During the battle, the blood-red sword light swept across the hilt of Ji Suyue’s sword, and an item fell down. 

That thing reached the palm of the Demon Lord’s hand. 

It was a token with a simple shape. 

The demonic shadow: “It’s the smell of a heart demon.”

Ji Suyue: “What did you say?” 

“This Lord can feel it,” The demonic shadow smiled and said, “This is the face of your heart demon.” 

After that, Fa Wu didn’t know what happened. 

By the time he reacted, Ji Suyue for some reason was distracted, and fell straight into the void, disappearing. 

The Zhoutian Star Battle Formation lost a transcendence support and began to falter. 

“Now that the trouble is resolved,” The demonic shadow raised his hand, “Then, it’s time to allow this Lord to… have a full meal.” 

A river of blood descended from the sky, connecting the sky and the earth. 

Countless corpses were floating in the river of blood, and their clothes were both old and new. Countless ferocious faces emerged from the river, roaring unwillingly. 

The river of blood flowed to the bottom of the Buddha Tower, washing over the people on the ground. Countless people fell into the river, struggling and screaming. The resentful souls dragged the people by their hands and ankles into the bottom of the river.

Fa Wu looked at it with fear, then recited the Buddha’s name: “Amitabha Buddha.”

He had never seen such a terrible river of blood when he surrounded and suppressed the Demon Lord before——he didn’t know just how many evil things were deposited there. 

Such an act, even if the Demon Lord cannot be completely killed this time, the Demon Lord will definitely be condemned by Heaven. 

No, Heaven’s punishment has already arrived. 

The heavenly calamity lightning flashed. 

But the river of blood flowed from the sky and under the sky. It ran through the entire Zhoutian Star Battle Formation. Even with the thunder tribulation destroying boundless souls of resentment, the long and endless river of blood seemed to have not disappeared at all. 

“How many remnants of resentment have you devoured——” The demonic shadow watched the cultivators dying in the blood river with interest. He said with a hoarse laugh: “Are you surprised?” 

“Let this Lord think about it. In that year, under the Demon Abyss, how many evil remnants have this Lord actually swallowed—” 

“Hundred thousand? Million? Ten million?” 

The monster shrouded in darkness floated into the night sky. One couldn’t see his appearance or his clothes at all. They could only see two scarlet blood lights in his eyes, like flames that were constantly swaying and burning in the dark. 

It stretched out its finger. 

Its fingers were shrouded in darkness and stretched out extremely long black nails. It looked both ghastly and terrifying. 

With bent fingertips, it seemed to be counting. 

After a long while, it tilted its head and said. 

“This Lord…. can’t remember.” 

Seeing the Zhoutian Star Battle Formation collapse, Fa Wu suffered a heavy blow from the backlash. He spat out a large mouthful of blood.

The big formation was shattered, and no one could stop this monster anymore. 

He racked his brain desperately. 

The River of Blood crossed the sky, and the monster enveloped in black energy stepped out of the Buddha Tower. The River of Blood followed him and spread across the land of the Western Continent. 

Fa Wu squeezed the Buddha beads in his hand and was about to rush up to stop him, but he heard a voice behind him. 

“No need to chase.” 

Chen Weiyuan said lightly, holding the astrolabe and looking down. 

At this moment, there was only one white chess piece left in the center of the astrolabe. 

“Don’t worry. We didn’t lose.” 

He picked up the chess piece and said. 

The monster in the air seemed to have perceived something. Scarlet eyes pierced towards their location, and evil thoughts surged, especially towards Chen Weiyuan. 

The churning river of blood was about to overwhelm the two of them, but in the next instant, Chen Weiyuan crushed the chess piece in his hand. His figure disappeared into the void. 

Only Fa Wu, who was desperate, opened his eyes. He watched the river of blood approaching——drowning over the top of his head. 

——It’s been a long time since he has ingested power so freely.

Endless power flowed into its body from the river of blood. What entered at the same time was the unwillingness, resentment, and obsession after the deaths of countless resentful souls. 

Those things screamed and wailed in its mind, and only by continuing to kill can those things calm down a little. 

However, it seems to have forgotten something. 

…What is it? 

When thinking of this question for the third time, it became a little irritated. 

It felt more irritated than not being able to continue killing. 

It stopped trying to figure out what it had forgotten. 

It raised its hand, and the devilish energy formed a small black boat on the river of blood. It slowly descended onto the boat. 

In the river of blood were the screaming and hissing resentful souls. 

It didn’t find those sounds either pleasant or unpleasant. 

It’s like listening to the wind, listening to the rain, or listening to the noisy voices of the world. 

They were all very common and accustomed things. 

It wanted to go on the boat to sit down, but was blocked. 

It was a little surprised to find that on its back, it seemed to be carrying something. 

The thing was rolled up with its demonic energy. It was tightly attached to it, almost integrated, so it hadn’t noticed it before. 

Countless resentments in its body were roaring and clamoring to kill. It was irritable, so he shouted: “Shut up.” 

However, resentments were unconscious and would not shut up because of fear of it. 

It had no choice but to hold back its hostility. Circle after circle, it unfolded the demonic energy on its back. 

What was it——it held that thing in his arms and looked at it. 

It’s a person. 

Although it looked like a freak. 

It was indeed an individual. 

Very skinny. 

It doesn’t look delicious. 

It judged. 

Although people are not its food, people’s hostility and resentments are. 

Logically speaking, it should throw this person into the river of blood. This way, this person will become a grieving soul and turn into power for its body. 

But… it smelt good. 

It gathered there.

It sniffed the man’s neck. 

It couldn’t tell what kind of aroma it was. 

It only knew that this was a smell that made it feel nostalgic. 

Don’t throw it into the river of blood, it thought. Anyways, it does not lack human souls. 

It injected a few strands of demonic energy into this person’s body, trying to awaken it. 

After trying many times, it finally woke up. 

But it seemed a little unconscious. 

It looked at the empty eyes of the person in its arms. What was reflected in its eyes was not the scared and panic of those other humans who saw it. It was very empty. 

He was obviously not dead, but he looked more dead than those resentful spirits in the river of blood. 

It didn’t like this look. 

“Are you going to take my soul?” The other party asked quietly. 

It was a little amused. Could this person regard him as a messenger of the underworld? 

Before he could reply, he fainted again. 

It began to become more and more obsessed with the fragrance of the other party. 

But the other party’s vitality was getting weaker and weaker. 

This person seemed reluctant to wake up. 


It does not understand.

It thought, human affairs? Maybe only humans will understand. 

The Blood River was put away by it. 

It held this person and walked on the mortal streets. 

It was raining heavily in the sky. 

People in the town saw them as if they had seen monsters, screaming and fleeing from a distance. 


It still didn’t understand. 

Of course, this time, it didn’t want to throw these people into the river of blood. 

The rain continued to fall. 

It hugged the soaked person and walked in the rain. The sound of thunder continued to roar in its ears, destroying everything around it. 

Although unable to pass through the devilish enchantment it has set, its power was getting stronger and stronger. 

It didn’t care at first. 

Later he thought, if this continues, perhaps one day, the power of the thunder will penetrate the protection and completely smash it, together with this person in its arms. 

But if it were to let go of this person, it was afraid there would be no need for heavenly thunder, and this person would soon pass away silently. 

It began to think.

Then he found a solution from the memory of his remnant souls.

 “Demonic blood… seal…” 

Heaven Tribulation was triggered by the evil and devilish energy on its body. 

Then, as long as these things are sealed, they can temporarily deceive the eyes of Heavenly Tribulation. 

Although, it was only for temporarily. 

The demon was willing. 

It quickly found an empty wooden house and placed the person down properly. 

Then, he cut open his body and used the dark demonic blood to draw lines on his chest one by one. 

The black magic pattern quickly covered its body, especially the position of its heart. 

Countless runes gathered, subconsciously forming the lines of thorns and branches. 

The moment the curse seal was completed, his consciousness finally returned. 

He sat in the corner, enduring the howls of resentment in his head. He glanced down at the curse mark on his chest. 

What he thought was. 

…This matches the tattoo on that man’s back. 

——”Yes, take this medicine. They are all good medicines for replenishing the body. Remember to cook it for three hours.” 

The doctor in the medicine hall stroked his beard and ordered. 

The rain had begun to gradually diminish and was like fog hitting the body. 

When he returned to his residence with the medicine packet, he saw a small flower. 

Small and blue, it was facing the wind and rain on the side of the road. It looked very cute and lovely. That person should like it. 

He plucked the flower. 

When he returned to the small courtyard where he lived, he opened the door and saw the person’s figure lying quietly on the bed. 

He walked over and put the flower by the bed. 

Then he leaned over and kissed the man’s forehead. 

When he was boiling the medicine, he turned his head and looked out the window. 

The rain has completely stopped. 

The dark clouds had cleared, and the sky was blue.

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