Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Demonic Eye 

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The thunder on the horizon had begun to gradually dissipate. The light shone through the clouds and beamed on the winding mountain roads of Tianchi Mountain.

Ye Yunlan opened his eyes and subconsciously raised his hand to block this dazzling light. 

His vision slowly changed from hazy to clear. He saw the clear blue sky and a few white clouds floating in the sky. 

Retracting his gaze, he realized that he was sitting on a wicker chair made of intertwined gold threads. 

The armrests of the wicker chair were decorated with many blood-red jade leaves. The leaves had golden edges. It looked translucent and gorgeous. 

He lifted a leaf with his fingertips and inspected it carefully. He felt vaguely familiar with it. 

Before he could think about it, he saw a gold thing rush over. It jumped on his knee, letting out an aggressive “chirp”. 

Ye Yunlan lowered his eyes and saw a fluffy and chubby… little chick on his knees.

The little chick was born cute and round, like a golden furball. Its small claws hooked on his clothes, and its black pea eyes stared at him. 

The mountain breeze blew over. 

One person, one chick, looked at each other in silence for a moment. 

Ye Yunlan: “There are still people in Tianchi Mountain who like to raise chickens?” 

Little chick: “…” 

Its soft fluff instantly exploded, and it lifted its throat and chirped hard. Now, it looked more and more like a billowing, golden furball.

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes halfway and gently tapped his fingertips on the little chick’s head. 

…So soft. 

When he was still thinking about it, the little chick took the opportunity to grab his fingertips and peck wildly, tweeting non-stop. 

“You’re saying you are not a chicken?” Ye Yunlan lowered his eyes and understood what it said, “You are… a young phoenix?” 

The little chick nodded. 

Ye Yunlan looked at the fluffy little thing on his knees and said lightly: “The phoenix clan was extinct more than ten thousand years ago, so you don’t have to transform into such a look to please me…” 

Speaking thus far, he paused. 

He was a little surprised at what he subconsciously said. 

In fact, when he could understand the little chick of unknown origin and when he felt familiar with it, he thought something was wrong. 

He recalled what happened after he met the Yaori Secret Guard on the mountain road. His memories felt hazy. It was like there was a blanket of yarn. He couldn’t remember the truth. 

He actually experienced this situation several times in the three hundred years of his previous life. 

He frowned slightly. 

His palm felt itchy. 

It was the little chick who rubbed his body against the palm of his hand. Warmth came from the soft fluff. 

“Tweet tweet.” Ye Yunlan: “You want me to give you a name? What about your name?” 

“Tweet tweet.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I don’t raise chicks or pets. You should find someone else to name you.” 

“Tweet tweet tweet tweet!” The little chick was anxious. 

Ye Yunlan was going to speak, but then he felt something. He stood up, holding Queying sword. 

The wicker chair under him turned into a light, golden spot and merged with the golden little chick’s body. 

Even with the naked eye, it can see that the little chick seemed to have become fatter. His little claws were holding onto his robe, and his fluffy wings spread out. He fluttered a few times, trying to fly onto his shoulders.

However… as soon as those two small claws left his robe, it rolled against his robe, falling onto the ground. 

The light yellow fluff was covered with dust. The little chick silently covered his eyes with his wings. 

Ye Yunlan lowered his head and glanced at it. In a moment, he squatted and picked up the little chick in his palm and wiped the dust off the little chick’s fluffy body with his fingers. 

He heard a hoarse and low voice speak: “Daoist Ye… are you okay?” 

It seemed that because they were rushing their journey, they were still breathing a bit uncontrollably. 

Ye Yunlan looked up and saw a familiar figure. 

He was tall, with handsome features and a sharp pair of fierce golden eyes. 

It was his former elder brother. 

Ye Xuanguang. 

——Half an hour ago. 

Tianchi East Mountain. 

“Qiyun Jun! You are helping the Ye Clan’s crown heir to cross his tribulation? Do you want to be an enemy of my Xingyue Dynasty?” A Yinyue guard held a spear while riding on a black flame mount. 

Qiyun Jun’s complexion was as cold as ice. His hand holding the long sword was steady, and he didn’t even bother to explain. He didn’t help Ye Xuanguang get through the tribulation. He just blocked the interference from the people around him. 

In fact, if it were not for Ye Yunlan, he would not have wanted to be involved in the affairs of the ancient clans. 

Fa Wu, a monk who also participated in blocking Ye Xuanguang’s journey to pass his tribulation, put his palms together and chanted a Buddha’s name in a low voice: “Since Qiyun Jun is willing to take action, it seems that it is destiny’s fate for Ye Xuanguang to pass through this disaster. This poor monk shall no longer block it.”

Fa Wu smiled bitterly in his heart. What on earth did Ye Xuanguang do to be able to have Qiyun Jun help out? The one who had always ignored others?

He quickly retreated. 

The Yinyue guards watched their allies retreat. One guard facing the sword intent of the Tai Qing du Er sword by himself felt cold sweat. 

He has already died once many years ago. But if he dies again… it would not be worth it. 

He had no choice but to retreat. 

The dark clouds on the horizon gradually dissipated. 

A figure slowly walked out of the huge dark pit. His black hair was scattered, black clothing whistling in the air. He held a blood-red feather sword in one hand, his long eyes as bright as the sun.

In the distance, Wang Daoyan, the Senior Brother of Ink Sect who had been watching the changes in the aura in the mountain, said: “The formation can be withdrawn.” 

Ah Yao, a girl of Ink Sect, said: “Senior Brother?” 

Wang Daoyan scribbled a few words with a brush, then closed the scroll in his hand. 

“In this world, there is finally one more powerful person in the transcendence stage.” 

“The heaven list is about to change.” 

Ye Xuanguang stepped into the air next to Qiyun Jun, “Thank you for your help.” 

Qiyun Jun said lightly: “You don’t have to thank me, I’m just returning a favour. You saved my sect disciple’s life, and now the karma can be considered complete.” 

Ye Xuanguang was slightly startled. 

He felt a little surprised. 

According to the rumors, the Sky Sect Sect Master always stays away from worldly things. But he actually would stand up for a disciple of the Sect?

“Is the disciple mentioned by Sect Master fellow daoist, Ye Yunlan?” 

Qiyun Jun did not say a word and just glanced sideways down the mountain. A bit of chill condensed in his eyes, then his figure gradually disappeared. 

Ye Xuanguang watched Qiyun Jun disappear. The Demon Emperor Sword in his hand dropped to the ground. Then, he coughed out a mouthful of golden blood. 

There will surely be many troubles in the future because he was forced to transcend the tribulation unprepared.

He was badly injured. 

After this tribulation, he was afraid that it would take a long time to heal his wounds before he could stabilize his realm and truly exert his power. 

The Ye Emperor’s plan of ordering him to lead his army to break through the Western Continent had to be shelved. 

It’s just… 

He felt the energy of the sacred tree in his senses. 

The Ye Clan’s land was separated from the Central Continent by millions of miles, so how can the energy of the sacred tree appear here? 

There is only one possibility. 

Thinking of the secret methods of murder in the clan, Ye Xuanguang furrowed his brow fiercely. He raised his hand to wipe the blood from his lips, quickly drew the Demon Emperor’s sword, then headed to the place where the energy came from. 

—— Ye Yunlan stood up, holding the fluffy little chick in the palm of his hand. He stared at the slender feather sword in Ye Xuanguang’s hand, feeling it a little familiar. 

But what surprised him a little was that Ye Xuanguang’s body was separated from the world. He had faded away from his mundane aura, and he felt something in his heart.

The time for Ye Xuanguang to cross the tribulation was much earlier than his previous life. 

And just after the tribulation… he rushed over to care about his safety? 

He didn’t know whether Ye Xuanguang knew that the Ye Emperor had sent a Yaori Secret Guard to get rid of him. 

If Ye Xuanguang knew… 

Even if the other party used the essence of the sacred tree to save him, at that time, the Ye Emperor hadn’t realized his identity and needed to obliterate his existence. He also knew how important the family’s interests were in the hearts of these ancient family members.

Ye Yunlan no longer had expectations for the people in Ye Clan. 

He clenched his Queying sword in his hand and said: “Congratulations to Your Majesty for crossing the tribulation successfully. I have no worries about my life for the time being, but I have signed a divine contract with the Ye Emperor to completely sever our relationship. However, His Majesty actually went back on his words and sent a royal guard to come to block this person’s way. I must have made a strong impression.”

Signed… a divine contract that completely severs their relationship? 

Ye Xuanguang was startled. 

Although he knew there was the Ye Emperor’s surveillance on his flying boat, he didn’t expect the Ye Emperor to respond so quickly. 

Signing a contract and sending a Yaori guard… 

Does Ye Yunlan already know that Ye Emperor is his biological father, and he is his brother?

He looked at Ye Yunlan’s indifferent and distrustful expression, noticing something seemingly suppressed in his heart. Heavy and depressed, he said: “Father’s matter, I am not involved at all. It doesn’t matter whether you have signed a contract or been exiled. I will always treat you as my blood connected…” brother. 

Before Ye Xuanguang’s words were finished, a bit of sword light flashed across his cheek. 

“I said that the karma between my sect disciple and you ends here.” 

A figure gradually appeared. It was the frost-haired and white-clothed Qiyun Jun. 

Ye Xuanguang was about to talk when he felt something hot on his chest. 

It was the Ye Clan’s imprint. 

The information from Elder Xun and the Ye Emperor made his brows furrow. 

The spirit of the sacred tree is lost. 

Emperor Ye was furious. He wanted to utilize the power of the entire clan to capture those who stole the spirit of the sacred tree and have them dealt with by the clan law. 

In the world, no one has stepped into the void tracing realm for tens of thousands of years that could also sneak into the Ye Clan’s ground by opening void cracks. So, the Ye Emperor urgently summoned whoever possessed even one drop of Ye Clan’s blood back. Whoever violated this order would be killed without mercy. 

He remembered the sacred tree aura that he had just noticed, then he looked at the little chick in Ye Yunlan’s hand. There was a vaguely familiar aura on it.

Some ridiculous guesses appeared in his heart, but soon, he shook his head. 

The distance separating the Central Continent and the Western Continent was too great. Wanting to steal the spirit of the sacred tree strongly and silently would be a fantasy. 

Even if it was really possible… he can’t even imagine it.

There was a questioning technique in the clan. If he really wants to save his own brother’s life, he can’t get too close to the other party, at least not until he stabilizes his cultivation. 

Otherwise, according to the Ye Emperor’s emphasis on the heavenly book’s prophecy… 

Ye Xuanguang: “It’s not me trying to redeem a favor. It’s me who really owes him karma. Sect Master had helped me overcome my catastrophe, so I will definitely go to the Eastern Continent to report in person.” 

He sent a deep gaze to Ye Yunlan. He wanted to blurt out “brother,” but he endured it. 

“… Fellow Daoist Ye,” he said, “Wait for bro…me for a while. The Ye clan people will never trouble you again.” 

When Ye Xuanguang left, the little chick in Ye Yunlan’s palm suddenly “tweeted.” 

Then the blood-red feather sword in Ye Xuanguang’s hand made a soft cry. 

Ye Yunlan looked at the sword light going away without saying a word. 

“I will take you back to the sect.” Qiyun Jun said to him. 

Ye Yunlan: “I still want to go to the top of Tianchi Mountain to pick up my disciple.”

His disciple again.

Qi Yun Jun felt a little uneasy in his heart. If it weren’t for that disciple, Ye Yunlan would’ve never left the sect at all, and he would not be injured. 

It’s just that this worry was noticed by him as soon as it rose. He suppressed it with his mind. 

He found that he paid too much attention to Ye Yunlan. At first, he was only concerned about a disciple who might become his opponent in the future, but now what? When did he start to become more and more concerned about the other party’s body and injuries? So concerned that soon as he received the call, he rushed over from so far away to heal the other party.

He cultivated the heartless dao, which was close to the state of immortalization. He should be heartless and desireless. 

Then what about this situation… 

Is this the tribulation of his heart demon?

The heart demon tribulation is an undeclared thing, and it can happen at any time with each stage of the cultivator’s cultivation. It should not be ignored. 

Qi Yunjun’s eyes darkened slightly. 

“I need to go back to closed-door training.” After all, he didn’t mean to wait with Ye Yunlan anymore but said: “I will give you a ride.” 

Then he added another cold sentence, “Pay attention to your body and don’t cause any more injuries. Otherwise, even gods and immortals will not be able to save you.” 

——The observatory was damaged during the movements of Tianchi mountain. The people could not see the ascension steps’ situation. They could only gather around the floating cloud summit to talk and discuss.

Shi Ying was talking with the Senior Sister he admired. 

A few days ago, he didn’t enter the ascension stage because of his timidity and lost face in front of this Senior Sister. So he was now working hard to find some interesting topics in an attempt to attract the attention of his Senior Sister. 

However, he found that his Senior Sister was just listening indifferently. Suddenly, her beautiful eyes shifted directions, fixedly staring at a figure: “Who is he?” 

Ye Yunlan was sent to the top of the mountain by Qiyun Jun, and the other party had already left. 

Qiyun Jun was a little too concerned about him, and he was aware of it. 

It’s just that the matter of the Buddha Tower in his previous life was still in his mind, so he was afraid that in this life, he would no longer be able to speak with the other party like an ordinary friend. 

Many people gathered at the top of the mountain. 

He suddenly realized that he did not bring his veiled hat. 

Amidst the countless stares, a woman dressed in purple clothes with a very beautiful appearance came over, “I am Tingyu pavilion’s Luo Yuqing. Could I dare ask this fellow Daoist name and which sect you’re from?” 

When a bold and beautiful woman cultivator takes the initiative to show her goodwill, few male cultivators could refuse. 

And Ye Yunlan… he never knew how to deal with a passionate and straightforward woman. The Sect’s First Senior Sister Yin was enough for him to have a headache, yet now there is another like Luo Yuqing? 

When he was thinking about how to deal with the other party, he suddenly heard someone yelling.

“Look! Someone has come out from the exit of the ascension steps !” 

“How? It’s been less than ten days…” 

Ye Yunlan cast his eyes to the exit of the ascension steps. 

There was a stone gate standing on the northernmost side of Floating Cloud Summit, with countless ancient gods and secret patterns engraved on the gate. 

At this moment, a gap opened in the middle of the gate. It was slowly opening on both sides. 

Light shone through the gate, and there was a gorgeous fire cloud inside. 

In the backlight, a figure gradually became clear. 

Ye Yunlan was startled. 

He saw a pair of demonic eyes. 

It was long, narrow, and evil as if it contained boundless darkness. It seemed as if it was passing through the sky behind him and throwing himself into this world. 

So similar. 

So extremely similar to the person with whom he was very familiar in his previous life. This person was walking towards him step by step.

How can it be? 

He thought.

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