Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Obsession 

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The mountain road was calm, and the wind was calm. Several Sky Sect disciples were carefully walking up. 

Cold sweat calmly stained Rong Ran’s face and slid down.

Although he was righteous and awe-inspiring in front of his same sect members, he was actually uncertain in his heart. He could only follow the cinnabar guide on the ancient scroll and try to walk up the mountain road. 

One step, two steps, ten steps. 

There was nothing wrong with the guidelines on the ancient scroll. 

Rong Ran breathed a sigh of relief. 

Looking at the two people’s backs in the distance, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth and speeding up their pace. 

But when he finally caught up after rushing for a long time, he looked up, panting, and saw the master and disciple standing there, eating peaches. They didn’t even have the slightest intention of vying for first place. Him rushing to be first seemed like a joke.

Behind, Lu Qingshu cynically laughed: “So leisurely, it’s like dangers aren’t surrounding you. It looks like you really have mastered this mountain’s magic ways. It really arouses envy from others.”

“Between the members of the same sect, we should mutually help each other. If they knew, why didn’t they tell us anything?” Another disciple named Xue Yongzi angrily said. “When there are treasures to be fought for and when difficulties are shared. That is the true righteousness between members of the same sect. If Senior Brother Zhao really had any mishaps, you guys won’t be able to escape responsibility.”

Rong Ran raised his hand and motioned them to be quiet with a gentle look, then walked up the mountain. When he passed by the two of them, he stopped.     

“Junior Brother Zhao fell into the trap of formation without notice just now, and we don’t know his life or death situation.” He said.     

Ye Yunlan took the silk handkerchief Shen Shu gave and wiped his fingertips as if he hadn’t heard it.     

Rong Ran sighed and said in pain: “You don’t have any explanation? Ah Lan, I don’t know when this started? When did you become so distant?”     

Ye Yunlan’s hands paused. He raised his long eyelashes, then quietly looked at him.     

Rong Ran was startled.

The world’s brilliance seemed to fill those narrow and extremely beautiful eyes, but the mundane world couldn’t reflect in the other’s eyes at all. 

——And he was only floating dust. 

Rong Ran bit his lip and wanted to continue to say something, but he heard Ye Yunlan say: “I thought you knew.” 

Rong Ran: “I know what?” 

Ye Yunlan slowly wiped his fingertips and said: “You have a map of the secret realm in your hand. You should know that this place is dangerous.” 

Rong Ran’s pupils shrank upon hearing this. 

Chen Weiyuan asked Chen Xianyu to give him the secret map. He never told others about it, so the map was hiding in a jade slip, and he rarely showed it to others. How could Ye Yunlan know that he had a map? 

Ye Yunlan had already suspected that Rong Ran had a map in his hands. 

Rong Ran reached the third level much faster than in his previous life. Being able to catch up with him and Shen Shu without any problems this time only confirmed his guess. 

Ye Yunlan: “You have a map, the method to go up the mountain, and you are the leader of this sect’s disciples. How can I take the responsibility to remind the other disciples?” 

Rong Ran couldn’t retort. 

Not noticing the reminder on the map was him not being cautious enough. 

And he hadn’t told his other sect members he had a map in his hand. Thus, what Ye Yunlan said was his Achilles heel. He was careless. 

He had been with this person for many years. He didn’t know that this person’s cold and introverted temperament could allow him to speak like a blade. 

Behind them, the disciples have already looked at them suspiciously. 

Rong Ran’s soft face showed a little pale color. He said: “Junior Brother is joking. Before I set off, I deliberately checked many ancient books and learned some of the secrets in the secret realm to make this trip to the secret realm go smoothly. Because of this, I avoided a lot of dangers and arrived here smoothly. But to say that I have a map in my hand, Junior Brother is thinking too much.”

He smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Furthermore, this mountain road is rugged, the formations are dangerous, and there are countless traps. Senior Brother exhausted his mind to observe and calculate before he could barely avoid the danger. However, that has also reached the end. Fortunately, I caught up to Junior Brother in time. Junior Brother, as your Senior Brother, I only want to ask you for one thing. I hope that Junior Brother can lead the way to allow our sect members to not get hurt.” 

He leaned down and took a deep bow.

Before Ye Yunlan nodded or shook his head, Rong Ran’s body shook suddenly, as if he was losing his strength. 

“Senior Brother Rong!” A disciple next to him hurriedly stepped forward to hold him and cast an angry gaze at Ye Yunlan and Shen Shu as if they were the ones who caused Rong Ran to fall. 

“Junior Brother Ye, we all belong to the same sect, don’t do too much.”

“Yeah, yeah, Senior Brother Rong is already like this. Are you going to slander him?” 

“The one holding the map is you. You can be relaxed and comfortable, but we are always frightened. Are you happy?” 

Ye Yunlan had no expression on his face. Looking at those chattering disciples behind Rong Ran made him remember the noisy voices of the disciples when the group surrounded him on the slope after he was injured when he saved people. 

He also recalled a long time ago, when he rescued children from the battlefield raged by the demons, people would turn their backs to him and flee when he returned to the village. 

He didn’t remember their expressions.

But whether they were happy, grateful, hateful, or scared, it was actually the same. 

He returned the silk handkerchief in his hand to Shen Shu and said lightly: “Let’s go.” 

Shen Shu whispered to his ear, saying: “Master, I can drive them all away.” 

Ye Yunlan: “No need.” 

This place was the Netherworld. It wasn’t that it could be completely safe after knowing the route and telling the danger. 

If they wanted to follow, he didn’t need to bother.

The wind on the mountain was getting stronger. 

Dark and heavy snow gradually covered the red maple leaves, and the transparent wind became dark. 

Suddenly, an angry thunder sounded in the sky. 

Black lightning burst from the high-altitude clouds. Then they heard a miserable howl, and a disciple turned into a crisp, falling behind Rong Ran. 

Lu Qingshu, who was standing next to that disciple, panicked, “What’s the matter? Didn’t you know the correct way to go up the mountain? Junior Brother Qin obviously followed you? He walked on the road you had walked? How could he be electrocuted? Is it you not telling us the details?” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t answer. 

He looked ahead. 

It was the last section of the mountain road, and it was also the most dangerous section. The mountaintop hidden in the dark mist had already revealed some of its boundaries. There was a huge and magnificent palace faintly hidden inside. A gloomy light was rushing straight into it, stirring out a vortex. 

Ye Yunlan: “Shen Shu, pay attention to your observation. This place is dangerous and unpredictable. You need to be careful at all times.” 

Lu Qingshu’s face was sometimes blue, then sometimes white. He was just about to swear. 

When Shen Shu suddenly drew his sword out of its sheath. 

The sword tip dragged behind him, and a cold light appeared in front of Lu Qingshu’s eyes. 

He curled his lips and said, “Yes, Master.” 

Lu Qingshu swallowed and shut his mouth. 

There seemed to be lightning faintly brewing in the sky. Rong Ran’s fellow disciples were supporting him, and his face was pale now. 

He said: “I didn’t expect this time to find a path so dangerous. It is I who burdened you guys… Junior Brother Qin has already died. If you are afraid, you should retreat down the mountain first to save your life…”

The disciple who supported him: “How can this be Senior Brother Rong’s fault, it’s obviously…” 

He gritted his teeth and didn’t continue. He instead said: “The Sky Sect disciples advance and retreat together. I will never leave Senior Brother Rong and run away. Senior Brother, don’t say these things anymore!” 

Several disciples around also echoed that one after another. 

A pale smile appeared on Rong Ran’s face. Before he could speak, another loud bang was in the sky. 

The people who had learned their lesson were immediately on guard, but they didn’t expect that instead of the lightning that had just flashed past, several meteorites burning with raging flames would come flying! 

The mountain road was narrow and difficult to move in. Those disciples who had just agreed with him immediately retreated down the mountain. 

The meteorite fell extremely fast, and Rong Ran just reacted, slower by half a beat. The meteorite wrapped in the raging fire was in front of his eyes. The disciple next to him was so frightened that he was already stunned. Then, he felt  Rong Ran grasp his shoulder, and a little hope appeared in his heart, “Senior Brother…” 

He hadn’t finished speaking when his body was pushed. Leveraging the strength of pushing the other person, Rong Ran rolled onto the grass next to the mountain road, leaving him in terrible sight of the nearby meteorite…

“Ah——” The scream lingered on Fuyou Mountain.

Ye Yunlan was held in Shen Shu’s arms, watching with cold eyes. This scene completely fell into his eyes. 

Perhaps it was a coincidence. When he and Rong Ran went up the mountain in his previous life, they also encountered these meteorites. It was him who flew over and threw Rong Ran down, which allowed the other party to escape. 

The meteorite engulfed in the raging fire brushed his back. His upper back was burned and cracked. The blood that came out was also burned and condensed as soon as it came out.

Rong Ran’s hand was holding his arm in panic. He had thought the relationship between them, which had been distant for several years, had been eased. But maybe, when Rong Ran had held his arm, maybe it was just like today, wanting to push him first in danger to escape. 

The surrounding scene suddenly became blurred. There was a feeling of falling. They had to evade the meteorite and deviate from the mountain road. Thus, they fell into a killing formation. 

Shen Shu hugged Ye Yunlan tightly and heard the wind roaring. The two fell into a maple leaf forest. Maple trees dozens of times taller than usual surrounded them. They couldn’t see the top of them, only the maple leaves were constantly falling. 

One of them fell beside Ye Yunlan’s hand, leaving behind a shallow bloodstain. 

Shen Shu’s pupils shrank, seeing a jagged cold light on the edge of the maple leaf. He quickly stood up to protect Ye Yunlan, moving to avoid the falling leaves. 

Ye Yunlan: “Be careful. This is an ancient killing formation. It hasn’t fully formed yet, and it must be broken out of before it is formed.” 

As soon as his words fell, a strange wind rolled over his side, and the maple leaves that covered the ground danced along with them. It seemed very beautiful floating around them, but there was a hidden murderous intent. 

This wasn’t something that dodging could solve. Shen Shu picked up Afterglow and blocked the maple leaves that they couldn’t avoid. The soft maple leaf collided with the sharp blade, making a harsh sound of a metal collision. 

Ye Yunlan observed the distance between the surrounding maple trees to calculate the formation method with concentration. 

Suddenly, he heard a scream. 

“My face!” 

Rong Ran was dressed in white and in a sorry state not far away. Maple leaves were cutting him, and he was waving his sword against the killing formation. 

Only, there was a scorched and cracked piece of skin on his left cheek. It was a wound from avoiding the meteorite earlier, making his soft and beautiful face very hideous. 

Just now, he caught a glimpse of himself on the reflection of his sword. 

Rong Ran had always taken care of his appearance. 

He always thought that his face could be a sharp blade and allow him to possess things he couldn’t do with his abilities. 

Hiding Ye Yunlan back then was entirely out of his selfishness. 

He couldn’t accept that his appearance was damaged. Even if only temporarily. 

He glanced at Ye Yunlan, who Shen Shu guarded not far away. The other party’s occupied appearance was like a snow lotus on the top of a mountain. It seemed worldly and hard to surpass.

There was a twisted and painful expression on his bloody face. However, his eyes were shining with obsessive yearning. 

He realized more than once that he was jealous of Ye Yunlan. 

Yet, he also loved him in this way. 

Foolishly and madly.

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