Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Lean on his back 

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He wanted him.

The more painful the wound on his face was, the crazier Rong Ran’s mood became. 

At the same time, the flesh on his chest wriggled strangely, slowly drilling out a little bulge at a place outsiders couldn’t see. 

It seemed that something was about to break out.

He stared at Ye Yunlan, with only his dreamy face in his eyes. Gradually, he couldn’t even feel the pain on his face. He swung his long sword to resist the killing formation and moved toward the two of them. 

Ye Yunlan was calculating the position of the formation technique with his mind, trying to find the formation exit. Except for the first glance, he didn’t give him half a glance. 

Only Shen Shu noticed. 

He squinted his eyes and blocked Rong Ran’s sight, and then his gaze met Rong Ran’s line of sight. Looking at the other party’s bloody face and the scream just now, he suddenly tilted his head and said two words to Rong Ran with his mouth: Truly ugly. 

Rong Ran’s complexion instantly distorted. 

“Shen Shu, I am going to kill you!” 

Shen Shu had no idea about ​​human beauty and ugliness. 

The monsters of the Demon Abyss were strange in shape, and the creatures of the world come and go. But in his opinion, there wasn’t much difference. 

He was incompatible with everything on earth. 

He learned to appreciate some things in the time he spent with Ye Yunlan, but there weren’t many. 

Before he met Ye Yunlan, he had only one feeling he knew of when he was born. 

A human’s evil thoughts and pain. 

The more Rong Ran became angry, the more cheerful he was.

Shen Shu lifted his lips. His narrow and long eyes filled with evil spirits. He didn’t want to disturb Ye Yunlan’s thinking, so he continued to lip-synch: Come then. 

Then he turned the sword in his hand, thinking of which angle to go down from to ruin Rong Ran’s face even more thoroughly. 

Ye Yunlan’s voice called him back. 

“The killing array is mostly wood elemental. It starts from the Xungong, and Shengmen resides in Gengong, while the Gengong is in the north. Shen Shu, listen to what your Master says.” 

“First go east for three steps, then turn southwest for six steps. Go north for seven steps, then turn east. The tree you’ll be facing is where the Shengmen is.” 

Shen Shu: “Okay, Master.” 

He looked away from the prey, and his long sword moved in front of him. He moved forward according to Ye Yunlan’s words. 

He arrived at the tree, and there was no path. Shen Shu said: “Master, what should I do?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Use your sword.”

Without hesitation, Shen Shu cut straight with the sword. 

The biting sword light penetrated the trunk of the giant tree and revealed a tree hole inside. The tree hole was a vast and distorted space. 

He jumped in with Ye Yunlan in his arms, hooked his lips again, and swung the sword backward casually. He disappeared into the tree hole with Ye Yunlan without looking back. 

And Rong Ran, who was moving closer to them, had quickened his pace as soon as he saw the two of them finding the Shengmen. Coincidentally, this made him appear right in front of the sword that Shen Shu slashed casually! 

The sinisterness of that sword was hard to describe. 

Rong Ran had never seen such powerful swordsmanship of evil intentions. It was as if he wanted to make it an inescapable net, pursuing one to the end of time, forever. 

His pupils contracted, then he raised his sword to resist, but the sword energy threw him away. The sharp sword intent passed through the original wound on the side of his cheek, turning his original flesh into a pool of mud. The blood couldn’t stop flowing. The wound -that the flames first burned and now devastated by the raging sword intent- was even harder to heal.

In other words, if the sword intent in the wound couldn’t be removed, the wound on his face would be difficult to heal for a lifetime. 

It was only then that Rong Ran realized Shen Shu’s intentions. He could hardly imagine how he would face the disciples outside with this face. 

No, there was that magic weapon… 

A vicious cold light suddenly appeared in his eyes. 


After entering the tree hole with Ye Yunlan in his arms, Shen Shu fell into a crypt. 

The crypt was dim, and it was difficult to see. Shen Shu lit a flame in the palm of his hand before he could see the surroundings. There were countless roads in the gloomy crypt. 

Shen Shu: “Where should we go?” 

Ye Yunlan looked at Shen Shu’s hands still around his waist, “… You let me go first.” 

Shen Shu seriously said: “The crypt is dangerous, Master.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I have a sword in my hand.” 

In the killing formation of the Maple Leaf Forest, if it hadn’t been for Shen Shu keeping him in his arms tightly from the beginning, and he was calculating and couldn’t be distracted, he wouldn’t have had let Shen Shu hold him for so long. 

Shen Shu: “How can I let Master work?” 

Ye Yunlan finally realized that talking to Shen Shu was useless and directly raised his hand on Shen Shu’s arm, “Let go.” 

Shen Shu sighed and finally let him go. 

Ye Yunlan observed several forks in the road ahead, pondered for a moment, then pointed to a hole and said: “Go here.” 

Shen Shu: “Is this the way to survive?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Not necessarily. But since this place is the Shengmen (life door) of the killing array, it would not be a dead end. This place is located below the killing array, extending in all directions. Perhaps what is connected above is not a killing array but the foundation stone of all the killing arrays on the mountain road. We are now probably in the stomach of Fuyou Mountain. According to my guess, this crypt has at least two exits. One on the mountain and the other under the mountain.” 

It wasn’t just speculation.

He and Rong Ran had been trapped in the crypt for many days before finally stepping out in his previous life. So he had already understood the situation in the crypt. 

And with his memory originally, he could remember the entire crypt’s path clearly. But now that he thought about it, he didn’t know why it was so vague. 

He couldn’t figure out which side of the road was correct. 

Pointing his finger casually just now, it was just relying on his calculation and intuition about the corresponding position of the killing array. 

Shen Shu: “Then the path Master chose is the road leading to the mountain exit?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Perhaps. Move first, then we’ll talk about it.” 

The two stepped into the crypt. 

The deep corridor echoed their footsteps, and the flames in Shen Shu’s palms flickered slightly, stretching the two figures on the cave wall. After walking for about a quarter of an hour, they walked to an open area with six openings in the front. 

Shen Shu stopped, “Master, which road should I take now?” 

Ye Yunlan stood in front of the fork, contemplating. 

The firelight shone on the surroundings, and layers of stalactites and stones covered the corners. He stared at the shapes of those stalactites. He felt it was familiar, but there was no impression in his memory. 

In the swaying fire, the shadows of countless stalactites swayed in his field of vision. Perhaps, he was thinking too deeply. His head hurt suddenly, then the seven love needles that pierced his soul sent a burst of unbearable pain, even more than when he saw Chen Weiyuan before. It was much more. 

He snorted painfully, sweated coldly, then almost fell to the ground. 

Shen Shu sensed the strangeness and hurriedly supported him, “Master, what’s wrong with you? Did the injury get triggered again?”

Ye Yunlan’s long eyelashes kept trembling, and fine beads of sweat flowed down his forehead and over the end of his long eyelashes, falling like tears. 

He became better after a while before he said in a hoarse voice: “I’m fine.” 

When he first dropped the seven emotion needles, he often felt this kind of pain. 

The old monk who gave him the acupuncture told him that it was because of his delusion, love, and hatred and that it would be better after a while. Later, as the old monk said, the pain slowly disappeared. 

Although the pain was no longer, his perception of the people around him seemed to be more and more distant. 

He seemed to be separated from the world on both sides of the strait, and a vast expanse of whiteness surrounded him with completely nothing. 

There was no way to go forward, but there was also nowhere for him to go backward. 

Suddenly, a hot temperature came from his back.

It was Shen Shu pressing him into his embrace. 

The strength was very tough. 

He couldn’t resist. 

With his back leaning on the young man’s chest, sweat from the pain ran down his jaw. 

Shen Shu said: “No matter what, let’s take a break first, Master.” 

“I can’t bear to see you hurt.”

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