Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Hug 

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Ye Yunlan said hoarsely when the pain in his soul eased away. 

“We don’t need to rest anymore. Let’s keep going.” 

Shen Shu embraced him and put his head on his shoulders: “I always think Master has something you’re hiding from me.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Master is okay, don’t overthink.” 

“Always like this,” Shen Shu said, “Master always seems to have many things hidden in his heart, but he never wants to talk to others about it. Am I so unworthy of Master’s trust? It really makes Disciple sad.”

Ye Yunlan: “…” 

He didn’t hear any sadness in Shen Shu’s tone. 

He only felt the other party’s warm breath spraying on his neck, and then there was a slight itching. His hand was resting on his waist; no moderation at all. 

Then he tore off his paws and walked to the second fork on the left. 

Shen Shu sighed and hurriedly followed. 

The two moved, one front and one back, in the dark. 

When they stepped into another slightly empty crypt, a sudden clatter sounded in their ears. Countless bats flew up and made strange and harsh sounds, enough to surprise people. 

Both of them had experienced countless things, so they quickly settled down and walked into the cave with unchanged faces. 

Shen Shu: “There are bats. Seems like the exit isn’t far.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at the turquoise pool that occupied most of the entire crypt, and that strange, familiar feeling rose again.

He frowned, looked around, then found that if he wanted to reach the passage to the other side of the crypt, he had to walk through this pool first. 

Shen Shu actively proposed again: “Why don’t I carry Master and go over there.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Not appropriate. We don’t know how deep the pool is and if it’s dangerous.” 

Shen Shu: “If Master wants to know, just find a good-hearted person to try.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Except you and me here, where are the others?” 

The flames flickered in Shen Shu’s hand. 

The reflection on the soles of his feet was very long, winding backward. 

He said: “Naturally, it isn’t just you and me. There’s a person who has been behind us for a long time.” He turned around. “Am I right, good-hearted person?” 

There was a black shuttle behind and no movement. 

Shen Shu snorted coldly, then the Afterglow sword in his hand cut through the silence in the hole. His sword pointed to the darkness, “If you don’t come out again, the next sword will take your life.” 

A bewildered figure walked out of the darkness. 

Black hair scattered, blood covered his white clothes, and half of his soft face was bloody. 

Rong Ran was entirely unable to maintain the illusion of being gentle and polite that he usually had. Staring at Shen Shu with resentment, he was like a poisoned snake, “What do you want?” 

Shen Shu said casually, “Of course, it is for you to try the water out to see if there is any danger, good-hearted person.” 

He said it like it was inevitable and right, making that person angry. 

Rong Ran’s complexion changed abruptly and said: “Shen Shu, if someone knows that you’re forcing your fellow sect members to explore this way, not only will your fellow sect brothers not let you go, but the commandment hall in the sect will never let you go!”

——When he gets out, he must kill this kid without his corpse intact! 

Rong Ran thought bitterly. 

But before that, he must preserve his life first. 

So he turned his head to Ye Yunlan with a pleading expression on his face: “Ah Lan, seeing that when you were young, you and your Senior Brother had relied on each other and that Senior Brother took you into the Dao Sect, you wouldn’t let your disciple——” Ye Yunlan looked at him indifferently and finally said one sentence. 

“Rong Ran, I’ve already paid off the favor.” 

He wouldn’t have been driven out of the sect in such a terrible state in his past life if it wasn’t for Rong Ran.

Later, he never stepped into Sky Sect. The past disappeared like clouds and smoke. What happened to Rong Ran afterward? He didn’t know. He only knew that the huge Sky Sect would collapse in the catastrophe in the end. 

And the sentiment that Rong Ran mentioned—— as early as when he was under the three thousand long steps of the sect, the other party’s cold blade and blood-stained sight cut it to pieces. 

Rong Ran’s complexion turned pale, “Ah Lan, you can’t——!” 

Shen Shu didn’t bother to listen anymore. Raising his hand and sweeping with his sword energy, he swept Rong Ran into the pool. 

The icy water didn’t pass over the top of the head. It seemed like it was dragging the person down with a huge amount of weight. 

Rong Ran channeled spiritual power to his whole body and finally resisted this force. Then he desperately swam upstream. When his head finally surfaced, his wet hair mixed with his fleshy face made him look like a monster crawling out of the water. 

Before he could take a breath, his ankle felt something slender. It was densely packed, and then he felt a sting of pain. Next, the pain made him wish he was dead, then gradual paralysis…

Rong Rang became aware of what happened and screamed: “Snake! There are snakes!” 

But Rong Ran’s struggles churned out the green lake surface beside the water waves, and countless circles of small ripples were spreading. 

——It was countless, faint blue snakes. 

Ye Yunlan suddenly turned his head and looked at Shen Shu.

Seeing him looking, Shen Shu tilted his head. “What’s wrong, Master? Do you need me to save him?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Shen Shu, aren’t you… afraid of snakes?” 

He hadn’t forgotten Shen Shu’s reaction of retracting into his arms when he met a snake in the hot spring at Yanhui Peak’s back mountain. 

Shen Shu told him that he was used as a demon puppet when he was a child. The people of the Demon Sect had refined him, and he was thrown into a snake cave with his stomach broken. He remembered clearly. 

Shen Shu was stunned. He didn’t expect that his “self” was still afraid of snakes. After all, there were many more terrifying things than snakes in Demon Abyss. But, he couldn’t show anything out of the ordinary in front of Ye Yunlan. 

“I’m really scared; can Master hug me?”


Ye Yunlan pursed his lips. 

“Are you still a child?” 

Shen Shu blinked, showing a little bit of disappointment on his face. He lowered his eyes because of his grievance. 

——Although he was only pretending and didn’t feel afraid or wronged, he didn’t expect Ye Yunlan’s response. 

Unexpectedly, someone embraced him the next moment. 

That embrace wasn’t warm nor very generous. 

It just made him feel gentle. 

The cold fragrance on the other party’s body seemed to come from the past.

He faintly smelled something he recalled fondly, like a white flower in his dark life. 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand and rubbed his head. 

Unlike when he was younger, he was no longer taller than Shen Shu. When he leaned against Shen Shu while he hugged him, his cold, low-pitched voice slowly passed into Shen Shu’s ears. 

“So, is it better?” 

The author has something to say: Rong Ran: mmp (curse, a forbidden word in Sichuan dialect. = = something like “your mother is a b****”)

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