Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Bo Guang*

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* gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight

“… It’s better, Master.” 

Shen Shu’s voice was a little hoarse. 

Ye Yunlan gave a soft “en” and still made Shen Shu lean against him while looking at the pool. 

Rong Ran was still struggling. 

The tiny blue snakes gradually crawled over his body. Its hissing sound was creepy. 

His voice gradually became quieter, and his struggling limbs seemed to be stiff from poisoning. The small blue snake crawled all over his face like a maggot. Then, the snake dragged his entire body into the water. 

It was obviously a rather horrifying scene, but Ye Yunlan’s expression was still very indifferent. 

There was no pleasure, restlessness, or fear. 

He just calmly narrated and analyzed: “There are snakes in the pool, but they only stay in the water and will not leave the water. The snakes are poisonous, and even cultivators will be affected. Moreover, the pool is extremely deep, so wading in would be too rash and dangerous.” 

He watched the ripples in the pool return to their original stillness until he could no longer see the water snakes. He said to Shen Shu, “You can raise your head.” 

Shen Shu raised his hand and held the skirt of his clothes.

“Master, I don’t dare.” 

Ye Yunlan: “… The snakes have already returned to the water.” 

Shen Shu: “I’m still scared.”

Ye Yunlan: “…” 

Didn’t he already hug him just now? 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand, rubbed his eyebrows, then said, “Follow me if you’re afraid. Let’s leave the pool for the time being.” 

Shen Shu finally withdrew from his arms, surprised: “Why? We’re about to find the exit. I am afraid of snakes, but with preparation, we can still pass…” 

“Too dangerous. Besides…”

Ye Yunlan was silent for a moment. 

The turquoise pool in front of him quietly reflected in his pupils. 

For some reason, this pool of water brought him an inexplicable feeling of heart palpitations since the beginning. 

Even if he didn’t have any means to pass here, he still felt unwilling to let Shen Shu set foot in it. 

“There should be more than one exit to the cave. Let’s find another way first.” He said. 

Shen Shu had always had no opinion on his decision. 

The two turned back the same way. 

And behind them, the deep cave also returned to its deathly calmness. 

It was unclear how long it took, but there was a sudden bright light from the bottom of the water. 

Then, a black hand, swollen and full of blood holes bitten by a poisonous snake, stretched out in the pool and firmly grasped the shore. 


As Ye Yunlan expected, there wasn’t only one exit from the cave. 

After taking a detour for another half an hour, the two felt the breeze coming from the exit. 

Following the wind’s direction for a while, they vaguely saw a little sky light. 

The cave exit wasn’t on the mountain road; they stepped out of the cave into a dark land. 

Dark clouds gathered in the sky. There was occasional lightning and thunder. 

Fuyou Palace was in the distance, but it was different from what they had just seen. When they were on the mountain road, they saw Fuyou Palace’s front. But from where they were now, they saw Fuyou Palace’s back. 

The black mud under their feet was thick, like the blood of countless people that were silenced. 

The pitch-black wind whirled past their bodies. There was a cliff not far from their right, and above the cliff was black mist. 

A dark flower was growing beside the cliff. 

Even though a dark screen covered this space everywhere, the blackness of the flower was completely different from the surrounding soil, dark clouds, and black fog. 

It was a kind of black that was pure to the extreme as if it could suck a human soul into it. But the flower’s heart was the opposite; it was extremely pure white. 

Ye Yunlan skimmed through the ancient books in his mind and confirmed it almost instantly—this was the soul-attracting flower.

As long as he had the soul-attracting flower, he could help Shen Shu resolve the puppet mark on his body. It was the ultimate goal of this trip! 

Persevering with Queying, Ye Yunlan immediately walked towards the cliff’s edge. 

The black mist over the cliff surged like a living thing, revealing a filthy and unknown aura. 

Shen Shu next to him seemed to feel something and narrowed his eyes slightly. 

As if sensing the arrival of a living person, the black mist intensified, then it converged and formed scarlet eyes. Turning into a beast, it rushed toward the two of them. 

“Be careful!” 

Shen Shu flew forward, his horizontal sword blocking the front of Ye Yunlan’s body. 

While blocking the evil beast’s attack, he looked at these monsters’ appearances. 

That filthy, similar aura from underground made his overflowing hostility a little uncontrollable. His eyes were blood-red with murderous intent. 

Sure enough, he didn’t make a mistake. 

It was a fog demon. 

A monster that only existed in the Demon Abyss. 

He thought of the nightmare he had seen in the secret realm’s first layer. 

How could the monsters in the Demon Abyss appear here? 

It was totally unreasonable. 

The Demon Abyss was the deepest abyss in the world, the most filthy place in the world, where all worldly negative emotions and chaotic desires go. 

No one knew how deep the Demon Abyss was. 

As far as he knew, he was the only monster that had crawled out of the Demon Abyss for thousands of years. 

What’s more, the Demon Abyss was at the junction of the Western Continent and Northern Territory. 

The Netherworld Secret Realm was between the Eastern Continent and Southern Xinjiang. 

Even if there were monsters that could crawl out of the bottomless abyss, how did they cross such a long distance to come here? 

Shen Shu took his Afterglow sword and slashed fiercely. 

However, after the black beast was cut in half by his sword light, it quickly closed up again, screamed at the two, then threw itself over. The sword light could only stop it for a short time. 

The fog demon’s body could change between real and virtual. 

While dealing with the fog demon, ordinary attack methods were difficult to be effective. 

When he was in the Demon Abyss, he generally used his own power to swallow them directly. Not only was it clean and tidy, but he could also replenish himself. 

But in front of Ye Yunlan, he instinctively didn’t want to do this. 

Moreover, it was uninhabited in the wild here. Once you did it, it would be inevitably exposed. 

Since he became the Demon Lord, it was the first time he cared about other people’s opinions. It was indeed a bit strange to him. 

Perhaps, his “self” was still slightly influencing it.

There was no time for him to think about it. The black mist on the cliff surged more and more violently, turning into all kinds of monsters and evil beasts. 

Those monsters were so distorted and terrifying that they didn’t look like they were from the human world, making them disgusting. 

In fact, the monsters transformed by the fog demon were based on the various monsters in the Demon Abyss. 

Ye Yunlan’s cold and calm voice came into his ears. 

“I will go and pick the flower by the cliff.” 

Shen Shu opened his eyes, which were about to be completely red instinctively, and said slowly. 

“Disciple… will protect Master.” 

Ye Yunlan: “You take care of yourself first.” 

He clenched Queying tightly, and the sword intent of nirvana radiated from his body. 

Then the dim sword light flashed across, and the sword light cut a dark monster in half. 

With the movement of his sword, all the pale and weakness on his body disappeared with the sword light. His pupils became as cold, sharp, and indestructible as the sword. 

Ye Yunlan rarely made a move. 

The use of sword intent consumed mental power, and consuming mental power would more or less arouse the spiritual veins in his body, making his body injury more and more severe. 

Even so, he was the only sword cultivator in the world who surpassed the immortalization realm for the sword. 

Even if there wasn’t spiritual power, he wouldn’t lose to any mortal cultivator in the world. 

The dark and disgusting ghosts screamed and attacked, then the sword light cut them back. Death intent covered Ye Yunlan’s sword intent, actually causing the dissipated fog demon to slow down considerably. 

Ye Yunlan pursed his lips. 

If his cultivation base was still in his peak, he would flatten the entire black mist into completely dissipating under a single sword. There would be nothing left, needless to mention regeneration. 

He knew these monsters in front of him were fog demons. 

When the heavens and the earth faced the great catastrophe back then, a steady stream of monsters flooded in from the deep abyss and the gap between the heavens and the world. They squeezed the world into a river of blood and howled all over the field.

The fog demon was just one of the lower-ranked ones. 

What puzzled him was that it was still far from the time of the Great Tribulation, so why would there be monsters here? 

Could it be that this was the original source of the Great Tribulation in two hundred years? 

That would be ridiculous. 

The Netherworld Secret Realm was where the underworld was. 

It was the place where the ghost chaos ended and the place where the Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth ended four thousand years ago, but to have it be the place where another Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth began four thousand years later? 

Ye Yunlan slowly felt a trace of weirdness and sadness in his heart. 

Everything had nothing to do with him. 

He didn’t want to think about it again! Holding the sword, he walked towards the edge of the cliff. 

A stone stele stood closer to the edge of the cliff. 

Seeing the stone stele clearly, Ye Yunlan clearly saw what it looked like under the cliff, and the tip of his pupil contracted slightly. 

——Where was the cliff? It was clearly an abyss whose bottom couldn’t be seen. 

And four words of blood were engraved on the stele. 

“Infernal Purgatory.” 

The last layer of the eighteen layers of h*ll in the underworld. 

Infinite Purgatory. 

Ye Yunlan fixed his gaze on the four bloody words, and it took a long time to withdraw it slowly. 

For some reason, his heartbeat kept beating very violently. 

The Seven Love Needle in the depths of his soul was faintly painful. 

The Soul-Attracting Flower wasn’t far away, only a few steps. 

Ye Yunlan settled down, clenched the sword in his hand, stepped forward, and wanted to bend over to pick it up. 

But when his fingertips were only half an inch away from the flowers, a vicious howl suddenly came from the black mist. A dark monster with an extremely large body and countless eyes emerged from the black mist. 

It had thousands of blood-red eyes, and as those eyes were turning towards Ye Yunlan, its huge legs pierced towards Ye Yunlan like an arrow. 

Ye Yunlan perceived the danger in the shadows, but he felt something holding his body down. He could no longer move. He instantly realized that he was careless. 

In this black fog, there wasn’t only the fog demon hidden—a mortal body would have difficulty getting rid of the evil power of the monsters for a while. Ye Yunlan thought quickly. 

The only plan now was to use a forbidden technique——he had written down the method of removing the puppet seal and placed it in his room to prevent accidents. 

As long as he obtained the soul-attracting flower, Shen Shu could go back and read the letter he left, and then he could also undo the puppet seal according to the method.

In the letter, there was also his savings of all these years, and also things prepared for Shen Shu’s future cultivation.

He was ready for everything. 

He was also unafraid to pay the price. 

Ye Yunlan lowered his mind and wanted to perform the forbidden technique, but someone moved faster than him. 

It was Shen Shu. 

Shen Shu threw him to the ground. 

The monster’s feet and limbs penetrated Shen Shu’s shoulders, splashing blood, making him drenched. 

Ye Yunlan’s heart trembled, and his eyebrows furrowed. 

After his limbs regained the ability to move a little, he decided to push the other party away and fight against the demon with countless eyes alone. 

But before he moved, he saw something black and filthy unfolding from behind the other party. It fluttered like it was dancing. 

The shadow was centered on the other party, frantically spreading around. 

Shen Shu looked down at him. His pupils were red as blood. 

Ye Yunlan suddenly opened his eyes wide. 


The pain in his shoulder caused Shen Shu to frown. 

How long has he not felt such suffering? 

He couldn’t remember. 

But it felt quite novel. 

The giant monster’s sharp howling went into his ears. 

Shen Shu casually turned his head and raised his hand. 

The overwhelming shadows swept up instantly, counter-attacking the black mist and the monster with eyes all over his body. 

The monster waved its limbs and twisted wildly, trying to attack those shadows, but couldn’t tear it apart at all. 

And Shen Shu wasn’t interested in watching it struggle anymore, but he slowly closed his raised palms. The huge shadow enveloped the monster like a net. 

Then, it clenched tightly. 

With a bang, the monster let out a terrible scream for the last time, and its body was squeezed and exploded like a balloon. 

However, the scattered limbs didn’t fall back into the abyss. Instead, the greedy shadows wrapped them up and swallowed them. 

Countless huge black shadows stretched out from behind Shen Shu and penetrated the black mist. Like branches sucking human blood, it plunged deeply into their favorite food, swallowing them greedily. 

At this moment, Shen Shu was more like a monster than a monster. He manipulated the shadows and swept through the messy battlefield. He only withdrew his hand when there was no more threat.

The mental energy consumption of manipulating a huge power and the dizziness caused by the excessive blood loss made his consciousness blur for a moment. 

After all, this body was still lower in cultivation than him previously.

He thought this, then his eyebrows jumped. He felt the traces of another consciousness in his body returning. 

He gently tsked. 

How could it be at this time? 

He looked back. 

He wanted to look at the person behind him again. 

He guessed that he might see that person’s look of horror, just like many people who saw him in the demonic palace before. 

But from the bottom of my heart, he faintly felt that Ye Yunlan was different. 

He thought, if it was Ye Yunlan, maybe he wouldn’t show a look of fear but would only remain indifferent and calm as always. His expression would be unwavering. 

At most, his Master would expel him.

Thinking about it this way, he still felt happy. 

Only after turning his head did he find his Master’s face, which had always been cold and indifferent, showing an expression that he had never seen before. 

Ye Yunlan’s narrow and beautiful eyes widened, and his cold pupils trembled slightly, as if in disbelief and at a loss. 

It was as if the lake water, frozen for many years, was shattered in one fell swoop, and sparkling waves came out unexpectedly.

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