Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Wet Kiss 

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Ye Yunlan stared blankly at the familiar darkness covering the sky and the sun. Shen Shu’s face gradually overlapped with the previous man’s face, a hideous ghostly face from long ago. The pair of eyes were as red as blood as if piled up with countless corpses. His eyes seemed to pass over hundreds of years and years to return to him again.

He thought, how could this be so?

How could his disciple be the same person as the Demon Lord? 

But he suddenly recalled that he had experienced many familiar feelings from Shen Shu in recent days.

At the time, he thought it was just his own illusion.


But it turned out that it was not an illusion. 

The black smoke dangled in his pupils. Dark clouds and thunder covered the sky. 

He suddenly fell into a trance, not knowing where he was. 

The patter of rain sounded in his ears as if he had returned to that rainy night with lightning and thunder from a long time ago. 

He watched that person stand in front of him, gradually annihilated in the tribulation of heaven. 

A huge thunder blasted in his ears. 

His fingers trembled, and he tried to curl them up, but they were held and fastened. 

The man lowered his head and brushed his fingers across the ends of his eyes. 

“Why are you crying?” the other party whispered, “Master.” 

The phrase “Master” pulled him back from the boundary between illusion and reality. 

The continuous rain in his ears disappeared. He was still on the side of the abyss, his disciple protecting him. 

Shen Shu observed his expression and whispered: “If Master doesn’t like these things, Disciple will put them away immediately as long as you don’t hurt your body due to anger. If Master simply doesn’t want to see me… At least let me protect you out of the secret realm so that you are safe and sound.” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t speak. 

His expression was still a bit dazed. A layer of mist seemed to cover his eyes, and the usual surface’s ice-coldness and indifference melted in this layer of mist, making him show an extremely fragile, fragmented, and beautiful look.

Shen Shu didn’t understand the beauty and ugliness of the world. 

But he couldn’t help but lower his body and kiss Ye Yunlan’s eyes. 

Tears turned out to be tart, he thought. 

It was bitter and tart. 

But he still licked and kissed it inch by inch. 

The kiss lingered over his eyelids, to his cheeks, then to his thin, soft lips. 

Ye Yunlan seemed to react finally. He hurriedly turned his head to avoid his touch with a thin blush on his cheeks. His long eyelashes trembled. 

The hand that he held tried to shake him off, but his fingers clasped it tighter. 

Shen Shu was a little surprised. 

His master didn’t scold him immediately. 


Not only did he not scold him immediately, but he also showed such a lovely appearance. 

The demon’s desire always had to win an inch, and he would want a mile, not knowing how to be satisfied. 

Shen Shu supported his body and looked down at the person under him, wanting to kiss and tease him again. However, the beating of his heart became more and more violent. Was the original body’s consciousness about to recover? 

He hooked his lips wickedly, then suddenly he reached out his hand to clasp Ye Yunlan’s chin and kissed him again. 

This kiss was completely different from the gentle touch just then. It was like a hungry beast preying. As soon as it grabbed its prey, it had to go deep into it and attack until it occupied it completely.


The bodily fluid slid down the corners of the two’s lips. Ye Yunlan’s cheeks were steaming like a pink peach. He wanted to struggle, but the restrained posture made it difficult for him to get up. The trance made it even harder. He missed the best opportunity to escape. 

When this long and predatory kiss was over, Ye Yunlan pushed Shen Shu away, turning his head and sitting aside, panting. 

He raised his sleeves and wiped the water stains on his lips, but his hands were trembling and weak. The anger that should’ve arisen had nowhere to converge because of the newly-learned fact.

His snow-white sleeve looked a little red. He realized that the other party had bitten his lips. 

He was really a… sinful disciple. 

He pursed his lips, feeling a tingling sensation. He suddenly didn’t know how to treat Shen Shu. 

——How should he treat this disciple who liked him and was the closest person to him in his previous life? 

The black wind was blowing on the edge of the cliff. The surrounding black fog had disappeared without a trace. 

The barren land spread to the distance, and the Fuyou Palace stood at the end of his sight. The surroundings were silent. 

Suddenly, a black shadow snaked over and stopped beside him. 

The shadow seemed to hesitate for a while before it straightened up from the ground and lightly touched his wrist again, showing a cautious look. 

The thing on his hand was dark and soft, cold and slimy. In Ye Yunlan’s view, it was a bit d*mn familiar. 

Shen Shu’s somewhat disturbed voice came over. 


“I hid things from you before, I, I didn’t mean it. I was just…”

Ye Yunlan took a deep breath and turned his head. 

There was still a slight blush on his cheeks that hadn’t faded. His lips were beautiful, and his complexion was extremely gorgeous. Although his eyes had returned to the coldness of the past, his eyes were still a little red. Shen Shu couldn’t breathe. 

Especially when Shen Shu saw the bloody wound on Ye Yunlan’s lips, he scolded his other unreliable self from the bottom of his heart. 

Before that, because the Demon Lord’s memory in his mind was too excessive, he deliberately locked the memory in the depths of his soul to protect himself from too much influence. He had only taken it out when he needed it. Nevertheless, he still tasted losing himself in it and even produced a “self” the Demon Lord’s memory dominated. 

And the momentary loss of mind in the previous illusion gave that “self” a chance to take advantage. 

He watched that fellow, following along the whole way, approaching Master in various ways and taking advantage. Already, anger was suffocating him. 

Finally regaining his body, he faced such an embarrassing scene. Master’s anger… 

Shen Shu lowered his head and didn’t dare look at Ye Yunlan’s eyes. He continued to squat and apologize but suddenly heard Ye Yunlan’s hoarse voice cut off his words. 

“No need to continue talking.”

Shen Shu’s mood suddenly tightened, lest Master say something to drive him out of his teaching.

Although this scene had appeared countless times in his dreams over the years, the five fingers hanging on his side were still slowly clenched. 

However, he didn’t hear the expected disappointment and reprimand. Instead, he only heard Ye Yunlan talk lowly like he was sighing. 

“Come here.” 

The author has something to say: 

Innocent Shen Shu taking the heat: Grieved, pitiful, Master, love me one more time.

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  1. Ye gods, why doesn’t someone slap Ye Yunlan’s face off and try to shock a few brain cells into functioning? And lop off Shen Shu’s hands while they’re at it? The one’s an idiot – seriously, how many times does your disciple have to stick his tongue down your throat before you realize ‘oh, hey, maybe I completely failed as a teacher! My student regards me as a bedwarmer!’. And the other is just as bad as all the other men in the story. Even worse – at least the others aren’t mauling the target of their lust constantly, when he’s clearly stated he doesn’t want it. There’s nothing romantic about any of this at all.


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