Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 89

 Chapter 89 Demon Abyss 

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Shen Shu approached as told. 

His master was looking at him quietly with his head sideways, almost like he doubted if something was on his face. He then heard the other party speak. 

“Does it still hurt?” 

Shen Shu was stunned and didn’t react. 

Ye Yunlan looked at himself reflected in his blood-red eyes. His eyes flickered for a moment, “Does the injury on your shoulder still hurt?” 

Shen Shu finally heard that Ye Yunlan was actually caring about him and said quickly: “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” He then thought about it again. The behavior of “himself” pretending to be in pain to get close to Ye Yunlan was actually quite effective. “…Just a little bit.” 

Ye Yunlan: “A monster caused the wound on your shoulder, and the aura your body contains has the power to corrode flesh and blood, even if you are…” He pursed his lips, didn’t continue, and turned around: “Before coming to the secret realm, I asked you to prepare the Snow Lotus Grow Flesh Paste. Give it to me.” 

Shen Shu took the plaster out of his storage ring and handed it to Ye Yunlan. 

Ye Yunlan took the medicine and opened it. 

The faint fragrance of medicine wafted out. 

Ye Yunlan took out Queying and kneeled beside him, “Before putting on the paste, we need to remove the rotting flesh first. It may be a bit painful; bear with it.” 

Shen Shu: “Yes.” 

The blade went into his body, an acute pain spread, and Shen Shu’s body trembled. 

Ye Yunlan lowered his head, carefully cutting off the rotting flesh on his shoulders.

The other party held the long sword in his palm, and the sword’s white blade reflected the other party’s cold eyebrows. His eyes were quiet and focused. 

Shen Shu couldn’t help but remember when his master was in the bamboo building study room carving his name on the wooden sword, he had also looked this serious. 

He still remembered that when he took the sword joyfully, his master had touched his head. 

It has been a year now. 

Ye Yunlan carefully trimmed the rotten flesh and began to apply medicine to the wound. 

Snow-white plaster stained his slender white fingers, and he applied a little bit to the wound. 

The plaster was cold. 

Ye Yunlan’s fingertips were also cold. 

Cold and soft, making a person want to tremble. 

Shen Shu only felt the ointment slowly covering the wound on his shoulder. It was no longer painful, but impatience was growing in his heart. It gathered more and more with the application process. It was so parched that his cheeks were hot, the tips of his ears were red, and his body trembled. 

Ye Yunlan: “It hurts?” 

Shen Shu: “…No, it doesn’t hurt, Master. Let’s continue to apply the medicine.” 

Ye Yunlan said “en” and lightened his strength, lowering his head while applying the medicine and taking care of his thoughts. 

Shen Shu and the Demon Lord were the same person. In this matter, he was still…in disbelief. 

The Demon Lord had once told him his origin, saying that he came from the Demon Abyss and was born as a monster there. There were no blood relatives, companions, or lovers before. 

The Demon Abyss was a forbidden place in the cultivation world. No one had ever been able to enter the Demon Abyss and come out again. The things inside it and how deep it was were all unsolved mysteries in the cultivation world.

For a long time, the Demon Lord in his heart was a mystery. 

He only slowly learned the truth of some things when he walked alone in the world later on. 

And this life when he met Shen Shu, the other party was just an ordinary disciple from the outer sect of Sky Sect. 

Afterward, he became his disciple. 

He watched Shen Shu grow from a young boy to a young man, his figure slowly becoming taller. He would raise his face at him with bright eyes and shout, “Master.”

He didn’t care much about the world, but he regarded Shen Shu as bringing up a child for a long time. 

Before, he always thought that they were master and disciple, father and son. Shen Shu would pass on the last thing he left in the world and continue his path. 

Only now… 

Ye Yunlan lowered his eyes, silently applied the medicine, and tore a piece of cloth from the sleeve of his snow-white coat. He helped Shen Shu bandage the wound. 

Knotting the fabric, Ye Yunlan stood up and said to Shen Shu, “Before the injury is better, don’t move your shoulders.” 

Shen Shu stood up with his other intact arm, smiled at him, and said, “I know. Master, be rest assured.” 

The young man was dressed in black. A touch of white cloth wrapped his left arm, and his long hair hung behind his head, eyebrows trimmed. Spirit flying, a youth’s vigor and willfulness could be seen on him. 

However, from his blood-red eyes, tall figure, and the elongated shadow on the ground, Ye Yunlan could vaguely glimpse what he would look like when he became the Demon Lord in the future. 

He was startled, and his fingertips hanging down by his sleeves curled up slowly. 

He silently turned around and went to pick the soul-attracting flower that they had forgotten for a long time, blooming on the edge of the cliff. 

The soul-attracting flower bloomed next to the bloody stele that said “Infinite H*ll.”

He picked the dark flower and laid it on his palm. 

The sound of the wind on the cliff was dreary. Ye Yunlan glanced sideways and saw no black mist under the cliff, just a deep and bottomless darkness. 

“Infinite H*ll.”

He whispered the name of this place in his heart. Then, a guess overflowed in his mind. 

Could this “Infinite H*ll” be the Demon Abyss? 

The Demon Abyss was at the junction of the Northern Territory and the Western Continent, while the Infinite H*ll was in the secret realm of the intersection of the Eastern Continent and Southern Frontier. The distance between them was so far that it was hard to place them at the same spot.

However, if nothing was wrong with his past life’s memory, the outer demons would invade the human world through the “Heaven and Earth Double Pool” after the two hundred years of the Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth. One of the underground pools spanned the entire mainland, from the northwest to the southeast, and the northwest section was right where the Demon Abyss was now. 

But in the southeast section, the Heaven Pool suddenly appeared out of thin air without a source. 

But if the Southeast Earth Pool wasn’t rootless and it came from this Infinite H*ll——Ye Yunlan frowned, and more speculations poured out. 

If he hadn’t rescued Shen Shu back then and accepted him as a disciple, would he have also come here as a disciple of the Sky Sect? 

In the past, disciples of various disciplines fought continuously for treasures in the secret realm. It wasn’t impossible if they would fall into this “Infinite H*ll” during the chaos.

——It should be said that this was the most likely way to enter the Demon Abyss if the “Infinite H*ll” and  Demon Abyss were actually connected. 

After all, the Demon Abyss on the edge of the Northern Territory was a forbidden place for cultivators; the Tianji Pavilion and the Western Continent dynasties guarded it all year round. It was difficult for ordinary people to enter.

However, speculation was only speculation after all. He didn’t notice Shen Shu’s existence in the Sky Sect nor the Netherworld Secret Realm in his previous life’s memory. 

When the medicine house attendant Liu Qing rebelled against Sky Sect, he could’ve taken Shen Shu away with him. 

There were too many guesses. Ye Yunlan felt a slight headache. He always felt like he had overlooked something. 

With the black and white light flowing in the soul-attracting flower in his hand, Ye Yunlan retracted his thoughts and turned to Shen Shu, “Take this medicine and sit cross-legged, five hearts facing the sun. Your master will arrange for you to resolve the puppet mark.” 

It was clear that Ye Yunlan didn’t blame him for hiding things from him and kissing him. He was still healing his curse for him right now. Shen Shu was rejoicing at first, but he suddenly felt a little upset. 

He was a little bit sad to think that his master had resisted his approach before, so how did that “self” sway his Master’s attitude to this? Why the big change? 

Even though he thought so, he still took the soul-attracting flower and consumed it.

Ye Yunlan had already collected all the elixir for resolving the puppet seal and the formation’s objects very early on. Now, he quickly took out a bag of dark profound soul sand, a bottle of blood essence of a ninth-order spirit beast, several very high-grade spirit stones, and many other sundries. 

According to the method found in his memory, the profound soul sand and the blood essence were drawn into the formation base. Different formations were placed on each side, driven by the spirit stone, and simultaneously catalyzed the soul-attracting flower’s medicinal power in Shen Shu’s body.

The formation was flourishing with blood light as if countless ghosts were whispering to hook people’s souls into the formation. However, the soul-attracting flower’s medicinal power made Shen Shu feel that his soul was contained in his body, and only things that didn’t belong to him were being repelled. 

When the formation stopped, Shen Shu sat cross-legged on the ground, feeling relieved. 

The sky was far away, and there was nothing that could restrain him anymore. 

Ye Yunlan walked over to take a look. He saw that Shen Shu’s beck was smooth on the back, and the dark and treacherous puppet print had disappeared. 

He was silent for a while. He then raised his hand and touched Shen Shu’s head. 

“From now on, you are free.” 

At the same time, in a distant place, in a palace burning with secluded fire. 

A man in black robes was cultivating in his seat. 

Suddenly, a row of faint green fires shook under him, and one of them went out. 

The black-robed man opened his eyes and revealed a face carved by years of hardships, a stern, malicious, and fierce face that was rare for ordinary people. 

“Who cracked my puppet seal…” 

He had a sword beside him. 

A sword that countless cultivators in the world have heard of and dreaded. 

The sword’s name was Shura.

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  1. Kind of off topic but I think it would have been so cool if the novel had been a “time cycle” concept instead of rebirth! In my head, I wondered who taught the original Demon Lord his sword techniques that were then taught to Yunlan. With the “time cycle” concept, we’d see Yunlan teaching Shen Shu who then grew up into the Demon Lord with those techniques!

    But obviously, the novel isn’t heading in this direction haha

  2. OMG?? The one who did the puppet seal was MC’s brother? Or does the Shura sword has another master now?
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    • No, it was that soul something sect master. Remember Demon lord annihilated that sect then got the sword from the sect master. That’s the one. The demonic sect that makes puppet using live humans.


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