Chapter 14

Chapter 14 First Investigation 

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The next day, Shao Qing tidied up some things. Contacting a group of superhumans, Shao Qing was seen as a wood element superhuman. Wood element superhumans are relatively popular even if they were only of rank one.

In just a few moments, Shao Qing was able to find a group willing to allow her to join them. A lot of the investigation squads were a combination of superhumans and ordinary people. After all, superhumans are relatively scarce. To collect a group that consists of solely superhumans, those groups would usually only be the survivor base’s high ranked investigation squads. However, most of the time those squadrons weren’t accepting new people.

The group that Shao Qing found did not have many members. Within the group there were three superhumans. A pair of siblings, a brother and a sister. The brother was taciturn and spoke little. He was tall and good looking with delicate facial features. Too bad he had facial nerve paralysis.

The little sister was energetic with large almond eyes and cherry lips. She was a beauty. Wearing suspenders revealing her navel, she chattered continuously. As a result, Shao Qing was able to quickly understand why the older brother was called Gu Chuan [to take consideration] and the little sister was called Gu Panpan [To look around]

The remaining superhuman was called A Tu. Nice and round, his ability was also the earth element. Besides the three superhumans, there was a young pair of regular husband and wife. Adding Shao Qing and her group, it would be a total of seven people.

Arriving at the assembling spot, the other people were already there. When the woman of the young couple saw Shao Qing, her face changed and she mumbled: “Coming out on an investigation and she still brings her child. This isn’t a vacation…. They really don’t want their lives!”

The husband at once pulled on his wife’s sleeve, smiling. “Da Ren please don’t mind. My wife’s words have always been a bit blunt…”

[Da Ren = term to call your superiors/ title of respect]

Shao Qing shook her head. “At the base, I don’t have any acquaintances and because my darling is still small, I can’t be at ease to entrust him to anyone thus I brought him. But don’t worry, my baby is also a superhuman. Although he is limited in his senses, he is still somewhat useful. We definitely won’t drag you guys down.”

Right when they heard that Xiao Baozi, that little bean was also a superhuman, the pair of husband and wife’s complexion changed and they didn’t speak any longer.

Looking at them and acting rather passionately, Gu Panpan waved her hands. “Hurry and get in the car, so we can head out. This journey will be at least another hour.”

Shao Qing brought Xiao Baozi and Yan Hanqing over to the car. Yan Hanqing was carrying a bag containing all the water and food Shao Qing brought and various equipment of some sort he had brought along.

Seven people split among two cars. Shao Qing, Yan Hanqing and the siblings were in one car, while the young couple and the fatty were in the other.

On the road, Gu Panpan’s mouth would not stop. Prior to coming to the apocalypse, she had earned her living in the field of entertainment specifically gossiping about rumours and other hearsays. In the end after listening to her incessant talking, Shao Qing’s entire body turned stupefied. Now she understood why Gu Chuan had facial paralysis.

If she had a similar sister, she would also have facial paralysis.

In fact it would have been an even more severe facial paralysis.

With great difficulty they finally arrived at the destination. Shao Qing escaped the car as if she was digging out for freedom.

Looking as if she hadn’t fully expressed herself yet, Gu Panpan came out from the front passenger seat. She used her most joyous expression to face Shao Qing. “If there’s time, let’s talk again!”

Shao Qing: “…”

I refuse!

A party of seven people, oh and Xiao Baozi, together entered the destination. Owing to a multiple of reasons and even knowing that the metropolis area had the best goods, they did not dare to venture there in search of supplies. Instead they decided on the smaller towns.

Within the small town, there were many single story houses. People concentration was not as high of a degree, thus there would be less zombies here than in the metropolis.  With regards to their small investigation team, although there is less meat in the small town, the safety level was way higher.

Once she got out of the car, Shao Qing sensed that the man beside her had quickly raised his vigilance. This kind of vigilance was not only speaking of the mind, it also included the body. His muscles all turned into a state of high alert. If any kind of danger arose, he would be the first to react.

No wonder he is from the military. Shao Qing casted a sidelong glance towards Yan Hanqing. Taking the lead, Yan Hanqing followed closely behind, standing to Shao Qing’s rear left. This position on one hand would help prevent anyone from mounting a sneak attack on Shao Qing and on the other hand if anything unexpected suddenly burst out, he would be able to rapidly help Shao Qing block it.

Having been assigned numerous bodyguard assignments to protect a lot of big figures, Shao Qing naturally knew better than anyone else what Yan Hanqing’s actions meant.

Shao Qing couldn’t help but smirk a bit, her footsteps increasing slightly.

In that second she had died, her heart was filled with an uncontainable resentment. She hated that woman who killed her and her baby, and she hated the traitorous Lin Qifan.

Even so much that at a period of time, she had thought that in this world there were no good men left. All men were garbage, simply trash.

However at this second, Yan Hanqing had made Shao Qing feel that no matter what Yan Hanqing’s intentions were, to repay her kindness or if it was just a habit, he was a good man.

Before owing to them being a colleague in the same field had she helped Yan Hanqing, now, she felt that her decision back then was the correct thing to do.

“Once we enter the small town, make sure not to separate.” The taciturn Gu Chuan finally speaking out. This was the second statement Shao Qing had heard him say since she had met him. Before that the only things he had said was how are you, let me introduce myself, I am Gu Panpan’s replacement.

“If we do separate and get besieged by zombies, it will be difficult to help. So, everyone, please as much as possible do not leave too far from your area.” Gu Panpan carefully reminded everyone.

After they really stepped into the small town. Usually when an investigation team went out, besides searching for goods they would also search for survivors. Under circumstances where they can protect themselves, they would also bring the survivors back to the base.    

The reason is because survivors are a fundamental factor to the base. These survivors that stayed for a long time at the base would hand over half of their possession with a portion of this half given to the newly discovered survivors.

Of course, resembling what Shao Qing considered as looking poor; if they encountered these kind of people who weren’t in the best mood, they might not feel like rescuing people.

Entering by foot into the small town, they remained their high vigilance and began to start their investigation. The houses of these countryside people usually have some hidden storages of provisions. Each year they would save a bit of their harvest in a station they created to place the extra food.

Therefore, Shao Qing and the rest would go from house to house in attempts to find these provision to bring back.

Unfortunately, a small town that is relatively close to the survival base would have long ago had someone investigate this area. From the looks of it, most of the goods had been taken away already.

After searching for quite a while, besides zombies they did not even see a bit of grain.

In fact, contrary to what they expected, they saw quite a few zombies. A lot of the families here had one of the members changed into a zombie resulting in the whole family being turned by the bites from that single member.

There were also families where everyone was turned into a zombie except for one single member. This type was comparably tragic. They would usually be bitten and gnawed on until they became a skeleton.

“I remember there were some granaries ahead. It’s where the merchants contained the grains that he collected from the village.” A Tu pointed out in front. “How about we have several people go over there to check it out?”

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