Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Reverse Kill

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Shao Qing silently calculated, altogether there were a total of five people. With her abilities, disposing of five people shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem was that she was currently still carrying her son. Moreover, these five individuals appeared to have supernatural abilities…this could be a problem.

What should I do? Shao Qing carefully pondered, while the middle aged man who pretended to be righteous was already impatiently salivating.

Shao Qing’s eyes narrowed, calculating within her heart, she then lowered her head to feign how delicate she was. “My husband died early and since then I’ve been all alone with no one I can rely on.” As she was speaking, her gaze towards the middle aged man showed her longing to find someone dependent to rely on. “Now that it’s the apocalypse, us, mother and child, both just want someone we can depend on….”

This middle aged man became exulted. Although forcing someone against their will was a pretty distinctive style he enjoyed, if a gorgeous women like this was taking the initiative to lie with him, this flavour would definitely be better.

He was itching to snatch the child from Shao Qing’s bosom to hand it off to someone else or perhaps even throw it on the sofa. Shao Qing retreated a step: “He’s my only son…”

That man immediately grasped the situation intuitively. At once he spoke: “You don’t have to worry. Your son is my son, I will get my brothers to take care of him.”

The blond haired youngster on the side immediately stepped in. “So, that is my nephew! Come! Let uncle hug you!”

Patting Xiao Baozi’s back, with a tender voice yet also a chilling aura, she whispered: “Darling, don’t be afraid. Mommy will be back soon, real soon…”

Xiao Baozi cleverly allowed himself into the yellow haired youngster’s embrace then with big blinking eyes responded, “Mama, don’t be worried. I’ll be good.”

Shao Qing allowed the middle aged man to drag her into the room. Once the door was closed, she narrowed her eyes. Her eyes rested on the middle aged man’s throat, back of the head, solar plexus, unceasingly thinking about how she could mortally wound him with one strike.

With great urgency, the middle aged man approached Shao Qing, immediately wanting to peel off Shao Qing’s clothes. Swatting his hands away, she coquettishly teased, “What’s the hurry? We have loads of time.”

“Yes… yes…” The middle aged man’s gaze had a lewd look to it. Before the apocalypse he was simply a white collar worker. Where could he have seen a woman as beautiful and graceful as Shao Qing.

Shao Qing slowly placed her hands on his collar area. Her fingernails lightly scraped the middle aged man’s adam’s apple. Then following the direction of the buttons, she slid her fingernails from his adam’s apple down to a button.

When his breathing started to become increasingly urgent, Shao Qing came up close and snug. With an enticing glance towards him, her other hand stroked his stomach. Then just when his muscles were starting to slowly relax, without any signs or warnings, Shao Qing’s five fingers gathered together. WIth an astonishing speed, she thrusted her hand into his chest while the other hand crushed his throat simultaneously.

As he died, both of his eyes opened wide. He attempted to call out to his companions but because of his crushed throat, he could barely let out a whisper. Warm blood slowly trickled down from the corner of his mouth, bringing an unpleasant fishy smell a bit similar to rust.

Shao Qing swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She hadn’t discovered that her eyes originally a deep black has slowly fluctuated into a layer of dark red covering her pupil.

Yes… the smell of fresh blood. Familiar yet not. But why is it that she had an urge to move closer, ready to bite his broken neck and drink up all his blood?

Shao Qing looked as if she was hypnotized, slowly lowering her head, she moved closer to the corpse in her hands. But in an instant, she regained consciousness of her actions. Her complexion changed.

She’s a human! She’s not a monster who eats human meat and drinks human blood! Can’t…. she can’t! Shao Qing reflexively shook off the corpse and it landed with a thump onto the ground.

As if teasing a child, the yellow haired youngster sneered. “”Boss, what’s the rush? Don’t throw down the lovely little widow…”

The others roared with laughter. One after another, they also joined the yellow haired youngsters in teasing their boss. However, after a long period of time, the middle aged man still had not come out.

“Wow, boss! You really can last a pretty long time, huh?” The yellow haired yougster laughed, while another youth spoke up. “Something seems wrong. It doesn’t make sense that there is not even one bit of sound. I’m going to go take a look.” volunteered a youth wearing a black armour. The others laughed at him. “If you see something you shouldn’t see, you might not be able to resist in taking part.”

The black armoured guy waved his hands, walked over and pushed open the door. Immediately, he discovered the middle aged man lying face down on the bed, motionless, but Shao Qing’s silhouette couldn’t even be seen.

“Boss?” The black armoured guy called out while slowly approaching the bed. Before he was able to give the middle aged man a quick pat, he discovered the bed sheets were dyed with red!

The sounds of the wind being split could be heard as an item came flying from behind him causing him to automatically employ his supernatural ability.

He was a strengthener, capable of solidifying his body and resisting assaults. However, his ability that he was so proud of wasn’t able to be of much use. Shao Qing’s fingernails effortlessly inserted into the back of his head like stabbing a tofu and crushed his skull and brains.

With a plop, the youth fell to the ground with a look of remaining grievance. Outside, the others at last also became aware of something not feeling right. The remaining three vigilantly stood up. Within the yellow haired youth’s hand, a small fire ball appeared. “Everyone, be careful. Something’s wrong here!”

Three people. One held a gun, one puffed out his muscles, while another held Xiao Baozi close. All of them approached the room.

It was at that moment, from the room a shadow came flying out. The muscle man reflexively punched out his fist, easily penetrating through the shadow that came out. But as it turns out, the thing hanging from his clenched fist was the back armoured youth’s corpse.

Yet suddenly,his private area suffered an attack. In the split second of sharp pain, long fingernails like a sharp blade sliced his throat causing blood to squirt out.

“Don’t move! Your son is with me…” Just when the yellow haired guy was about to threaten Shao Qing, he became aware that his hand holding Xiao Baozi was slowly being drained of his supernatural ability.

It was then that he realized that Xiao Baozi had a pair of black holes for eyes. With no eye whites at all, completely pitch black, it was absolutely terrifying.

That was his last thought before, under the gaze of Shao Qing and the last guy, the yellow haired guy who was carrying Xiao Baozi suddenly shriveled up at a clearly visible rate and became a dried corpse.

The final guy screeched out loud and fired three shots towards Xiao Baozi. Shao Qing’s complexion immediately changed and could not hold back her murderous intentions. Grabbing Xiao Baozi, she leaped forwards, dodging the bullet. Afterwards, raising up a large marble side table, she smashed his head until it was broken and blood flowed out. In a quick second, Shao Qing easily settled this matter.

Five people, in a blink of an eye, had all become corpses.

Shao Qing sat her bottom to the ground. Her scarlet eyes appeared as if blood was about to flow out. Xiao Baozi kneaded his stomach, pointing at one of the corpse on the ground. “Mama… baby is hungry… I want to eat…”

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