PMMB Chapter 57

Chapter 57 The name creating cripple’s tragedy

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After Er Dai applied makeup and put on women’s clothing, he appeared exactly like an adorable young lady. Even better, a tall one.

Passersby couldn’t help but turn their gaze towards Shao Qing, Shao Tong and Er Dai. Although, they all felt the temptation, none dared to make a move. Especially after seeing the badge on their chest, they had even less courage.

Xiao Baozi was hanging on Shao Qing’s chest, looking all over the place secretly. Finally he pitifully whispered in Shao Qing’s ears: “Mama, do they want to eat us?”

“Why are you asking that?” Shao Qing made a sweep all over causing the blatant and obscure lecherous looks to immediately retract. Most of that group were superhumans. Among the ordinary folks, not many thought that their lives were too long, thus no one dared to use that gaze on a superhuman.

Even if they were superhumans, underneath the glare of Shao Qing’s icy murderous eyes, they couldn’t help lowering their heads.

“Because they were looking at us like that. It’s so scary and awful.” Xiao Baozi honestly looked at Shao Qing with some suspicion.

Shao Qing rubbed his head: “Darling, you’re mistaken. What gaze?”

Xiao Baozi looked all around and there was indeed no more of those loathsome glances.

Carrying Xiao Baozi, Shao Tong brought Er Dai, Shao Tong and Yan Hanqing back to her place. The neighbouring house was indeed still vacant. When they started cooking dinner, Yan Hanqing went to do the formalities and moved into the neighbouring house.

Moreover, they prepared to formally establish their superhuman squad. Within the base there were many investigation squads, but only squads that possess more superhumans were able to officially call themselves a superhuman squad.

The others were only able to call themselves an investigation squad.

Shao Qing’s group already had more than five superhumans. Establishing a superhuman squad would be no problem at all especially since superhuman squads versus an ordinary investigation squad had a way better salary and required way less supplies to be handed over.

After eating dinner, Shao Qing prepared to bring Yan Hanqing and the rest to register for their superhuman squad.

Dinner was extremely sumptuous. This could be counted as a celebration for their safe return. Although this journey was rather dangerous, they did not have any casualties. In fact, Yan Hanqing awakened and there was an addition of Shao Tong; this could be two simultaneous happy events in the family.

Heading to register their squad, the enrollment location was located at the same place for assignments. The group of people entered the studio.

A baby faced but big chested girl at that place was in charge of registration. She lazily lifted her head and realizing that Shao Qing and the rest were all superhumans, she immediately woke up. “Are you guys here to receive new missions?”

“No, we’re here to form a new superhuman squad.” Shao Qing looked at the girl’s chest, then in a flash she moved her gaze away. The girl flipped open the registration book and asked: “Then may I ask what the name of your superhuman squad is?”

Shao, name creating cripple, Qing was a bit stupefied. Being a person who would give names, ah no, that would give zombies the name Er Dai, what kind of good name could she come up with?

Expressionless she turned around to look at her teammates. Yan Hanqing silently lowered his head, Gu Chuan shook his head, while Gu Panpan had a puzzled face. This left Er Dai and the rest, but there was even less of a need to look at them.

Unexpectedly the entire team was filled of name creating cripples. Could it be that similar things do flock together?

Shao Qing couldn’t help but feel despair. She gazed over at the big chested girl who had her pen lifted for a while, thinking, then said: “Just call it established superhuman squad?”

The big chested girl: …..

If being a name creating cripple was a handicap, Shao Qing would definitely be ranked six, with demon husband right in front.

“Then what about Resounding Roses?” Shao Qing involuntarily recalled a soap opera she had watched before and without shame decided to use this name.

However, the big chested girl earnestly apologized: “I’m sorry but that name has already been taken.”

“Then…. Sticking Together during the Hard Times?”

“Sorry, but that name’s already been taken….”

“God of Death!”

“Sorry, but that name’s already been taken.”

After thinking of a dozen or more names, Shao Qing’s entire body was ready to collapse and was a bit irritable. How could thinking of a name be harder and more tiring than killing a group of zombies?

“Adorable treasure? Don’t tell me that someone has already taken that name!”

“No, congratulations your superhuman squad has successfully been established.” The big chested girl smiled, but within her mind she was ridiculing them. Who in their right minds would call themselves the adorable treasure superhuman squad? Doesn’t it sound so cheesy? It’s more strange that someone would use this name.

“Are there any objections?” Shao Qing turned around and looked at the pile of shaggy haired heads all nodding their heads like chicks pecking for rice.

Gu Panpan was even cheering in a loud voice: “I think this is an awesome name, it sounds soo cute!”

“Then who is the captain?” The big chested girl had to strongly resists her urge to roast them. Gu Panpan immediately answered: “Shao Qing, the captain is Shao Qing.”

Gu Panpan’s idea naturally represented her and her facial nerve paralysis brother, Yan Hanqing naturally fully supported Shao Qing, and in regards to Er Dai, obviously there is no need to ask further.

“I’m the captain, the vice captain is Gu Chuan.” Shao Qing didn’t decline the position, and nodded her head.

After recording down some basic information, the big chested girl spoke again: “Your squad has officially been established and is now currently a rank 1 superhuman squad. Right outside in the lounge, you are able to receive assignments there. If these assignments are completed then points would be earned. If you’ve earned enough then you will be promoted to a higher rank superhuman squad and get better benefits.

“Thanks.” Shao Qing let out a breath of relief. Forcing her to think of a name was practically trying to claim her life. Accomplishing one task, they decided they were ready to go sign up for some missions.

A lot of the missions were only released to official superhuman squads. Arriving outside, flipping through the missions list, she saw many missions on acquiring high ranked zombie crystals. It appears that the existence and function of zombie crystals have indeed been revealed to everyone in the world.

Immediately overlooking these kind of missions, Shao Qing’s sweep discovered that the rest of the missions on the list didn’t really have any missions with good rewards. This was because there was a clear indicator that under rank two, if the team didn’t have three or more rank two superhumans then they were not allowed to attempt the mission.

With the missions found within the assignment hall, besides a portion being issued by the base, another portion was issued out by the people within the base itself.

For example, just from one look it is clear that this mission was issued by the base. This mission speaks about how at the municipal building at the city centre, a lot of classified information is located there. Inside there is a section that was originally prepared to be handed over to Kyoto in regards to water purification.

After the apocalypse, a majority of the exposed water resources have been severely polluted and even contaminated with the zombie virus. Even if it was boiled, no one would dare drink it. If someone is able to take this classified information and have scientists research on this subject, it can’t be certain that they won’t be able to figure out a water purification method.

This mission’s difficulty rank would be off the charts for others but for Shao Qing, it cannot be any simpler.

Don’t forget, the average zombie wouldn’t attack her! Her entering a city packed with zombies is practically like going into an unmanned territory.

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