PMMB Chapter 58

Chapter 58 To reach a consensus

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Knowing the inside story, Gu Panpan and everyone else’s eyes lit up. This was because the reward for this mission was extremely good. A villa, provisions, and even zombie crystals. Even more, they were able to increase their rank immediately for their superhuman squad.

It would be dumb it they didn’t take this mission!

Shao Qing flipped through the rest of the mission lists. Accepting three other missions requiring them to go to that city, but obviously the biggest reason was for the investigation of information.

The girl who was in charge of recording down the missions was very sweet looking. Concerned, she asked: “Are the few of you actually wanting to take on this assignment? Although it’s recommended that the squad be rank two or higher, even rank three superhuman squads aren’t willing to take on this mission.”

Shao Qing nodded her head: “We’re taking it.”

“Okay then.” With nothing else she can do to dissuade them, she helplessly recorded it down. After all she can’t stop people from throwing away their lives if they wanted to.

“Adorable….eh Adorable Treasure superhuman squad is it?” Reading out the name, the girl suddenly felt a bit of embarrassment, she felt that her awkward disorder was about to erupt.

With an earnest face Shao Qing replied: “Yes.”

The girl quickly recorded everything down and then told Shao Qing: “This will be a combined mission. Another superhuman squad had taken this task, so please meet them tomorrow afternoon at the plaza to assemble.”

“Okay.” Shao Qing frowned. Unexpectedly, they will have to move out with others. To them this would be rather unfavourable. After all within their group there were three abormals…

Especially Er Dai, he was especially easy to be discovered. In the off case that he is exposed there would be only two endings. Either they would have to exterminate the other superhuman squad, killing them to prevent them from divulging their secret or flee from this base.

Moreover in case they ended up in a situation where they had to flee, it was highly likely that they will never be able to enter any medium sized or large sized base. After all, a zombie being able to sneak into the base would definitely alert the base. Afterwards they would surely issue an order for arrest to warn all the other bases.

In that way, from then on besides those disorderly tiny bases that couldn’t be any smaller, there would truly be no place to go.

That’s why Shao Qing made a decision. She definitely would not allow Er Dai to participate in this mission. But she wasn’t at ease to leave Er Dai at home alone.

After all the base was too big, you could find all types of people. It’s quite possible that there might be one who would take a fancy to Er Dai’s ‘charm’ and while she’s unaware, secretly make a move. If by any chance something happened, Er Dai’s identity would be revealed. In this massive base, even the opportunity to escape would be slim.

Shao Qing couldn’t help worrying about it. But after thinking about it a bit more, let’s worry about it when it happens. Right now they couldn’t not bring Er Dai, once they’re on the road as long as he doesn’t do anything, it should be enough.

Once everyone returned, they started packing things to prepare for tomorrow’s departure for the mission.

According to the mission hall’s little girl, the other team who had accepted this assignment was one of the base’s three rank three superhuman squads.

Superhuman squads who wants to increase rank had to meet two requirements. The first was to accumulate enough points to request for an increase in rank. The second was that the squad had at least one superhuman meeting that rank to request it.

For example, if a squad wants to rank up to rank three, the squad would have to have at least one or more rank three superhumans.

Within the base there were a lot of rank two superhuman squads who had accumulated enough points, the only thing they were missing was a rank three superhuman.

Rank three superhumans are just too rare. Even in this massive base, the estimated number of rank three superhumans probably didn’t exceed a handful.

Taking Shao Qing as an example, she had discovered zombie crystals and source crystals earlier on. But even with this being the case, she was only able to become a rank three superhuman.

However, Shao Qing had the confidence, an average rank three superhuman, even three of them wouldn’t be more competent than her. Moreover, Yan Hanqing was close to reaching rank two. A rank two lightning elemental user wouldn’t be weaker than a regular rank three superhuman by much. On top of that, Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan were at the peaks of rank two and Shao Tong who had reached rank two by absorbing the spiritual zombie crystal. Even if they didn’t add on Er Dai, their fighting strength was absolutely at the peak.

Besides, Er Dai compared to Shao Qing wasn’t weaker by much, he was just a rather foolish zombie.

Actually, adding things up, Xiao Baozi also had a bit of fighting strength, just a bit…

In brief, their squad were incapable of using the superhuman squad ranking guide to measure their fighting strengths. That rank three superhuman squad, if there really was a fight, probably wouldn’t be able to handle Shao Qing and the rest.

In this world that uses strength to speak, this group was extraordinarily confident. The next day, once it was time, they immediately packed up their items and went to the meeting spot.

By the time they arrived, the superhuman squad called Gale was already there waiting for them. They had a total of six superhumans. The captain appeared to be a rather young man. With a smile on his face, he appeared to be easy to get along with; however, if one looked carefully they would discover that inside his eye was a tinge of indifference.

In addition there was another person who received Shao Qing’s attention and that was the young woman standing beside the man. She appeared to be about thirty, wearing an especially provocative outfit. Thick curls, bright red lipstick, with her body sticking out in the front and the back, she appeared very sensual.

The others, Shao Qing didn’t even take another glance at.

As Shao Qing led Yan Hanqing and the rest over, the man came over with a smile on his face and extended his hand out towards Gu Chuan: “It’s an honour to work with you guys. My name is Lin Xiaofeng. This is the vice captain of our squad, Cheng Jiao.”

That beautiful woman immediately came over with her hips swinging giving Gu Chuan a coquettish glance. As if he didn’t see anything, Gu Chuan was silent then afterwards he succinctly spoke: “Gu Chuan. Our captain, Shao Qing.”

Lin Xiaofeng immediately felt a bit embarrassed. Speaking honestly: “I’m sorry. Female captains are quite rare so I did not realize. Shao Xiao Jie, your bravery and abilities do not concede to men.”

Shao Qing smiled: “What captain? They were all just giving me some face. Captain Lin can indeed crack a joke.”

Both sides were complimenting each other, but occasionally a delicate glance would stick itself onto Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing’s body especially Yan Hanqing’s which seemed extra provocative and sexy.

After negotiating a bit, Shao Qing and Lin Xiaofeng finally reached a consensus. Shao Qing didn’t feel that they would have much rapport with the Gale squad as long as they didn’t hold them back it should be enough.

Lin Xiaofeng was probably thinking the exact same, after all from their appearances their team looked rather weak. In particular, Er Dai and Shao Tong looked like two teenagers and Xiao Tong was even carrying Xiao Baozi like a nanny.

After reaching a consensus, the two teams headed out. Lin Xiaofeng seeing Shao Tong carrying Xiao Baozi was also preparing to get on the car and couldn’t help but ask: “Captain Shao, did you forget to send the child back first?”

Shao Qing took a glance over at Xiao Baozi and calmly stated: “Everytime I go on missions, I always bring my son, otherwise I can’t relax. My son is really well behaved, he won’t drag us down.”

Immediately some people snickered, some even started whispering. They were probably discussing what kind of person would form a superhuman squad and even bring their child out to complete missions? They must be mental.

However, Lin Xiaofeng didn’t feel that way. If someone was willing to bring a child along on a mission, they would either have to be retarded or have enough confidence and strength to protect their own child from receiving harm.

No matter how you look at Shao Qing, she didn’t look like a retard, the only thing that was on the retarded side was just their team name.

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