PMMB Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Forming a grudge

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Once the two superhuman squads packed up the rest of their things, they left the base. Because of its performance and function, a Cross country car is highly popular during the apocalypse, but an average person couldn’t afford one because of its high consumption of oil.

Every time it would go on a journey, there would have to be a few extra gasoline tanks otherwise they would be left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Yet, to exchange for something like gasoline within the base was especially expensive. If you were to go to the city to search for it, it would be especially dangerous. Therefore over time, the cross country vehicle became something that only superhuman squads could afford.

Two superhuman squads, four cross country cars, one behind another departed. This was quite a spectacular sight. Quite a few people lining up at the base entrance to enter saw it.

Actually this scenario was nevertheless just them acting like a pretentious prick. But one curious soul asked an insider and once Shao Qing’s superhuman squad’s name was discovered, all their faces became strange.

Shao Qing and the rest all naturally did not know this.

From the base to the destination wasn’t a small distance so after some discussion, the two squads decided not to head there too quickly to avoid arriving at the city at night time.

They decided to rest out in the wild for a night.

On the road, everything was smooth and steady. Occasionally there might be a few scattered zombies, but they were all easily resolved. Team Gale seemed to have a competitive mentality, so every time a zombie appeared they would try to dispose of it as quick as possible, using every technique or trick on their hand.

This was probably to show off how formidable they were. However, Shao Qing did not take a part of this at all. They all just stayed aboard their car and played ‘Fight the Landlord’…

The main players were Gu Panpan, Gu Chuan, and Yan Hanqing. The rest all slept until the sky became dark.

They completely did not feel they were being provoked. But, of course, the other team members of Gale had all taken their indifference as confirming them as being weak.

The weak seven member group continued on the road until late afternoon. When the sun started to set, they had to pitch camp. Since the two sides were not familiar, when they were setting up the tents they kept separate.

When Team Gale was in the midst of pitching their tent, they suddenly saw Shao Qing carry a pile of bamboo poles out, surrounding their tents like a fence.

Immediately, a person started to secretly laugh. What could those pieces of poles block? Block a rabbit? Then they saw Shao Qing come out, touching one of the bamboo poles, a soft green vine having Shao Qing’s palm as a starting point, rushed out and crawled up the fence of bamboo poles.

“Growing some tree vines could stop some….” a member of team Gale was mumbling to themselves as they extended their hand out appearing as if they were planning on touching the vines. Just when he was about to brush it, the vine became just like a snake scavenging for food, in a moment it had twisted around his wrist, and was unceasingly extending up his arm.

The man immediately let out a sharp scream. His whole body became limp as if he had no bones at all, only his arm was dangling by the vine. It appeared that quite unusual.

Shao Qing lightly touched the vine and the vine obediently released the man. This time they were able to see that this man’s arm had already turned blackish green.

Lin Xiaofeng’s complexion also changed: “Captain Shao, my team member was being reckless, could you please forgive him and give him an antidote.”

“You can relax, the poison didn’t enter his body. The poison from the vine has only infected his the surface of his arm, if you wash it, it’ll be fine. However, there might be a chance that his arm will be paralyzed the entire night.”

Shao Qing had already knew that something like this would’ve happened. Therefore the vine was her issuing a warning. If some living creature came barging through, just a bit of paralyzing poison is enough, if it was a zombie, it would wake her up.

This is also why she didn’t stop the man when he extended his hand out towards the vine. Even though she has acknowledged herself as having patience, but her good, patient character didn’t mean that others could bully them. All those whispers and bullying, she had heard everything nice and clearly.

Shao Qing was also not a goddess. So giving them a little lesson was natural. After all, people should be responsible for what they say.

After dragging back the team member that was poisoned, a water elemental user condensed a pool of water and helped him cleanse his arm of the poison. Several of them all looked at Shao Qing in an non-amicable manner.

Yet, Shao Qing didn’t mind. She continued to shout out for Gu Panpan and the rest to continue to tidy up the camp. Once Gu Chuan and Gu Panpan found firewood, they prepared to start a fire to cook dinner. Naturally, Yan Hanqing was in charge of cooking.

On the other hand, Team Gale was washing the poisoned member several times. On the first rinse, countless of pieces of skin dripped off with the greenish black poison. On the second rinse, the stream of water started to become more and more clear. After washing a total of five times did his arm finally return back to its original colour.

When those people saw Shao Qing’s side, their eyes became even more unfriendly. This was in particular when they saw people especially intimate with that poisoned user. It was as if they were trying to pick things to complain about.

Shao Qing herself completely did not acknowledge their reactions. Arranging the pan and the bowls, the prepared to start cooking dinner.

Saying those unpleasant words, it was his own lowly hand that had touched it, now that he gets poisoned he still dares to blame them on not preventing it? In this world, how could there be such an interpretation? It was simply because being the one of the base’s three rank three superhuman squad, they have already been spoiled rotten.

Selfish and arrogant, it can’t be said precisely but they would probably dig their own graves one day.

Yan Hanqing’s cooking was very good. So skilled that when he was making the dishes a delicious fragrance would float out. Since Team Gale didn’t have someone with Yan Hanqing’s ability and cooking skills, they could only swallow provisions.

Sour and jealous, one of the members said: “Aren’t you scared you’ll lure the zombies over? New people are precisely new people. Their courage is as big as the sky, but they have no skills to back it up.”

Cheng Jiao rolled her eyes: “Just speak a little less, you’re saying too much.”

Lin Xiaofeng’s eyes were better than theirs. Earnestly, he said: “Don’t look down on them. Otherwise the one who would suffer losses is you guys. Today, you guys were in the wrong for what you did.”

Someone unwilling to accept it spoke out: “When they were leaving, they had to bring their son along. Maybe she’s someone’s pampered mistress, boss you have overestimated them. You look carefully. Coming out to a mission and they still bring a chef? How could this kind of superhuman squad have any fighting strength?”

“That’s right. A new squad with a terrible temperament, some of their members having poker faces, I really can’t see how amazing they could be.” Another member also felt it was beneath their dignity.

Lin Xiaofeng couldn’t help wrinkling his forehead. Before the apocalypse, he was a executive. His ability to see people could rated as first class. But he wasn’t able to see through Shao Qing. He couldn’t even see through her character.

But there was one thing Lin Xiaofeng was clear about. Shao Qing was definitely a skilled person. Just from her presence, you can tell.

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