PMMB Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Accumulated Anger

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Business men placed a heavy importance to benefits. If there was the chance, Lin Xiaofeng entirely would not be willing to take Shao Qing as an opponent.

It was just that only Lin Xiaofeng who could see that, the rest of his team mates couldn’t. The Team Gale members, had fierce eyes one worse than the other. From time to time they would glare at Shao Qing’s side.

Just like what Shao Qing and the rest had said, Team Gale has been spoiled rotten. From being high ranked and being praised constantly, they have already gotten accustomed to it.

But no matter what happens, they wouldn’t think back on it and admit it was their fault. Rather they would persistently blame the mistake on others. Their brains are filled with ‘teaching’ others. Letting everyone else know that Team Gale is not to be trifled with.

From the beginning since they had met, their incessant tauntings, disdain, and condescending eyes were obvious. As a member of one of the base’s three rank three superhuman squad, they all had that same inner quality.

That night nothing happened. Early the next morning, they packed up their things and prepared to head out. Yet the two fleets, suddenly had a large smell of gunpowder,

It should be actually mentioned that the gunpowder came from the side of Team Gale’s, Shao Qing and the rest were all playing ‘Fight the Landlord’ game. When they arrived at the destination, Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan were already covered with slips of paper on the face by Gu Panpan.

Therefore everyone from Team Gale had a face filled with animosity. While Shao Qing’s side looked like they were out on a spring outing.

Getting out of the car, Shao Tong’s hand was holding a bag of yam fries. Just like a squirrel she was gnawing on it. Her cheeks filled up like a drum, she was incredibly adorable.

Shao Tong was originally the delicate and pretty model like girl. It was just because she was subjected to mistreatment that she had become so scrawny. Now that she is being fed and raised by Shao Qing, her entire body has fattened up, even her baby fat was coming out.

Er Dai was like a nanny and was carrying Xiao Baozi as he followed behind. Plus the person with a face full of papers from the three man squad, it appeared like they weren’t going for a mission at all. Not speaking about others, but even Shao Qing felt like they were losing face.

“Enter the city?” Lin Xiaofeng, twisted his head over, using a negotiating tone to discuss. Shao Qing nodded her head. “Should we operate separately?”

Lin Xiaofeng shook his head: “The entire city is filled with zombies, it’s too dangerous. It’s more safe to have more people.” When he had said that, the member of Team Gale all gave him a look.

Lin Xiaofeng acted like he didn’t see anything, and continue to earnestly reply: “Should we open the path and you guys support from the rear?”

“Agreed.” Shao Qing nodded her head, then returned to her own squad. Once she turned her head away she couldn’t help rolling her eyes, it made it seem like she loved sticking with Team Gale.

Without Team Gale members, she could bring Yan Hanqing and the rest in, arrive at the central building within ten minutes.

The majority of the zombies wouldn’t even touch them. The only ones who would dare would be beaten by the group. However, bringing Team Gale, they would have to fight zombies the entire journey and all kinds of inconvenience. They should be a bit more careful, otherwise they might even allow Team Gale to discover that their squad had some irregular people.

No matter what it wouldn’t be worth it.

Of course, Shao Qing couldn’t say these words out loud. She could only bring her squad from behind. Lin Xiaofeng could still be considered to be conducting himself properly since clearing the way is comparatively more tiring. Them coming from behind to fight off zombies at the back is definitely a lot easier.

Shao Qing allowed Er Dai to moderate his own breath. He shouldn’t scare off the lower rank zombies from coming otherwise Team Gale would discover that something isn’t right.

Shao Qing allowed Er Dai to moderate his breath to a tiny scope so zombies wouldn’t be running away from a distance or not dare to approach them. However, once they approached Shao Qing and then, after reaching a certain point, they would perceive the suppression of a higher level zombie to a lower level zombie.

In the city there were a lot of zombies. After all, this was a major city that had more than ten million in population. Granted that some had escaped, the ones that had converted to zombie had to be no less than five million.

In other words, the city would have at minimum five million zombies, a rough conservative estimate.

Therefore coming here, the pressure on Team Gale wasn’t small. They could be said to be remarkable, dealing with zombies, you could only see different colours of light discharging from left and right positions.

Compared to them, Shao Qing’s squad was idle to death. The ones playing ‘Fight the landlord’ was still playing ‘Fight The Landlord’ while the rest were just staring out the window about to fall asleep.

In front they were risking their lives to battle while at the back they were risking their lives to ‘Fight the landlord’. The difference in this scene was extremely evident.

Very quickly, Team Gale was unwilling. Why should they open up a path and let Shao Qing’s group to enjoy their work? Why?

Looking at the group behind them not engaging in honest work, if they weren’t opening up the path in front, then they would have died who knows when!

The Team Gale members who were originally feeling aggrieved and angry slowly couldn’t hold it in anymore. A Team member sitting at the back commented and directly asked: “Boss, they can’t even do anything. I think we should just abandon and our speed would even be faster!”

The members full of anger complaints all started to successively agree: “Yea, that’s right. Did you see what they’re doing? Do they even look like they’re coming out for a mission?”

“We should go our separate ways. Allow them to deal with the leftovers at the back? I really can’t put up with it any longer!”

“They’re all a bunch of fools! Anyways, I can’t put up with them anymore! Let’s go our separate ways. Why should we do all the work?”

Finally even Cheng Jiao’s face became awkward as she looked towards Lin Xiaofeng. Unfortunately Lin Xiaofeng was as motionless as a mountain: “It was I who told them to bring up the rear. If you guys aren’t willing, wait until noon to exchange places. They can open up a path. Now everyone be well behaved and get things dones instead of talking bullsh*t.”

Still unconvinced, the group of people was a little bit better behaved, but their hearts were accumulating their grievances and was ready to explode.

On Shao Qing’s side, she had already spread open up a map within the car. Yan Hanqing was responsible for the route while driving the car was given to Gu Chuan.

Shao Qing was sitting on one side looking at the map. The route was drawn by the base through a high altitude aerial photograph. It had even circled the location with the most concentration of zombies, but the most suitable route for them take was still left for them to discover themselves.

“This route to the city hall building is the closest. The only thing is that this road would pass by three concentrated areas of zombies. If it was just us, it would have been fine. But, with the other team, it’ll be way trickier.” Yan Hanqing’s lead pencil was arranging everything clearly on the map: “Right now we are taking this route. Although we would have to take a detour to get to the city hall building, it has the most security.

“Shao Qing took a look at the route. The most concentrated areas besides the commercial malls and schools was the city hall building. She calculated it for a moment then spoke: “Sure enough, it really is better for us to go our separate ways.”

She still had to avoid that group’s suspicious eyes.

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