PMMB Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Withdrawing

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That punch was too sturdy and strong. That thing’s head immediately burst apart, red and white stuff spilling everywhere. But obviously this wasn’t the crucial point, the crucial point was that the hidden secret attack came out once again.

This time it’s target was Gu Chuan. But just when it was about to make a move, Shao Qing discovered it and immediately commanded her vines to tie it down.

It’s body slammed into the ground, emitting a large sound. Everyone turned to look at that thing to see it rapidly crawl back up to try to escape but was currently tied up on his lower half by Shao Qing’s vines.

It was not too old…. It looked to be a male. Unfortunately his face has already rotted until it was deformed. His hands were different from the average zombie. His nails were particularly long, it appeared almost as if his hands had grew out knives.

This was most likely what it had used to tear apart the throat of that Team Gale’s member.

“Destroy it to revenge our brother!” Not saying anything further, the fire user immediately wanted to rush forward, but fortunately Lin Xiaofeng was still rational: “Don’t rush, we have more people. We won’t let it run away.”

“Yes, first retract your fire. If you burn the vines then he’ll be able to escape.” Shao Qing pulled tight on the vines as she coldly spoke: “If your power doesn’t conflict with wood elemental then attack first, pay attention and make sure it doesn’t escape.”

Lin Xiaofeng nodded his head. This was Shao Qing’s first time seeing Lin Xiaofeng’s superpower. His power was also uncommon, controlling metal. Any metal within his hand could be willfully changed into any shape and used for fighting.

As for Cheng Jiao, she was also a special superhuman. Her hair is capable of growing into long lengths, furthermore it is durable just like Shao Qing’s vines and could be used to restrain others.

Cheng Jiao and Lin Xiaofeng’s teamwork was just like Shao Qing and the others, one for control and the other for support, they were absolutely well coordinated.

That zombie’s speed was fast but it wasn’t able to endure 7-8 people coming together at once. It just couldn’t react and soon it was engulfed by brilliant colours of superpowers.

When the light finally vanished, all that was left was it’s bones. The people on Lin Xiaofeng’s side let out a sigh, all of them relishing in being able to take their revenge.

Even the fire user who couldn’t make a move, quickly ran up and burned the zombie into ashes.

After the group cleaned up that eccentric zombie, they entered the room to search. Within the room was piles of information, which made it highly likely the resource room they were looking for.

The only thing was that this room had too much information. Furthermore a lot of the resources have been damaged by the zombie that was hidden within here. The zombie was probably the manager in charge of the resource room. During the apocalypse he probably turned into a zombie or got bitten, therefore it specially locked the door, not wanting to bite others.

However all the information within the room has been ruined by it. After searching for a long time, they finally found a badly damaged material relating to purification of water sources.

They all looked distracted. What are they going to do with just half of the resource? In fact, it was extremely damaged. A large part of it was stained with blood and shredded, how could a normal person even make out what they’re reading.

After being silent for a long time, Cheng Jiao suddenly spoke up: “My brother is a city worker. He had told me before that as long as the resource is important, they would have at least 3 copies of it. One would be within the computer database, one within the U drive, and one would be a paper copy.

“Do we have to go up and look?” Lin Xiaofeng asked.

“Even if we do go up and find the computer or the U drive, if there’s no electricity how are we going to be able to find the resource. How can we confirm that the information is on the U drive?” Shao Qing calmly asked.

“The underground of the city hall has a research room, Even though electricity might have stopped for the outside, it wouldn’t be cut off in here. We still have a chance.” Cheng Jiao clenched her teeth: “We’ve already come so far. We just need to put in a little effort and then this mission will be complete, otherwise wouldn’t it have been all a waste of time?”

Shao Qing remained silent, seeking Yan Hanqing and the rest’s opinion: “We have to go to the underground room?”

“Let’s go.” Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan both exchanged their opinion: “If we are really able to find the water purification information, then this would benefit us as well.”

Shao Qing looked toward Lin Xiaofeng who was silent. Then he spoke: “Sorry, I think I will have to take my brothers and leave first.”

He knew doing this wasn’t being sincere, but if they lost any more members it would ruin the entire team’s constitution. Even though he kept on saying how he was going to change all his members of his team, in comparison to anyone here he actually wanted each and every single member to stay.

This information was already enough for him to hand in for the mission. He didn’t want to face any more dangers.

Cheng Jiao’s eyes widened, wanting to say something. Yet she was completely silent unable to say anything. Finally she just lowered her head.

“Then you guys go out first and wait. I’ll bring my team to take a look. If there is electricity that would be the best, if there’s none then we’ll just leave.” Shao Qing didn’t complain or grumble she just calmly stated their plan.

She didn’t want to be some Holy Goddess. She just wanted the environment to change for the better so at least her son would be able to live a little better in the future.

After all the person who would benefit from this wasn’t her.

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