PMMB Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Her sound

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Ashamed, Lin Xiaofeng brought his team members to leave. Both teams went their separate ways on the first floor, Shao Qing bringing her team to enter the elevator.

She always never considered herself as a good person, so much that she was sufficiently cold-blooded and emotionless. But she still had her bottom line.

Things that should be done, things that shouldn’t be done, things that can’t be done, things that must be done, she had her own judgment,

Because there was no electricity, the elevator had no way of working properly. But to access the basement, there were no stairs, you could only ride the elevator. Using her strength to break the elevator, you could only hear the whistling of the elevator as it dropped. Finally when it hit the ground it let out a loud thud.

Using the vines to twist around the not so distant door and to make sure the vine wouldn’t break as they descended, Shao Qing used several vines together and formed a dense rope. To also ensure safety, she went first.

Gripping the vines, she slowly descended into the dark. Finally when she arrived at the remains of the elevator that dropped, she could see that the basement was especially dark, appearing rather sinister.

She frowned, then from her space dimension she took out some clothes she never wears and found an iron rod. Winding the clothes around one end of the iron rod, she easily made a torch.

Her team didn’t possess a fire user, so to make it easy to start a fire, everyone would carry a lighter around and obviously Shao Qing wasn’t an exception.

Using the lighter to light up the ‘torch’, a bright blaze illuminated on her body startling her. This was because by her side was the remains of a zombie changed beyond recognition, smashed underneath the elevator. It’s body was completely smashed apart, but its upper body was still trying to crawl as it dragged along its internal organs.

Anyone who suddenly saw this scene would definitely be frightened.

Being ‘benevolent’ she helped take this zombie out of its misery. After looking around a bit, for the time being she didn’t discover any more zombies. Then she flung her vine upwards to allow the rest to come down.

By the time everyone made their way down, Shao Qing had already found the power switch. Right when she pressed the power switch, a row of lights successively lit up. The originally dark gloomy room instantly became as bright as during the day, causing everyone’s eyes to sting.

The entire basement wasn’t that large. Altogether there were two rows of 8 rooms and a vacant space. But it was in disorder, so one couldn’t tell what it was used for previously.

“Nevertheless we should be cautious. Let’s start searching from the first room.” Shao Qing wasn’t willing to let her companions take risks and directly used her vines to open the door. Her vines immediately crawled up the door and circled the door knob. Then with a twist, the vines pushed open the door.

The room was pitch black, but through the light ray that entered, one was able to see the dust all over the ground. Everything else looked gloomy. Controlling her vines, Shao Qing searched around the walls until they found a switch to turn on the lights.

They didn’t know if it was luck or not, but right when they turned on the light, they saw that the room had quite a few computers. “Who can use a computer?” Shao Qing took the lead and entered the room, discovering that there were no dangers, then did she turn around to ask.

“Me.” Gu Chuan came over and tuned on the machine: “I studied programming when I was in university.”

The rest also helped and turned on the computers. All of these computers had passwords. Gu Chuan tried to enter and was able to figure it out.

Shao Qing didn’t know these stuff so she said: “You guys take over this area, I’ll go out and take a look.”

Shao Qing didn’t go far, just stepping out the door to observe her surroundings. This place had zero zombies. After all there were no elevators, variation zombies wouldn’t be able to escape so they must be currently hidden.

“I can… sense something…” Shao Qing continued looking around when her brain suddenly had an echo of a young soft voice. Startled she turned around to see Shao tong somewhat apprehensive.

“Just now was that…”

“Jie…. it was me….” Shao Tong’s hands were interlocked feeling a bit nervous she was drawing circles with her toes. Her voice soft and quiet was directly speaking to Shao Qing’s brain.

“How did this happen?” Shao Qing was completely surprised. Shao Tong’s eyes lit up. As if she was a child who just learned how to talk, her words weren’t completely clear: “Before…. Break through… learned…”

Shao Qing could somewhat understand what she was saying. So when she was breaking through rank 2, she also learned how to use her consciousness to pass on her messages. This must be an ability of a spirit user.

To others this ability might not be too useful, but to Shao Tong this was absolutely the best ability.

Shao Qing was also excited. Since she had taken Shao Tong home, she had treated her as a member of her family, otherwise she wouldn’t have given her, her family name.

Now, Shao Tong was able to use another method to do something she longed to do but wasn’t able too. Shao Qing was absolutely excited for her.

“Jie….” Shao Tong was nervous and bashful as she looked at Shao Qing. Her beautiful big eyes flowing: “Like….. you…..”

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