PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 3

Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 3

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“En, 1 o clock.” Yan Pingsheng forced himself to not look towards the table. Yet the smell of the dishes was acting as if it was trying to act against him and constantly headed towards his nose. Yan Hanqing’s culinary skills had real substance. The fragrance had almost caused his drool to fall down, yet he had to forcefully keep calm.
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“Then is there anything else?” Shao Qing’s meaning was clear. If there’s nothing else, then quickly leave; don’t bother us while we’re eating dinner.

Hearing this statement that was obviously meant to chase him away, Yan Pingsheng also felt ashamed to stay any longer. Quickly standing up: “There’s nothing else. Then I’ll leave first, I won’t bother everyone eating dinner.”
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Shao Qing didn’t even have the intention to send him off. She just stared blankly as he miserably left by himself. After he was gone, Shao Qing grasped a piece of zombie crystal. Using her own weak mental energy to probe, she could sense that each and every crystal was full with energy; nothing wrong at all.

“Everyone eat dinner. After you’re finished, I’ll divide the crystals evenly. Everyone must work hard tonight. Take advantage of tonight so that when we are on the mission tomorrow, we might have a few more rank 3 superhumans.” Shao Qing spoke as she also checked if there were any special crystals.

The rest silently finished their dinner. Afterwards, Yan Hanqing cleaned up the dishes while the rest continued to sit.

Currently, Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan were both peak rank 2 superhumans, only a step away from rank 3. After absorbing a rank 3 crystal, their chances of breaking through would increase substantially.

Although Yan Hanqing had awakened his powers late, good preparation is key to success. He had also raised himself to rank 2. Although he was slightly worse than the Gu Chuan brother and sister duo, he still had a large chance of breaking through.

Er Dai…. cough cough. After experiencing the harmonious events of last night, he had already reached rank 3.

Shao Tong’s superpower was rather rare, but she was also the weakest out of the group. In addition to the fact that spiritual superhumans couldn’t simply rely on absorbing energy to evolve, therefore her chances of breaking through was the smallest.

Even Xiao Baozi who ate his ‘snacks’ day in and day out had reached rank 2. However, Xiao Baozi didn’t really have any combat capabilities, so his firepower could be overlooked.

After thinking it over, she gave Er Dai a piece of rank 3 crystal. This was for him to use to consolidate his boundary. Following that she gave Gu Panpan 2 pieces. Gu Panpan was a strength based superhuman, so evolving was easiest in comparison to the others. Giving her two pieces should be sufficient to increase her rank to rank 3.
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Giving Shao Tong one piece to absorb, this was for her to slowly accumulate it bit by bit. Shao Tong also wanted to breakthrough, but the crucial point was that she already had that special crystal hanging on her neck.

Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing each got three pieces. Shao Qing ordered them to not conserve the crystals. Zombie crystals were meant for absorption. They must level up to rank 3 by tomorrow, thus allowing them to have an extra level of security when they head out on their mission.

Ten pieces were quickly divied up. The group was then disbanded by Shao Qing to quickly go into seclusion for cultivation. Waiting until they were all gone, Xiao Baozi then slowly climbed over to Shao Qing’s thigh. With big round eyes staring up at Shao Qing, he asked: “Is Dai dai my new father?”

Shao Qing almost missed grabbing onto the sofa when she fell towards it. Choking a bit, her eyes opened wide: “Baby, what are you saying?”

Xiao Baozi felt wronged as he hugged onto Shao Qing’s waist, quietly speaking: “Mama’s entire body smells like Dai Dai…. also Mama and Dai Dai were sleeping together….”

Shao Qing’s cheeks became as red as a monkey’s butt. Being spoken to like this by her own son was simply shameful play. She just wanted to find a hole on the ground and jump in and hide.

Xiao Baozi lied on Shao Qing’s chest, sticking out his bum, his voice had a sobbing tone as he said: “The book said, if there’s a daddy and a mommy then mommy will give birth to a baby and then you won’t want me anymore….. Is that true….”

Shao Qing automatically felt her heart ache. She hugged Xiao Baozi and kissed him on the cheek: “Honey, in my lifetime I won’t be having another child. You are my one and only. I don’t want anyone but you.”
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Xiao Baozi stuck out his lips, then clasped onto Shao Qing’s neck: “But, recently Mama doesn’t like me. Mama is always busy and doesn’t sleep with me anymore. I have to sleep with Tongtong and play with Tongtong. Mama doesn’t even speak to me anymore.”

When Shao Qing thought about it, she realized that this past few days she had been especially busy and indeed had neglected Xiao Baozi. Little kids were extremely sensitive, especially Xiao Baozi. All of a sudden, lacking that sense of security, it wasn’t strange that he was overthinking things.

Shao Qing’s heart felt sour and she immediately squeezed Xiao Baozi to her chest and showered him with kisses. “Mama was wrong. So, Mama will hold you while you sleep okay?”

“Okay.” Xiao Baozi kissed Shao Qing’s cheek, then lazily said:”I want to listen to a story, but not little red riding hood….”

After coaxing her darling to sleep, Shao Qing sat on the sofa motionless; while Xiao Baozi used her thigh as a pillow as he slept.

Looking at the plump delicate Xiao Baozi, her heart felt full. Even if she were to lose everything, at least she had her treasure. As long as Xiao Baozi is there, no matter if it’s facing a mountain of daggers or a sea of flames, she would be willing.


Once Xiao Baozi went to bed, he slept the entire night. His sleeping habit was well behaved, the entire time he did not switch around his positions. It was only because he was hugging Shao Qing’s waist, his drool had caused her clothing to become wet.
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In the end when he was smacking his lips and flipping his body over, he revealed a fair white belly. Seeing this, Shao Qing couldn’t resist poking at it. Soft to the touch, it felt especially good so she couldn’t help but poke at it again.

Xiao Baozi thus was awaken by her pokes. Rolling on top of her thigh, “My darling woke up just on time.” Kissing Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing lifted him up: “Let’s go. We have to pack up the rest of the things. We are departing at noon.” Seeing Yan Hanqing and them walk out, Shao Qing let out a breath of relief. Someone who had just recently broken through would temporarily release some of their energy, one could easily tell them apart. Besides Shao Tong who didn’t break through as expected, everyone else had broken through to rank 3.

With this being the case, then their superhuman squad would consist of one rank 4 superhuman, 3 rank 3 superhuman and one abnormal but could be considered as rank 3 zombie, one rank 2 spiritual superhuman and a Xiao Baozi who is an extra.

This line up was extremely formidable.

Shao Qing believed that even if all the rank 3 squads at the base joined together, they wouldn’t be able to be their opponent.
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Using Team Gale as an example, Team Gale obviously couldn’t be compared to this group of 7. Just from last time’s mission where not all the members contributed, it clearly showed that sometimes it isn’t the more the better.

As long as the captain and the vice captain weren’t defeated, then the team would have still been fine. They only needed Lin Xiaofeng and Cheng Jiao to be fine for Team Gale to not ruin their constitution.

If they don’t have other members, it’s okay they can recruit more. But if they didn’t have a captain then it would be over.

With the three rank 3 superhuman squads, each team consisted of 20 or more members. A majority of the members were ranked 2 with the exception of a few that had some extraordinary abilities.

So far, the highest known ranked superhuman was rank 3 Dian Feng. Therefore Shao Qing herself could already challenge their superhuman squad.

“It can’t be better now that everyone has broken through. Now let’s just pack up our things. In a while we will be meeting at the plaza.”

The things that needed to be packed weren’t much. It was just some rations, some clothes to change into and some wraps and medicine. Only a little bit of them were placed in the car, the majority was stored within Shao Qing’s spatial dimension.

This way it would be a lot safer, there would be fewer chances of it being lost. Even if something were to happen to Shao Qing, then the car would have materials ready.
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The remaining odds and ends didn’t even have to be mentioned. Shao Qing and the others moved quickly. Within the hour they had already finished. After eating lunch, they all departed towards the plaza.

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