PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Spending a night worth’s energy, she urgently needed to replenish her strength. Taking out the remaining rank 4 crystal she began to absorb it. Probably due to last night’s intense effort, when Shao Qing woke up, that piece of rank 4 crystal had surprisingly been nearly all absorbed.
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Shao Qing could also distinctly sense that she just needed a wee bit more, that final push, then she would be able to break through. Thus she decided to breakthrough in one spurt.

In an instant the rank 4 crystal was completely absorbed. Immediately following, Shao Qing took out another few pieces of rank 3 crystals. In one go she absorbed them all. Now within her body she was filled with a flood of energy. Attempting the method taught by Meng Shen, she used her consciousness to guide the energy to rush at the nucleus within her brain.

Bang! In that split second, Shao Qing felt that there were fireworks inside her head. Then everything was a blank. Only after a long time of tranquility did she awake.
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Stepping across to rank 4 from rank 3 was easier than what she expected. She could clearly sense the brimming life force flowing out of her nucleus. Surging out in waves throughout her body, any location that was passed through by her energy seemed to resuscitate her flesh.

In that moment, Shao Qing believed that if she continued to increase her rank; one day her body would once again change back into a normal persons.

This fact wasn’t what made her most happy. The thing that made her most excited was that Xiao Baozi had a chance in the future to become a normal human being.

Isn’t that what she had always wanted?
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After calming herself down, Shao Qing went out. At this time it was already the afternoon. Gu Panpan and the rest were sitting on the sofa. Seeing Shao Qing come out, Er Dai right away attached himself to her. Closely following was Gu Panpan: “Jie, you’ve finally come out!”
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“What is it?” said Shao Qing as she peeled Er Dai off her. Although Er Dai had always attached himself to her, this time Shao Qing had a guilty conscience and couldn’t help but want to tear away from him.

Er Dai felt especially wronged, but just like a young married woman he did not dare speak.

Gu Panpan didn’t mind the small details and merely said: “The thing is this, just earlier the base had sent people over saying that our superhuman squad had to represent S City survival base to escort the Jiang Bei survivors back!”

Shao Qing frowned. Once it was Meng Shen. Once it was Yan Pingsheng. Both were unable to persuade her. But now they are just directly coming by force?

”Did you mention to the base that we do not have intentions on receiving any missions for the next little while?”

Gu Panpan replied: “I did. We automatically thought that something didn’t add up. In this base there are so many superhuman squads, why would they choose us of all people. That’s why I tactfully rejected them. Afterwards the person said that this mission is compulsory, we have to complete it. However the reimbursements would be plentiful.”

Shao Qing immediately felt angry. She did not understand why Meng Shen and those people had repeatedly tried to get them to accept the mission. Was there some sort of plot, but no matter what it definitely wouldn’t be something good.
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This kind of trap is originally something she would never tread on. But now there is someone trying to push her feet down, who could be happy in this situation?

“Did they say anything else?” Shao Qing coldly asked.

“They said that we are representing the base’s reputation. Once we are on the road we must treat them like friends. At appropriate times we should show off our base’s strength. They will also give us half of the remuneration at the beginning and after we finish sending them off we will get the second half.” Gu Panpan panted with rage: “Who said we wanted their rewards!”

Shao Qing also felt a headache. Sitting down, she told Gu Panpan and the rest of what had occurred previously. Finally to sum it up: “We still have to stay at this base right now, so we can’t afford offending them. So we definitely have to accept this mission. But, there must be some sort of scheme. At that time, everyone must be careful. Hopefully nothing will happen.”

While the entire superhuman squad was standing on alert, on the other side Yan Pingsheng was getting intoxicated. Reclining on a chair, he was whining to Meng Shen: “That Hao Yun is such a greedy pig. He probably already felt vigilant when we wanted to have Adorable Treasure as our escorts, they definitely will organize another superhuman squad to come monitor us. At that time, it’ll be all up to you….”

Meng Shen was expressionless: “Why is it all up to me?”
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“Aren’t you pretty familiar with that….. Shao Qing? I even saw you stay up all night writing a love letter to that person. Now that I’m giving you this chance, you’re still not willing to take it?! Yan Pingsheng rolled his eyes: “In reality, you’re probably really happy. A widow or what not definitely is a particular taste. I always thought that you were frigid, but now do I know that you are outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside!”

“Get lost!” Meng Shen coldly glared at Yan Pingsheng, but did not explain why he had stayed up all night writing. Thinking about that made him sad. Resting on the desktop the entire night to write that in exchange for just a slightly better glance.

Yan Pingsheng once again mumbled to himself, then said: “Your mouth says no but your heart says yes! I’m going to bed first….”

Meng Shen tugged at his collar. He couldn’t help but recall Shao Qing. She was the most unique woman he had ever seen.

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On the second day, Yan Pingsheng directly went to Shao Qing’s place, in the glorified name of coming to discuss the upcoming mission.

When he arrived, it was right when Shao Qing’s family had dinner. Yan Hanqing had just made dinner, Gu Panpan and them each had a dish they were carrying out from the kitchen.

A rich fragrance filled the air causing Yan Pingsheng’s nose to twitch. His eyes glued to each dish being carried out. It looks… very delicious….
“We just made it, would you like to join us?” Shao Qing smiled lightly acting very courteous.

Yan Pingsheng felt that he ought to first decline, to express that he was reserved. Afterwards when Shao Qing once again invited him then he would pretend to forcible accept. This pattern would be more classy.

Hence, Yan Pingseng waved his hand: “That wouldn’t be proper. I have already eaten, you guys can eat.”

Shao Qing nodded her head: “Then we’ll start eating, I’ll go get you a glass of water.”
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Yan Pingsheng: …..

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go!

He looked at the cup of hot water in front of him then looked at the family eating all the delicious food. If he could turn back time, Yan Pingsheng would definitely be thick skinned and say: “That would be great. It just so happens that I haven’t had dinner yet.”

This is probably called unsuccessful acting.

While Yan Hanqing was eating, Shao Qing carried water over to Yan Pingsheng: “So what may I do for you?”

Yan Pingsheng immediately curbed his thoughts, then sincerely said: “Naturally, I would like to speak to you about the upcoming escorting mission. For this I have to first apologize to you. We had brought up to S City that we didn’t have enough hands and wanted to borrow some. Later on we had mentioned your names but we didn’t communicate with you guys first. Now your base had proposed we select you guys. This was all my fault, I hope you can forgive me.”

Shao Qing obviously felt furious, but her face didn’t reveal that at all. She would only deliberately cause him to be humiliated over small matters. Calmly speaking: “Being chosen is our squad’s honor. When will we be heading off or is there something else regarding the mission?”
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“We’ll be departing tomorrow afternoon. You guys won’t have to do much. Just make sure you protect us well on the journey.” Yan Pingsheng at once took out a small bag, then poured out the things inside on to the table: “This is the reward that was promised. The other portion would be delivered at the designated time.”

Placed on the table was the promised ten pieces of rank 3 crystals. Those crystals being displayed on the display at last calmed Shao Qing’s anger by a bit. Taking a glance she then nodded her head: “We’ll meet at the plaza tomorrow afternoon? We’ll be there on time.”
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