PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 4

Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 4

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Seeing a familiar person from afar, that familiar person wasn’t any stranger but was the superhuman squad who wanted to merge with Adorable treasure, Blazing Flame squad.
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Blazing flame was ranked slightly higher than Team Gale. This was especially the case since Team Gale had lost six to seven members. Blazing Flame’s captain was a fire elemental, thus the name of the team probably came from the captain’s ability.

Blazing Flame was the only rank 3 team that had a female as a captain. Blazing Flame’s captain was called Yan Ruru. It was because they had seen Shao Qing’s capability, that’s why they wanted to merge Adorable Treasure into their team.
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When two squads were standing together, the scene they painted was completely different. Yan ruru’s side had everybody completely geared up from head to toe, as if they were some special model.

Whereas on Shao Qing’s side, the captain was carrying a baby and there were two who seemed like they were not even adults. Yan Hanqing was even holding onto a bottle of soy sauce he just bought as they were passing through the market.

From one look this side had a dense natural aura to them.

In other words the appearance they had were completely different.

Yan Ruru and Cheng Jiao were quite similar, but the difference was that she was extra imposing. In fact, just from one look you can tell that her temperament was intense. Yan Ruru’s lips couldn’t help but draw out in displeasure: “You’re bringing a child with you?”
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Shao Qing scratched Xiao Baozi’s chin: “Call Aunt.”

Xiao Baozi blinked his massive eyes. Staring at Yan Ruru, he revealed the most adorable smile: “Aunt, nice to meet you…”

Yan Ruru’s heroic spirit immediately softened as her appearance beame gentle: “Very good…”

Seriously speaking, Shao Qing said: “I won’t be relieved leaving my son anywhere, that’s why I have to bring him along.”

Yan Ruru lowered her voice: “But you’re still bringing him outside to such a dangerous area. Why don’t you hire someone to take care of your child? In the mission hall there’s a lot of missions similar to that directed for ordinary people. If you are still worried, I could even introduce you to two who are trustworthy.”

Shao Qing shook her head: “Even though it’s dangerous, it’s only a little and I would be more at ease. But without him in front of my own eyes, I wouldn’t be able to focus on doing my mission. If there was some critical moment and I died then there would be no one else to take care of him in the future. So why not just have him by my side, where we will live and die together.”

Yan Ruru patted Shao Qing’s shoulder and didn’t continue, but she just said one last statement: “Just don’t affect the team okay.”

Shao Qing nodded her head. At this time, Yan Pingsheng’s side came over. Yan Pingsheng’s side also had some superhuman users, but during the road here they had received some injuries. Since they have not completely recovered, this is the main reason why they had to hire some superhuman teams.

“It is nice meeting the two captains.” Yan Pingsheng smiled and extended out his hand to shake hands with both Shao Qing and Yan Ruru. When he is serious, he would still have a certain elegant poise. Meng Shen who was on the side also exploited the opportunity to come shake hands with Shao Qing.

His lips slightly curved, but his smile was still practically non existent: “You agreeing has made me really happy.”
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Shao Qing wanted to retort back. If it wasn’t for the base’s compulsory mission, she definitely wouldn’t have accepted this mission. Leaving from S city’s survivor base to Jiang Bei survivor base was such an incredibly long journey. During this long trip, who knows what kind of incident would pop up. The dangers and inability to predict what would happen was too high.

Even though she wanted to ignore him, Shao Qing’s expression didn’t change as she shook Meng Shen’s hand. Afterwards, the captain from the Jiang Bei superhuman squad came over to ask: “When are we heading out?”
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The captain of the Jiang Bei team was the only male captain of the three squads heading out. From his appearance, he looked rather honest and steady, so he should be reliable.

“Let’s head out immediately.” Yan Pingsheng waved his hand. Afterwards, he beamed a smile at Shao Qing while asking: “Captain Shao, would you like to sit in our car? We could have some small chat.”
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Shao Qing’s lips twitched, then she decisively rejected his offer. Who wants to chat with you?

Yan Pingsheng felt regretful, but did not stop her. He knew that him forcing Shao Qing and the group to accept this mission had already left them resentful. He has to make up for that and gain a favourable impression. He has to keep nagging and hope that his efforts will pay off.

The first group to leave the base was Blazing Flame followed by the Jiang Bei base with Shao Qing’s group following at the end.

In the Jiang Bei’s car, they were carrying a lot of goods t. However, you couldn’t make out what was underneath because it was covered by a tarp. It was most likely the goods obtained from trading with S city.

Talking about dimensions, the survivor base at Jiang Bei was slightly larger than S city. Even the number count for people was slightly more than S city. In fact, the Jiang Bei base was right beside a wide river. The zombies weren’t able to cross the river, so its safety was a bit higher than S City’s.
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The only thing is that since the apocalypse, the temperature and weather has become nasty. No matter what the seasonal produce might be, it was extremely hard to grow. Just from that fact, S city was better.

Once lunch time had arrived, the three teams gathered together but all ate separately. They each set up their own kitchen and most made some simple rations from their pot. Whereas, on Shao Qing’s side, they had all split up the work to make real dishes.

In reality they weren’t making any sort of complicated dish. They just threw in some cold leftover rice, added eggs, vegetables, then fried it a bit and finally added some sliced meat and heated everything up.

In contrast to the others, it was like comparing the sky and the earth. When Yan Pingsheng sniffed the delicious aroma, he lifted his head up and started towards Shao Qing’s side. He saw a layer of golden yellow egg wrapped around rice adorned with crisp green vegetables and a thin layer of meat.
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Looking at his side, they had a pot full of rations that looked like dog food and a side of preserved vegetables for lunch.

The difference was too big!

While Yan Pingsheng was heistating, Yan Ruru had already arrived at Shao Qing’s side worming her way over: “Do you guys always prepare such a lavish meal when you travel?”

“A child cannot be deprived of nutrition.” Shao Qing smiled then handed Yan Ruru a bowl. Her impression of Yan Ruru was rather good right now. Yan Ruru didn’t act pretentious or unnatural, and just received it and said thanks.

Yan Pingsheng immediately bit on his chopsticks, going into his pitiful loop: He wanted to eat Waahh! Why could the difference be so big? Waahh! If he were to go now would he be able to receive a bowl? Wahhh! But if Shao Qing didn’t offer him a bowl, wouldn’t that be really embarrassing? Waahhh!
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When he had finished sorting out his feelings, he realized that Meng Sheng had already sat over there. Meng Sheng was extremely direct: “Could you give me a bowl? A small bowl would do.”

Since Meng Sheng had asked and he had also helped Shao Qing before, Shao Qing naturally wouldn’t not give him face; thus giving him a bowl.

Fortunately, they had made a bit too much otherwise they wouldn’t have had enough.

Yan Pingsheng decided to stop crying. Standing up and taking his bowl over with a whoosh, his eyes were sparkling: “I would like to eat some as well.”

With regards to Yan Pingsheng, Shao Qing was rather blunt. Yan Pingsheng had never helped her and was also the ringleader who made her have to accept his mission, thus why would she have to give him any face?
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Shao Qing calmly divied up the remaining rice to Meng Sheng and the rest. Each person’s bowl had a mini hill protruding out. After doing that, Shao Qing showed Yan Pingsheng the empty pot and expressed: “Look, there’s none left.”

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