PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 5

Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 5

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Standing there with his empty bowl, Yan Pingsheng felt extremely miserable. Especially when he saw Yan Ruru and Meng Sheng sitting by the side eating and giving him taunting looks. Yan Pingsheng was laden with grief. Disregarding Yan Ruru, Meng Shen and him were a group! Why was the treatment so different?
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Could it be the love letter that Meng Shen had written when he was sprawled out that night? If he wrote one now, would he still make it!?

Facing Yan Pingsheng’s miserable appearance, Shao Qing felt rather disturbed and softly said: “How about I give you my bowl?”

No matter how much he wanted it, Yan Pingsheng couldn’t take a girl’s lunch. Swallowing back his tears of blood, he replied: “No, actually I’m already full…”
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No, I want to eat. I want to eat. I don’t want to go back and eat that pot of dog food!

“Oh.’ Shao Qing gave an understanding look, then passed the bowl over to Meng Shen: “Since he won’t eat it, you can eat it. In any case, I’m already full.”

Meng Shen’s spedily poured the content of the bowl into his own bowl. Afterwards looking towards Shao Qing he gave her a smile: “Thanks.”

Yan Pingsheng wanted to kneel at that moment. Shao Qing was absolutely targeting him! Definitely!

Yan Pingsheng felt extremely wronged, especially comparing himself to Meng Shen. Returning back to his seat, he looked at the dog food being cooked, then looked back to the blessed Meng Shen throwing himself at his bowl causing him to feel even more off.

“Brother Yan.” The small chubby man gave Yan Pingsheng a bowl of rice topped with some pickles, giving him a pitiful glance: “Let’s eat.”

If there wasn’t any comparison, there wouldn’t have been any damage. After all, everytime they headed out they would eat this kind of ration. But now that there was a comparison, Yan Pingsheng really couldn’t eat. Taking one mouthful, his heart started to tear up. Compared to Meng Shen’s deadly tongue, Shao Qing was even more savage.
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Eating on one hand and cursing on the other, that Meng Shen and Shao Qing, are definitely made for each other!

After dinner and resting up a bit, they continued to journey forth. Before it became dark, they had to make it past the small towns. These small towns were already vacant of people and were instead filled with zombies. If they couldn’t finish before dark and they were still in that area, there would a very high likelihood that they would be attacked during the night. That would be very inconvenient.

Once they make it past the short distance to the small town, the zombie population would be less dense, making it considerably safer.

This knowledge was gained through the gradual accumulation of people after the apocalypse. After the investment of blood and numerous lives, each experience would be used to save countless others.

“The road ahead is blocked.” As they were travelling forward, the Blazing Flame squad who were leading passed the news of their discovery. They could only stop where they were. Telling her team to look after the car, Shao Qing brought the clingy Er Dai and Xiao Baozi to take a look.
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Yan Pingsheng was already waiting there when they arrived. For some unknown reason, a large crevice appeared out of nowhere on the ground. The most likely cause was an earthquake. Each branch of the crevice was about five to six metres, even the most narrow one was one metre. The car definitely wouldn’t make it across.

Yan Pingsheng’s group had ugly expressions on their face. This was because during their journey before the road was still fine. Who knew that when they were returning it would have become like this.

More importantly, this was the safest route. Regardless of which path they choose now, they would not be able to avoid passing areas of dense zombie population, a guaranteed loss of personnel.

“What should we do?” Yan Ruru also had her eyebrows pinched together: “Do we need to take a detour?” Looking over at the length of the cracks, no matter which edge they traversed it didn’t seem possible.

“We cant make a detour.” Yan Pingsheng gritted his teeth: “If we detour to the left, it just so happens to be the highway. There are a lot of abandoned cars there creating barricades. Even if we were to overlook the zombies stuck there, just a little past that is the city. Going through a city is just too dangerous. Detouring to the right will have us encounter a large piece of wetland. There’s likely swamps and a large quantity of variation creatures making it impossible to drive the cars.”
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Yan Ruru couldn’t help but retort: But we just simply cannot continue this way. If we don’t make a detour, how can the cars make it past these cracks? Even if we were to abandon our cars, it would be too difficult for our people as well.”

Meng Shen squatted down to the ground to look. The cracks were very deep. So deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen. Taking a rock he threw it down. The sound of the rock bouncing off the edge once could be heard, but there was no sound of it hitting the bottom.

Trying to fill up that small crack is probably impossible. The only thing we can do now is to think of another plan.

“Maybe…. we could get an earth elemental to create a path.” After thinking about it for a long while, Meng Shen suddenly spoke out.

“How would they make it?” Yan Pingsheng’s eyes immediately lit up. Meng Shen earnestly replied: “This portion of the journey is a maximum of 100 metres. The middle still has some stable ground, so we would only need to cover up the parts with cracks and make a road like a bridge to support the car.”
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Yan Pingsheng and Yan Ruru both thought that the plan was feasible, so they both called for their earth elementals. The earth elementals they called over was each squad’s strongest earth elemental user: one rank 3 while the other was at the peak of rank 2.

After Yan Pingsheng explained Meng Shen’s thoughts he said: “Are you guys able to create a bridge? It has to be about two metres wide but doesn’t need to be too thick, just as long as our cars can pass through.”

“We can try.” One of the earth elementals immediately bent down and placed his palms onto the ground. Activating his superpowers, the soil seemed to be shaped into a two metre wide bridge by an incorporeal hand connecting the cracks horizontally.

Delighted Yan Pingsheng quickly called out: “let’s call one of the cars over first to test it out. Prepare a wind elemental user. If the bridge caves in then they will need to use their entire energy to support the car. After a strength user would be in charge of dragging the car out.

After Yan Pingsheng’s orders, the two side immediately got to work. Once everything was ready, the off road vehicle that was given high hopes began to gradually drive across the bridge.
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Under everyone’s scrutiny, the car crossed the bridge. When the car returned the bridge made from earth still hadn’t collapsed.

There were immediate burst of cheers, but Yan Pingsheng saw that Shao Qing who didn’t say a single thing the entire time had her brows knitted together, face deep in thought.

Seeing this, Yan Pingsheng couldn’t help but try to provoke her: “Captain Shao, is there a problem?”

Shao Qing pointed at the piece of crack and asked the two earth elemental users: “If you kept making a bridge the entire way, would you be able to support the ten plus cars? Could the two of you handle that?”
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The situation became silent and cold including the thumps of Yan Pingsheng’s heartbeat. They had forgotten that a superhuman’s superpowers had a limit. Once it’s used up, it’s all used up.

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