PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 2

Volume 2 Chapter 2 Some people just love courting disasters

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The two superhumans looked at each other silently. They couldn’t do it. Even if they were to bring out all the earth elemental users there, they still wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Is it logical to just move one car at a time? After using up all your energy sending one car over you guys will rest up for a half a day and then send the second car over?” Shao Qing calmly said.

After a long silence, Yan Pingsheng spoke out to ask Shao Qing: “Then do you have another idea?”

Shao Qing shook her head: “Besides detouring, building a bridge is the only option.”

“Then isn’t this all rubbish? If building a bridge is the only option and they do not have the ability to support all the cars crossing over, then it’s still a dead end.” Yan Pingsheng spoke in a frustrated manner.

Shao Qing didn’t say anything, only looking towards the endless cracks. Then she suddenly asked: “if we were to detour, how big of a loss would it be?”

Meng Shen honestly replied: “Only about a third of us will survive; we would be incapable of making it to Jiang Bei’s survivor base and this is only a rough estimate not including other unexpected situations.”

Shao Qing had a moment of hesitation, then she called Gu Chuan over: “Place an ice bridge here. It doesn’t need to be too thick, just enough to cross over the cracks will be fine. About two metres wide and thick enough to support a fully loaded car.”

Gu Chuan silently extended his arm out. The mist rapidly gathered together to form an ice bridge over the cracks. Shao Qing tested out the thickness: “Try it again.”

Yan Pingsheng called over the car to go again. After passing over the crack and coming back, there were no signs of the ice bridge cracking.

Yan Pingshengs eyes lit up. After the two earth elementals created the bridge, their faces had paled significantly; yet, Gu Chuan looked completely indifferent. The difference between the two sides were evident.

“Will you be able to last covering up all the cracks?” Yan Pingsheng couldn’t hold back asking. Gu Chuan shook his head. If he was a rank four ice elemental user then he would definitely have enough power. But currently, he’s just a rank 3 superhuman who had just increased in rank.

Yan Pingsheng was a bit disappointed, but Shao Qing ignored him. She just continued to ask Gu Chuan, “Could you make it two-thirds of the way?”

Gu Chuan nodded his head. He would have to push himself a bit but he could manage to reach that point. It will just simply be more exhausting.

“That’s perfect.” Shao Qing nodded her head then said to Yan Pingsheng: “The duty of making the bridge can be left to Gu Chuan and I. You guys can just prepare to cross the bridge.”

“But….” Yan Pingsheng couldnt resist asking. Would Gu Chuan be able to last? At that moment, he realized that Gu Chuan had already created another ice bridge. While Gu Chuan did this, the two earth elemental users did not just sit idly. Shao Qing got them to form a weak bridge then got Gu Chuan to freeze it and make it a bit thicker. This way it would save his power usage.

Seeing Gu Chuan and the rest already taking action, Yan Pingsheng also started to direct the people back to the car. Then they began to systematically cross over one by one.

Shao Qing and Gu Chuan were at the very front. With every bridge created, Shao Qing would first press on it to test it out then would they proceed.

After laying out around fifty metres, they had already exchanged out all the earth elemental users. Their superpowers were completely exhausted. Gu Chuan could only rely on himself to form the entire bridge.

Now people could see the strength of a rank 3 superhuman. Besides his face paling a bit, one could not notice any signs of overexertion.

“Can you still push it?” Shao Qing was testing the bridges and could evidently see that the current bridges were slightly thinner. This wasn’t Gu Chuan being lazy. It was just the fact that his powers were slowly depleting. The will is there but not the strength.

“I can still push it to the spot you mentioned earlier.” Gu Chuan calmly spoke, but his forehead was already covered in small beads of cold sweat.

“When you’ve reached your limit let me know. Don’t force it.” Shao Qing patted his shoulder then looked ahead. There were still about 80 metres before they would be past these crevices.

Gu Chuan nodded his head, yet he continued to push himself until he used up all his powers. Finally he sat his bum to the ground and stopped. When he did that, Yan Pingsheng immediately yelled out, “Gu Chuan can’t continue. If we wait for him to recover, the ice bridge would have already all melted and the entire team would have fallen down the cracks.”

Not waiting for Yan Pingsheng’s inquiry, Shao Qing just supported Gu Chuan up and then extended out her right hand. Countless number of vines immediately sprang forward.

Those vines were especially nimble. In midair, they had already weaved into a carpet like structure. Then everyone saw a sight that made their jaws drop. The vines had formed a blanket with the two ends extending out numerous tentacles that stabbed down to the ground like chopsticks stabbing into tofu. After tying everything together, a green bridge was left in plain sight.

Everyone was astonished, but even more were unwilling to believe. Could vines support such a heavy thing like car? Especially the middle cars that were packed with items?

Shao Qing had already supported Gu Chuan and was continuing forward. Gritting his teeth, Yan Pingsheng ordered: “Continue forward!” No matter what they couldn’t stop halfway.

The driver trembling with fear continued forward. Against their expectations, those vines held on. Continuing forward as if they were walking on solid ground. It was only the dip in the tires that reminded them that underneath them were soft vines.

Once Shao Qing crossed over all the cracks and turned around, she could see the reflection of the sun from the ice and layers of bright green. Letting out a breath, she supported Gu Chuan to the side to sit.

If there was another option, Shao Qing definitely wouldn’t have allowed Gu Chuan to take action. First of all, this would be unbearably exhausting. Secondly this would reveal their strengths. The biggest taboo is revealing all your strengths. Shao Qing was most worried about this point.

However, compared to the loss of so many personnel and the unpredictable events, revealing a bit of their strengths could not be considered much.

After all the cars have finally passed the cracks, Shao Qing gently waved her hands and the vines converted into wood energy and returned back into her body.

This was one of the biggest differences between her and other superhumans. Once the others have used their superpowers, it would just disappear. However with hers, she could take it back.

Although over the course of events it was unavoidable for her to consume some of her energy, in comparison to others, she consumed a lot less. This little bit of gap during life and death situations could possibly save her life.

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