PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 10 Part 1

Volume 2 Chapter 10 She is actually really gentle

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They had to choose if they wanted to risk it or if they would rather wait on the top floor for rescue. Humans have a common problem: they tend to comfort themselves. They would rather wait for death on the top floor comforting themselves that someone would come to save them rather than taking a gamble to save their own lives. 

Ultimately, the only ones who said anything was Meng Shen and Yan Ruru. “No matter if I die or live, I still want to risk it with you.”

Hearing them say that, the ones who had originally decided to wait on the top floor began to waver.

But Shao Qing didn’t care if they wavered or not. Jumping up suddenly, she squatted on the fence. Promptly without being told, Yan Ruru shot out a small ball of fire to shoot down the zombies hanging outside of the building. 

After cleaning up most of them, Shao Qing tied a vine to the fence and was the first to jump down. She first went to the window to tell Er Dai her plan. Afterwards, hanging outside the window, she began her descent down the vine.

Once she arrived onto the ground, Shao Qing looked around. One zombie suddenly throwing a riot, caused a group of them to spill into the hospital like a swarm of bees. Waiting until most of the zombies had rushed in, Shao Qing shouted out at Yan Ruru and the rest. Meng Shen was the first to come down. Followed by Yan Ruru. There were even a few extra people that had tagged along.

“Now start running that way, no matter what do not stop.” Shao Qing ordered: “I am going to provide support to my comrade.”

“I’ll come with you.” Just when Meng Shen said that, he was dragged away by Yan Ruru: “Do you want to drag them down? The faster you run, the more help you will be giving to Shao Qing!” 

Shao Qing nodded her head and then returned to the building. Zombie howls were occurring one after another causing the sinister looking hospital to become even scarier. 

Going all the way to the top floor, she saw Er Dai and a little girl who was wearing a ripped flower skirt standing opposite from one another. That little girl looked around 12 or 13. Wearing that filthy ripped flower skirt, it was covered up with dried up blood, dust and viscera.

Her eyes were also especially big. On her dull face it looked even more frightening. Giving a grin, her mouth was filled with densely packed razor sharp teeth, gleaming in the light.

Er Dai’s face had a wound that was slowly healing. It was most likely left by this zombie who should be the hidden zombie king.

The girl zombie looked at Shao Qing who just arrived and let out a sharp howl. The plentiful zombies immediately came surrounding them. Er Dai also gave a howl causing the zombies to seem to hesitate. 

High ranking zombies were able to dominate lower ranked zombies. Then what would happen if there were two high ranking zombies giving out orders?

Shao Qing went over to Er Dai’s side, being vigilant to the zombie king. Its turbid eyeballs rolled around in two full circles then landed on Shao Qing. 

With no signs at all, the zombie suddenly appeared in front of Shao Qing, and started attacking Shao Qing’s throat with her sharp claws.

Shao Qing had no idea it would be this fast. Luckily, Er Dai had already experience it once and was able to react in time to help Shao Qing block it.

Yet even so, Shao Qing’s neck got scratched although not deeply because of Er Dai’s arm which also got scratched. Shao Qing took a deep breath, her eyes turning serious.

So this is how Er Dai got his wound.

Vines came flying out from Shao Qing’s hands attempting to tie up the zombie. But this zombie king’s speed was extremely fast. Leaving behind shadows of its figure, she shifted to different locations and successfully avoided all of Shao Qing’s vines.

Er Dai also tried to catch up to it, but his speed just wasn’t comparable. Furious, he stomped his feet in anger.

If it was only that, then this zombie wouldn’t be anything too dreadful. After all, only having speed is useless. Right away, Shao Qing found out why it deserved to be a zombie king. 

Shao Qing was operating her vines attempting to catch the zombie king, when a small black crack appeared beside her. That zombie had shifted to her side. Moreover, in that second, Shao Qing couldn’t move. She could only look helplessly as the zombie king’s black nails inserted itself into her abdomen.

Er Dai rapidly rushed over. It’s arm was in Shao Qing’s stomach for a moment before it had to extract itself and leave. Shao Qing was then able to recover her movements. Fiercely, Shao Qing grabbed onto the zombie king’s arm so it couldn’t extract herself out of her stomach. With her other hand, she ruthlessly struck at the zombie king’s face. Er Dai arrived behind to smash the zombie king’s vertebra.

The zombie king hollered aloud and disappeared from in front of Shao Qing. Er Dai’s strike landed on empty air. Promptly he went to support Shao Qing. Alarmed, he helplessly covered the wound on Shao Qing’s stomach.

Clutching Er Dai’s shoulder, Shao Qing staggered towards the window. Taking advantage of the fact that the zombie king hasn’t come back yet, she broke the glass and leapt out.

A ten story building was enough to kill a zombie. However that zombie king followed them and directly jumped out the window. When Shao Qing had fallen half the distance, she shot out her vines towards the window to slow down her descent.

Approaching the ground, she suddenly brandished her vines to lash at the ground. The rebounding force caused her to spit out blood, but the two of them were able to successfully land.

The zombie king didn’t try to slow down at all. It was just when it was about to smash into the ground when it’s figure disappeared mid-air. When it reappeared, it was already by their side.

Gritting her teeth, Shao Qing combined her vines to form a thick whip and whipped it towards the zombie king. When it was about to move away, the zombie king found that it’s body had countless fine dodder on it. Taking advantage of it’s immobility, Shao Qing sent the zombie king flying. 

Afterwards without even pausing a second she began to run. While she was running, Shao Qing controlled her vines. The zombie king was infuriated, hollering at them. It aroused the zombies within the city to attack Shao Qing. However it discovered that with Er Dai, those zombies wouldn’t dare to surround them and gave up. It merely continued to flash towards Shao Qing’s direction.

“Lure it to the empty area ahead.” Shao Qing had a very high pain tolerance, but her stomach had a massive hole. The pain caused her eyebrows to knit together: “Once we’re ahead, we don’t have to hold back. We’ll cause it to stay there forever!”  

The reason she wasn’t willing to make a move at the big building was that Shao Qing knew even if they were able to defeat the zombie, both sides would suffer in the end because of the surrounding zombies. With them heavily injured, those zombies definitely won’t have mercy.

Once they arrive at a zombie sparse area, the two of them would be able to use their full strength to attack the zombie. Afterwards they could find an empty house to recuperate.

The idea was good, however reality is cruel. When Shao Qing and Er Dai had finally arrived at an empty space, Yan Ruru and them arrived on the scene.

Yan Ruru had a face of concern: “Shao Qing, we’ve come to help. Are you injured?!”

Are they retarded? Now that Yan Ruru and them have arrived, Er Dai definitely can’t go into his insane mode or else it would reveal the fact that he’s a zombie. She also won’t be able to use the extra strength she had from being a zombie, decreasing their fighting combat by a lot.

Trying to finish the zombie off now would be just a delusion.

“Leave! Why did you guys come back!” Shao Qing was fuming with rage. Meng Shen came forward to hold Shao Qing but was smacked away by Er Dai. Retracting his hand he calmly said: “We were worried for you…..”

“That zombie king is going to be here soon. Quickly leave.” With no time to yell at them, Shao Qing just dragged Er Dai and continued to run. That zombie king indeed has arrived. In a flash, it appeared in front of them. 

One person who was caught off guard had already been attacked by it. Sharp black nails penetrating his eyeballs, it punctured through to the back of his skull. 

Yan Ruru released a fire wall wanting to continue to fight, but was pulled away by Meng Shen. Their group ran for their lives with the ones lagging behind being easily killed off by the zombie king. 

No matter if it was an earth shield or a wind shield, they were all incapable of blocking the zombie king’s claws. It was only when it was killing a person did it stop. 

That was the only time they could escape. In an instance, they went from 6 people to only Yan Ruru, Meng Shen, Shao Qing and Er Dai remaining. Shao Qing gritted her teeth. “We can’t run anymore. If we continue running, we’ll just get taken down one by one!”

“Then what should we do?” Meng Shen gasped for breath.

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