PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 13 Part 3

Volume 2 Chapter 13 What a good Seductor 

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Yan Qiyue did make a move but not against Qiao Yu. Instead it was to the bodyguard beside her. When he extended his hand and clenched it into a fist, that bodyguard’s body suddenly exploded.

Blood and flesh splattered onto her body. Qiao Mo had protected Qian Yu extremely well, so even during the apocalypse she had never witnessed a bloody spectacle. So witnessing this, she was immediately stupefied.

The rest of the bodyguards all stepped back. Qiao Yu’s legs weakened. Her nose was being overwhelmed with the scent of blood while her entire body was covered with blood and flesh. This intense smell immediately made her start to vomit. 

“Qiao Yu, I’m not touching you because you are Qiao Mo’s younger sister. I am giving Qiao Mo face. If you are to ever step on my bottom line, I will definitely make a move on you. In the worst case, I’ll just move to another base. Just from one call, countless bases would welcome me with open arms. So don’t infuriate me.” Yan Qiyue squatted down and laughed lightly as he looked at Qiao Yu.

Even though there was a puddle of blood underneath his feet, Yan qiyue was unperturbed. Patting Qiao Yu’s head, he suddenly pressed the back of her head into the pile of flesh and blood on the ground. His voice sounded like he had the desire to kill: “Let alone the person you provoked is my wife. This is the first and I am hoping the last time you will ever try this.”

Qiao Yu was lying on the ground with flesh and blood in her nose and mouth. Combined with the things she had just puked out, Qiao Yu became like a fool. She had never been treated this badly ever in her life. Although she felt anger, she felt fear even more.

She could sense that when Yan Qiyue mentioned he wanted to kill her, that killing aura he was emitting was real. He truly wanted to kill her.

Shao Qing stepped forward and pulled on Yan Qiyue. It wasn’t because she felt pity for Qiao Yu, but instead it was because she almost couldn’t hold back her own blood thirst.

Yan Qiyue looked deeply concerned: “Do you have any injuries?”

Shao Qing pulled him away. Yan Qiyue gave Qiao Yu another glance then waved his hands at his bodyguards and allowed Shao Qing to take him away.

Those four were really shocked by Yan Qiyue. Early on they had already known that his attribute was rare and he wasn’t a low ranked superhuman, but they had never seen Yan Qiyue make a move before, so they had thrown this information to the back of their heads.

But witnessing it today, the nickname devil definitely wasn’t made in vain.

Shao Qing dashed forward while pulling Yan Qiyue and quickly arrived at his house. The bodyguards who were about to enter were suddenly slammed in the face by the door.

Looking at each other, they just began guarding the entrance.

Once they entered the door, Yan Qiyue was pushed against the wall by Shao Qing. This forceful position caused Yan Qiyue’s heart to heat up. Shyly looking up, he saw Shao Qing’s crimson eyes.  

Clutching his chin, she compelled him to lift his head. Then she exploited that chance to pounce on Yan Qiyue’s neck. On top of Shao Qing’s crude way of holding his chin which caused him some slight pain, it caused Yan Qiyue to have a reaction. 

Immediately following, he felt Shao Qing softly lick his neck, then razor sharp teeth penetrated through his skin. 

Feeling his eyes turn reddish, he tightly embraced Shao Qing allowing Shao Qing to suck on his wound. Shao Qing’s movements were rough, but he felt moved.

Probably feeling uncomfortable with Yan Qiyue’s arms around her, she used the vine to tie up his hands and hoisted it upwards. More vines started to appear from his feet and crawled up his body and had him tied up.

Yan Qiyue’s eyes were now really red, lifting his head up to look. The thorns on the vines had broken through his skin, bringing even more pleasure.

Of course the most pleasurable was Shao Qing licking the wound on his neck. Yan Qiyue really felt like he was about to cry. Unable to vent the pleasure he was feeling was the world’s absolute worst torture.

Waiting until her bloodthirsty state had steadied down then she took a look at the scene. Yan Qiyue’s hands were tightly bound as if he was an angel suffering under torture. The clothes on his body were also scratched up by the vines binding him revealing his pale fair skin. Biting his cherry red lips, a blush colouring his cheeks, and a single tear drop hung on the corner of his eye, he was emitting ** sounds that caused people to feel **

 Shao Qing: …….

What had she done?

Yan Qiyue’s moistened eyes looked like they were in distress. Looking at Shao Qing as if he was in pain: “Hit me…. Ruthlessly beat me…. please……”

Shao Qing felt numb. What should she do? If she were to just abandon Yan Qiyue like this, that was a bit immoral. Pressing him against the wall, drinking his blood then turning around to leave? Won’t it be the same as having X and then leaving?

But if she were to hit Yan Qiyue…. She couldn’t really do it…

Yan Qiyue really couldn’t endure anymore. Reaching out with his leg to press against Shao Qing’s waist, he kept on rubbing her. His unsatisfied lust looked extremely pitiful.

Shao Qing was silent for a while. Then choosing a rather thinner vine from the pile that didn’t have thorns and clenching her teeth, she whipped Yan Qiyue.

Whipping Yan Qiyue’s chest, an even stronger ** voice came out. Shao Qing stiffened not knowing what to do next.

Yan Qiyue opened his sensual lips letting out a ** sound that would cause the average person to turn into a beast: “Again…. stronger.”

Shao Qing sucked in a deep breath. Lifting up the vine, she whipped out again. Pa Pa Pa. Finally Yan Qiyue’s jacket was torn revealing his fair skin that was now covered with red lash marks.

Appearing rather sensual especially Yan Qiyue’s frail look, in addition to the criss cross wounds, it could easily arouse a person’s desire to abuse someone.

Especially his blurred out eyes that carried so much tenderness and love when he looked at Shao Qing, Shao Qing almost couldn’t stand it.

The scariest part was that Yan Qiyue almost looked like he was very happy. That weak **, urgent ** it already caused Shao Qing to feel that her nose was going to start bleeding. After all, Yan Qiyue was a seductor ranked different from others. An average person wouldn’t be able to resist. Just one word and he could extinguish Shao Qing’s urge. 

Calling out master, a pair of tearful eyes; it was as if he was playing the role of a female servant being punished. Ah no, a male servant. All at once Shao Qing felt soft. 

Unable to feel that charming gentle atmosphere.

Yan Qiyue was still happy until he had no more strength. Finally let down, he conscientiously lied on Shao Qing’s chest.

Shao Qing could only just lift him up and bring him to the washroom.. Yan Qiyue’s body was sticky and covered with sweat. Naturally he would require a wash.

Yan Qiyue felt completely satisfied. Since he had found that his festish was different from others, he had always tortured himself. Pinching himself or using himself as a pincushion. But torturing yourself had a limit. But the way Shao Qing gave him that beating, that was simply a feast.

Pleased, Yan Qiyue rubbed himself against Shao Qing. He had never thought that he would be able to meet a person in his life that wouldn’t mind his fetish. Someone who would treat him so gently when  he was ‘falling ill’ and would satisfy him.

He really believed that the time he had forced his way to collect items was definitely the right decision.

This is because he had found the love of his life.

Something for him to cherish.

Shao Qing carried him into the washroom and helped him get the water ready. Afterwards she went out to grab a towel. When she returned she saw that he took the initiative to strip naked and was stooping over to check the water temperature.

Those cute back dimples, ** beautiful figure, and that meaty butt, straight long legs…..

Damnit, I shouldn’t watch but why can’t I shift my gaze.

If she was a man then she definitely would have turned gay.

After testing out the water, Yan Qiyue stepped into the bathtub. His chest still had lash marks. One it made contact with the water, there was a faint stinging of the wound. He couldn’t help but hiss and then adjust his position. Turning around he saw Shao Qing dumbstruck looking at him.

Yan Qiyue kneeling in the bathtub with the clear water, did not hide anything at all. Everything was easily seen. Yan Qiyue promptly switched positions in the bathtub so that his two legs were folded in a way to hide his important part. Smiling but not really smiling, his voice extremely tempting: “Master, should we bathe together?”

Sensing that she was being enticed, she once again used cold water to put out the fire. Putting down the towel to the side, she ignored him and walked out.

This left Yan Qiyue completely unaware of what just happened.

Yan Qiyue felt a bit wronged. They’ve already done more intimate things than the whipping, so why is his baby acting so cold to him?

Nursing his grievance, he washed his entire body while also plotting how he could seduce Shao Qing tonight.

But a zombie doesn’t have that body parts need right?

What should I do?

Meanwhile, Shao Qing had already walked out the door and was taking in a deep breath. Now with regards to Yan Qiyue, she has acknowledged him as an enchanting pervert. 

One that tries to hide his attributes. If she overlooked that he was a pervert, then he’s actually quite cute.

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