PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 17 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 17 Fleeing for your life 

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Everyone took out their gas masks that they had prepared beforehand and placed it on their face. Drilling their way through the Qiu Tang, the journey was safe as they reached the small lantern. 

The superhumans were prepared to take out their knives to begin cutting the small lantern. The stem looked very slender, but it was actually very durable. When they tried to chop down on it, it wouldn’t break. There was even even a whisker like vine that had curled up from the ground and stabbed towards the superhuman.

Being pricked, the man fell to the ground twitching. Luckily he wasn’t poisoned but paralyzed. If they had done this without getting rid of the hornets, they might have been stung to death by those hornets in this state.

But, there was no such danger now. In fact, learning from their past mistake, everyone was completely prepared and no one was stabbed again.

Quite easily, they harvested a lot of small lanterns. Having the time, Shao Qing carefully observed the small lantern. The small lantern looked to be pink with a white outer layer. Within the thin layer of the peel was liquid and it was the liquid that had shone.

Shining like gems, it looked especially beautiful. However, all the people who approached saw that the Chinese Enkianthus could see the roots penetrating the later of skeletons. So seeing the glistening light only caused their bones to shudder.

After harvesting the Chinese Enkianthus, Qiao Mo accompanied Shao Qing to subdue a Qiu Tang. Qiao Mo also used his ability for the first time. Qiao Mo was a regular water elemental. The ability he could use was also regular. Forming a layer of water film, he used it to separate the biggest Qiu Tang from the rest of the Qiu Tangs. There were even specks of blue radiance that flew out from the Qiu Tang that fell in the water film.

Yet, this simple technique being controlled by Qiao Mo had reached perfection. When he made a move, Shao Qing couldn’t even sense the undulations from his superpowers.

This point was particularly rare. At least, Shao Qing hadn’t reached this step.

Being cut, the Qiu Tang wanted to resist. Shao Qing extended her hand causing her wood elemental energy to continuously surge forth. Afterwards the Qiu Tang was completely wrapped up. After being wrapped up, one could see the deep green leaf of the Qiu Tang and the even darker stem and the red fruit to all be engulfed and assimilated into the same thing, changing into an emerald green. Finally with a bang, it shattered, accompanied with the power rushing back into Shao Qing’s body. 

Out of all the possible styles to subdue something, that was the most tyrannical method. An average wood elemental user wouldn’t choose to use that method. That was because if you weren’t able to completely suppress the vegetation, then it would counter your strike. If you’re unlucky, you might even lose your life.

Daring to use this form of submission, besides being picky about the strength they would also have to be gutsy. Anyone lacking courage wouldn’t dare try.

Stretching out her body, she could feel that her injuries had healed by another portion. Taking in a deep breath, she faced Qiao Mo and said: “Thank you.”

This time Qiao Mo’s smile was a lot more sincere: “This is me making amends. No need to thank me.”  

Before he had only looked at Shao Qing as being important because of Yan Qiyue. But now, he could see Shao Qing’s worth.

His intuition told him, Shao Qing definitely wasn’t lower than a rank 4. A rank four wood elemental user, the value didn’t even require explaining. 

Now that Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue were a pair, that also meant that Shao Qing was already part of their base. It seems that he would have to treat Shao Qing a bit better, just in case Yan Qiyue isn’t able to tie her down.

“The things that should have been seized, have been received. Let’s harvest some of the fruits of the Qiu Tang then depart.” After Qiao Mo finished speaking, several superhumans began quickly collecting the fruits. Then they began to retreat.

This time, this operation only had the loss of one person. But the profit was huge. In other words, the profit was greater than the loss. Naturally the good stuff in the forest weren’t just limited to these, but they all understood that not having a limit to one’s greediness would only bring about death. Thus, everyone obediently listened to Qiao Mo and returned back to the road.

Yet while they still haven’t left the territory of the Qiu Tang, Shao Qing could hear a strange sound. She couldn’t help but leap on to the big tree, lifting her head to look into the distance. This look caused her to jump back in fright. Just ahead densely packed together, with the end incapable of being seen, was an army of ants.

These ants had another special title, man eating ants. They had very high numbers. In fact when they come out to hunt, they would often have the whole nest come out, as if they were an army marching forward.

The most terrifying part of these ants was that wherever they pass through, not even a blade of grass would be left. 

No matter if it was animals or vegetation, they would all be devoured by them in an instant.

Even if it was an elephant, it wouldn’t even last a few seconds before it was gnawed to the bone.

Even with Shao Qing’s temperament, she couldn’t help but have a change in complexion. Quickly jumping down from the tree, she fished Yan Qiyue up and shouted: “Run in different directions, army ants!”

There was no need for further explanation, the group of people immediately divided into two waves. One wave followed Shao Qing, a rather small group towards the east. While another wave followed Qiao Mo, the number comparatively greater heading towards the west.

Although army ants would vigorously pursue any living thing they see, but they could only chase one direction. This meant that one group would certainly survive. It all came down to who was luckier.

Evidently, Shao Qing did not have such great luck. Because while Shao Qing was carrying Yan Qiyue as she ran, she turned around to look and immediately saw an army of ants, a black slice that could cause anyone to get goose bumps.

Within the jungle, the most terrifying thing wasn’t encountering an enormous wild animal because they might be able to escape. But it was encountering army ants, even nine lives probably weren’t enough.

The speed of the army ants was very quick. They were able to stay level with Shao Qing. The people behind were not as fast and had the ants fast approaching scaring the two people to continuously fire fireballs and metal thorns in attempts to obstruct them

Yet it was no use at all, so much that they didn’t even postpone the pace of the army ants at all. In an instant a superhuman was caught up to. Following his legs, they crawled onto his calf and in the next moment his entire body was covered. Out of fear, he unexpectedly pulled his own comrade causing the swarm of ants to run down his arms and onto his comrades body.

With a sharp scream, he used his powers to light up the ants on his body. Naturally the thing he really wanted to do was throw off that hand that had grabbed onto his body. However, that superhuman that had surrendered into the swarm of ants had a death grip and just wouldn’t let go.

During the occasional times Shao Qing would turn around to look, she could only see the rapid pace of the ants crawling on to their bodies. Once the ants passed them, there was a pile of bones dyed in red left on the ground.

Army ants were this dreadful.

Shao Qing already didn’t have enough time to gasp. Carrying Yan Qiyue against her chest, she stopped running and shot out a vine. Then like spiderman, she swung from tree to tree. The speed was a bit faster than earlier and she began to gradually shake off the army of ants.

Army ants had a fast pace, but while they passed over things they still had to gnaw on all the animals and vegetation in the vicinity. This would naturally slow them down a bit. While Shao Qing was running for her life although she was carrying someone with her, she was still faster than the army ants.

“Ah Qing, there’s a river just ahead!” Yan Qiyue said in a pleasantly surprised manner. He knew himself well and knew that he wasn’t fast. If he were to insist on showing off, he would probably drag Shao Qing down. Thus he was particularly well-behaved while staying on Shao Qing’s chest. 

As they were running, Yan Qiyue could see the brook ahead. It was roughly two metres with the water rather clear. The ants should be scared of water right?

Not waiting for Yan Qiyue to finish thinking about it, Shao Qing had already thrown a vine out to wrap firmly around the tree across from the river. Then the two flew over.

When they were leaping over, an alligator suddenly jumped up from the middle of the river trying to bite them. But, it was sent back flying into the river by Yan Qiyue’s kick. 

Arriving on the other side of the river, even with Shao Qing’s strength, she couldn’t help but slightly **. When the two turned around to look, they were all shocked at the sight. The ants had entered the river!

Initially, when some of the ants entered the water they began to float and ended up drowning. Later on those ants became smarter. Forming a ball, they rolled into the river and began drinking the water. Passing by the alligator that was kicked down, they completely devoured it.

Yan Qiyue widened his eyes and before he could even say a word, he was already carried off by Shao Qing. He only had time to take another look. At once he saw a dense mass of black roll on to the shore then it quickly dispersed with the outer layer of ants drowned to death. But ninety nine percent of the ants had successfully crossed the river.

Then that 99% once again began advancing towards them.

Whether it was a big tree or  small grass, rabbit or a wolf, everything was thoroughly devoured. Yan Qiyue felt his heart drop. After a long while, he spoke up: “Actually we could go another direction.”

Shao Qing paused then quickly turned the corner and suspended her and the person against her chest on a tall tree.

Then the two watched the grandiose ant army to continue to march on. None had turned their heads to even look at them.

Shao Qing:……

Yan Qiyue:……

Why did they flee for their lives again?

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