PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 2 Some people just love courting disasters Part 2

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Yan Pingsheng felt complex. Even though Meng Shen and him had tried to persuade Shao Qing by mentioning they were interested in them because they noticed their talent and strength; in reality, Yan Pingsheng had no interest in that aspect at all.
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After all, since seeing the top superhumans, his way of looking at things became a lot higher. In his eyes, Shao Qing and her small squad were at most stronger than the average superhuman squads by a little.

Now the facts have slapped him in the face. Gu Chuan had revealed his strength to be around rank 3, then what about Shao Qing the captain?

And what about the rest of her team members?

He seemed to have underestimated this exotically named mini superhuman squad.

Shao Qing didn’t say anything else. Supporting Gu Chuan back to the car, once they arrived, Shao Qing allowed Gu Chuan to sit at the back and absorb some crystals to recover. Carrying Xiao Baozi, she sat in the front passenger seat and proceeded to study the route.

The route had already been studied by Yan Pingsheng, so the route they chose was the one with the least danger, least distance, and was the most flat. However Shao Qing was cautious. Right now she couldn’t just eat her own fill, she has an entire family to take care of. She had a family to feed and was bringing along her own comrades; thus, she had to maintain the highest amount of vigilance.

Using this time as an example, they already took the most dependable route. Yet, something unexpected had occurred. Shao Qing took the map to delicately study it to ensure that if there was another accident, she would be able to quickly pinpoint a second way out. Then she wouldn’t feel helpless in the face of a crisis.
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Once it was time to stop to eat, everyone’s attitude towards Shao Qing and the rest was a lot better. After all, a strong person would always gain more respect.

After eating their meal, there was nothing they could really do. Travelling at night wouldn’t be suitable but it was too early to sleep. Thus, at this time everyone gathered together to talk or play cards – just having a good bonding time.

Gu Chuan and a few others were playing ‘Fight the landlord’ game. Shao Qing didn’t participate in the mingling. Carrying Xiao Baozi, she simply chatted with Yan Ruru with Er Dai sticking to her as before.

Ever since that incident, Er Dai was especially attached to her. Even if there was nothing, he would like to foolishly sit beside her and stare at her.

Yan Ruru’s family also had a child but the situation was different from Shao Qing’s . Her husband loved her and was an ordinary person. Unfit to come out for missions, her family arrangement was to have the husband take care of the child while she went out to make a living.

Between two moms, there were a lot of things to discuss; in particular the aspect of raising a child, even though their conversation was like a chicken speaking with a duck.

For example, Yan Ruru liked to talk about how much her baby ate, how fat they were becoming, or how since he doesn’t want to sleep every time she returned home they would bother her and insist she read a story to them.
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On the other hand, Shao Qing liked talking about how big of an appetite Xiao Baozi had, his appetite for crystals that is. However, he doesn’t grow fatter or taller. He also didn’t like to sleep but wouldn’t make a ruckus. Every night he would just wrap himself around Shao Qing and sleep.

Yan Ruru immediately began to praise how obedient Xiao Baozi was. Shao Qing sighed. If Xiao Baozi continued to not grow, she was going to feel even more worried.

The relatively close Gu Panpan who was figuring out what to do with her three cards, hearing the two of them speak wanted to smile. This was because what they were speaking about was very similar but ultimately completely different.

If Yan Ruru figured out what Shao Qing really meant, then she would probably be shocked to death.

What kind of normal child would eat crystals and not be able to grow.

While Shao Qing and Yan Ruru were happily talking, Meng Shen was suddenly pushed by Yan Pingsheng. Stumbling over, he coincidentally sat right beside Shao Qing and asked: “What are you guys speaking about? You seem to be pretty happy.”

Shao Qing indifferently replied: “Speaking about our sons.”
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Meng Shen became silent. He had prepared a lot of excuses, thought about all the possible topics Shao Qing might have been talking about so much that that he even thought of the perfect transition topic. Yet ultimately he discovered that Shao Qing was discussing children.

First of all he didn’t have any children. Second of all, he did not have any experience with taking care of children. Thirdly, he did not have any contact with small children. Thus, he discovered he had nothing to contribute to the conversation.

The crucial point was that Er Dai was sitting by the side glaring at him like a tiger glares at his prey. When Meng Shen tried to inch closer to Shao Qing, Er Dai would unwaveringly stare at Meng Shen like he was protecting his food then he would try to find an opportunity to secretly push Meng Shen away.

Meng Shen sat as if he was on pins and needles, completely uncomfortable. Unable to enter the conversation, he sat there in silence for a long time before finally walking away.

Once he left, Yan Ruru softly laughed: “I think he’s interested in you. Seeing your expression and that person beside you…

Shao Qing gave Er Dai a small slap and sighed then rubbed Er Dai’s head: “He doesn’t understand or know anything. The feelings he has towards me is probably akin to a chick to a mother in addition to being protective of his property. As for Meng Shen….” Shao Qing laughed and didn’t say anything.
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She had already determined Meng Shen wanted something from her and that’s why he kept on approaching her. In regards to feelings between a man and a woman, there was probably nothing.

Shao Qing had once thought about finding a dad for Xiao Baozi to allow Xiao Baozi to have a complete family and a complete childhood. The first person she had considered was Yan Hanqing.

Firstly, they were both military personnel. Their ideology for certain things were quite similar. Secondly Yan Hanqing had a good character. After being together for quite some time, they understand each other quite well and he was definitely a trustworthy person. Thirdly, Yan Hanqing would definitely treat Xiao Baozi well. Furthermore, he would be completely devoted to her.

Ultimately, her and Er Dai had something that should not be mentioned occur. Er Dai was never her ideal partner. This wasn’t because Er Dai was a zombie but because Er Dai just really didn’t understand anything.

At present, Er Dai’s feelings towards her might be because he’s reliant on her or for familial affection but it was definitely not love. This was because he didn’t have his own full consciousness. He only had his basic instincts.
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This kind of Er Dai, being a friend or a comrade is fine, but he is unsuited to being a * person.
* = don’t know what the author meant by that; i’ll let you guys interpret haha

Yet nature always plays trick with people. Ultimately, Er Dai and her had done the most intimate thing.

“This isn’t for certain.” Yan Ruru took a glance at Er Dai. She had already categorized Er Dai as having something wrong with his mental state, to speak frankly an ‘idiot’. Using an experienced tone to speak with Shao Qing: “Even though he is ‘special’,his gaze when he is looking at you is different. Have you seen it? Even if there were a bunch of people around, his eyes would only have you in it. There is no second person. In other words, his world only has you. I think anyone treated like that would be counted as fortunate.”

Shao Qing was stumped for words when Yan Ruru continued to speak: “You shouldn’t overrule his ability to love someone just because he has some problems. Perhaps you should try to understand it, to accept it. At least from my perspective he treats you sincerely. In fact, you and him would be a good pairing. At least he would never leave you or betray you.

Shao Qing forced her lips to move: “You’re super experienced. Let’s not talk about these things anymore. It’s getting late and it’s time to sleep. Let’s talk again tomorrow.”
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“Okay.” Yan Ruru patted her bum and lazily headed towards her tent: “I’ll speak to you again another day.”

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  1. I see the translator using derogatory words such as ‘idiot’ and ‘dumb’ and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s because the author uses the exact same derogatory terms (their Chinese equivalent) or because that’s the closest translation, but it would be better if the translator chose words that don’t offend anyone. You can use ‘mental illness’ or ‘psychological illness’ or something along the lines.
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