PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 3

Volume 2 Chapter 2 Some people just love courting disasters Part 3

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Shao Qing carried Xiao Baozi and turned her body to see Er Dai sitting behind her. With his eyes concentrated on her, she couldn’t help think about what Yan Ruru just said.
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His eyes only has you. You are his entire world.

Could this be a deep-rooted romance?

Telling her to accept Er Dai right now was something she just couldn’t do. However, Shao Qing’s attitude towards Er Dai has changed dramatically. At least she won’t look at him like an adorable child.

Shao Qing felt that once Er Dai slowly ranks up, his wisdom and knowledge will slowly recover, same with the memories from his past. At that time if Er Dai said that he loved her then would she consider being with him.

Thus even if she accepted Er Dai into Xiao Baozi and her’s life, he would be a fully aware and complete Er Dai and not the current Er Dai.
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When Shao Qing entered the tent with Xiao Baozi, Er Dai followed along. While Shao Qing prepared to take off her jacket she saw Er Dai burrow himself in the blankets.

Noticing Shao Qing staring at him, Er Dai opened up the blanket and patted it. He was showing Shao Qing that he was warming up the bed so Shao Qing could sleep in his embrace.

Shao Qing:…..

Since that event, Er Dai’s attitude towards Shao Qing had completely changed as well. His gaze when he looked at Shao Qing was like looking at his own wife; he would look incredibly joyous with a bit of indulgence and within the indulgence… a hint of bashfulness.
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Right after that, Er Dai got kicked out. Unwilling to give up, he continuously tried to make his way into the tent, yet got kicked out over and over again. Er Dai shamelessly harassed them with no end trying to get into Shao Qing’s blanket.

After numerous failures, he changed his target to squeezing into the tent. Staying at a corner this time, Shao Qing was unable to kick him.

Letting him off, Shao Qing allowed Er Dai to remain in the corner hugging his knee. Seeing him curled up into a ball he looked particularly miserable.

Hugging Xiao Baozi to sleep after a little bit, she woke and couldn’t help but to look over at Er Dai in the corner. Er Dai had taken his long lanky body and had curled up into the tiniest of balls. It was as if he was scared to take up space in case Shao Qing might kick him out again.

Becoming soft hearted, Shao Qing wanted to call him over to the blankets but finally hardened her heart and turned around to continue to sleep. But her heart was constantly recalling Er Dai’s pitiful expression. Not being able to sleep well, she awoke again. Flipping her body over, she realized that Er Dai didn’t seem to be at his original position.

He seemed to be a bit closer now. Although the difference wasn’t huge, he definitely had shifted a bit closer. Keeping her eyes closed, Shao Qing continued to pretend she was asleep. After a little while, she squinted her eyes to look. As expected, she saw Er Dai sneakily shifting closer towards them.

Little by little he crept closer until he was very close to the blankets. Although he had shifted closer, Er Dai didn’t dare make his way into the blankets. He purely wanted to be closer to Shao Qing so he could observe her closer.
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Seeing Er Dai’s pitiful manner and even more pitiful gaze, Shao Qing sighed out loud. Once she made a sound, Er Dai jumped up in fright and with a swish he had already returned to his original position with his head lowered pretending to sleep.

This made Shao Qing smile. Shifting over a bit to make space she looked towards Er Dai and said: “Come into the blankets to sleep. But don’t make a lot of movements, I don’t want to wake up my baby. Behave and go to sleep.”

Er Dai originally was hugging his head and was preparing to be kicked out at anytime. But hearing Shao Qings words, he was so thrilled he jumped up in joy. Without another word he took off his outer coat and made his way into the blankets.

Worried Shao Qing might change her mind, Er Dai made sure he behaved. Choosing a very tiny space he curled up into a very small tight ball. Shao Qing and adding on Xiao Baozi and Er Dai, there were three people in the blankets; if it was an ordinary person, it won’t even take ten minutes until a person would lay out a bedding and sleep on the ground rather than be squished in the blankets.

This was because the blankets were just too cold. All three of them didn’t have a normal temperature. If one were to touch it, it would be completely icy as if it just came from the freezer.
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There was definitely no warmth. When Er Dai sleeps, he particularly enjoys leaning towards Shao Qing. Before he fell asleep he had remembered to keep himself in a ball and take as little space as possible. But after falling asleep, he began to relax and stretch out his body.

When morning arrived, the three turned into a giant bundle with Shao Qing hugging Xiao Baozi andEr Dai holding Shao Qing’s waist, with his leg lying on top of her legs.

When Shao Qing awoke, she heartlessly kicked Er Dai out of the blankets. Er Dai who didn’t know what had occurred was already outside the tent, his chin on the ground at a loss.

As a result, anyone who walked past Shao Qings tent would see Er Dai lying on his stomach in that manner. It was basically like a young wife being chased out of their house, so pitiful.
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But the young pitiful person didn’t feel pitiful at all. Filled with eagerness, he once again tried to enter the tent. In one moment he would pass Shao Qing her socks, in another moment he would pass her shoes over, then he would pass her outer jacket. He was extremely attentive.

Shao Qing was never angry at him. It was just that seeing him behave in this manner was entertaining so she kept a displeased face on the entire time. Er Dai had no idea. He just thought that Shao Qing was angry so he just looked at her with a sad face. Racking his brains, he tried to think of ways to be a good wife (he thought) or else he was scared Shao Qing wouldn’t let him back into the bed.
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“Captain Shao, you’re up early.” Yan Pingsheng smiled and greeted, “Have you eaten yet?” He had purposefully emphasized the two words Captain Shao. If a normal person were to hear that greeting, they would definitely be courteous. For example, you don’t have to call me Captain C, just call me XX is fine.

This way Yan Pingsheng would logically be able to call Shao Qing, Xiao Qing or Qingqing. Something that is a bit more intimate so that later on they would be able to draw closer.

That would be completely perfect.

Yet, Shao Qing didn’t try to correct the way he called her at all and just calmly replied: “Leader Yan is also up early. I just got up, is something the matter?”

Yan Pingsheng’s heart was about to crumble. It was only now had he ever met such a serious problem. The way Shao Qing’s brain worked was completely different from the average person….

Therefore when he used the average person’s line of thought to interact with her, the result has been distancing their relationship more and more. Just that time, Shao Qing was still calling his name but now she only refers to him as Leader. He originally wanted to bring their relationship closer, but the result was that he had formlessly pulled them apart.

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“If there is nothing then I will go wash up first.” Shao Qing lightly smiled, her entire face conveying the message ‘if there is nothing urgent then get loss and don’t bother me’. Yan Pingsheng felt extremely sullen, so sullen he wanted to cry.

Finally he decided to go back and arrange his line of thought to find another way to attack!

Once Yan Pingsheng left, Shao Qing yawned and went to brush her teeth and wash her face. Er Dai and Xiao Baozi had been educated by Shao Qing that no matter the time and place, even if they were about to have a row, brushing your teeth first was the custom.

Three people, each person using their own toothbrush. They each had a new one. Shao Qing had specially chosen a parent and child set. In her hand was the mothers, Xiao Baozi had the baby one and Er Dai held the father one.

Even the cup holder was adorable. When Xiao Baozi brushed his teeth he was extremely amusing. He liked brushing for a little bit then sucking some water he would gurgle it in his mouth. Moving it in his cheeks, he looked just like a squirrel with stuffed cheeks.

Er Dai followed along. One big and one small squirrel, super adorable. When Shao Qing was finished, the two were still in the midst of gurgling. After, Er Dai was slapped by Shao Qing on the back causing his mouthful of water to be spat out, right on to Meng Sheng who was just walking by.
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The completely innocent Meng Shen who was walking by: ……

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