PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 4

Volume 2 Chapter 2 Some people just love courting disasters Part 4

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Shao Qing also felt a bit ashamed: “Sorry, I didn’t see you walking by. How about you take it off and I can wash it for you. I’ll return it back to you later?”
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Meng Sheng looked at the key point that was soaked, dripping wet, the mark was already spreading out. In his heart, he was crumbling.

He just wanted to come over as usual and see if he could somehow get closer to perhaps get information on the water purification news. Yet, he had this story as a result. If one didn’t know, they would think he had peed his pants.

Meng Shen was originally preparing to refuse since it just got soaked. Also giving it to Shao Qing to wash is not the right conduct.

Just when he was about to reject, he suddenly thought that this could be the breakthrough he needed to bring Shao Qing and his relationship closer. One on one, this could be the opportunity for them to talk about anything, they might even become more familiar with one another.

As a result, he said: “I guess that means I don’t need to wash my clothes then. Sorry for being a bother.”

“It’s not a bother.” Shao Qing thought about it then said: “If you were to go back change then send it over again it would be a bit troublesome. In my tent there’s some of Er Dai’s clothes. They’re new and something I grabbed from home. Your bodies are similar in size, you should be able to fit.”

“En…..” Meng Shen thought about it and decided he shouldn’t parade around with a soaked trouser especially since it’s in the crotch area, so he agreed. His height was about the same as Er Dai, but Er Dai was a bit skinnier. As a result when he put on Er Dai’s clothes, it was evidently tighter.

“Just wait until your clothes are dry, then I’ll deliver them to you.” Shao Qing pinched Xiao Baozi’s cheek to get him to spit out the water. Then she grabbed a piece of tissue to wipe the sides of his mouth.

“Ok. This time when I was coming over because I wanted to ask you if you had any interests in moving over to the Jiang Bei survivor base? The benefits from the Jiang Bei survivor base might not be as good as S city, the climate is also worse than S city by a bit, but….” Meng Shen then discovered there wasn’t any strong reasons for her to come. He could only finally dully say: “But I would still like it if you could bring you and your team to stay in our Jiang Bei survivor base.”
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Shao Qing’s squinted her eyes. She had never seen someone try to persuade a person by stating the faults of their own survivor base. Finally he even dully said a ‘do you want to come?’. What kind of person would be willing to go?

In fact, Shao Qing’s background was over at S city. Just the amount of days she worked to accumulate rations was already enough reasons for her not to want to leave. Unless it came to an irreversible step, Shao Qing wouldn’t want to leave S city survivor base.

Meng Shen also knew that his words had no persuasiveness at all. However, he still couldn’t help but say: “Just wait until you get to Jiang Bei survivor base. When we get there, I’ll take you around. The people there are very nice, maybe you’ll like it.” He currently felt like he was not yielding and interests. When he was with Yan Pingsheng he was clearly able to wall off Yan Pingsheng’s order of not saying a word. But when he is facing Shao Qing, he is wasted to this state.

Could it be that he ought to get himself treated for a social defect. Although, Yan Pingsheng is always speaking about him, he repeatedly can’t do anything to handle this beauty.

“Maybe.” Shao Qing didn’t feel right to directly reject him. Tactfully she said: “We are about to eat breakfast. Have you eaten yet? Do you want to join us?”

Meng Shen shook his head. “I’ve already eaten. I’ll leave first. You guys can eat.”

When Meng Shen left, Shao Qing poured another cup of water and gave it to Xiao Baozi to rinse his mouth. Er Dai was completely resentful for the difference in Shao Qing’s treatment. Feeling wronged, he pouted his lips towards Shao Qing to show off the foam on the side of his lips in an attempt to get Shao Qing to wipe it off.

With a slap, she stuck the piece of tissue onto his face.

Er Dai: …..

After eating breakfast, they took down their tent and put away their stuff. They had to continue on their journey. Following what Yan Pingsheng had said, the return journey was rather smooth. With their current pace, they wouldn’t even need ten days to arrive at Jiang Bei survivor base.
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Shao Qing wasn’t as optimistic as him. Looking at the map, there was a block of terrain that wasn’t flat. There was a mountain peak and hills. Past this area, there was another area where it used to be populated with people, so the zombie count can’t be small. In the wild, there could also be a lot of unknown dangers.

Otherwise, that time Meng Shen came, there wouldn’t have been so many people injured. Therefore, right now was not the time to relax.

During the time she was in S city survivor base, she had once seen a superhuman squad that only left the base a short distance but was completely wiped by a team of zombies led by one high ranking one.

People were like this. When they are at home, they would always be the most relaxed. Thus when they are relatively close to home, they would start to loosen their guard. As a result the entire team would be wiped out.

The end is obviously miserable. After being bitten by a zombie, a superhuman wouldn’t change into one. This meant the only ending for them would be to be slowly get eaten alive.

This might also be a way heaven is being equal. A regular person after being bitten would turn into a zombie. While a superhuman who was surrounded by zombies could only suicide or get eaten.

According to this way of thinking, maybe humans changing into zombies is another form of evolution just like how humans are turning into superhumans. The heavens can’t be that unfair to humans. Therefore a zombie could also evolve and when they are at the end of their evolution, maybe they will become a peak species.

Shao Qing didn’t think more on this idea. After all, Yan Pingsheng was definitely the base’s elite. If they can’t even keep up that fundamental awareness, then they had no qualifications to be an elite and represent their base to do a deal with another.

“After we pass that mountain entrance, then we’ll be very close to the small town. Once we arrive there, we can enter the small town to search around. A lot of families on the country would plant their own vegetables. If we’re lucky we might even have some harvest.” Yan Pingsheng’s car was driving side by side with Shao Qing’s. Whether he had matters or not, he would try to chat with Shao Qing.

If the team didn’t have a lot of superhumans, they would only grab enough rations to support their needs. They might not even enter the small town to face this danger. But because Yan Pingsheng had so many people, they didn’t even place that tiny town in their eyes.

Shao Qing didn’t say anything. She just scrunched up her eyebrows and stared at the mountain pass ahead. That place wasn’t a road, but was one the villagers had opened up themselves. Taking that small mountain then splitting it in two, the road was made of cement but was worn down by years of non-repair. You could see cracks everywhere.

Luckily their cars had really good performance. Even climbing up a mountain wouldn’t be a problem, let alone this road. However, Shao Qing felt that something was fishy about that shattered road. In the middle there seemed to be a pile of wheat spread out on the ground.

In fact, a very long piece of land had wheat laid down. It seemed as if before the apocalypse, there was someone who had planted them and since then no one had come to harvest it.

“Speed up a little bit when we are passing through the mountain pass.” Yan Pingsheng yelled out. Looking at his watch, before he could tell Shao Qing the time, the front most car along with the wheat suddenly fell with a bang.

The car behind didn’t have enough time to come to a halt and also fell down.

It turns out that underneath the wheat was a very deep hole. It was at least ten metres deep. The average car that fell down absolutely would not be able to climb back up.

The third car was able to halt in time causing the car behind to almost tailgate him. Because everything happened too quickly, they were simply unprepared.

“Everyone be careful.” Yan Pingsheng’s face was unsightly. From one look, you could tell that the big hole was manually made. It was absolutely not natural.

It wasn’t that they didn’t notice that someone had intentionally covered it up using wheat, but they just didn’t think about it in that direction. Now as a result of one slip up, they almost sacrificed two cars.
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The person who opened up the road was the Blazing flame squad. Yan Ruru was incomparably mad. On one hand she sent people down the hole to rescue the victims and on the other hand she gave out a warning. There definitely won’t be anyone who would just dig this here for no reason, there must be a scheme.

“Everyone be careful of your surroundings.” Yan Pingsheng said as he also sent people down to help. They were all on high alert, but little did they know that secretly there was someone else hesitating.

This hole was dug by the survivors of this small village. A portion of the survivors from the small village had gone to the nearby survival bases. While the more able ones with more courage headed towards S City’s survivor base. This left behind the group that were unwilling to be controlled.
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That group of people consists of around 30ish people with 80% of them being superhumans. Since this road led to the Jiang Bei survivor base and is in fact the safest route, they dug a trap here to prevent cars from going through.

When Yan Pingsheng had first headed out they had taken another route, thus they weren’t affected. However choosing a safer route on their return journey caused this encounter.

This group of people were like bandits. Everyday they would have people taking shifts to look after the hole. In the case that someone does fall into the trap, then they would call for their comrades to pick up the meat.
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This group of people were vicious and merciless. If the ones found were men then they would kill them and if it were women they would be left behind, this was to cut the weeds by the root. The men would be turned into dried meat as provisions while the women are raped and raised as play things.
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This group of people were also very smart. If they encountered a group that had quite a few superhumans, then they wouldn’t come out. They would allow the other group to leave. This is why til this day, they are still safely living here.

However this time, they had met Yan Pingsheng and his group. Yan Pingsheng’s group had about 30ish members. Even though within the group, only half were superhumans, they were hardy and strong. The average person running into this situation would not come out and would wait until Yan Pingsheng and them left, then they would once again set up the snap waiting for the next victim.

But this time was different. Anyone who wasn’t blind could see that the middle cars were filled with materials and supplies. Although it was covered by a tarpaulin and you couldn’t make out what was underneath, it couldn’t be anything else but the two things that would require so many cars to transport: food and gas.

It could also be a variety of supplies, but it would all basically be something they needed.

If they were able to succeed in this, then perhaps in the next year or two they would not have to worry about food. This was the greatest lure.

However the number of people present really caused them to hesitate. The person in charge of patrolling clenched his teeth and spoke to his partner: “In this short period of time, they won’t be able to carry their car out. You go notify our boss that a big fat sheep has arrive, but they have around thirty people. The amount of superhumans is unknown and they have around tenish cars filled with supplies. Ask the boss if we should make a move!”
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His partner nodded and stealthily left. Their camp was in the vicinity, just established in the surroundings of the village. Going there and back wouldn’t take much time, let alone he was a speed superhuman.

Finding the leader on top of a woman’s belly, he gasped outside the entrance: “Boss, we’ve run into a fat sheep! This time it’s a really fat sheep! Should we make a move?”
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A woman’s shoe came flying out and hit him square on the face: “Get loss! F*ck, you almost scared me sh*tless! What do you need? Make it quick! If you don’t say it in the count of five, I’ll chop off your legs.

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