PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 3

Volume 2 Chapter 3 Cleaning up scum

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Volume 2 Chapter 3 Cleaning up scum

That piece of meat is just too big. After hearing the bandit speak, the leader put on his pants and gathered all his subordinates to head over.
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Arriving at the location to take a look, there was indeed around ten cars. Seeing the tracks of the car being so deep also indicated that the car must be carrying a lot of goods.

There was a high likelihood that 50 percent of it was rations while the other 50 percent was gas. The leader immediately wanted to monopolize it, biting his teeth he asked: “Lao Er?”
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A very skinny man with a bluish tint on his skin came walking forwards: “Yes, Big brother.”

“We’re currently in the wind direction. Do you have the confidence to release half of our people and not be discovered?” The leader asked.

“I can try.” Lao Er calculated and spoke: “As long as they don’t have an earth elemental who could do medical treatments then releasing half shouldn’t be a problem.

An earth elemental user had two directions they could go. First is medical support. In other words, this meant that when this superhuman chose their vegetation they could try to select one that could treat illnesses or support their teammates. Of course they would also want one that would be able to help preserve their own ability as well.

The second kind was control. This is similar to Shao Qing’s vine. Some vegetations of superhumans could also release a weaker poison. This type relied on exercising control.
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The route that Shao Qing had chosen was supporting control and strength. Usually she would be supporting her teammates, but at critical moments like this she would be able to change in a second to a strength superhuman and exercise control over herself.

Hearing this, the leader decided: “Gather up, gather up. Let’s get this fat lamb. Everyone gets additional provision. Tonight when we return, we can play with the women all we like!”

Although they didn’t shout and cheer in case Shao Qing might discover them, each and every single one of them looked thrilled. Usually they didn’t have the opportunity to play with the women. This is because the number of women were quite small, so they would never get a turn.
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Therefore each and every one of them would be in a relationship with their left or right hand. Now everyone as if they were in heat had their eyes shining bright as they looked at Shao Qing and the rest.

Lao Er made a wretched smile as he pointed at Shao Qing and Yan Ruru: “Big brother, those two quality items definitely can’t be injured. We can have a threesome tonight.”

Speaking in a forthright manner he waved his hand: “If we are able to get them, I’ll let you have the first taste tonight.”

Lao Er rubbbed his hand then turned towards the wind direction. Waiting at the drafty place, he made a cold gloomy smile then started to use his powers. His power was poison. At his initial awakening, paralysis was what he relied on the most. When he moved up to rank 2, he was given a poison capable of complete paralysis. When they usually see a fat lamb with quite a few numbers, he would first release the poison. Once those people became paralyzed or started to lose their consciousness, the rest would go help out.
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This is the reason why the leader needed about him and gave him quite a few crystals. Crystal sources would be given in hopes of him reaching rank 3 sooner. After all, when he was rank 2 he was capable of poisoning people of rank 2. But to people who were rank 2 or above, the effects of the poison is quite minimal.

If Lao Er were to become a rank 3, matched with his ability, they would be invincible.

Colourless poison bringing a tinge of fragrance merged with the wind and it gradually floated towards Shao Qing’s direction.

Yan Pingsheng and Yan Ruru just finished rescuing the people within the car. Just when they were waving the few strength superhumans to start pulling the car out, Shao Qing smelt a faint fragrance.

Since her taste and touch had all descended quite low, her sense of smell and hearing had become particularly sensitive. The most important thing is when she smelt that fragrant smell, her earth elemental energy began circling within her body as if it was cleansing.
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In that second, Shao Qing understood. She quickly warned everyone: “Stop breathing in the air. There’s poison in the wind!”

Shao Qing warned them just in time, yet there was still a portion of the group who had fallen victim. The ones who had been affected were all rank 2. For the ones who had ranks higher than 2 like Yan Ruru, only felt a bit of a headache because the poison couldn’t get into her body.

Even if some poison did enter her body, it would be quickly and easily cleansed by her own superpower energy.

Another example was Shao Tong. Anytime and anywhere she would have a simple spiritual barrier formed around her as practice. Therefore once the poison touched the layer of protective screen, it would be immediately resolved unable to harm Shao Tong.

In fact, some peak rank 2’s not far from rank 3 also barely got affected. It would probably only take them a little while to resolve it.

However the people lying in ambush had no idea, they could only see the large group of people. The leader immediately became happy as if the fat lamb had already entered his wallet.
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“Men, let’s go. Capture the women and don’t even let one man to survive.”

A mob came rushing over. Yan Ruru remained calm and ordered the rest of the people to bring the poisoned to the back This was in case once they started fighting they wouldn’t get in the way.

Shao Qing also figured out Yan Ruru’s thought and asked: “Who are they?”

“Little ladies, does your brain have something wrong? I’m your husband!” The leader laughed in an excessive manner. “Didn’t we all sleep together last night? Now that I’ve pulled up my pants, you don’t recognize me?”

Shao Qing’s face became completely icy. Er Dai wanted to rush over and make a move but Shao Qing blocked him. Shao Qing just smiled faintly: “What did you just say? I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said I’m your husband. I also took a fancy to that little doll behind you. How about tonight both of you guys can wait upon me? That doll is really tender. Lao Er, what do you say, don’t they look like mother and child?” The leader wasn’t scared of Shao Qing at all. Their side only had around ten people while they had up to thirty who were all superhumans!
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Lao Er immediately agreed with him: “A capable mother and daughter pair. Boss you sure are lucky with woman. Then how about giving me that sexy girl?”

“No problem. Us brothers will share our fortune!” The boss gave a big smile. Shao Qing looked at Yan Ruru then looked at the captain on Meng Shen’s side. Although she was inquiring something, her tone of voice was still icy: “Could you leave those two to me?”

Yan Ruru’s weapon of choice was a whip. The material was made from a variation of a tiger’s spinal column that had gone through a particular treatment. Not asking if Shao Qing could do it, she said: “Let me borrow your team’s ice guy. Then this old woman will take care of the rest of the bandits.”

The other captain nodded his head: “His power seems decently strong, be careful. If you can’t handle it then just call us to help.

When he heard all this, the leader laughed and waved his hands: “Brothers, they are looking down on us. Come, come, come. Let’s resolve this in the quickest time. Kill all the men and bring the women back so everyone can have a good time!”
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The people who were temporarily paralyzed were dragged to the back. Not caring about the rubbish they said, Shao Qing allowed Yan Hanqing and the rest to kill who they thought weren’t pleasing to the eye while she faced off with the leader and Lao Er.

Shao Qing had a murderous aura exploding out of her eyes. Extending her hand out, cyan vines came from the earth and the sky as it charged towards the two. Lao Er’s first reaction was to hide behind the leader’s body then after to release more poison.

His poison was too disgusting. Although it couldn’t take someone’s life, it wouldn’t allow one to control their hands and feet. The leader then quickly released his power. His was the exact same as Yan Ruru, a fire elemental. The only difference was he was a bit weaker than her.

When the flames made contact with the vines, black smoke started appearing. This was all the poison on the vines being evaporated by the fire. Seeing the black vapour, the leader was frightened. He quickly created a fire shield in front of his body so that the black mist vines couldn’t approach him.

Immediately, a sharp scream came from behind him. Turning his head around, the leader found he was splashed by blood.

Seeing those vines, it was like sharp awls easily piercing through Lao Ers body. Some ripped through his stomach, some stabbed through his chest and some pierced his neck. In the next second, Lao Er’s body was brandished by the vines and all split up into pieces. The only thing that remained intact was his head which rolled on the ground until it stopped facing the leader.

Lao Ers face still had a lewd expression. Even when he died he didn’t react to his own death, instead he was still soaked in his own fantasy of him winning.
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His limbs, flesh, and internal organs, along with the rest of his body was completely split into pieces. The leader wiped his face, feeling his hand contaminated with blood and flesh. One thing that was clear was whose flesh and blood it was.

The warm blood splashed onto his eyes and mouth. In that moment he realized he had provoked someone that he should not have provoked.

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