PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 26 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 26 Someone wants to pry the wall*

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Yan Qiyue did not care about this young girl at all. At the beginning he would still answer with a few words. But finally feeling annoyed, he directly closed his eyes and wished he could cover his ears.

It was said that a group of women is equal to five hundred ducks. This Cai Yingying herself was equal to those five hundred ducks. 

As a result, since Cai Yingying boarded the car, the atmosphere within the car was quite strange. It was only when it was noon, did the group of people come out from the car and separated. That Cai Yingying was determined to pursue Yan Qiyue. No matter where Yan Qiyue went, she would follow him.

“I am going to go hunt for some food. You guys start the fire first.” Shao Qing waved her hand and brought Shao Tong out.

In terms of searching, Shao Tong couldn’t compare with Meng Shen. She was better at defense and offence. But, compared to the average person she was a lot stronger.

For example, if she were to release her mental power, she would be able to detect if there were any mutated animals nearby. Once she confirmed the location, Shao Qing would directly kill it.

This time because there were a lot more people, Shao Qing went a bit further to go hunting. Preparing to hunt for more food, she didn’t expect to encounter a wild pig. Wild pigs were originally rare to see, most living deep within the mountains. However after the apocalypse, those animals had mutated and their powers have become a lot stronger. Fleeing east and fleeing west, they had scuttled everywhere.

Shao Qing naturally wouldn’t let this good of a target loose. She immediately tied it and dragged it back. The fresher the pig meat the more delicious it would be. Thus, Shao Qing didn’t kill it and only used the vines to bind it. Who knew that when she dragged it back, Xiao Baozi would want to raise it. 

Raising Yaya was fine since Yaya was a rabbit and it had a tiny body. Carrying it anywhere was fine. However the wild pig was enormous, where could it live?

Did he want to tie it up behind the car, so when they are escaping for their lives they would be lugging around some pig?

That would be a joke.

Thus Shao Qing and Xiao Baozi kneeled in front of the pig and Shao Qing spoke sternly to Xiao Baozi: “You cannot raise it.”

Xiao Baozi pouted, his big eyes getting moist: “Why not?” Mama had never rejected him before, this was the first.

Is it because Mama doesn’t love him?

“Because Yaya will be jealous.” Shao Qing rubbed Xiao Baozi’s head: “Do you like Yaya?”

In a clear loud voice he replied: “Yes.”

“If you like Yaya, then you need to be devoted to him. If you raise another animal won’t your love be divided into two? This would make it hard for Yaya.” Shao Qing patiently explained.

Xiao Baozi suddenly saw the light. Looking at the wild pig then looking at Yaya, no matter how he looked Yaya was a lot cuter. He immediately gave up on the wild pig: “Ok, I won’t raise it.” 

After speaking, Xiao Baozi sneakily leaned over and deduced: “Mama, you already have Daidai. If you are being devoted, you shouldn’t also give love to Yan Qiyue, otherwise it will be hard for Daidai.” 

Momo: lol truth and gu chuan and hanqing

Shao Qing looked at Xiao Baozi’s serious expression and couldn’t help but laugh: “You little mischievous child, go play over there. Mama has to prepare lunch.”

Xiao Baozi hugged Yaya and ran off. Shao Qing then pulled out her knife and began to skin and cut the meat. Taking the meat she marinated a portion and then sliced another portion.

“How does everyone feel about barbecue?” Shao Qing found a large tray and placed the meat tidily on the tray. Besides the pig meat, there was chicken and rabbit placed separately on the full tray.

Since she brought it up, naturally no one would refuse. Yan Hanqing and Yan Qiyue went to the car and took out the frill. Gu Chuan prepared the charcoal while Gu Panpan brought out the seasoning.

Even Shao Tong helped out by washing the meat.

Everyone collaborating together, Cai Yingying who was watching was stunned. Bringing a child out with them was already enough, but she had never seen seen a group of superhumans who would go out during the apocalypse as if they were going on a fun outing.

Especially since Shao Qing and them had everything and seemed experienced, this definitely wasn’t their first time.

Shao Qing then began to slice the meat to the appropriate thickness; a bit thicker for barbecuing and a bit thinner for a quick scald with the iron plate so they could dip it in sauce to eat.

The innards were also not wasted. If it was edible, it was cleaned and stored away. Once it was night, they could fry it up and it would be ready to be eaten.

After all the preparations, three large plates of meat were placed in front of the group. Half of it was the wild pig, while the rest were different wild games. They could even feed an additional few people if they came.

With the grill set up, fire burning, seasoning close by, Shao Qing began grilling the meat. The group of them sitting on the side. Once the meat was ready, a person would extend their bowl and Shao Qing would add a bit of seasoning and then serve it to them.

In the beginning Cai Yingying and her group were a bit reserved and felt bad to extend their bowls. But after a little while, each person became faster than the next to stick out their bowls. After all, with the speed of Shao Qing’s grilling if they were too slow they’d miss out.

Wild pigs were originally stronger than farm raised pigs so the texture was even better. This mutated pig’s taste was even better. After barbecuing it, there was even a layer of golden grease. Sprinkling some seasoning on top, the smell was irresistible. It nearly caused everyone to swallow their own tongue. 

Momo: Eating mutations is what causes infectious disease kekeke

The chicken and rabbit were also not bad, particularly loved by the younger crowd.

Shao Qing would also cook it so meat was medium rare then add some seasoning to eat. Yan Qiyue particularly like this way of cooking it.

The dipping sauce was created personally by Shao Qing. The flavour was quite good. Yan Qiyue alone could finish that entire pile of meat.

Since they were all eating together happily, Shao Qing also didn’t stop. After finishing barbecuing those slices, she took out a piece of leg from a wild boar.

Directly putting it on the grill to barbecue, she started applying some oil on it. After a while she didn’t apply anymore because the natural golden grease began to seep out.

With the oil dripping into the fire, a sizzling sound could be heard. Add the delicious charing smell, everyone who was originally immersed in eating lifted up their heads to look at the pork leg.

The outside skin already a crispy golden colour, Shao Qing sliced it up with a knife. The cut showed the delicate meat as steam rushed out.

Sitting there, she sliced a piece, dipped it in sauce and began to eat. Actually the meat that reached her mouth didn’t taste like anything to her. Furthermore, she had to puke it out later. However, if she didn’t eat something once in a while, they would sense that she wasn’t  human. Even though Shao Qing wasn’t a living person, she still hasn’t accepted that in her heart yet. She only accepted that she was some strange creature.

Yan Qiyue quickly exploited the opportunity to come over, blinking his beautiful eyes, he looked at the pork leg in Shao Qing’s hand. Slicing a few pieces, she placed it inside his bowl. After eating those pieces, Yan Qiyue continued to look at the pork leg in Shao Qing’s hand.

Shao Qing couldn’t help but laugh and scold him: “I can tell that you’re interested, but isn’t there lots of good meat being cooked there? Go over there to eat.”

“It doesn’t smell as good as the one in your hand.” Yan Qiyue answered as a matter of course: “Anyways, you wouldn’t be able to finish off such a large leg anyways. I can help you.”

“Don’t be foolish, who needs you to help finish it?” Shao Qing pointed at the side of a pot: “Don’t eat too much and leave some space in your belly. There’s still a pot of soup I need you to finish.”

Yan Qiyue:QAQ

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